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When I came to the sport of triathlon, I got on a roll, started winning races

and I won my first World Championship in 1997.

I arrived.

(Voice off screen) Chris McCormack World Champion!

But my dream as a kid was always Hawaii; always Ironman.

My mother had passed away of breast cancer in 1999

and I'd made a promise to her

I said Mom I promise you I'm going to win the Hawaiian Ironman.

The top scientists had told me I was a short-course specialist.

I had a lot of power but not a lot of endurance.

They told me you'll never, ever be competitive at 8 hours of distance.

It's just not in you, you can't do it.

You're a dreamer.

I went the first year and fell apart nutritionally.

Went back the second year; walked to a 9:36 finish. 70th place. Was humbled and humiliated.

I get to Kona and fall apart, and fall apart.

You know, I'd watched this race as a kid. I wanted this more than anybody.

I hadn't got the title.

I was going to go down as the best triathlete in history never to win in Hawaii.

Ironman is an 8 hour event. Nutrition is part and parcel of what you need to do.

It's basically swim, bike, run, nutrition.

CLIF Bar. They were the people I went to. And without their arsenal of products, I never would have been able to make this jump.

In '07, it was crunch time.

Race morning, you know I looked at myself in the mirror and said, This is it.

You know, just be courageous.

And catch me if you can. This is my run for the title.


What did it feel like running down Ali'i Drive?

To my mates and my mother. There Mum, I did what I promised you.

It was everything, man. It was absolutely everything.


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