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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nas - Obey Your Thirst (Episode 2)

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My thirst for success

Just comes from being born in New York

And just wanting to do all the things

I dreamed about

I always had some kind of drive

In me

Whether I was gonna be

A screenplay writer

You know

Whether I was gonna be an artist

That illustrated comic books

I wanted to be a businessman

And set up my room like an office

When I was like ten years old

Whatever I got into

I always planned to excel

I always believed that I could have it

I always believed that I could give people

My ideas through art

Growing up in Queensbridge

Hip-hop was the most amazing thing

Id ever heard

There was nothing more important to me

In the whole world

Than having a voice

I wanted to make a big impact

On this art form

I wanted to kick everybody out

I wanted to open up a doorway

For another generation

My advice for the younger dudes would be

You know

Push yourself all the way

Dont obsess over what anybody else is doing

If youre given an opportunity

And youre lucky enough to have

The freedom to do what you want

To do in your career

Why trap yourself?

Why do something thats not you?

I learned from failures

Mistakes are masterful teachers

Nas is legendary

I want you to make some noise

For the God Son himself

My music evolves

The way my life evolves

I continue to write it

And I continue to live it


Trust in yourself

And always push the envelope

Im Nas

Out of Queens New York

Obey your thirst

The Description of Nas - Obey Your Thirst (Episode 2)