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Greetings nerdy list aficionados and welcome back to top 10 nerd Im so excited for this

list its ridiculous this is about comic book couples and theres little I love more

than some of the random, weird or just poorly thought out pairings that happen now some

of these are just going to be did you know that happened did you huh but some will leave

you needing a shower.

Its a mix.

Im Sasha and these are the Top 10 Superhero couples you wont believe exist.

Caveat some of you may know all of these but hopefully Ill surprise you lets get


Number 10Catman and the huntress.

So Catman was given an upswing in cred when he was added to gail simones secret six

series In 2005.

He went from being a joke rip off of catwoman even though he was dressed like batman to

a character with actual motivations and a penchant for walking the anti hero route.

This eventually would lead him into contact with the huntress.

This is the pre new 52 post crisis huntress so Helena bertinelli.

She was catwoman and batmans daughter for a bit before crisis on infinite earths.

So from the start these two are attracted to each other expressed quite strongly in

Birds of Prey #104, when the two have to dance together and can do nothing but have anti

hero hero banter.

Ultimately this was a two ships passing in the night type deal they met they flirted

they made out they flirt when they see each other or did pre rebirth but it was not meant

to be.

Still it was fun but again was pushing Catman into batman terriroty.

Nanananana catman.

Theyre low cause it was no great love to span the ages but it happened and the world

must know

Number 9Speedball and Squirrel Girl pre the digital era one of squirrel girls big

traits was that she was an assertive flirt.

If she liked you she made no bones about it she was quite forward with how she came on

to matt Murdock and her taste varied.

Squirrel girl had a crush on speedball and it turned out he did too it was all super

cute he kissed her said he liked hazlenuts squirrel girls lips taste like hazelnuts fun

fact it was all just cute she was built it up a lot, but these two were not to be because

speedball became penance.

This is because he was part of the event which launched civil war the first one he was on

the team the new warriors who were trying to take down nitro when he detonated and killed

612 people including 60 kids.

This well it changed speedball and he found he could only access his powers through pain

he made a suit that contained 612 spikes 60 longer ones to represent the kids and he wears

it while he fights crime even though now he can access his powers again but he has much

guilt and feels he should feel pain.

This was all too edgy and dark for squirrel girl who was horrified in the changes in him,

she is so horrified she goes back in time to try to prevent him from becoming penance

I must now point out they were like not properly dating at this point thats intense Im


He would ultimately become speedball again without time travel and these two well it

wasnt meant to be.

Number 8Elektra and the punisherOh yes this happened while they were both on


And it caused lots of jealousy from Deadpool cause he was crushing on Elektra hard.

The punisher and electra it makes sense on paper sort of, I mean theyre both very

intense though this was brief and well it ended badly.

Elektra actually seemed up to trying to make a relationship work and seek compromise and

she knew that Frank wasnt over his dead family trauma but was willing to meet him

half way he full on was ready to kill her.

He also belittles her for her affections for people in general and says its her weakness

yeah ended badly.

She would have had a better time with Deadpool to be honest.

Are they a superhero couple more like an anti hero couple would we have had enough for an

anti hero couples maybe but that word doesnt trend they count.

Number 7Black Widow and Iron Man.

So Black Widow is known for some of her great loves hawkeye more recently the winter soldier

but for awhile she had quite the thing with Tony.

Black Widow actually made her first appearance in an iron man story in Tales of Suspense

#52 (April 1964) her and tony would start off as enemies but when she defected and ultimately

became an avenger the two ended up having a romance.

Finally a legit couple it was more of a physical thing but still there were panels of pillow

talk and banter.

This was different from the ultimate verse the 1610 universe where her and tony had a

sex tape and he ultimately had to take her out after they got married cause she was using


No this was 616 and I supported it most people didnt though.

Tony was not the most popular character and at the time it was a question for most people

if she should go back to hawkeye or the daredevil her and the daredevil were a huge thing he

even moved for her but then missed his little area too much so they broke up.

Number 6War Machine and Captain Marvel carol Danvers.

Yep Rhodey and Carol there were even some people who were rooting for this in the mcu

but we knew it wasnt going to happen.

These twos relationship actually made sense they both had military backgrounds, were both

assertive leaders they understood the demands of being a hero and could work around it for

a time it was sweet.

It showed a human side to both characters you didnt always get to see a romance can

do that you can use it for maximum character development effect very quickly if youre

clever about it.

He was really supportive but civil war 2 oh civil war 2, why.

So Rhodey dies in civil war 2 hes killed off super cheaply as a catalyst for Carol

to go full minority report.

So yeah hes pretty much fridged which is an equal opportunity thing no matter what

people say, if youre a supporting character a love interest whos a character in your

own right and you get killed fridged.

The panel is so dramatic too nooooo.

It would have had more of an impact if civil war 2 had been better if he had stayed dead

and if after he came back to life the two had kept dating and had to overcome it none

of those things happened.

Some people still miss this pairing though when it worked it worked sometimes you just

want something wholesome.

Number 5 Venom and ValkyrieYes you heard that right dont let your dreams be dreams.

This is while he was agent venom and when you think about it it was polyamorous the

symbiote got in on this too.

This happened when the two were on the secret avengers in the lead up to a vs x an event

that had a mixed reception.

So these two well what can we say it was odd but it was a power couple and it was different.

A bit of wisecracking alien/host with a being from another realm.

These two well it was that awkward step off of my girlfriend what girlfriend oh no did

I say girlfriend.

So slightly derpy guys with above it girl only theyre both cool.

This obviously did not last, but its a fun blip.

Number 4Starlord and Kitty Pryde this was a big one they even had a comic together

one of those teamup romances so you know it was serious.

This occurred post guardians of the galaxy in the mcu which saw a complete revamping

of starlords character in the comics rendering him far more in line with the mcu edition.

Starlord even proposed to her but Kitty is a strong independent woman who dont need

no man she already had to break off a serious thing with colossus ages ago.

But well shes back with him since breaking up with starlord also she was starlord for

a bit taking on his persona.

It was a long distance relationship to start but eventually turned into kitty going to

be with him in space this was one that the writers really enjoyed doing and you can


However, it would have meant a permanent shift for one of the characetrs either kitty in

space or peter on earth and well that wasnt going to happen long term, so these two didnt

make it plus sometimes fans get up in arms when new couples go up against a classic like

kitty and colossus.

Number 3Rogue and Magneto thats right Rogue and the master of magnetism himself.

Now their big romance happens outside of the main 616 timeline but there were hints of

it there specifically uncanny x -men 274 when theyre both trapped in the savage land.

Ok trapped in the savage land for the x-men is like trapped in a cave for everybody else

no one can resist.

The two have a brief thing but its over pretty quickly in the savage land where powers

are defunct when they are rogue can touch people in the time before she had more control

over her powers this was a huge deal.

In main canon it would be kinda a will they wont they I mean she even had a relationship

with his clone joseph though at first she thought he was a deaged amnesiac magneto and

went for it.

Their grand courtship would be them paired together in age of apocalypse where they were

just a couple and some fans were into it while others flipped a table asking wheres Gambit.

Since then this still happens and shes definitely slept with him in main continuity


Shes married to gambit now at the time of this recording or was.

Its a sore spot.

I feel like a gossip rag next up pictures of cyclops taken from a bush outside his house

youll never guess what secret x force mission he just greenlit.

Number 2Hal Jordan and Arisia.

Oh boy this one is infamous now and in continuity we really try not to talk about this Hal Jordan

and arisia early very early in hal Jordan continuity there was a bit of an no alien

chicks thing.

So he wasnt paired too much with the rest of the corps not to mention the corps took

awhile to coalesce it used to just be hal chilling in space being sent from place to

place by the guardians.

Once there was a corps one of the members was arisia a character who was clearly on

the younger side who had a crush on hal and at first it was well handled.

Hal knew about it but would always let her down easy and let her know she was like a

sister to him even frequently calling her little sister.

Until eventually he had to put her down hard when she showed up in green lantern 204 in

a new revealing costume to entice him he finally told her look no youre half my age you

have to stop flirting with me.

Well one day the same writer who brought you colossus and barely legal kitty pryde decided

that Hal and Arisia were going to be trapped alone in a cave and suddenly arisia is older

she used her power ring to will her body to be older the comic will claim its all of

her but to that I say sure jan.

She was 14 by the way so yeaaahhh And well all of a sudden all of his rationale went

out the window woman body cave making out.

They would fully get together after guy gardner spiked their drinks this whole plot.

Later a new writer well a couple of new writers later would just have her break up with him

and so it was never mentioned again except by people like me I refuse this hot mess must

live on the world must know.

And what could beat that Number 1 The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver thats right twin

siblings twincest from the 1610 ultimate verse.

Yes they knew they were siblings and yes people in that universe will judge cap for not getting

it what a stick in the mud.

So why did this happen well the ultimate verse was edgy and extreme pushing boundaries many

of which nobody was asking to be pushed.

Now fans did not react well to this but the writers kept pushing it adding more backstory

like them sleeping together in some bushes for the first time while wolverine who in

the ultimates verse was their maybe dad watched from some bushes of his own.

So why was this there well mostly as build up to kill off wanda so that people in universe

would care and we could launch ultimatum an event so awful and edgy that it is said to

have been the death knell for the ultimate universe.

Just why ultimates 3 and ultimatum and the whole thing.

No bad marvel, bad.

So those were 10 superhero couples you wont believe exist are you shocked do you need

a shower.

This was a fun one please like Ill do more.

Im Sasha thanks so much for watching top 10 nerd dont forget to like share comment

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Well see you again soon bye bye.

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