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Whats up guys, its Emile Ennis Jr. with Clevver News, and Niall Horan has found comfort

in chatting online to fans during quarantine, and hes giving a glimpse into his surprisingly

normal life since his One Direction days.

Now more than ever amid the ongoing pandemic, people have had to get creative with ways

they can still communicate & interact with others all while keeping a safe distance!

And it seems Niall Horan has been connecting with fans via Twitter and Instagram Live over

the past few months, as he recently dished on all things music, TV shows and life since

One Direction.

On Thursday night, Niall shared a question box to his Instagram stories, claiming he

couldnt sleep, and asking for people to talk to him, when many began firing off their

most burning questions.

First things first, Niall revealed to one fan that the reason he couldnt sleep was

because hed been watching true crime documentaries, and claimed that after just having finished

one, hes QUOTE laying in bed in detective mode.

Many were also surprised to hear Nialls response after being asked if he misses a

normal life without cameras everywhere, saying QUOTE, I live a relatively normal life

in comparison to what it was like six years ago maybe.

Lately it seems Niall actually has been doing quarantine like the rest of us as hes shared

videos of himself playing guitar and chatting on IG Live with fans.

But with all this extra downtime on his hands, fans have been eager to know whether or not

hell be releasing new music soon.

Just a few weeks ago, Niall revealed in another fan Q&A on his IG stories that hes currently

writing new music, and that in regards to creating an entire third album, hes

QUOTE just figuring it all out, adding, Don't know if it's an album I'm making...

I'm just writing lots and seeing what happens.

Not to name drop T-Swift, but I do have to point out writing songs with no direction

was exactly what she was doing over quarantine, annnnd now weve got two No. 1 albums from


And speaking of Taylor, Niall was also asked if he would ever collab with her, to which

he replied, Maybe one day.

Shes a busy woman.

Naturally, fans went wild over this thought, as one user tweeted, If Niall Horan ACTUALLY

collabs with Taylor Swift, it's over for us.

You don't understand the power.

I mean, theyre not wrong

During his Q&A Niall also gave a shoutout to newcomer Olivia Rodrigo following her single

drivers license breaking into the No. 1 spot on musical charts around the world.

He gushed over her song when asked if he was obsessed with drivers license like

the rest of us, saying QUOTE, Yeah I think the world is.

Im just happy songs are back.

Theres been a severe lack of songs for a while.

Its good to hear a storyline for a change.

Prior to kicking off Thursday nights Q&A, Niall also reposted the artwork for drivers

license, calling it the real deal and beautifully written, and between

Taylor and Olivia, along with the other artists Niall revealed hes currently listening

to, this guys got some GOOD taste in music, yall!

We can only assume by sharing his faves that Niall just manifested some new inspo or even

some upcoming collabs in the works come the highly anticipated NH3 era

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Then be sure to let me know all your thoughts on Nialls new normal right down here

in the comments, and if you think a new album is on the horizon.

Im your host Emile Ennis Jr., bye guys!

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