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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vocabulario: TRANSPORT - Clase de inglés sobre el transporte

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hello everybody welcome back to another

video the amusing glasses punto calm how

are you Isabel I'm good thank you how

are you I'm very well

Thank You Eunice the class with English

vamos a aprender vocabulario sobre

transport a Timothy na the Elvis each

Elvis she's still alive no no not that

ok Bonnie como se dice esta serie de

video sassy de potosí nada por otoki yo

al sister Verano tennis un poco de

tiempo libre keifa's SI quieres mejora

bowstring glazed pas de encontrar on

professes not evo simple NT tennis que

registrar OHS y cuando comprise una

clase vas a tener créditos para otra

clase gratis Ln la siesta Abajo en la


okay so are you ready Isabel I was born

ready and you I'm ready yes let's begin

Philip improv a new guard to come out

the moyes por la vida come on LeBron

Terry Italian and English come on where

is Surya how do you get around how do

you get around and how do you get around

Barcelona I usually get around on foot

or by electric skateboard yeah that's a

good way to move around it's very cool

exhibit dangerous could be do you wear a

helmet I don't wear a helmet okay and

you it's about how do you get around I

like getting around on my bike but now

the tire is flat

yes mam pintado pneumatic oh no yes so I

got a puncture punctured won't be Jeff

oh I get a puncture every month yeah

some of its sick of this every time

Isabel gets a puncture it's my job to

repair it so I'm a bit annoyed as well

thank you Phillip

so now I'm using the tram and using the

underground the bus yeah

we also walk around lots of different

ones lots of public transport here in

Barcelona como la blonde area Sally ne2

como te displaces a to trabajo alkyl Fe

o alone EOC

la pregunta Syria how do you get to work

how do you get to work how do you get to

university how do you get to school

what's the fear to give us and and oh no

pero lo mas normalise the fear que voy a

PA no commodious voy a PA and an English

be careful so again a salsa feet

no se visa feet so they set foot on foot

I go to work on foot

yeah I think I've heard many Spanish

people saying I go to work by feet

yes come in Spears no yes esos area

llamas logical mm comedy Diaz say wanna

go boy got a motto see quando the plan

was to transport a samosa esta palabra

by in 2003 as I go by car I go by

motorbike I go by scooter I go by taxi

I go by tram I go by underground in

Inglaterra the famous underground or

tube in style sonidos death in subway


perro in Inglaterra subways implemented

restaurant it on the bus come from

sandwich yo yo yo yo esto como le Pont

aeri Italian quanto tardes a tu trabajo

hmm esta pregunta nunca sobbing miss

estudiantes como preguntar esto


how much time north correcto la

preguntas how long does it change you to

get to work how long does it take you to

get to work mm-hmm - Thomas - Mariana

any guess it takes me about half an hour

in English I am better for specific okay

telophase para maana transport are

Sonova casa el trabajo si como esta

verbal and verbal has to commute to

commute in English videos I commute to

work by bicycle

yes yeah my commute to work by bicycle

so it's basically like I go to work

better go to work see it has commute


tiene same for Mafia no cos day to Casa

de trabajo y por las mañana's the

underground is full of commuters

Mutual's in the morning and in the

evening the underground is full of

commuters for ejemplos and OS the verbal

to commute commodious la casa el trabajo

lenders una pesadilla commuting in

london is a nightmare

yeah it's very very common I've heard

this a lot yeah I was in England it's in

verbose super common movie okay para

decir que el proyecto de tu casa el

trabajo is very quiet I think Amanitas

ambience and Oh to commute positive it's

a 45-minute commute from my house to

work some people commute from Barcelona

to London yeah I read this in the

newspaper while ago but I still don't

believe it II album we typical yeah

sorry el trabajo no la defensa - jefe

esta Bhadrapada noona Tesco we say this

in English I got stuck in a traffic jam

mm-hmm okay I wanted to grab a doughnut

a scone around s porque es la hora Punta


Makaha yes como se affair and in class

Rommel meant a me voy muy pronto a

trabajar para evitar la hora Punta yes

in English Korea's normally I leave

early to avoid the rush hour traffic

also get that done and unless the Adhan

is a pedestrian pedestrian okay ee d ask

suspend any exam in the condo cyborg a

drop a young Python graze the day I

failed my driving test because I ran

over a pedestrian

yeah this is not a very good way to try

to pass your test

contente is to run over it so some

phrase of her significant drop at esther

service our stand-in Oh Sal tarsem see

my photo commodious and English says

Alto insula for and Rojo yes in English

serious he ran a red light

mm-hmm he ran a red light

chase not Jam skip and snow run to run

or rihanna monster muffin Bravo yes miss

Emma photo in English como CDC is the

traffic light traffic light yeah

au revoir mosa Bironas expressio neighs

que que puedo usar con tus amigos para

dejar less con la boca a yachtie

you can impress your friends with these

expressions okay so a primera philip

como madea's em nah pepper i and i yeah

but a ham plus e there you go Philip do

you mind lending me 40 euros for to buy

some fruit on your bike on your by

useful okay II last I wonder it get it

get all systems in a dismal vertical

it's still wanna se while as you know we

in the same boat yeah we're all in the

same boat yeah it means we are all in

the same situation yes

like for example maybe you say to your

friend I don't have a job I'm still

looking for a job to amiability

I'm in the same boat mmhmm yeah I'm in

the same situation

yeah yeah okay an englis le puede si

dalian que su cara es como la parte

transer ah de un autobús

yes yo cuando fearful an senado de

pensado's crea decir que tiene karim we

do on occasion a mucho more oh no pero

como estas procedure an englis said he

said you've got a face like the back end

of a bus it's quite rude so it basically

means you're ugly Oh like those two

people we met yesterday and you remember

oh yeah they looked really well

yeah they had faces like the back end of

a bus it was horrible

yeah very ugly people yeah la prisión

numero cuatro se le havre a fear

Caliente Stefani no de los novios a an

English boy feel someone is driving you

up the wall yes

driving you up the wall yeah there are

formal see on Annette Earp on the fear

you can say you're driving me round the


yeah estos ninos estan haciendo no

malice bando Canella scenarios you said

these kids are driving me round the bend

and round the bend

get ready Dora la coubre bent Asuna kuba

yes do I drop you round the bend

no no - okay okay

ela numero Cinco Prince Harry and

príncipe Harry and English enrollment

estaba la revista no aha Susy scandalous

como areas are pretty pay hurry a desk

are Vlado no salado a la Sebastian yes

Manos 30s Prince Harry has gone off the

rails snow off the rails to go off the

rails is to lose control

no miss Carol Adler yeah he's a bit of a

party animal

I think he's quieter now yeah he's he's

more mature but yeah he called him

Prince bentrik identify Elmo we just

made it up with ridiculous no it should

be Prince Harry you know Prince William

does principal Rica's in peril l know t1

e finalmente imagine otic estas el

embarque on to amigo y mano somos de

Icaza no vamos a tomar una mas Ian

Inglis is he poor like a rat era yes

let's have one for the road one for the

road cheers Cheers late one for the road

so we hope this video helped you Elvis

and everybody else so try and use these

phrases maybe you need to watch this

video again so that it goes into your

brain and stays there and don't forget

to check out the other vocabulary videos

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every way ok thank you see you soon

I just fendi me examine the console feel

poor get up early

oh oh oh you're not even española see

cranky sitting on your bike is come on

get the no.1 can you face a lien I

minimize my mascara to fit can you lend

me 40 euros for twice some bread to buy

some bread yeah but I already I already

lent you 20 yesterday yes but I need it

urgently please I promise I'll give it

back tomorrow on you buy on your bike

but my bag is sir the tire is flat I

told you I kind of drama I mean go away

on your bike on your bike is an English

expression ok my bike Gabriel Arianna

Thanks do I Drive you at the bend

stop the wall around the bend not on the

bed is soup I can't live it do I grab



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