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Hello, my dear! I'm really glad to see you on my channel again!

Well girls, today is a new tutorial! Let's go!

Today I will review the СNI trademark and its products.

In fact, I know this trademark for a very long time

and probably you are all already familiar with it,

because it was one of the first trademarks that appeared on the Russian market.

And today we will test gel polishes of this brand.

What is the color of the color gel varnish is very beautiful,

I really liked it is very interesting very gentle peach shade.

And we will consider pastes of this brand.

So what is this stuff in jars?

These are gel paints with minimal residual stickiness,

which have a certain consistency,

which allows you to draw fine lines, swirl patterns

and allows you to create a light volume.

That is, even in the volumetric layer, they dry out.

And it is this feature of these paints that we will use today.

Because we are creating a series of very delicate designs

that are very well suited for the next wedding period.

Therefore, you can offer such designs to brides for their nude dresses.

And for a white dress, such a design is also perfect.

So what have we done?

We covered our false nail tip with a color, covered it with a matte top coat

and on a matte coating we paint volumetric flowers using a brush.

All links to used materials and brushes I will leave for you in the description.

after we dried the flowers we add small white swirl patterns.

The brush is very comfortable, very thin, very interesting with a rather long pile

If you like brushes with a long pile, then it is great for you.

This brush is also from the company СNI.

When drawing our swirl patterns, we make sure that they retain their volumetric.

That is, we put a drop of material and pull a thin tail out of it in such a way

that the height of the material throughout the element is maintained.

Once again, the material is designed precisely to create light, small volumes,

so it dries remarkably to such a height.

Of course we need to add the middle for our colors.

As a middle, I use such a brilliant gel.

It decorates our design, adds texture to it and makes it interesting.

And as it adds a slight alarming, which will also not be superfluous.

Because, as you know, I love everything that glitters

and my clients love everything that glitters, so this pattern will suit them more than ever.

And in principle, and your client, too, basically love what glitters.

So, now the second version of our design.

I remind you that you can use all these designs as wedding nail designs

and offer it during the wedding period.

You can create your wedding tablet now and it will be just the most necessary,

because already now couples are actively submitting applications for marriage

and the wedding season will open soon, because the weather is warm everywhere.

So, in this version of the design we will draw swirl patterns.

And swirl patterns we will draw voluminous.

In order to create volumetric swirl patterns, we need to make several layers.

Because if we make the full volume of the pattern in one layer, then most likely it will not dry to such a height.

So, we put the first level of volume, then we dry it well

and using a thin brush and adding a little white color to the main color,

we start working on more volume parts.

Further, whitening the main color even more, we set the flashes on our swirl patterns.

This means that we are working on those three-dimensional elements that we will have the highest.

We add even more volume to them as drops and plus as a visual effect,

because the lighter the color, the more volume the element looks.

And add a few swirl patterns on the background in order to dilute the design with small elements.

And in order to make our design look even more wonderful, in some places we will create highlights in white.

That is, we make glares on our design.

And of course, as usual, it would be possible to stay three more levels back,

because even when we did the first swirl patterns, it was already beautiful,

but as always I dont know how to control myself,

so I added such hearts here,

that symbolize the love between the bride and groom.

But what I came up with and this is what I see at the moment.

And then, I wanted something more unusual,

so I covered these hearts with gel polish with sparkles, which I used for the midst of flowers.

But I will not show you this mess, because anyway, someone will write in the comments:

Why did you add so much things to this design?)))

Well, the next design is another attempt to make a design in minimalism style.

This is such a very mature and bridal design, and again, the minimalism style from Shulunova looks peculiar.

We draw the blank for design.

In this workpiece we have just such a chamomile, and this could be stopped.

But it seemed to me that was not enough, so I located another 2 chamomile.

And then I became completely bored, so I add here another huge number of swirl patterns.

At the same time, I thought for a long time where to add them.

I can add them to most of the tips and then we get the minimalism style that I like very much,

or add to a smaller part of the tips and keep this minimalist orientation.

But I decided to do as you like and keep minimalism

So, we fill all this space with small and thin swirl patterns.

It looks incredibly beautiful!

And as I told you in one of the live broadcasts,

who saw this broadcast, write to me in the comments

that such patterns will become your magic wand in any strange situation.

Because any zone on the nail can be filled with such swirl patterns

and you will get a very delicate, delicate, stylish, in-demand nail design.

Links to all the materials used can be found in the description of this video.

Take a look there, to not miss anything.

And so, we filled our minimalistic design and again add a little shine.

I really liked how this shiny pink gel looks on this combination of colors.

And since I added this brilliance to 2 designs of three, then of course you need to add it here too.

Here is a series of wedding designs we have today.

I hope they will be on time for you!

I hope you have time to work on them.

And I hope that in this wedding season you will surely use them on the hands of your clients.

I was glad to see you on my channel.

Do not forget to put a like and subscribe to the channel!

And today I say goodbye to you! See you again! Bye!

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