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I'm Kwebbelkop and this is STATEMENTS.

Wow! Yes, exactly. Another episode of STATEMENTS.

With ya boy Wiwalientje, the pretty one.

And the other one on that side, give it up for Ren van Meurs.

Hello internet.

And in the middle, today's guest: Kwebbelkop.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Are you familiar with this show?

A little bit.

A little bit, alright. Some statements will appear...

I tried to watch a few episodes, but...

Couldn't get through it?

I couldn't get through it, that's good. - No, I'm sorry.

Okay, this is already the best guest we've had.

Some statements will appear, you can read them out loud if your name is standing above it.

And then all of us, yes all of will answer them as honestly as possible.

I'm looking at you.

I'm always honest.

Shall we?

Let's do it. - Let's go.

I'm a fan of someone.

Am I a fan of someone?

That's the question.

I'm definitely a fan of someone.

Yeah? - Yeah.

Who's your biggest...

My biggest... I'm a really...

My biggest idol is Elon Musk.

Yeah? - Yeah, definitely.

He's a genius.

That guy sends his car to Mars.

Just because...

You must be crazy to do that.

Yeah, exactly. - Do you have a car?


Yes? Do you have a rocket?


No, but would you ever put your car in a rocket and send it into space?

Dude, I don't even have a parking space in Amsterdam.

No, exactly.

That's hard.

I like that you said that he's a genius and two sentences later you call him crazy.


Does that also define you as a creator?


That's great. This is nice, right? That someone is is just confident in who he is and isn't embarressed about it.


No false modesty. - I'm proud of myself.

It's a bit of an American approach, isn't it?

To say I'm a genius... - I'm a bit Americanized.

Yeah? - Yeah, I'd say I'm brainwashed.

How does that show itself?

No clue.

I love hamburgers.

Cool, cool. That's something.


Alright. - No, no, no. No guns.

Yeah, that's America. - That's it.

Hamburgers and guns, is there more to it?

Are you a fan of someone?

I'm never...

I try not to be a fan of people, because people are crazy.

But I quickly become a fan of someone's work.

But aren't you then a fan of someone?

Not necessarily. - What weird story is this?

Well, I'd name an R. Kelly who likes to have sex with fourteen-year-olds while he's almost fifty.

... but still has great music. - I agree with you there.

You know. So that why I try not to, but yeah.

If someone creates something that I can't do, I'm like: "This is fantastic."

Easily impressed.

Yes, yes, yes.

I'm not really a fan of people.

I do quickly get...

I might have the exact opposit of what you have.

That when someone creates somehting, I can hate that person.

I like that quality of you.

I sort of get angry when I see someone that' very good at something.

That I'm like: 'Fuck'.

The inventor of the anti-slip sock.

I already think he's an asshole.

Because I love it when I can run 2 meters and slide to the other side of the room.

What a loser.

You can't do that with an anti-slip sock. - He doesn't want you to do that.

No man. - He doesn't want you to have that feeling.

So I can't take that. - Where does he live?

I think in the USA, man.

Let me call him.

New statement: my kids will never have to worry about money.

I fear they will.

I don't feel like I'm the big spender out of us three.

That's gonna be hard. Sorry guys.

Sorry kids who aren't here yet.

Who aren't here yet right.

Sorry kids who aren't here yet, you already got debt.

Do you have kids? - My sperm is in the red figures.

Do you have kids? - I have two kids.

I got nothing. - I have two kids.

One two-year-old and one four-year-old.

I think I got something walking around somewhere.

No, no, no.

No, I don't have any kids.

I'm doing pretty alright with my money.

I don't think they will have to worry, but...

Even then, the amount of knowledge I gained in the last few years...

...about how to make money and how to invest, and stuff like that.

Even with that, I could pass that on.

Even without giving them money, they should be able to do it with that.

Are you even still able to spend everything in your bank account?


Is it that much?

Because you don't want to spend it all.

Well, I tried often enough. - You don't want to spend it all.

Buy a yacht then, buy a yacht.

Do you have a yacht? - I've been on one plenty enough.

Look, you can spend money but does that make you happy?

I think so.

I think so.

If you'd know how expensive it is to sail on a yacht...

You would not be happy.

If you can't spend it all...

I don't mind sailing on a yacht on your expenses.

Shall we go on a yacht sometime? Yes please.

Money isn't there to spend it all right?

A lot of people feel that way.

But I also come from a poor family.

And then the situation is whatever you can find in the garbage is your furniture.

And every penny you have you should save and invest.

I just want to check this:

Was that a joke or did you really get furniture off the streets?

Yeah man, my entire room.

But isn't that weird right?

I mean... Sometimes...

I'm not familiar with that level of poorness.

Did you have holes in your socks?

Did you have holes in your socks? - Probably.

Do you really think it's that crazy? That someone...

It's more like... - White priviledge right?

Orange priviledge. - I really believe that's true.

I really think that's the thing.

Because this never happened to me.

I don't know anyone who was on that level, and get to where you are right now.


So this is the incredible American Dream what you did right here.

Great right?

From nothing to the top. A lot of respect to you.

MrBeast is overrated.

Before you start roasting him...

I don't know who he is, can you tell me?

Don't yo know who MrBeast is?

He's the guy from planting the 20 million trees, right?

Yeah, so MrBeast is one of my closest friends.

I have a company together with MrBeast.

I also coached him for quite some time.

A genius as well.

Extremely impulsive.

But right now he's completely destroying Youtube and other social media.

By making a lot of viral video's.

For instance he goes to a car dealership and he buys every car there is.


Great video right? - Of course, you'd wanna watch that.

So everything he spends he gets back throught the video he makes?

Yeah, eventually he wants to set up multiple businesses.

And make a loss on every video so he can continue to make the craziest videos.

That he can walk up to someone on the street and say: "Here's a million."

And you heard this business plan and thought: I need to get on that.

No, I'm just one part of the multiple businesses.

Do you also do those crazy giveaways?

Yeah I do, but a lot smaller.

I did make a video once, and I said:

In Minecraft for every diamond you find I will give you a 1000 dollars.

I thought he'd find like three or something.

What do you think?

Sixteen, seventeen?

Even higher.

I was sweating over there.

I thought: Oh no, what did I do?

New statement? - Hey, new statement.

I have a really big dream.

I have a lot of big dreams.

What is the biggest?

My biggest dream... probably having the biggest entertainment company in the world.

There is such a big market for a new generation of Disney.

And companies like that, that will be able to grow through social media.

That's what I'm gonna go for, that's my dream.

I really want to, if we're speaking about big dreams....

I really want to, for once in my life...

...put a USB stick in the port the right way on the first try.

Not that you have to turn every time.

But like bam.

You know what's the trick? If you...

...spit on it, it slides in more easily.


Hey, new statements.

In ten years I will have quit YouTube.

Ooh, good question.


Look, I have a masterplan I'm working on.

It's quite crazy, but of course...

Eventually I might be done with it.

Maybe not Youtube, I'd sooner say with creating new content.

So I thought, what if...

I'm not feeling getting in front of the camera, you know?

How could I replace myself?

That's possible.

Are you working on holograms? - Exactly.

In a lot of ways probably, right?

Exactly, there are so many different ways to do so.

I dont think I'll be the person standing behind the camera.

But I think in ten years I'll still be working with social media and creating content for social media.


Is it over? Was this already the episode of STATEMENTS? - That's it.

Dear people, we appreaciate you watching.

There is only one thing left and that's thanking the people who we've made the episode with.

That's the big, the big Willie Wartaal.

And in the middle Kwebbelkop.

Thank you, thank you.

Next week you'll watch again because then you'll see this:

Let me see.

There wasn't even a beer for this guy?

I'm curious, what's in there?

Oh yeah.

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