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so today I'm going for an haircut

Here is Mikey

oh my goodness

it is so beautiful

Hi my name is Alex

My name is Mikey and Welcome back to our Channel

so today I'm going for a hair cut and yeah, so this is going to be like post

lockdown, post quarantine haircut. Like in three months without a hair cut and now

I'm going for one. Mikey is going to meet me. Hopefully, if I finish or I think

knowing Mikey is going to be very late. I'm hoping the barber is good because

you know I'm doing it in London, so I'm hoping it's good. I am hoping also

that Mikey will like the haircut.

I have my face mask as well


Can you hear me?

Yeah, so I am going to

be using it as well. So for now maybe I just keep it like this.

2020 fashion here we go

Because of lockdown, the barbers are working on appointment and they have

limited number of people allowed to be in the shop at the same time.

My appointment is at 11, so I'm just strolling and having fun while I wait for

a call from the barber to say that you know, I am able to come in. So this is

where I am in London. I'll show you guys

It's umm South East London

If you are wondering. It's a nice place a bit busy at times but yeah it's fun to

be yeah obviously Mikey is not here yet. He's running late. At this rate is not

going to be here until I finish with my appointment oh yeah

It's a beautiful day outside

and I'm loving my jacket.

I'm thinking of doing a little bit of catwalk for you guys

So let's do that

So umm

So pretty standard, umm the side

to maybe 0.5

and then, almost like yours but for a bit

it may be shorter because I needed to be the same level like that

I've finished with my haircut

and I think he's looking really well

Mikey is on his way

So I'm going to meet up with Mikey

I am just around the corner from Alex he hmm

said he was somewhere around here.

I'm a little bit late cuz I had some

weird issues on the transport, the bus took me to the wrong place

and there was a guy right behind me well he was sitting across from me and then he moved

right behind me on the bus there was loads of space all over the bus and he

like sneeze really loudly and then I when I was getting off I realized he

wasn't even wearing a mask yourselves a bit freaked out by that I need get them

like muttering and whispering to himself kind of like I'm doing now

I think Mikey's there actually

there he is

Here's Mikey

oh my goodness

guys look at that hair!

- You like my haircut? - that's fresh fade

that's the nicest haircut I have

ever seen you, Alex

- You like it? - Hi guys

it is so beautiful

it is, look at that, look at that frigging lines this is so perfect

let me film with my camera over the side here

see that?

Just look at that fresh fade

It looks like completely, like solid kind of

- Yeah I like it

- block on the head

That's a good job

How much was it?

15 quid

quid 15, honestly that's worth it because you pay like 12 don't you in Maid.

In Maidstone, yeah


Alright so the cute Mikey is here

so what are we doing?

Umm, well we're gonna go to Reading?

Yeah we're going to enjoy London and then possibly go to Reading

for a possible photoshoot

The ultimate Karen

Are you the ultimate Karen?

No no no,

That lady she does that

Puts a finger on her mouth

yo yo yo red riding hood in the hood

It's like a little tent

oh I'm loving my hair cut like

Aww I know, so dreamy. Oh Alex looks perfect

I won't perfect, but thanks

- for the compliment - no, you are

he's so symmetrical

is that umm

What is that?

Is my lip balm

lip balm

Sorry I was just stealing your lip balm.

Oh look, girls over there applying makeup

umm and having a kiki


I'm going eat my

guacamole that I made yesterday and it was so so good it is the best guacamole

I've ever made and I've never tasted and I made it all by myself without

a recipe without any internet.


See, living on your own is good for you. Yeah?

It is good for me and I actually feel very like

independent, mostly

- I am an independent - Mostly

I am a proud and independent twink

- and bottom - fair enough

Oh, Korean flag there


we're driving in central London, which I will not advise anyone to do by the way

yeah the camera will probably shake around a lot but

Like shake shake shake

Oh I got quite a lot of lip balm from you

look at my lips, they are all glossy

plenty where that came from

Who wants to listen to some ASMR?

this is my guacamole. It doesn't look it nice

maybe we'll show a picture. I take some pictures but

Some guacamole ASMR


- Do you want some? - Looks awful

literally, police just drove by

I wish you guys see

Wow. Look at where I am driving into

That is Buckingham palace

Look at those tourists

Yeah we got tourists

Taking pictures. Even during Corona, there is someone

Taking pictures for Instagram

Oh, look at that street. Look at that street

That is beautiful

I love those gates over there

sorry Alex's car's dirty so you can see all

the windows smears

This is the palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Come on

I got naked in that park once. Well, not naked.

I got into my underwear

Just over by that little metal thing in the forest

we're umm

We're at McDonald's cuz we're really hungry and

we couldn't find a Burger King.


yeah I think we just have to do a drive-thru

I don't they allow

the inside is closed so you can't eat inside

So you'll have to do a drive-thru

yeah it's drive-thru only

But that's okay, I don't particularly want to be inside

McDonald's anyway

Alright, what are you having?

Oh, yeah

- What are you having? - I, I don't know, umm

I might have a Big Mac or something

I am starving

Where is the food?

Is this supposed to be my Big Mac?

It's tiny

That's what I am

That is why I love Burger King

I know, they actually have a bit of size. Like this.

Look at that. That's not going to fill a grown man

This was supposed to be like the largest chicken burger they had and it was like one kind of


one bite tin pate, hardly any salad in it

McDonald is really really shit in quality

Anyway enough of complaining

we are privileged to even have this food

so, yes something to be grateful for

we are at Reading station and this is where

Mikey comes off because we now go our separate ways

he goes back this London place and I go back to my place

yeah Reading train station and it's an hour and a half back

I know. But it has been a fun day.

We did a lot of things and we're gonna share it with you guys

umm, yeah

Yeah, I'm just super tired. I'm so tired

We did a nice photoshoot and we also went for my haircut

But I think it's will be too long so might be splitting down into two different videos


yeah. So yeah, so we need to say bye to Mikey

and then I will be driving my way back home

because we don't want Mikey to miss his train.


Call me when you're on the train and we can just speak all through. Yeah?


Love you

Alright, you go

- and we say bye, bye guys - bye guys

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