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My career started with the first generation of musicians

who became known on the internet.

At one point everything blew up

and instead of ten thousand visits, I was getting a million.

God bless the Antares, that's what gives me flush.

Rings, watches, necklaces, you hear us in the clubs.

We're in kids' mouths, making history in the south.

In Azulejos de Corales we still haven't paid our bills.

Now there are 200,000 artists doing the same thing,

the same path.

I'm not criticizing it at all, I think it's fucking great.

But in the end, the thing is

that there are a lot of us, the sound is over-exploited.

What do I do? Take advantage of the moment

to give people what they really want?


You go another way.

If I ask: "What's your name? Your real name?"

Is that necessary?

My name is Pablo.

I'm 28 years old.

When I was small, I spent the summer with my granny.

She was the original Dellafuente.

I had a really strong bond with her.

Until I grew up, I'd visit her whenever I could.

As an homage to her, I took Dellafuente as an artistic name.

She didn't see any of my career,

but everything I do with the Dellafuente name

is in her honor.

And... I don't know, it's nice.


His first contact with music

was in a clothing store in Granada called Doctor Fli.

There, they let you record a song if you spent an amount of money.

How did Dellafuente appear?

With two guitarists and a box drum.

That says so much about him...

In the end, well, I was born in inland Andalusia,

and you think the world ends wherever you can get in your car.

I started to make musical links, I started to travel.

I lived a series of experiences that have opened new paths,

on the inside I had my demons

that were exploring other musical avenues

that, perhaps, aren't as commercial.

Things he did four or five years ago

are being copied now.

He was already there.

Five years have gone by, it's hard, you know?

For Dellafuente to come up

and say he really likes the idea of killing Dellafuente.

Now, managing those changes and becoming a father

at 27...

or 28,

while you're an artist.

It's true, in my street the van and old cars,

in social housing,

every afternoon in the street playing football,

they'd give us some cash to buy things in Eloy's,

it feels like yesterday when we'd go shopping

and the guard would follow us until we were on our motorbike.

Things have changed,

you hear us in the shops...

Dellafuente has been

working for four years on one path

and it's a difficult path to follow.

Now they call me and they say: How much?

Though I have my own personality and my own sound,

but I wouldn't like to be remembered like that, artistically.

As another artist in a generation that...

that make a sound the same as another 300 singers, you know?

Now everyone is acting super nice with Dellafuente.

-Let's do one more. -Ok!

Red Bull basically said: "Who would you like to record with?"

I have always said that I don't feel

really a part of the scene that I'm in

and I think that actions like this

is where it's really seen and noticed

and it brings a lot to the Dellafuente project.

Did you bring your guitar, too?

-I brought three guitars. -Three?

Antonia brought them.

Raimundo always brings a lot to the table.

So working with him was like a dream.

Raimundo could spend seven days playing the guitar without stopping,

always getting better, you know?

Once we took a part,

we took words from a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca

and as we needed more lyrics, I wrote a part, too.

At the start it was like: "Shit, Raimundo and Dellafuente!"

"Where will this go?"

Both he and Raimundo...

They have adapted really well.

I give everything I've got.

Otherwise, I say: "No! I do nothing."

I have always written about...

what's around me, what I see, what I experience.

The thing with music is that it sticks around.

For a lifetime.

It's almost like a diary

of your personal and artistic life.

It's growth.

I think that's what's important, in the end.

An artist has to sound like themselves.

Not like the wave.

Not a sound that is fashionable or... They sound like themselves.

That's not it, you can never lose your realness.

It's complicated and it comes with a lot of fear,

a lot of insecurity because

for Dellafuente to publish a CD nowadays

that isn't urban, and for it not to work...


People who don't know me and talking behind my back,

I want to make music, not a fucking pose,

if you think I'm a rapper, that's fine, brother, go ahead,

I go about things slyly, I don't like to shout.

Raimundo and his son Mundi have a beautiful melody,

really nice.

Honestly, I'm worried about adding to it and ruining it,

I don't know, let's see what we can do...

I think the raw material is really good.

In Granada people are chomping at the bit to see us live,

and that's why Raimundo is so important to me,

because that brings an incredible name to the project.

oh gall watergall water... sunken camellias...

I had to give Raimundo a hand

and I've been sort of directing him

and for me, that was one of the most magical moments of my life.

I was about to cry, basically, you know?

It was really nice, honestly. Really magical.

And that, I'll remember.

...the flesh and heaven... fleeing from me,

hot icy voice...

There was a point where I was very comfortable, honestly.

I come to work and to give my all

and I think we achieved something.

Something really nice.

Bleating but no wool, oh, wounded!

Ice needle, cold camellia.

Making rap, trap or reggaeton music is easier

because you just need a computer.

But making things like this, you need other resources.

You need people who know how to play instruments,

you need people who know how to make this work, to sound good.

This is what I'm the happiest with.

Having these resources.

Mature iris,

secret voice of dark love,

fleeing from me.

Fleeing from me.

Fleeing from me.

Ready, right?

-Hello. -Hello!

Give us something to eat.

Well, in the cathedral, I think the capacity is...


Two thousand people in Granada.


In the cathedral.

I don't know if we have the same audience...

Raimundo and I.

I mean, it's special.

Different and unique.

The concert in Granada is very important to me, because

we've been keeping the date to do something in Granada...

I think it's been a year and a half, if not two years.

No day goes by without people asking me to go to Granada.

In the end, it symbolizes the union

between the sound now and the sound before, right?

Pablo Dellafuente and the maestro Raimundo Amador

locked themselves away in a studio

and have created a universe

bringing together flamenco, on one hand,

and urban music, on the other.

Tonight, without a doubt, will be a milestone for culture in Granada.

Let's go! One, two, three...

He's my idol.

Dellafuente is like a father to me.

Knowing he came from a small village, where I'm from,

he's a huge symbol, I don't know.

Raimundo Amador is an incredible artist too.

The opportunity to see Raimundo Amador

and Dellafuente together, it's crazy.

Dellafuente is a musician, but not to listen to, to feel.

In the center of the city,

the lights are bathed in color,

the lights are bathed in color,

they light the darkness.

When we decided to do something, I said I'd do "Canción de infancia,"

for your parents to hear, a classic.

I thought it'd be incredible to do something in that style.

I'm really happy because it sounds nostalgic to me.

That you and I drank.

Never in my life did I think of making music.

It's been like a game to me.

Instead of playing football,

I went to a studio and had a good time.

The industry started to show interest in urban artists

and I've never been part of that.

I've never fully identified with what the majority talk about

or what they want to transmit.

I thought: "I'm dealing with the worst of it."

"The worst of this world."

So I said: "Since I'm in here, let's make the most of it."

Nobody is going to do anything new within urban music.

The rhythms are already set. The metrics are already set.

You can change the lyrics and talk about unicorns if you want,

but in the end it's still the same, it wont be transcendental.

I'm happy with what I do.

Looking at it with perspective, I'd like to be remembered...

as someone who did something really important, and I think that...

We must come up with new paths.

Raimundo Amador, my family.

A pleasure to have been with you.

See you next time! Thank you!

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