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Waylander: I just woke up and the butcher is fucking visious. Penguin: I'm gonna do like this. Run out, Holthe. Motherfucker.

Penguin: Well.. I killed him. But I'm totally dead now so you can't revive me.

Waylander: What? You ain't totally dead? Penguin: I am. Holthe: Yes, he is.

Penguin: I don't have any health left.

Holthe: I can't.... Penguin: So. The spread of the big dynamite bundle, is pretty big.

Holthe: Nooooooo. Penguin. Penguin: That was funny!

Waylander: What the hell? I'm gonna banish him. Holthe: Penguin!!!!

Bob: It is true. We don't like you. We love you!

Ranger: That is why, we are right outside your house. Right now!

Bob: Yeah! Waylander: That would be fucking awesome. We would go to the bar!

Usarte: No, it would not be fucking awesome. I just ordered hot dogs.


Waylander: They are going to watch me eat the hot dogs.

Ranger: Why aren't you guys going to the other place?

Waylander: We are waiting on you to get the fucking bounty, cheesedick.

Ranger: Well. Mr. Dickcheese.

Usarte: With the explosions, it's like some terrible movie.

Usarte: Priceless from Penguins perspective.

Waylander: So I get shot cause of his crimes...Oo, I'm following ranger. Look at that ass!

Waylander: Look at it, chat.

Waylander: It's like two hams in those pants. Get back here! Look at him twerking.

Waylander: Are you smuggling Christmas hams over there, Ranger? Ranger: No.

Penguin: He's the Hamburglar.

Ranger: "Hamburglar"

Waylander: That's what you are from now on. Ranger: Hamburglar? Waylander: Ranger the Hamburglar!

Ranger: Did that just go through the tower?

Penguin: I heard it come and leave.

Waylander: Oh my god. He heard it come.

Ranger: Bomblance. One is inside.

Penguin: I'm having issues.

Ranger: Why did you go inside? Penguin: No, it's not that. I can't see textures so I'm running into walls.

Waylander: Well, I'm on fire.

Waylander: So much for the melee kill. Penguin: You can still get the melee. Just run at him.

Waylander: You guys are such asshats.

Waylander: I try. I try so hard.

Usarte: Barreltrap, nice!

Waylander: Did he die? Penguin: He died, by your barreltrap.

Waylander: Great minds. See, this is why we worry about playing each other.

Waylander: We do the same dumb shit at the same time.

Waylander: One of these days, Penguin. You and I are going to headshot each other at the same time on a map.

Ranger: He sees you!

Penguin: Someone's on the roof?

Ranger: That's me.

Ranger: I see him.

Penguin: I got him. Through the little gap inbetween.

Dela: Do you think they know already where the boss is?

Penguin: No.... Ranger: No idea.

Dela: I'm assuming yes.

Penguin: Let's assume no. It's easier.

Dela: Guys, they are shooting in....Porco Dio.

Dela: They are shooting in lockbay, you ass.

Dela: So every fucking trap I set up.... Penguin: Is there seriously one in every exit, up here?

Dela: Probably was. Not anymore.

Dela: The last one is there. Can you leave it there, please? Penguin: I will.

Dela: Jesus Christ.

Ranger: And don't go into the water, over there. It's concertina trapped. Dela: Yeah.

Dela: Mr. Hankey the Ch..... FUCKING. What the fuck?!

Dela: What did I say? What did I just fucking say? Ranger: Don't go down there!

Dela: You asshole.

Dela: What did I just say? Just leave the last one. "MHM."

Ranger: OH. You just prestiged. Usarte: Yeah.

Penguin: I did not aim for that one.

Usarte: What now?!

Usarte: Got you some special amm....

Usarte: You ass.

Ranger: What are you doing? Usarte: I'm burning. Penguin: Run away!

Ranger: What in the lords name are you doing? Usarte: He just burned me alive!

Ranger: Fuck, If I only had ammo, I would've killed him.

Penguin: I see him.

Penguin: Got him through the wall, bitch. Easy peasy. Ranger: Thank you, mister! Oh, ammo!

Penguin: They are burning my body, btw.

Penguin: Kill his friend with the knife.

Penguin: What?!

Ranger: Are you kidding me? Penguin: What the fuck was that? His friend didn't even notice that you stabbed him.

Ranger: He just kept running.

Dela: Stop right there, criminal scum! You have violated my daughter.

Dela: Jesus Christ.

Ranger: That's not suspicious at all.

Penguin: How are you still alive?

Shrimp: JEEZE!

Ranger: WHAT?!

Shrimp: What the fuck?

Ranger: Super dog incoming!

Shrimp: Oh no.

Penguin: Maybe we can peepee on him.

Penguin: Oh shit, he's here!

Penguin: That was awkward as fuck. He was camping in here. (10 minutes)

Usarte: In the building? Penguin: You just got rekt, dude. You just got fucking rekt.

Penguin: Open the door, please. Holthe: Please.

Holthe: Please, open the door.

Holthe: Oh... I can see it.

Penguin: Pepenu. Di novo. Ranger: He revived his teammate, I think.

Penguin: Pepenu. Di novo.

Penguin: Pepenu. Di novo!

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