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hey guys we have supersonic thank you very much junior look what we've got

that dumb thing's heavy damn that hurt my house we've been jumping

so again this is the final box from the merch queens that we get in for a little while we say

until food and wine and halloween comes out which is like a month away so yeah this is

the last box for july i don't know well this is the first box was the second box that because

that's basically split our order into two the last time you saw this video was like 20 minutes long

and that was only half of what we had you had to split our order into two because it weighed in

absolutely and that box weighs more than the first one so that is scary so this is so we should be

full of cool stuff and a lot of star wars and toy story thing for me i think you're in here

excited and whatever crap you ordered

so let's jump straight in guys and see what we got from orlando florida and disney world

let's do this so as always it's lovely and wrapped by the looks of things

no tomorrowland tomorrowland it is i conquered the people mover

for anyone that doesn't know there is there is hats and t-shirts and

things for all the big thrill rides in orlando same thing like i conquered

the mountains meaning space mountain splash mountain and thundermountain

the big three everyone's like i survived the mountain range or i survived tower of terror

people mover is a slow moving ride and it's awesome that goes around tomorrowland and

shows you the inside of like the inside of space mountain but doesn't take you on it so yes that's

quite funny i can't cook the people boober and it's mine and it's yours apparently oh do your own

oh i found candy i found whatever i'm going to be watching with football

oh bottle caps i haven't had these in ages a friend of mine called natalie got me onto

these when i was in work um at work she was used to bring these back and there's like root beer

flavored ones and cola flavored ones cherry grape orange it's like they're like coca-cola inspired

flavors so like you get like a fanta flavoured one there's one that tastes like grape soda in america

and there's one that tastes like cherry coke it's amazing but the my most favorite one that

nobody likes in the root beer ones so yes all my friends at work used to all eat the different good

ones and then as soon as they found a root beer on the black that's yours you have a big big pile of

root beer flavored sweets on my desk see everyone laughs because it tastes like journaling but yeah

you can get these by the way they also have it's just just root beer and it's a w that make them is

it a w is that you pronounce it i don't know a w i don't know the americans always call it smells we

call it i don't know what a w stands for but all the americans seem to call it something else when

we say amw those laughers but anyway is it jack's ruby that we always get in florida as well jacks

jacks something something like that anywho we just have casters over here

i see star wars how fast that was yay i found i found things i found lots of star wars things

okay so you guys know that i love the droid depot and they recently released a new four

long figure on card back for 12.99 which is about eight british pounds and yeah this is

one of the many different droids that droid that you can build at the droid factory i believe

and they've made a load of card back versions of forum so that is absolutely awesome i love

the droid depot stuff and as you guys know i've still got the dry deeper play set to play with

sorry i'm playing with bubble wrap i like bubble wrap a little bit too much

yes droid depot i found a sushi follower

well now you can leave my piggy bank poo is my cue no it's a cute cuddly little ewok come on adorable

it's a little version of wiki these are called bigfoot it's wicked

you know him as professor flitwick swisham flick say magda what's his name uh white david davis

does that mean i'm basically hugging warrick davis when i go to sleep that's creepy though i wouldn't

pass up a huge work anyway so this is what they refer to as a big feet in florida i believe it's a

thing that came out of japan disney originally at disney world and disney although the designs have

started you know doing them now because they're very kawaii looking uh you know the big eyes big

head kind of thing with the big feet um so they are very cute and you can get all different ones

the next there are two more that i'm actually gonna that i'm gonna be getting in the next book

i'm getting two more i'm not having another box for a while well when we get the next box we're

gonna get one for food and wine festival right and halloween yes well tristan so in that box

i'm hoping the deal comes back on because i really want figment and i really want the

what's the big the big one here as well but the problem is you can never find

them together so you can never do the deal on them no because they're from different backs

one that i'm looking at exclusive ones ebbq exclusive she can never do the deal on them

but i still want sigma figment i'm gonna have to get figment on from merch queens

when they go to food wine festival and then i might oh they might produce a new one for

food and wine yes i'm going on the 15th of july anyway i got jealous of your hobbs

because i got i got figment last in the last box and miss superstar got super jealous

so she got a uh she got orange bird they pop out like that she got orange bird and you can make it

a little stand basically and they're just popping it out very cool this is 14.99 so not bad at all

oh actually oh my drive more drive factory yeah this was the last of the droid factory products

i needed to finish my collection because i've got every drive factory release for all the

movies and this is the rise of skywalker one obviously we haven't been back since the rise

of skywalker came out because i covered so this is uh it could include dio r52je and r2 shp

these are all different droids from a galaxy far far away produced by uh for the riser skywalker

may the force be with you from the droid factory and these are 29.99 a little bit more a little

bit more expensive but all the pieces break apart from them and you can rebuild them in

any order you want except dio i don't think dio is going to be dismantlable but we'll find out

and i've got all the sets of these so far in that in the big it's just over there to the left the

big sun crawl is where i keep all the components and my and my jawas basically rebuild these in

different concrete in different orders and things but yes i love my droid factory products i think

they're awesome what are you digging for i found candy i could see you digging oh my god

that that's what the weight of the box is that's like two pounds of weight right there

well i know how much you like reese's pieces i do like reason for you and i will still be finding

so this is a family-sized bag of reese's pizzas these are the reese's like smarty versions

and if that wasn't good enough it says but really it's just super cool are these might do

yes well sure yeah so m m's don't produce this flavor in the uk but

basically coffee flavored m m's i can't wait for coffee flavored herbs

i may just say i love the fact that merch queens give it all these little food bags

they put them inside these little ziplock bags so if any explodes or anything they won't go

all over everything and like melts all over your products they're very good at wrapping stuff oh

they're brilliant they are going to be destroyed surely are they silly still intact oh my god i

thought i had a bet on with lynn that she'd have a big box of crumbly pieces how many did you get

so these are s'mores flavoured pop-tarts well we have recently found that tesco in the uk make

these as well they don't produce them ones though they stopped making these within the uk yeah

they got banned from them they've got bad three numbers yeah the pop tart straw like that weighs

a ton well yeah the 16 in there 16 bump dads jesus pop tarts the frosted strawberry flavors

with the hundreds and thousands on they used to produce this flavor in the uk but i think they

stopped they do sort of like a frosted strawberry one but without the hundreds and thousands yeah

without without all the universe yeah they made a healthier version god you damn you jamie oliver

yeah i like him too i was a child of the 90s i believe jamie oliver for getting rid of my turkey

jetters how dare you the american whistle is set for the americans that wonder what the hell i'm

all about turkey jesus and turkey twizzlers are manufactured little products of chicken nuggety

crap that probably don't contain any chicken whatsoever bit like what you eat at home all the

americans you eat that now we're not allowed in the uk anymore they've only just come back anyway

but they're not the same oh yeah my little prince they're three cabbages they say we are birds

now angie and what's up i forgot a name no i'm sorry i'll send you someone called um

talia angie and talia when i bought this said that i had to make a video asap showing this off

so i will be producing a video for this more or less straight away because this is awesome this

is exclusive to the disney parks this is the launching slinky dog attraction vehicle with

spinning flames so this looks awesome why haven't they made the full track for this why is it just

the launch bit they should have made like a full track set and i bought that so this is

basically it's got the slinky dog ride car and it creates this little thing and it fires it off

i bet you anyway if i if you use like a matchbox set i bet i bet you could met the track quite

easily oh maybe you have to reach out to what's the new guy ceo you have to send me a message

and tell you the rest of the track you know i'd love i'd love to work on behalf of disney making

products because i would i would give them so many good ideas as a toy collector the last thing is

oh yeah

so we do have

we do have the diamond select loki so this kind of came out in england in the meantime but uh so

i did i did already ha i've already gone and bought the uk version it's on the uk website

uh but i did order another one from merch queens uh boxed one so i'll be keeping this one in boxed

on the shelf yeah the new diamond select loki it's based on the 2016 loki so it's the more modernized

version of loki which is cool but yeah awesome awesome figure that is mint is that everything

that's everything it was mainly all mine yeah but the other box was you have a hat and a pop socket

so guys what do you think of this haul let us know in the comments down below

if you enjoyed this video thank you very much for watching and i bet you can't wait

for some of these reviews coming up so droid factory and slinky dog

and all this good stuff coming up real soon guys thank you very much for watching as always

everyone i'll see you in the next video and until then may the bullsh be with you



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