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Welcome to the spirit world.

I cant believe Im actually here.

The spirit world is a pretty unpredictable place.

You never know when the ground might drop right out from under you.

So, stay close. I dont want us to get separated.

Me either.

So, where do we start our vacation?


Oh, look how tiny they are under these green leaves.

These look like leaf trees. One leaf trees.

Trees with one leaf.

Hey, try to catch me on this wonderful pink mushroom...

Oh youre a mushroom and a half ahead of me. Slow down.

Oh my gosh, watch out for these amazing fish and their adorable bird beaks.

Yeah, theyThey look hungry. Um.


What a beautiful, beautiful swirling.

Beautiful waterfall.

Beautiful, spiritful...

You thinking what Im thinking?

Race you to the top?


Looking a little slow, Avatar!

Im going easy on you.

Wh-whats happening?



Who dares climb upon me?

Uh, Im sorry, noble spirit. We didnt realize

I shouldve knownpesky humans.

- Im not pesky, Im the Avatar. - Even worse!

I didnt complain when you kept the Northern and Southern portals open.

But creating a new one has gone too far.

The Human and Spirit worlds should have remained separate.

Uh, the new portal was kind of an accident.

Leave my realm and never return!



Hang on! I got you!



Asami, are you okay? Talk to me.

Ugh! Phew!

Oh, what a disaster.

I wanted our first big get away to be perfect.

Not almost get us killed. I'm sorry.

Weve been through a lot worse together.

Im not going to let one disgruntled spirit ruin all the fun we had.

You shouldnt either.

Youre right.

But, unfortunately we lost all our supplies, so we should probably think

- about heading back to the city. - Sure.

Before we go,

Sorry. I got too excited.

theres one last thing I want to do on our vacation.

Uh oh.

This has been a wonderful few days.

The best.

Hey, remember when we first met and you took me racecar driving?

- I remember how terrified you were. - Was not!

Anyway, what I remember the most was how relieved I felt.


Yeah. My whole life I was always told I was too wild, too emotional, too intense.

But it turned out you could be just as intense as me.

Ive never had anyone in my life who got me the way you do.

The three years you were gone were the longest of my life.

I think thats when I realized how much you meant to me.

I almost told you in one of my letters.

Why didnt you?

Youd already been away for so long. I guess I was scared if you

didnt feel the same way, then maybe youd never come back.

How about you? When did you know how you felt?


After I was poisoned, you were there for me when I couldnt even be

there for myself.

But I was so messed up then. My mind was in a million different places.

I didn't know if how I felt about you was real or not.

But it wasnt an accident that you were the only one I wrote when I was gone.

Im glad you did.

Woo! Looks like our rides here.

How does this dragon-bird keep knowing where to find us?

Mmm. I think it can sense where I am. Not every spirit hates me.


I wish we could stay longer.

Once were back in the city, I doubt well have a moment to rest.

Uh, well maybe our vacation doesnt have to end just yet.

[clearing throat]

What do you mean? Korra, where are we going?

Its a surprise.

Wait, these portals wont take us back to Republic City.

I thought we could visit my parents before we head back.

Your parents?

Its justI mean, theyre great, but I dont know if

Itll be fine! Theyre going to be thrilled when we tell them about us.

Come on!

Korra, what a surprise! We didnt expect you.

I thought you were still on vacation.

What did you think of the spirit world Asami?

It was quite an adventureBut we had to cut our trip a little short.

Why? Are you two all right?

Were fine, Dad. Nothing we couldnt handle together.

How about we talk over dinner? You girls must be starving.

It smells delicious, Mom.

Thanks, Sweetie. So, I'm excited to hear all about your trip.

Well... it was... fun. Really fun.

Sounds... fun.

I'm just going to come out and say it... Wow, I didn't think I'd be this nervous.

Whatever it is, you can tell us.

So, as you know, Asami and I have been friends for a long time... and, well...

I mean, I'm just as surprised as anyone...

Your daughter is incredible. And I'm so thankful she feels the same way about me.

What we're trying to say is...

We're together.


That's not what I expected to hear, but I couldn't be more pleased!

It's wonderful!

I am so happy for you two.

Thanks, Mom.

So, Who else have you told?

You two are the first.

But I guess once we get back to Republic City, everyone will know.

Just be careful, Korra. It's best to keep your personal life private.

What's that supposed to mean?

I think what your father is trying to say is...

not everyone will be so accepting.

So? That's their problem.

I don't care what they think. I'll tell whoever I want.


Just don't get ahead of yourself, Korra.

Sometimes you get a little too excited and...

I've dealt with a lot of narrow-minded people.

I just didn't realize you were one of them.

- Maybe we should go. - Good idea.

- But you just got here. - Korra, please.

- I didn't mean to upset you. - Too late for that!


I'm sorry about my parents. Sometimes they can be so insensitive.

They were just being overcautious.

And I kind of understand where they are coming from.

You do?

Listen, I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to be with you at all.

So if you wanted to tell the world about us, I'd be right behind you.

But there's a selfish part of me that wants you all to myself...

... at least for a little while longer.

I guess that's why I was hesitant to tell your parents in the first place.

I'm such an idiot.

You were trying to tell me you didn't want to go and I just steamrolled

over your feelings. My Dad's right, I do get overexcited. I'm sorry.

It's all right. I'm excited too.

But what we have, it's kind of like the spirit world...

It's special and rare. And not everyone is going to see it that way.

Asami, no matter what anyone says about us, I'll have your back.

You can count on that.

Same here.

- And thats Chapter 1 of Turf War. - End of Republic City.

- Thats so fun. - Woo!

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