Practice English Speaking&Listening with: St. Joe's Expert on the Novel Coronavirus

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Coronaviruses our common cold viruses they cause a flu-like illness or the

common cold. The novel coronavirus was identified in Wuhan China and it's

primarily spreading in Wuhan and the surrounding province of Hubei. There have

been smaller number of cases in other cities in China and exported to cities

around the world. It causes a flu-like illness, it causes fever, cough, sore

throat that may progress to difficulty breathing or actual pneumonia. The people

who get really sick with the coronavirus are older people or people who

have significant heart lung or immune difficulties, that's very similar to

those who are most prone to influenza. The mortality is currently estimated at 3

percent but that's higher than typical influenza although much lower than SARS.

So the coronavirus is a respiratory infection and so it's in our throat

when we cough, when we sneeze or if we have contaminated hands anything we

touch can then be picked up by somebody else. So first of all staff and visitors

should not come to the hospital when they're sick, when they have fevers or

respiratory symptoms. People should hand wash it's very important for protecting

ourselves as well as protecting our patients, a good night's sleep helps us

handle a lot of respiratory infections, smokers are more prone and should

consider quitting if they can and finally, the influenza shot every year

decreases flu which right now is very common in the community.

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