Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Purple Mxsk - INSANE

Difficulty: 0

I got the purple getting on my brain ya

Like a psychopath im goin insane ya

You mad cause i called you a hoe ya

Bitch i know u pissed off on the low

She suck on my dick with the flick of the wrist

I see your girl she suckin dicks

Talking gaza then you a bitch

Ion care if you fucking rich

Ninjas want to see me down yeah

Ninjas want to see me on the ground on the mahfucking ground

Why you talking shit catch in your throat a fucking stick

Hit you with the red blade i want to see you bleed

Too many bitches ion need zah

Im a leader that cant lead

Ion care about yo clique ill fuck yo feelings like she did

Screaming so loud the deads can hear me ya

Lookin in my eyes the see the hell inside me the hell inside me

thats why they call me crazy ya they call me crazy

I aint feeling my self lately

Fucking yo bitch in da back she sucks my dick she know you wack

Got ninjas for my fucking crack got full of deads track

They know that im strapped red dot on yo face imma click clack

I can see you talking gaza X8

Bitch im insane can you get that im insane


You fuck me up YES you fucked me up

Im fucked up Bitch im fucked up zah

Ninja im fucked up Ninja im fucked up

I think imma blow my brains up noone gives a fuck

Mask to hide my feelings ya ninja my soul bleeding ay on yo hoe im dripping

She said that she love me She just wanna fuckin on me I was a cold blooded She made me Black hearted

Now im insane illusions fucked up my brain

I can see you talking gaza about me ya I know I know you want to be look like me

All these ninjas trynna keep me low shadows dont let me go they dont let me glow

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