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I have just concluded my coaching call with Alex and [inaudible].

I think one of the common mistakes with launches is


We jumped straight into, hey, I've got a thing. Right. Um,

and really if you think about the, the launch as sort of a full arc and a story,

the goal of a launch is not just to get people to click buy,

it's to build momentum to

so when you things to work on, and I'm really, really,

really excited to get this going.

This has been in the works for quite some time now and I will update you on the

details very, very soon. Hey,

I'm [inaudible] and I'm documenting my experience making the change from selling

services to selling products. This is changing gears


it's almost 7:00 PM I work in the afternoon because I work with us clients that

are usually waking up and starting to work at this time.

There's a glass of wine there. No shame. I do not regret it. I'm feeling good.

But I do want to update you on what is going on and what I'm working on today.

So today what I just created is a backwards plan.

So Alex told me to create a backwards plan for my launch.

So I set a date for when I'm going to open up enrollment again.

And then I worked backwards from there and scheduled all of my writing and the

emails and the updates and everything else that I need to do in order to make

this launch and opening the enrollment possible for me.

Actually check the dates again, this is the messy list that I did.

Um, and this is my writing when I'm kind of inspired. So anyway,

I'm planning to opening up the enrollment on 5th of August this year.

But before that I need to take care of especially writing the prelaunch sequence

for my email list and the launch sequence for my email list.

And those are the two major things that I need to take care of. Also,

another thing that I need to do is I need to find watering holes.

So that's like forums or Facebook groups where people are,

my target audience actually hangs out and I can use that to find a blog post

ideas and be just genuinely help people out when they stumbled upon a problem

and link to my blog posts if necessary and when that's needed.

So that is actually another thing that I'm working on today.

So right now as I'm waiting for the confirmation,

if my backwards pan of good to go,

I'm actually looking for watering that I can personally use for what I just

mentioned. On a more personal note,

I am feeling a combination of kind of two feelings.

The first one is just excitement.

I'm really excited to get going with this process and I'm happy that I'm finally

taking the time to do this. But on the flip side,

I am a little bit anxious.

Like what if this is not going to work?

I don't want to go back to hands on client work.

So I really want to make this happen and I just, I don't know. Yeah,

I'm nervous. Oh Man,

I better get back to work before I think about this too much.

I think that's the trick.

I just think that you need to create a schedule and just follow the process and

do the work without thinking too much about it so you don't start to doubt

yourself or doubt the process. So I'm going back to work now.

It's a new day and I'm working on new things today.

So as per Alex's instructions, I have a eat it,

a list of watering holes where I'm going to a engage in and be collect more

information about my target audience and what their problems are,

what they're struggling with.

And I have already set aside 30 minutes per day to do that.

What I'm working on today is actually the structure for my free launch sequence

and my launch sequence and I want to have the structure ready so I can send it

to Alex to review that structure for me.

So what I'm currently getting is just an energy drink.

Then going back to work


we'll also be cutting myself a piece of cake because my husband's celebrated his

birthday yesterday and I'm a grownup.

I can eat as much cake as I want.

So this is my life now.


I hope I'm better at business than I am at cutting a cake.

I wanted to share with you what I'm working on right this very second.

So as I mentioned,

I'm putting together a structure for the prelaunch and the launch sequence.

And as far as the prelaunch sequence goes,

I know what I'm going to write about.

So I'm going to write about how you can start effectively generating leads with

Facebook ads. Everything from the setup, what objective to use,

what visuals were,

copies you sold the whole schpeel and I know that's a several people have

because I talk to my target audience and I talk to my email subscribers.


I do want to have a little bit more in depth knowledge about like the specific

questions other people are asking as well.

So I'm doing my own research and I found a couple of blog posts that talk about

how to successfully start generating leads with Facebook ads and I'm just a

browsing through the articles trying to observe what issues they have addressed

and be scrolling through the comments to see what people are asking so I can

include that in the email sequence.

So very fun and I'm looking forward to working on that even further.

Here's the thing, you don't know what you don't know.

My first prelaunch sequence structure that I have written and sent to Alex

wasn't good,

which is the feedback that I'm not necessarily thrilled about because it means

that I have been in the wrong and I didn't really understand completely what I

have to do. However,

it's a feedback that I welcome because I'm learning and from this mistake I have

learned what I did wrong and I'm not going to do the same thing next time.

So here's what happened when Alex and I talked about the prelaunch sequence,

and that's the sequence that's going to go out a week before I opened the


We were talking about making it valuable in every email being like a separate

valuable lesson that resolve and solve a problem for my audience.


I looked at the sequence as like a tiny little course that I'm doing.

So the first prelaunch sequence structure was basically talking about how to

start generating quality leads with Facebook ads right now.

And the first lesson was basically the introduction.

The second lesson was the finding of a good target audience.

So it was like a mini course that I created for my email sequence.

And then Alex had a great input and he said that I'm trying to stuff too much

into these emails and I repped up everything under a pretty big goal.

Launch your first campaign.

So each email basically looks like an entire segment of a course and he is

actually completely correct.

And this is a thing that I regularly do.

I tried to just teach everything all at once and it's a problem that I regularly

experienced because I want to help people and I'm passionate about that.

So his feedback and his advice was actually what each email should look like is

a single problem and a single fix that they can try and use right away.

So I took that advice and went to work and when I started to do was basically

going through some of the recent emails that I exchanged with my students,

a recent emails that I exchanged with people who booked my coaching calls,

just trying to identify really common problems that people are experiencing and

struggling with when it comes to Facebook ads.

And now I'm basically in the middle of creating that sequence structure that I'm

going to send to Alex for a review. Again, anyways, enough about that.

I have a lot of work that I need to do.

So let's see what Alex will say about this new sequence structure that I'm


So fingers crossed today we are in my office,

there's a lovely storm brewing outside and my dog is scared.

Her name is Jackie,

and obviously she's going to join us today to conclude this week and talk about

this week of Hustle and what I've been feeling,

what I have achieved, and how everything basically went down.

So let's start with the goal check.

And this is a segment of a show where I talk about the tangible calls that I was

able to generate in that week with the work that I produced.


the work that I have been doing this week was mostly behind the scenes work.

So as you know,

I was preparing the structure of my prelaunch emails and my launch emails,

which means that nothing significantly was implementing.

I'm spending my time writing.

So that's why I haven't seen any tangible goals in terms of subscribers or in

terms of purchases or in terms of sales.

But that doesn't mean that I'm not reaching my personal goals,

which were to get the structure confirmed by Alex and to move forward,

which I have successfully done.

So Alex's feedback was,

and let me double check that for you. Slam dunk.

This new sequence looks awesome.

And to your point about being in the target audience, I'm excited to read it,

keep going. That confirms that what I have been doing this week was good,

including the hiccup that I had from which I have a lot.

So thumbs up moving forward.

Now let's go through the self check segment of the show and that's where I talk

about my confidence levels,

my progress levels and my happiness levels,

which you know,

these are personal things that I'm going to talk about and let's start with the

confidence level. So we have a scale from one to five,

one being the lowest, five being the highest,

and my confidence level at the moment is at three.

First of all, I have to mention that my confidence levels are rising.

Ever since I started engaging on reddit and in phase the groups talking about

different things related to Facebook ad and helping other people out and all of

that basically helped me to realize that I do actually know a lot about Facebook

ads and that is something that I frequently tend to forget because you're in

your world working within your sphere in your office.

Not necessarily looking outside.

It's still not at five slowly rising, but I'm still not completely there.

Mostly because I have that dealt full feeling deep down inside like can I do

this? Can I successfully launch the quarries again?

Will it be a success? So I do have to kind of get over that.

Then let's talk about the progress level.

My personal feeling is that my progress level is at,

even though I have made a lot of progress,

I think with the watering holes and starting to engage on Facebook groups,

I have the structure for my prelaunch sequence working on the structure for my

launch sequence.

All of those tasks are basically internal tasks that I'm doing,

so I'm not showing anything to the world and that sort of makes me feel that I'm

not making any progress,

which I think is a problem that a lot of us have.

I think he has to do mostly with me,

so I have to come to terms with acknowledging that even if I not putting

material out there at the moment,

I'm still making progress. Then let's talk about the happiness level.

As far as the happiness level goes,

I would say that it's around 3.5 and that's very,

very specific. It says 3.5 because a,

I'm finally doing what I want to be doing,

so I'm working for mind business now for someone else's business,

so that's a plus. However,

my happiness level isn't at five because like I mentioned previously,

all of the work that I have been doing is mostly internal,

but I'm working on that personally.

And let's conclude this changing gears episode with the lesson of the week.

My lesson of the week is put your head down and follow the process.

During this week I have frequently struggled with doubts,

can I do this? Will this be a success?

What if I feel and throughout this week another thing that I have learned is

just to trust the process.

Those doubts don't really help me with my progress,

don't help me with what I'm working on and definitely don't help me with what I

am trying to achieve.

So every time that I stumble upon a block like this,

I just put my head down and follow the process that Amy and Alex are guiding me


and that definitely helps me to ensure that I am making that progress that I

need to be making. Next week,

I'm starting to write all of the sequences,

which is incredibly exciting for me. I'm a little bit scared as well.

Are they going to be good enough since now, for the first time in my life,

I'm going to have someone that's going to tell me, yes,

this is good or no, you need to work on that.

So fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan and I will see you

next week. Bye Bye.

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