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The final round, you'll recall yesterday darkness setting in

around seven thirty local time. The golfers had to come in.

DiMarco had the overnight lead

as he exits the ninth green

last night. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods had to march in from

the tenth fairway.

Then this morning, the restart at eight o'clock

with almost a mystical quality to all this in the air.

Clear skies and watch what happens when this one gets

Tiger walking through the

dewy fairways and man here was nothing to slow

him down the beginning.

Tenth hole this for birdie.

An early roar for Mr. Wood. Meanwhile, behind him, DiMarco

he hit three wood off the tee and then look at this one get

from him, Lanny Wadkins. Should

have taken driver this time of morning.

The hole is playing extremely long.

Big mistake right here on his

first hole. The ball was unplayable.

He had to take a penalty

and a drop that led to a double bogey

for DiMarco. Meanwhile, Tiger

Woods tee shot at eleven.

His second shot into the eleventh green.

Keeping it right, going left.

Excellent shot!

Looking for a second birdie to open

the morning. Look how good his speed is

right off of that right off the bat

that quickly he had caught DiMarco Just minutes into the

and Chris saw at all as he came over the hill

back at eleven fairway. In fact, Tiger,

examined the leader board just to confirm what he thought.

He had caught him. On to the twelfth for more damage

as you'll see shortly. Meanwhile, this was Mickelson

position this morning at the twelfth.

As it had been earlier this week after a rain delay.

And boy, he doesn't mind

just hammers it right next to the hole again.

Mickelson knowing he must come out

and get something going here quickly. And he does

for the second time this week

as the starting role. Becoming

his new favorite place to start at Augusta,

you would never imagine, would you?

Meanwhile, his second into the thirteenth,

wonderful tee shot sets up an iron into this tough hole

What a shot for Phil? This gives him all kinds of chances.

He's got an eagle try coming up.

This will certainly stir everyone here,

but it slides away. Tap it in

for a birdie. And he would

flatten out and played even par the rest of the way.

under. That could make a big statement Jim.

Tiger back at twelve just continues his excellent swing

in the golf club. Puts it right where Phil Mickelson does


But would he follow it up with a putt like Phils? This

for birdie I don't think Tiger's missed the center of the

watch. Tiger, that's an acknowledgement to the gallery.

It's not a see you later to Chris

because he's just moved past them with that birdie.

And is looking for more at the thirteen.

Going for the par five into and watch this break

came out of it pretty quick. And then a real break with

wet grass. In the second cut slows down awfully quick. Maybe

up the some of the four breaks

he had the first round this week.

Leaves himself he very simple chip

that swing perhaps weighed heavily on Tiger

in the latter stages of the morning round. But meanwhile,

back over to DiMarco at the twelfth

Would he suddenly right the ship? No.

Nothing. Dropping for DiMarco

Back to Tiger.

Chase towards the hole

Well judged. Take a stroll down hill.

for birdie again. Perfect speed.

DiMarco again could only watch almost

in a state of shock it looks


Tigers drills it again for a seventh straight birdie when

you go back to the last three holes of

yesterday and the first four today,

Here is a great comparison at the restart point Dimarco

the lead by four and just minutes later. Well,

Tiger caught him at eight thirty-three.

And then moved in front by eight forty-three.

At the end of the day, it's Tiger three clear

of DiMarco. And let's take a look now at

the current standings. Here you go. Tiger

and Chris DiMarco will be going off

in the final pairing at three o'clock. Thomas Bjorn at

minus seven. Mickelson is six off the lead,

along with Trevor Immelman in the final round of the Masters

is coming up right here

on CBS.

Here is the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament.

awaiting the perfect suitor

at Augusta National.

And look, who is searching

for his first major in three-years Tiger Woods

faced a rocky start to the Masters that left everyone

But just when things seemed dark, he was back on the prowl

with a breakout weekend performance,

Now the tournament rests squarely on his shoulders.

Chris DiMarco has seen a gust of magic up close a passenger

a year ago on Phil Mickelson's journey. Nearly

navigating his way to his own major title at PGA.

Can he regroup after falling under the weight of Tigers

glory? Or will he be walking along the winner once again.

Mickelson must now have one of the biggest final round

ever seen of Augusta to extend his reign.

Today Tiger Woods can join Arnold Palmer

and Jack Nicklaus as the only men with at least four green

jackets. For the fiftieth year, CBS with great pride

brings you the Masters.

From the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

CBS sports presents the Masters.

It's all part of Augusta Lure. The voices

like Pat Summerall, Jim McKay, Chris Schenkel, Ken Venture.

You just heard them all.

There are the voices. And then there are the roars reserved

for names like Jack and Arnie, Gary, Ben and Byron, and i

and in recent years, Tiger

and Phil. It's Sunday at the Masters

and the unique sounds of splendor

are certain to echo once again here at Augusta.

Glorious weather at last.

Live at the first tee, with two thousand four champion

Phil Mickelson. Fore please Phil Mickelson now joinin.

Phil playing with Vijay Singh and he starts six back.

Now remember this morning when they came out,

at the eight o clock restart. He was ten back of the lead at

time. A lead held by Chris DiMarco. But at six

and it's Tiger Woods.

A lot different chasing Tiger from six back than it is

Phil is gonna need to go low today.

The golf course is set up to be had today. The officials

like to see low scores and I think that that's,

that's what they like to see and a player

like Phil is going to have to shoot

sixty-five at least to have a chance.

He was grinning. He knows he got away with one.

Just screwed up the bunker. Excellent position.

Here is Vijay Singh. He won this tournament in two thousand

comes in as the most recent winner of a major, having taken

the PGA in Wisconsin

last August.e

How about that Sunday set up

and what it produced last year here

Well, it did I mean the officials at Augusta want to see

They want to entertain the patrons.

They want the folks at home to really enjoy that's going

to happen this afternoon. We're getting glorious weather.

The greens are soft. Players can be aggressive with the

the holes are

in generous locations for the most part.


doesn't appear to get the same benefit

from the bounce as Phil.

These two had a little exchange on

Friday afternoon. Phil was playing in front of

the Vijay and there was a question about

the spikes for Phil but this was the scene just a few

ago, when they arrived at number one. They did

talk in the champions locker room. Both past champions,

of course. And they said they settled their differences.

Well, as champion should. They're both quality human beings

and good man and great competitors.

And they want the best for themselves

and for the game of golf. And they have both taken the high

road with this issue. So Phil starts sick back and Vijay

round this morning. And he talked about his play this week.

I've had some good shots,

and I just haven't capitalized on a bus. You know, I three

putted last holes today

to finish things up and missed

two eagles inside twelve feet

and I just cannot do that. It's

I don't know what it is. I I feel

like I'm hitting good putts, I'm just not getting the ball

What must he do? What must Vijay do here today?

Especially early. Well, I think they both need to make a

They need to come out and jump on the

first two holes. You've got to stretch

four, five, six or tough.

So they want to make a statement one through three.

Tiger with Hank Haney is instructor walks

by Chris DiMarco, leaving exiting the practice range.

He will make his way through the clubhouse

and emerge out by the practice putting green. He's

within fifteen minutes of his tee-time, Woods and DiMarco

set for two-fifty their tee times. Bjorn

and Immelman next up at number one.

Take a look at Tiger Woods, third round score card

folks. This had the makings

of the all-time single-round record here, which is

First set by Nick price, later matched by Greg Norman.

He had the record tying seven straight birdies.

Seven through thirteen tying Steve Pate's

tournament record. In fact, across the exact same stretch of

that Steve Pate first set that mark. But

when he leaves thirteen, he

pars in for a share of the record. Just needs one birdie

that par five still ahead to set the all-time

course record. Surprised in many ways that he didn't

well, I was too Jimmy I really think that

a little bit of a loose swing at eleven kind of shook his

slightly and n the second shot at thirteen,

it's going to be interesting to see how he reacts with that

from the rest of this day.

It obviously bothered him the rest around this morning.

he played the last five holes, plus two.

And we had a chance to talk to Tiger

at the conclusion of that round this morning.

It's a great start. Yeah,

Hit some good shots. Got a couple good brakes on eleven

and thirteen - capitalized on both of those, which is nice.

But overall, just trying to make a couple birdies out there

and put myself in a little closer to the lead. And

Chris had a had a poor back nine but

we still got a long way to go.

You have to agree with that.

I do. I agree that there is a long way to go.

The players behind him all capable of going low and Tiger

can go out and he doesn't have to shoot low today.

If he doesn't have the driver working Jimmy, he's going

to be facing some problems.

Back to the first tee.

And this actually is the two-fifty pairing.

Woods and DiMarco ten minutes behind

that. But let's first, see what happens with Vijay from

that fairway. Bunker. This from

one forty-six I would imagine Vijay is hitting either an

or nine from here. You should be able to get this over to

without any problems.

That's well done. That's all he really wanted to do was put

at the center of the green there.

Give himself a chance. Not that fast to putt at this green

Right now. As far back as he is -

I mean, if it was someone Else Jimmy,

you know, you, you. You're going to play the percentages.

Six back of Tiger Woods, I think I want to get after right

now. He's only got one sixteen to the hole.

He's got a wedge in his hand. When you get a wedge in your

here, you've got to be aggressive.

I'll say one thing about Phil

and Vijay. They both finished

the third round this morning by three putting

the eighteenth. It looked

like Phil would be coming in at six under.

But he got a little aggressive with his first putt.

Phil needs to carry this shot to the hole

Almost got a slight backstop behind it,

If he doesn't carry it to the hole, he run's the risk of

back towards the front of the green.

It's only a hundred and sixteen yards. And you know exactly

what Phil's thinking.

He got that steep and tugged. It just looked

like he didn't turn his body through it. It was all hands

it. And that is a huge mistake. This early in the round.

Now he is going to struggle to make


Coming right here. He set up nice and square

as he always does.

You can see how

big of a divot he took right there. A much bigger divot than

he wanted to. With that shot.

The blade closes down a little bit and the

ball for him goes to the right.

It will be an interesting little play coming up with

such little green to work with. Now it's Chris DiMarco. And

as we saw yesterday, he

really finishes the warm-up over in the pitching area.

A little bunker play, a few little wedge shots.

Here's a look at DiMarco's card. When we said goodbye

last night, he had just completed a stretch of forty-four

without a bogey, which is

second best streak in the history of the tournament. Only

by Stuart Applebee's fifty whole stretch a few years back.

But he comes right out this morning

and is greeted with a double.


He was just looking

for problems if he didn't start driving it better.

All right. The featured pairings Mike weir

and Thomas Levet from France they are thru one. Weir is at

minus three. Making a nice little charge over the weekend.

Mark Kensby a Masters rookie from Australia

and Chad Campbell who rallied late yesterday, there's

Vijay. Vijay the two forty pairing. Next, it's Bjorn at

minus seven and Trevor Immelman who

first came here as the U. S. public links champion. Now a

good young pro. There's Tiger

and Chris DiMarco. We talked to Chris DiMarco about playing

with Tiger today. He's gonna wanna win I know he's got a lot

of, you know, a lot of little bit of pressure on him

because he hasn't won one in a while. Everybody's expecting

him. So, you know, obviously, I'm trying to get my

first one. I have nothing to lose. I'm gonna go out

and try to, you know, try to go get it.

Back to the first green.

Vijay taking a long stare at this one. And

I have to note that yesterday

as DiMarco was putting together a solid

first nine. Although, as you said at times, it was really

for a little bit sketchy,

he said he felt he was an accident, waiting to happen. And

then we saw today with forty-one

I felt it because the way he was driving the ball, he

was giving up too much yardage off the tee.

He was playing a weak fade. Chris

is an average length hitter. An

Average length hitter here at Augusta National

has to be aggressive off the tee.

It has to work the ball right to left

Down the hill but back up at the end so

Vijay could be a little aggressive with it.

Anything in the center of the green. Here is going to leave

an uphill putt.

Vijay this morning also had an early

birdie And then his round kind of stalled

as well. They have the last five or six holes to really

try to do something with it. Look at the flag stick out here

for Phil. That's tells me he

has no place to land this to get it close. What a

play? How about that touch?

It looked like it might drop.

It's a par at the start for Mickelson. Par five straight


Still a missed opportunity again. I mean it. It's, it's a

a terrific fore but it's a real missed opportunity with

in your hand playing this hole.

Not only can you not be that far away from the hole with

a hundred sixteen yards. You can't be off the green.

here and that point, you have to look forward.

You gotta be pleased to make

four and not five. No question.

And a little ticklish one to start the day here

for Vijay. A little more working

like on the first hole. I always like to

walk up and tap it in on one - or backhand it -

So Singh and Mickelson with fours at

at the first. Let's go through

a couple pages of the leader board with Tiger's margin three

to start the final round over DiMarco. And they're about

to go. Weir now up to minus

four. Hensby also with that number.Timmy Herron

solid Masters.Look at Luke Donald

at minus two with Campbell, Levet,.

Remember at the end of the day, it's

plus, it's the top sixteen plus ties that get the automatic

invite to next year's Masters.

We have seventeen players currently in red figures. Look at

Howell who opened yesterday with a double

and worked his way back to minus one back in the red figures

again for triplets.

Ryan Moore, will he be the low-amateur?

Two amateurs made the cut here He's at plus three,

but check this out: Luke

List is in. He's posted a number.

A good round of seventy already finished and in at plus six.

Two sub-par rounds for Luke List this

week. A sixty-nine and a seventy. That's excellent playing.

a Masters for this Masters rookie.

And Ernie Els has been a huge disappointment. But Ernie

fighting the flu for the better part now of almost two

So Ernie Els, a disappointing Masters indeed.

Hello friends Jim Nantz, welcome to Butler Cabin

and this tradition, unlike any other.

You know, after three days of mother nature up routing

the playing schedule, we are at

last on track. And Tiger Woods is in a very familiar

position. Our CBS golf expert. Lanny Wadkins is alongside

in over twenty Masters and came close three times to winning

the green jacket. Is this any different?

This lead at the fifty-four-hole mark of a major than

previous times. Well, I think he's comfortable having the

Tiger loves being out front,

and every time he's won a major championship he has won

It's always been from in front.

He's led eight times. Won all eight. So he doesn't have any

defeats with the lead. So

a lot of pressure right there.

I think that the pressure comes on him from the loose

We saw this morning finishing up

errant drive at eleven, errant drive at fifteen.

Those are the things that were a little shaky. The long

second shot at thirteen.

His putting and iron play

for the most part is still very solid.

I think the whole thing is going to rest on how well he

it. He drove it so perfect

yesterday on the first night, if he duplicates that

I think they can wave bye-bye. What with his record, though,

of never having lost with the fifty four-hole lead.

Is it pressure on Tiger I mean. My goodness, what does that

do to the rest of the field? As far

as pressure? If you're Chris DiMarco, you're

Phil Mickelson. You have to be well aware of that. Well, you

do. But I like Chris DiMarco's attitude. He says he's

got a chance to go out and go

for it right now. I like that.

I think this actually may help Chris DiMarco

he doesn't have. He's not looking over his shoulder at Tiger

Woods. He's chasing him. He can get more aggressive.

He lost his aggressiveness yesterday afternoon

and you could see it. You can see it in his eyes. And the

he was hitting his tee shots.

He's got to go back and take it by the throat this

in the final round of a major when Tiger

wins the major. Take a look through the years

and at Bethpage Tigers last conquest Mickelson bettered him.

But Tiger had a big enough lead. Mickelson with the

topping Woods' performance. Well, here are the CVS voices.

down at Amen Corner, eleven and twelve, Peter Costas

at one of the swing holes here. One of the many swing holds.

Thirteen. Bill Macatee at fourteen. David Feherty at the

par five on this side. Verne Lundquist. Yes, sir. He's

down at sixteen and Peter Oosterhuis who once had the

lead at the Masters He resides at seventeen.

We will be heading up to the eighteenth hole shortly

and turn over the Butler cabin

to Mr Dick Enberg. Tiger now

going through his final warm-up


He's testing the speed. He needs to get the speed

right. That's what he's concerned with right now. Of course

don't matter. This one does.

Bjorn in all kinds of trouble over at the

first. Coming out on the streets, trying to chase in the

of the green, misses, puts it in a bunker.

not a bad place to miss it. He's got plenty of green to work

What about Bjorn's chances today to make any kind of move?

I thought he looked very solid. Hit a lot of

terrific shots. Drove the ball. Excellent.

One little missed putt early and that, it kind of

looked like it hurt his momentum.

All right, here's Tea Olive, the

first hole and what's the play here Lanny?

You'd like to keep it just left of the bunker over three

to carry that bunker, but if you get that narrow area

right about there, you'll be okay. Then that hole location

today in the front, right. Almost a little valley.

So if you put anything in the center of the green, you've

an uphill putt.

Well, we've seen the red work quite well with green

on three occasions here in Augusta.

Seeing him stretching a lot this week too. I've noticed him

and turning like, you know, he's not quite

as loose as he'd like to be? Maybe just all the fatigue

in from the amount of time they've they've spent sitting

around and-and just not doing what's normally golfing.

Well, here's a little factoid that

continues to hold up the tournament champion has played

in the last fourteen consecutive years.

You have to go back to

Nick Faldo's victory back in.

Nineteen ninety-forty. When he won in the playoffs

over Raymond Floyd, was the last time the two winners did

the last pairing. Tiger is going to go ahead

and make the walk first.


Tiger Woods first came here ten years ago, but has

already registered so many memories.

My first recollection of the Masters was when Nicklaus won

in eighty-six. I believe I was ten at the time, and

when Jack won I didn't really

realize what he had accomplished. I mean he had

won his sixth jacket big deal. I'm ten years old, and

have no understanding of that or

what what it means to win at forty-six.

I didn't understand that part of it. But

as I got older, I appreciate that as having that being

the first memory. That's a pretty good memory to have.

Memories of his own. Memories from his use. The one shot

really stands out of his mind is Jack Nicklaus's.

second shot into the fifteenth that year

When he hit the four iron

and Jack was pumping his fists

Of course Jack Nicklaus, yesterday here at Augusta,

said farewell to competition at the Masters. Waved goodbye

at the ninth hole. And a tearful moment

for so many around here. Lanny it's

still the talk. It really was Jim

and I I just didn't think he was going to call it quits

until I saw the wave. I've seen Jack finish rounds of golf

many times, I've never seen that action

or the reaction I was seeing from him. That

tells me, I think he he feels

like he's done.

Tiger has never lost a third round lead of more than one

stroke. Thirty and three overall majors

and everything included. Thirty

and three. But never when the lead is more than a stroke,

did anyone ever overtake him in the end?

Chris DiMarco's gotta put this morning behind him Jimmy

He really said that he didn't feel

like he played that poorly this morning.

Had some bad things happen. Maybe a couple of poor

He's got to stay aggressive

and and really get after. Right on the hole.

Fore, please. Tiger Woods now driving.

Of course we know that the

one goal that's been stated for so long

is for Tiger to one day try

to top Jack Nicklaus's eighteen professional majors.

If he won today, he would reach the turn, he

would get to the halfway point.

He would reach the ninth.

He goes down at the tee that quick. That

is absolutely hammered.

That's not exactly what Chris DiMarco wanted to see.

Fore, please! Chris DiMarco now driving.

He has won three times in his career. His last victory

in Phoenix in two thousand two,

but with the three wins, it's been a while.

But in the meantime, his

really, his stature has only gotten bigger. Even

though has been winning.

Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup appearances

for the U. S.

Coming close in last year's PGA. He played with Mickelson

the size of his stage has increased. And that's a nice start

The one thing he cannot do early on Jim, is let Tiger get

anymore than he already is.

Most major titles as a professional, Nicklaus

setting the mark that most have felt

for years is unreachable until Tiger came along.

Of course, Tiger hasn't won now, in the

last ten major competitions.

A Woods win today, and he be up with the names of Hogan

and Player. But DiMarco is in the final pairing for the

second straight year, he walked with

Mickelson shot seventy-six to Chris

a year ago. How will he rebound of his

poor play this morning. Final round

is completely under way.

We're back at the first

and Thomas Bjorn. Thirty-four-year-old from Denmark

who lives in London has this

for par.

Good save right there. That will calm the nerves a little

the first. Let's go to number two.

and Phil Mickelson third shot on the par-five-second hole.

Unable to find their way. Well enough off the tee to attack

the green.


All fairly dangerous. If you're in trouble

Back to number one. And the

first downwind today, Lanny. What does that mean as far

as wind conditions around the course today?

I don't think there's enough that could affect anything,

It might make some of the

par fives a little easier to reach on the

second nine. Not necessarily the

first nine. This now Chris DiMarco. One fifty-two.

Excellent look from the left side of the fairway to this

right hole location. A

great chance to make an opening statement right here.

Well done. Well done.That leaves him an uphill putt from

Couldn't have asked for any better.

Tiger will be next. Let me bring in Peter

for a minute. You just spoke yesterday.

about Tiger's swing. Predicated

so much on rhythm and timing that it disappeared in the late

stages around this morning. Can you get it back?

He can

clearly get it back. And I think it's the it's the one thing

to take notice off as he plays these

first few holes when his rhythm is on, his shots are superb.

The only time I see him hitting foul balls when he gets a

bit quick with the driver.

This for ninety-one yards.

Perfect. That's exactly what Phil Mickelson was looking

to do. Tiger making a bigger statement of his own right

How about the first round

at the first hole? He'd actually started the round at the

just listen to this collision with the flag stick

He got

maybe one of the worst breaks you'll ever see.

Not only back in bunker. Back in the bunker on the downslope

could even get it close to the hole.

Byron Nelson could relate to that -

hitting the flagstick

like that. Coming off the green cost him the US open.

Byron had knocked down a few flagsticks in his time.

Vijay, a chance for a birdie.

These player want to

grab the hole with power off the tee

and find the green with their

second shot. It will likely be a par

for Vijay.

One eagle at this hole this week.

Earlier today, David Howell the Englishman

made a mess of the first hole yesterday. He had

fun starting today, eagle at number two. Last year,

five eagles at the Masters tournament at hole

number two, three of them to this hole placement.

It's opportune if you hit the right shot.

Fourth shot four Mickelson.

The big boys not able to take advantage of the opportunity

at the downhill par five second.

Back to number one. We're back and DiMarco

is a well-liked player out here on the tour. But

this practice of giving everybody free reads

it's now gone from one Masters to another. Remember Last

he came out of the bunker fronting the

eighteenth, and the ball

came to a halt just inches behind Mickelson spot,

and ended up giving Phil the line f you will, with his role.

And now to begin this final round,

it's again dead on line. Tiger's about

half way toward the hole here. But on the same course.

Tiger might even be so close that it might not make any

to him. This put for Chris DiMarco -

couldn't ask for anything simpler. Up the hill.

Not much movement.

Not a very aggressive stroke at all.

That was came up out of that weak.

That ball I'm surprised he didn't chase at least maybe

a foot by the hole. If he'd missed it. That's should have

bit more on it than that.

It is tentative. It was tentative,

and he's got to get some confidence going and

a stroke like that is, is is not a very confident

- not much of a confidence builder at this point in time.

Well, this is maybe a little longer than you thought, Lanny.

It is a little longer than I thought we had a different

This is more like six, seven feet,

but still not much in it. Uphill.

He doesn't have to be that careful with it.

Just needs to read properly

and then put it on the line he's looking at.

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Look at the DiMarco's putt.

Looked like he stayed down good enough. He just didn't hit

hard enough.

DiMarco with this caddy who

has been with him since nineteen ninety-nine Pat O'brien

trying to find a way to

stoke his a player here and get him going. Let's see what.

They took a lot of time here. Notice that Steve Williams was

line it up. And that's that. That's something that's

rare. And he doesn't usually consult Steve on these. That

me there's some uncertainty on what he sees. Birdie!

Not much uncertainty in that stroke. He again puts it

right in the middle with just

the speed you would expect.

Just like that the lead swells to four.

He once won this tournament by twelve. That was back in

ninety-seven. He's twelve under this one

in the advantage by four

over DiMarco.

I can remember the first one.

I can certainly remember the

last one. And I can remember a lot in between from the

competitiveness. The atmosphere.

The tradition that goes with the Masters and

for fifty years I've absolutely

and totally enjoyed being there. Back at

the second hole, five hundred

and seventy-five yards downhill

and Tigers had a mixed bag off the tee.

Number two this week round one crashed into those trees,

a hundred yards off the tee, down the left-hand side. He

made more than a twenty-footer

for par as we look at the

first round. Three birdies.

five bogeys. Since then, a whole pile of birdies and not

Second and third rounds, he just clobbered drives past this

that we can just see down the right

second hole named pink dogwood,

longest hole on the course

but plays about ninety feet downhill from tee to green

bunker. A little bit more than three hundred yards to reach

that bunker from the tee.

The last two days, Tiger Woods,

forty or fifty yards costs that bunker and able to attack

the green in two. Downhill all the way on the

second shot on the hole.

Way back right directly behind that huge bunker.

But the contours from middle of the green

if the player hits the right shot working it left or right

It will gather

to the back right. Fourth easiest hole

a host of birdies. And just the one eagle

he's waiting because Thomas Bjorn has had a lot of trouble

number two. He had to take a penalty shot

for non-playable line and

still maneuvering down this hole.

Punch out now, the fourth


He'll be happy with a bogey six now.

In the bunker for four. And the good par save at number one.

I remember that swing. What a drive off the

first hole. Three hundred forty-four yards

and par, birdie, birdie.

But the first par was a real scramble and the last two

monster tee shots. To the third.

And Mickelson second.

The hole, his own this week,

birdied it all three rounds.

From a hundred and twenty-four.

By far the most difficult hole placement at the third.

The strategy here is just play

for the right wedge distance. Let's go back to two.

Looking back from the fairway bunker.

And then on the fairway.

This is going to allow Tiger to attack to bring in two.

getting on for three hundred

and twenty-odd carry doesn't quite make it.

Now he hopes to advance it to his

favorite wedge yardage

for the third.

Certainly better to miss the fair ay to the right

than to the left. Trees and a hazard are down the left-hand

and the bunker down right. And DiMarco had a nasty tee shot

to the right yesterday.

Got some relief, and eventually made a good putt

for a birdie.

This will be a long second shot for DiMarco. Tiger

in trouble in the bunker

Just to recap, Tiger Woods four ahead of DiMarco now Bjorn

his way to the best of bogey at number two

and Phil Mickelson seven back and

convincing start from Tiger, a great drive, a great wedge

and a good putt. Now go to the Butler Cabin.

Thank you. We're here for Dick Enberg

and his unique perspective. And we just saw Dick

on the first hole. DiMarco looking a little anxious,

putting while Tiger charged right on and you say, that

surprise you at all. Well and DiMarco, a thirty-six-hole

And he said it fits inside the greens here at Augusta. And

he seemed to make every putt. Now has Tiger even come close

to missing one that was critical? And

he moves into that four shot lead. Every hole, every

round, every tournament, it is the Masters

final line of defense: the

last line, the greens of Augusta National.

And with their slopes and the extreme elevations.

They have fully challenged each year

the very best in the game of golf.

To win this precious prize requires passing Augusta's

unique test of complexity and severity.

There are no free passes, no easy putts.

Each demands, courage and conviction.

Experiences taught that grinding is essential on every

one. History has documented how expensive, even the short

can be. How Ed Sneed's life in nineteen seventy-nine

might have changed if he'd made what would have been

this winning putt on eighteen.

And Scott Holk forever punished by a playoff miss

that would have given him the title and not Nick Faldo.

Holk and Snead missed putts that stole golfing immortality.

This week brought added moments of frustration

and pain. And no one fully escapes.

At the start a half-inch miscalculation,

producing a thirty foot error.

Lofty reputation counts little execute or

taste humility.

A one-millimeter misjudgment can

equal one full stroke. Augusta dictates that

for an eighteen hole constant, you must

visualize speed at a higher level

than anywhere.

Yes, they all know that the

the green jacket is to successfully pass the delicate test

The rich drama of the past is verification. On occasion,

many years of Master's study

has fed into a Master's degree.

the final putt, evoking the emotional depths and

heights of becoming a Masters champion

and this weekend we'll stand and

cheer and live the full emotional range once again.

Well done Dick Enberg.

Certainly the greens at Augusta National

take a player to bigger heights than anywhere else.

For birdie.

Nowhere in the world do you have to be

as precise in your visualization is putting on these

Disappointing par for Mickelson at the third

That is not the start that he was looking for

Back to two and Trevor Immelman,

young south African, who had a brilliant, sixty-five

off to two seventy threes with several sixes,

and a seven on his card

first two rounds - tremendous rounds, has moved to four

second shot up at this par five.

Thomas Bjorn has a short putt left

for a double bogey. So a shaky start

for Bjorn. A cool customer

He's entered the South African open

and won on the European tour.

That wasn't too good. And he was here a few years ago.

One of the ways to qualify

for the Masters tournament

as an amateur. That's an opportunity gone.

This makes four under. Eight-behind our leader.

There is Tiger, well back from the face.

Two hundred eighty yards, two hundred and seventy nine to

Trying to make

clean contacts and get in position

for a delicate pitch

shot. Just slipping into the

second cut you can see it at a foot

into the longest stuff. Will make the pitch more difficult

And we're live with Bjorn. His double bogey putt.

Seven here. One of the contenders,

switching back quickly.

Seven behind Woods alongside Mickelson

To the fourth. And Mickelson on the tee.

Just over the bunker on the right.

It's a six-iron. Six hundred

and twenty feet to the flag and it's just nine feet over the

And that is a beauty for the defending champion.

Five hundred and seven back.

On the fourth hole flowering crabapple.

A new flag position up on the right-hand side of the green

that we haven't seen this week. But it does affect

where the hole is cut today.

Little bit of a steeper slope to the right.

See the ball gather from where Mickelson's ball-pitched

and fairly flat area around the hole today.

We may see some birdies.


Pulls it over toward the left corner there. And that'll be

an interesting putt.

He has left all the way across the green left to right.

Let's go back to the second. Let's understand why Tiger

was upset about his recovery from sand.

He wanted to be on the fairway with a perfect line so that

could know he could nip the wedge-shot plan to be on the pin

and spin it back down the slope, close to the cup

Now it's a little bit of guesswork.

He can try and hit a high shot trying to stop it quickly


second copy. Specially for this whole position,

Tempted to go to the left.

You have the ball rolling left to right.

Perhaps gather down close to the cut

Bjorn's double bogey at two leaves only DiMarco

less than seven shots off the lead. Mickelson and Bjorn

are seven back. And

he got the spin.

Very quickly. And another chance

for a birdie. We had rain earlier this week and a lot of

last week. That means the greens to be just a bit softer

they might normally be. Now DiMarco.

Extra spin on the

second bounce, Tiger using elevation to stop his quickly.

spin helping DiMarco.

Chance for a birdie. Seven

forty-three PM play was stopped yesterday.

Four shot lead for DiMarco.

Ten holes DiMarco had made a double bogey at number ten

Tiger had moved to ten under par

continuing his streak of birdies.

Through eleven another birdie for Tiger. Eight thirty in the

Tiger Woods, another birdie at the twelfth. The sixth in

Starting three of them yesterday, three this morning

and then yet another equalling Steve Bates

record of seven consecutive birdies -

leads by two.

At nine. Eighteen this morning,

It's still two. Tiger made a bogey at fourteen.

In the water at fifteen. He

still managed to keep that lead.

Three shot lead after a stumble from Chris DiMarco.

And at the end of the round,

it was a three-shot lead Chris DiMarco pull a play on the

second nine. Tiger Woods a brilliant eighteen holes,

Ten past three finishing the

first hole with a birdie,

Extends the lead to four.

And now we're back life, and we've summed that up pretty

as a two-man battle. Chris DiMarco was dominating the

and he bogeyed the first hole of

his Masters, the tenth hole.

The field was split between the

first and the tenth. Bogeyed the first, then went a whole

of holes until his double-bogey early this morning.

Tenth whole

And ended the beautiful streak of pars and birdies.

Seventh hole,

off to the right. The seventh green.

The seventh green is a favorite spot

for the patrons. They have

a great view of second shots, third shots

and maneuvering around the green.

A little bit downhill.

Beautiful stroke on the first green.

He took his time there.

Do you think Tiger is

has made a decision? I'm gonna take a little extra time

on these first few holes. I'm gonna stay composed

and stretch my lead just that bit more.

I think he's definitely trying to focus. As if he were

behind Peter I think he wants to be

as aggressive and I think his aim is just to bury this deal.

Which he has done numerous times in his in his career,

most notably at Augusta in nineteen ninety-seven.

Forty for nine holes then thirty

for nine holes in round one - eventually won by twelve.

And with a record seventy-two-hole score.

Seventy four in the first round. There was a bit of up-and

cruise around in sixty-six, we'd cruise around in sixty-five

with two birdies in the

last round just in case anybody thought they

could make a charge and catch a stumbling Tiger. He

looks very good indeed.

Thirty putts in his

second round of sixty-six pretty good tee to green play.

Good putting. Exceptional putting in round three.

The first two holes.

Now four. Yeah, Chris DiMarco,

To move to nine under, and he hasn't given up yet. But

it's ominous signs from tremendous play. Tiger Woods on

one and two.

Fifty years ago, former dentist Dr Kerry Middlekauff

dazzled the patrons with a nine under par two seventy-nine.

He defeated Ben Hogan by

and then tournament record seven shots,

the hall of Famer from Memphis Tennessee logs forty career

wins and three major championships,

including the green jacket

in nineteen-fifty-five.

Waiting back on the third tee and it's just

hard to even fathom that twelve holes ago, Tiger was

by five. Now he's leading by four. And let's take a look

at flowering peach. The shortest par

four at Augusta National at three hundred

and fifty yards. The series of fairway bunkers down the left

side narrows the landing area to some twenty-seven yards.

And the strategy here is really dictated by the hole

which today is on the left side of the green. This very

green. A narrow finger of it on the left-hand side.

And the strategy is undoubtedly Lanny Wadkins,

Position yourself off the tee

for a full wedge second. I don't think it's any question

like to put it even with the fairway bunkers on three. Let's

go to four.


Mickelson goes to minus six

for the birdie at the fourth.

Now Tiger and a wise play

for Tiger.

Two years ago, he was trailing in the final round.

Similar situation. He chose the driver.

made double bogey.

Well, Tiger's first two holes of the afternoon

looking very similar to the

first holes of the morning when came out

and birdied the first four he would tackle

that he would face.

One and two and what do you make of this?

He just looked extremely

solid at number one and number two. If he were to dominate

this field today which he's always doing

and win by ten or more, which is possible

I think all the questions about swing changes would go away.

Yeah, they would disappear without question.

Bobby. DiMarco's gonna make it a challenge

for him. I'm impressed with the way he started his final

His swing seems to be back on go

after shooting forty-one this morning

to finish his second night at the third round.

Mickelson after the birdie at four.

Well, speaking of Tiger's swing changes, we had a chance

to speak to him about those swing changes earlier.

You have to understand the process

and I've gone through this process before.

And I love working with Bush

in nineteen. Ninety-seven. Why would you change your swing

after you just won the Masters by twelve.

And that's the most stupid thing you could ever have done.

Eventually ninety nine rolled around

and won eight. Then nine the

next year.

So it's a very similar to that.

And why would you change? Well,

I think I need to go a different direction to get better.

So I did. And now we're starting to see it now

Tigers all about perfection.

The best he can be.

Doesn't matter where anybody Else's been,

He just wants to be the best he can be.

Let's go to six. Mike Weir.

Two thousand three champion of the Masters.

With a birdie at the six. Two under

in the final round. He moves to five under par.

Back to three and a second chance

for DiMarco and Tiger Woods.

DiMarco will be first to play from a hundred

and twenty-five

Tiger's got a hundred and seventeen.


think it be a little off the pitching wedge.

from front to back.

This is what Tigers been talking about

these swing changes produced pin high.

No better place than right here at three.

That Tiger's been taken on some shots

so far in the third in this final round.

Bobby. It looks like he's just determined not to make

any any kind of mental mistakes.

How's that for precision? Hole high. Thats

five of the last thirty-nine greens.��

He and B.J. been right at the top of that category this

Now, DiMarco

And Lannie. You know, Chris DiMarco I was impressed with

he said earlier in the round. About

how we needed to stay aggressive. And he's doing just that.

He is Bobby didn't have any choice. I mean, Tigers

Tiger's good to make birdies.

And if Chris wants to any

chance at this green jacket,

he's gonna just have to come after you with everything. He's

got I like his attitude.

I do too and he's going to try to tackle Tiger

at his best right now, let's go to five.

And this is Mickelson coming off his birdie.��

This one-seventy-eight. The hole location, all the way

in the back right today.

This was just a short while ago.

And that's well-played Jim thats exactly

what you needed to get over that slope in front.

Give yourself an uphill chance at three.

And now we're live with Vijay's second.

Disturbing start here for Vijay who

had it to five under at one time in the morning.

And then three putted the eighteenth. He's bogeyed the

fourth. And in trouble here. This is already his


Looking like this concentration is broken Jim. It's

a it's a poor start for Vijay making some very

shots. Maybe had his hopes

and dreams set on winning here this week. And now he knows

they're gone and hard to get focused.

Did Tiger's play have anything to do with his concentration

being broken. I don't think there's any question I mean

you know, very poor start. He needed to start off with three

birdies, and he's already two over par. To three.

Tiger took more of a little bit more of a conservative angle

on hiswedge and Lannie I felt that

as difficult as that shot is to hit pin high

The safe play there is a little right of the flag.

Well, it was Bobby plus was looking only upslope means he's

going to spin it a little bit more.

So you want to give yourself some room to the right? Because

he saw his ball set back a little bit.

If he had put that at the hole on that, it could be gone

off the green, the green slopes severely right to left,

means this is a big left to right swinger

and down hill.

Like I said, but he's just not making any mental mistakes.

Granted, this is only the third hole. But boy,

does he look in control

every aspect of his game. And all week. He's been center,

all the short putts and made numerous fifteen-footers.

Even when the breaks were going

poorly for him in the opening round,

it would still make some clutch par putts,

Understandably, a little conservative there. That is

so quick, so par for for Tiger at three.

And for Chris DiMarco. Now, an opportunity.

To get one back on Tiger here. That's big Lannie

is very big. Is is, is really big

for Chris's momentum. And

for his confidence right now, he can say he's

makes this he's matching Tiger shot

for shot. That's what he had to do through these

first three holes, not let him get away.

Right off the bat Lannie.

Yeah, it's tough. I mean you can't say

as much a mistake he's trying as hard as he

hit it a heck of a second set in there. And

what I'm seeing so far,

although with through the putts Bobby

not aggressive on uphill puttshe's gotta be firing those

that's a little bit of nerves. Let's go to five

and Mickelson birdie putt on the way.

Nice solid par four,

but every time Phil makes a par he's just not gaining any

And he's running out of holes.

A look at the ball on the back fringe it

belongs to Vijay. And he has

this one coming up for a five-bogey five.

Coming unhinged here in the

opening stages of the final round.

And it's a surprise to see.

It's very uncharacteristic I mean this is a man whose

is maybe second only to Tigers

and I think, just the disappointment of not being in the

hunt today has probably gotten the best of him.

All the way back to twelve shots behind Tiger now

over to four.

and Woods here. His closest competitor in the cuts made in a

category has nineteen. He has made one hundred

and forty cuts in a row.

That's more extraordinary records he has.

Needs to stay there. That's a good chance.

Not much break in that putt, maybe a little bit left to

because Tiger Woods is in that lonely place. He loves

so much.�

Four in front.

Approaching the halfway point here in the

first nine.

DiMarco has hung on bravely here.

One birdie gets him right back into it.

They should. It's another beautiful

children to Marco.

Now, a great chance maybe to get within

three here.

Tiger Woods also with the chance at fourth.

We are back in the Augusta.

And we're seeing quite a separation here.

Tiger Woods from the rest of the field

DiMarco hanging on within

four. Even though DiMarco at the beginning of the day had

this exactly the other way. Four in front of Woods.

Phil seven back. All this talk leading in about the big

Look at this Vijay we mentioned

backing up today big-time. Tiger

they're all kinds of scenarios where

he would overtake Vijay at number one in the world.

And if he wins, it belongs to him again. That ranking.

Look at the last five majors. That's twenty in tips if you

By these four gentlemen, seventeen top ten victories.

Heard he is battling the flu this week.

He did have a late eagle at thirteen. Another birdie coming

in, but he's in at plus ten.

Seventy-two in the final round.

Back out to the fourth.

About twenty-five feet up the hill here

for Tiger and little left to right certainly in the

first part of the green

slips from back to front,

except right here with the hole is were, it's tilted

a little backed up toward the bunker there. So this one

will be left, right and then,

certainly straightening at the end.

Might even go left. So he'll be taking a

very close look at this one.

Thirty-three times. He's held the lead after three runs

in his career. He has one

an astonishing thirty occasions.

For holding that lead.

Played the par fives even.

Eight under par on the par-fours expect him

To be well under on the sides.

This to go fourteen under.

Five in front. At least for the meantime,

Right on the line.

We won't see a whole lot of smiles from here on any of

the deadly serious. Even if he makes birdie

whatever. It's all.

Serious stuff from here.

Yeah, an ounce more. That was right in the middle.

It just made him a little more comfortable.


This for birdie.

Tiny little tap and it stays there.

He hit a good putt Lenny.

He did David and he could have birdied all four holes right

what kind of pressure with that have on Tiger? We

would be looking forward to one

heck of a shoot out.

David that was a better stroke. That was a bit more firm

and positive. And right on the high side, that much better

than the one he made at one in three.

You could see by the attitude of his body

that he liked it the whole way until it just catches the

I can't believe it didn't go right.

You're kidding me.

So no change. After the fourth will go head to the sixth.

And this is where Phil Mickelson round up off the tee so��

short. See the aggressive he is with this chip

Oh boy.

Back to five and Tiger.

One with three Wood.

Two eighty-six to the first bunker on the left, three o six

the second one. He takes three wood to avoid him out to

the right-hand side so he won't drive it through the

Very matter of fact, about everything he's doing now.

Looks just so under control. Jim

confident in what he's doing

Has his game plan that he wants to follow and he is


DiMarco, not nearly as long

as Tiger this hole doesn't suit his eye very well

He'll take this down the left center and try to get it in

the fairway with a little cut.

He did that yesterday, here he took it left yesterday.

Got in the second cut short of the bunkers.

Same area today. And he better hope it stops short of

They're extremely deep.

Probably no chance to reach the green. If you got in the

His first missed fairway today. First round sixty-seven.

Second round. Sixty-seven.

Then it started going the other way. The

second nine this morning.

Now at the twelfth this is after again double bogeying

his first hole in the morning over at ten.

Had to take an unplayable. Seventeen he was on the front

Look, how wide he missed the putt here.

The first one I'm talking about

that left him in that position.� So a three-putt bogey.

At the seventeenth, as we start the fourth round.

Very weak given here. at one Jim thing to strikes you is how

many putts he made yesterday. The

first nine. This attempt here atthree

also not really struck solid. Yesterday he made everything

side. And then at the fourth this from a man

in his early days as a pro had a shorter,

quicker stroke than we see today and

couldn't hit the hole from five feet.

It was in that rain delay. Ten years ago.

The Disney Tournament friend Skip Kendall

gave him a little demonstration with the claw grip

he was so desperate, he's

decided to go out and give it a try

within two days he said he felt ten years old

again. Fifteen. Coming in really hot day. This is a moment

Tom Lehman.

for birdie missed it three in a row

The US Ryder Cup captain.

Nicely done with that last year's European captain Bernard

Langer. Good friend of lemons.

Then, in the final round of the Masters, Tiger Woods is

off to a great start here. Now four in front

of Chris DiMarco.

Masterful Performances.

In nineteen-fifty-three. The tournament belonged to Ben

patrons ran to the eighteenth

to catch a glimpse of Hogan's victory.

Fourteen under par. The total was a Masters record

at the time.

By nineteen sixty-seven.

There was a poignant trip through the pines

as a fifty-four-year-old Hogan

labored up the eighteenth seeking one

last handshake with destiny.

The record six under sixty-six Ben Hogan.

Now gone. Never forgotten

at Augusta.

Here in Augusta Georgia Tiger Woods is on the move,

leaving the likes of the DiMarco and Vijay and Mickelson

in his wake. Looking for another green jacket.

It would be number four, it would tie Arnold Palmer

for the second-largest collection in one closet.

Only exceeded by Jack Nicklaus's six.

He's out here at the fifth again.

Ideal position.

I thought the smart play might be underneath the hole in

the center of the green. But Tiger feeling very frisky

That is one heck of a play.

Flying it all the way back in that hole in I mean. If you

over the green, there's nothing.

Let's see what DiMarco ends up with after

another tee shot, actually,

his first shot of this round wide of the mark but

another one on this hole

second straight day going left.

This is very similar again. Very fortunate stayed short

of the fairway bunker.

From here he can carry it on top it will probably release

and has a good chance of putting this back to the hole.

Okay. That's a heck of a play from there.

Jim I feel like watching Tiger today

After seeing the video on Hogan, it's

very Hoganesque in the way he's playing. His irons are going

perfect distance. Look at

Chris running after his shot here.

When you do that, you know you hit a good one.

It's when you stay there in your club in the ground that you

know you're not pleased.

Earlier. Immelman had this

for birdie. This is in a pairing

straight ahead.

South Africa would stay up late at night to watch the

South Africans in the field. Trevor Immelman

it is tied for fourth. Right now, there's two, tight twelve

when he played here is an

amateur for the first time in nineteen-ninety-nine. Coming

as the U. S. public links champion.

He got to play with his hero Gary Player.

The first round of the Masters.

But he's just there to watch the majors on television.

He's proud to say, is every major on video

since nineteen eighty-four.

Well, back on the green, Tiger

and Chris was with birdie chances.

And what I was referring to Jim is that

every iron Tiger has hit today, every single one

exactly the correct distance.

With the greens, this small undulating

as they are hereat Augusta National

that is some advantage when you're able to do that.

We are seeing something that Lannie I really wasn't sure

ever see. And I dont know if I can explain it

accurately. But back

three, four, five years ago,

for Tiger when he was in that stretch of seven wins. And

majors in the get-into positions. Like what we saw

he's climbing that leader board. And now that he's overtaken

everyone, you get the feeling

everyone is now and completely freaking out about this. And

they're going the other way. There's some deflated

I don't think there's any question I think I think the

first thing we look at us

like Vijay I think he got his attention big time. What

And I think starting today's round. He felt

like he had no chance. I think Phil's not far behind. He's

been a little bit more aggressive,

but you know, it's it's

like a hopeless, hopeless cause right for these guys.

That's the word. That's the word which I felt

was in the air for all the players back during that Tiger

There was a hopelessness.

Really kinda hover above these major championships. They see

the Woods name go up the leader board,

and they would just go south. There we go the other way. I

tell you what else I am seeing something today that I

from Tiger I am seeing him on full tilt ground.

I haven't seen him. Look at putts this

hard in a long time. You have to understand. He knows these

he's come here quite a while.

They don't change that much.

And he is just working over

and I think that shows how much confidence he has his

stroke, that he's able to hit it exactly where he's looking.

And he wants to make sure the line.

Even the two he's missed on the only two previous hole right

in the middle. They just weren't the correct speed.

He is acting like he wants to birdie every hole

I'm sure he does. When you make a seven in a row

spread across two days of action, late Saturday

and early Sunday to tie the all-time

birdie run at Augusta I'm sure you get those thoughts going.

And the one thing we haven't seen really is him make

any long putts like this this week. You know, he's he did

so well with his irons. The point is only meant had to make

the close ones. He starts making these.

It's gonna get ugly.

That was an extremely frisky

for him. I didn't expect that. It

might have been a result of the

last two puts it hit that were right on line

and work hard enough. Hey does DiMarco look at this at all

like a match-play situation again. He played on the

Ryder Cup teams. Team mate of Tigers

last September had the only winning record on the American

side for the matches. And then was a

finalist this year at the world match play

as David Toms defeated him in the final. But he made it all

the way to the last match.

I think in the way he does I think he's just trying to stay

aggressive enough.��

He's had some good putts I mean he has hit a couple of weak

the last two was struck excellent.

That would have been interesting had that one


Yeah a chance for a two shot swing here right quick

and he knows it. And that's the thing with this golf course.

You can make birdie anywhere. This watch Chris he

When you get down there and you think you've made it.

What are you seeing at his game?

I see some serious toughness with with Chris DiMarco

I'm I'm I'm watching him

and watching the Ryder Cup I mean

he's out. I would love to have a guy

like him on my team as captain I tell you or

play with me as part in a mass somewhere he is.

He's a guy you want on your side.

I don't think he's got any quit in him. And I think he's got

one big heart.

And Tiger to avoid the first mistake

of the final round.

And that similar right there

tapping in with the toe.

On this stage, that's hard

for me to criticize that never thought Id hear you say that.

With your reputation. It's only a reputation.

The first putt was caused by the last two being short

Hes trying to make them so hard he just got

over zealous with it. And

it is the one thing you can't make.

One mistake, you can make this work is three,

putt especially in the areas of places. But

that one wasn't struck hard enough.

His speed is been so good the

last two days to see it off for two holes in a row

is kind of surprising.

Go to the seventh Phil Mickelson,

using the green to the left.

He has not a had a very good week with the putter.

Let's go back to the Chris DiMarco and Tiger Woods as they

Meanwhile, up at the green Trevor Immelman

at five under.

Make it six.Twenty-five year old in his second appearance.

Third appearance at Augusta And here is. view from overhead.

today at one hundred eighty-nine yards

large bunker front and of the hole cut in it's

normal Sunday placement top right quadrant top of plateau.

one of an accomplished a year ago accomplished by

Chris DiMarco in the first round.

And would love to get it within ten feet here.

last year. First one in thirty, two years.

Chris trailing by three.

Tiger Woods in each of his previous

three tournament wins here. He's been in the sixties

in the second and third rounds to establish

a position of leadership.

In nineteen-ninety-seven. When he won by twelve.

He was sixty-six in the

second round. Sixty-five

in the third. Today.

He is fresh off the sixty-five in

the third, the sixty-six in the second.

Backs away. He came to grief on this hole in the

first round call. The judge just missed hitting a perfect.

Tee shot another two feet

and he would have stayed up on the ridge.

Rolled down the ridge off the green on the front.

DiMarco's ball I believe

just moved.

The slight vibration from Tiger Woods golf hitting the

and rolled back off the green. Unbelievable.

Here's Woods tee shot.

The vibration from the impact.

It's been a week in which we've seen things we never

an almost eerily similar experience

his ball rolled back off and this was Tigers attempt for

It comes up to ridge, just not enough.

Unbelievable what happened in just a moment ago.

Lannie, tough to the gather yourself after something

like that. Or can you shake it off?

Well, you've got to shake it off. You don't have any choice.

And I think the ball might even store rolling before Tiger's

ball landed. Tough to tell.

It looks like Tiger's ball was just coming down in in

Chris' ball was already about half-way back down the slope.

That's where it stops. Right there.

And here's where it is. Now.

This is a tough player made. Yes, it's a bad break.

He was probably thinking how lucky he was to be up there

in the first place. This is where he

really expected to be when his ball was in the air

email. This is all about speed, pace

and up over the ridge which is

done. It's definitely done.

He's not getting flustered. He said some

poor shots maybe made a couple poor decisions

early this morning. Probably not

as much confidence in his putter as he had yesterday on

his first nine. But, you know, you can just

still see some fire in this guy.

And. And he's gonna hang around I mean Tiger is going to

to run off and leave him. I don't think he's going to beat

That one bogey on his opening hole

first day.

Noise below the tower on sixteen

Woods and DiMarcoare played only a hundred yards away.

They could hear the reaction Ryan Palmer just birdied

the hole. That was not returned. Tiger Woods.

Absolutely perfect. Final day weather��

rather tortured past after this point.

Here is Woods

Probably a three for Tiger.

Seven four. Sixty-six, sixty-five.

Now here's

Chris DiMarco.

For par.

Just a moment ago. Ryan Palmer's sixteen. How tough is this?

From way off. The green downhill

left to right break.


was at twenty-nine-year-old twins.

Woods by three DiMarco

in second Mickelson Trevor Immelman at six under.

And it's got a seven. Seventh hole named Pampass

really lengthened a couple years ago.

Driving out of a really tight shoot.

You're like to lay back with an iron. You'll be playing back

into a narrow area of the fairway.

Driver actually opens the fairway up just a little bit more,

but the key thing. Second shot.

Small green plateaued. You must control your distance.

Christy DiMarco going with the driver.

Bad swing

Further into the trees.

Tiger elected to go

with the iron. What I'm seeing out of Tiger Woods. Now

his body language is expressions on his face.

I was trying to turn this week today into a

in your face. I told you

so to all of his critics.

Good results

Look at the determination on his face Chris DiMarco

doing his best to try and close

and ground Tiger Woods right now.

Three shot lead over Chris DiMarco

and six over Phil Mickelson.

A list of masterful performers must include the sweet swing

of Sam Snead. He first arrived in nineteen thirty-seven

would compete in forty-four tournaments at Augusta National

spanning six decades. Three times. Masters champion Sam

all one under in the final round.

Add Immelmen to that list

The first side of Sunday's final round.

It over to the eighth. Mark Hensley for a birdie at the par


Australiian has managed to win The Masters Greg


PGA ninety-five David Graham

and United States open people straight into this field.


To the seventh. A look back from behind the green to Tiger

away hundred and seventy-two yards,

Well back. This hole is located today if he misses

it. Three steps left to hole it will go

off the green to the left.

He has about four steps.

Trying to bring it in toward the back of the green with

the green

Tigers routine is very determined.

Very deliberate.

Good full aggressive swing whats likely an eight iron

Three yards to far and that kind of mistake at Augusta

will pay the price. That would be quick. Coming down the

so good at controlling his distance. But that's really. What

this examination at Augusta National is all about.

Good shots are not good enough. You have to hit excellent

shots to be rewarded. Chris DiMarco. Second shot.

One thirty-nine.

Difficult to control the spin going in with the partial

the right front portion of the green. He missed the ridge on


He got lucky there.

It's right on the edge.

Tiger can tell people he's close to.

He is getting better all he wanted to but

until he dominates with a performance. People will not

Yesterday. The third round.

That's where he really started.

Wonderful approach shot.

Towards the green to funnel the ball towards the hole.

This is the first of seven straight birdies.


This is an opportunity to end all the criticism,�

about his marriage his golf swingabout everything. He wants

He's got an opportunity. No question. And

if you can just controls golf balls, the

distance he hits his irons is the big thing today. And he's

been doing it until that shot.

Let's go forward to eight first.

because of that shot. Chipping

for an eagle

Grab on the second bounce that he wanted.

To get the ball to go in for a chance to eagle.

The general rule is when you're playing down, you

need to chip the ball to get a little bit of spin to control

the distance, putting it from here.

The ball would not have any back spin

really be quick. Once you hit the green.

Putting from the fringe going uphill is another proposition


Really studying everything

like he doesn't want to make any mental mistakes

that could lead to physical mistakes.

This is the kind of a chip. If you miss your landing spot

by just a couple of inches, you could end up

ten or fifteen feet, or even off the green

as the result.

Going for the short, accelerating stroke trying to spin it.


He could have risked missing the green to the right.

So be about a strong four footer for Tiger to keep

as par at seven.

And Chris DiMarco has played beautifully

as he gets ready for his birdie. Putt we will go to eight.

Phil Mickelson chance to

move to, seven under get within five.

Another opportunity gone a hole that you can reach into.

Really was in a great position to chip one putt for birdie.

To seven. I get the feeling if DiMarco can pull

one of these in. it might open the floodgates.

A little bit of recoiling at putting stroke.

The strokes that we saw that one in three when the putter

he does not hit it solidly.

Phil Mickelson did make his putt at number eight.

You can always tell when a putter is confident

with the stroke, with the way he's putting.

No recoil on his stroke. And that's what I've seen with with

and his bad ones.

Comes a point where you keep hitting the ball

as well as he has and not taking advantage of it. You get

and then you make a stupid decision that really,

really could hurt you. He looks pretty calm

but its decisions. I think he understands what's going on in

the one thing unless Tiger starts making a lot of birdies

again. As long as he can continue

to put pressure on with his ball striking,

he's going to keep himself in the game.

We always wondered with Tiger, will that odd

foul ball creep up at the wrong time.

I think that's the one thing that gives these players hope

now, the Tiger, maybe three. Four years ago.

This for par.

Tiger Woods escapes the seventh hole with a par.

Chris DiMarco has a tap in to stay

three shots back.

The eight tee.

Take a look at the putting stroke. Watch the follow through.

Watch as the putter goes, and then it comes back

thats called recoil watch your putter do that,

that means he is trying to adjust during the stroking. You

can't do it.

Rarely ever seen that out of Tiger Woods.

Let's go forward to fifteen.

The colorful Englishmen

Ian Poulter.


He goes back to plus six.

Seeing a lot of him. Hopefully

over here. And this was

his playing partner. This is the sixteenth, now

Jerry Kelly.

Watch with.

It's Sunday in Augusta go ahead

and conduct the choir. Tiger Woods

over Chris DiMarco by three Phil Mickelson Trevor Immelman.

are at six under par then Mike Weir champion of

two thousand and three Mark Insby at five under

Bjorn at four staying at three.

Five hundred seventy on south hill

Huge bunker on the right-hand side. Dominating the

view from the tee.

It looks like they are encouraging it today

the tee looks well forward today.

Just a few yards out only just enough to to make a

Of course, Tiger could carry the bunker about three hundred

fifteen to carry the bunker.

And Tiger could carry that in in earlier rounds made

a bogey in round one. He was off to the right.

The right of the bunker in the trees tried what appeared

to be a very ambitious recovery. Crashed into the trees.

And made bogey yesterday.

He made a beautiful putt.

The second, the seventh consecutive birdies. Three of them

last night finds the fairway.


He got out of it too quickly

and the ball went well to the right.

Thats the thing

just a regular shot from Tiger would give him enough power.

Peter its a quick spin out isnt it?

Yes and watch as the club gets set at the top, it gets a

bit longer. Gets past parallel

from that position there

he really dips and then spins up

and out with a lower body. That's why he can't get the club

face square. He has gone to technology's gonna graphite

Forty-five inches long for more distance. He needs to trust


Wewill see about the. This was the

second shot.

Quick turn to the left

Further away than he started

and would lead to a bogey.

Let's see whether. Has any opportunities

for an aggressive second. When he

plays conservatively. He has to pitch out sideways.

Then he still has a blind shot up over the hill.

Yellow jasmine number eight, five-seventy.

Lengthened a few years ago. The bunker on the right was

enlarged. That really is a factor off the tee.

Most players of course Tiger with a good hit can get past it

over a ridge. That's what makes the second-shot difficult

Players can't see the putting surface

after a very long drive. And the hole today

on this front, narrow portion seeing some interesting

the back half of the green today.

Accessible shot. Ernie Ells an eagle

last year and up to the company doesn't have

in the chase.

Two shot lead. Six over Mickelson and Immelman.

Tiger leads it here by three.

The full swing of the final round

of the eighth.



Over to the gate. DiMarco ready to get

his second shot.

Very wide area at the top of the hill. And he misses it.

Blaming it on some mud on the ball. That's how much fairway

is. That's the walkway from the ninety. Down the hill

to the ninth fairway. Huge area to find with the

second shot. He is not going

for the green. For Tiger.

Long way to get back on the fairway

but obviously not able to

do anything to agressive.



Second shot was not much more than over

the two hundred yards. So if you had a clear shot,

It would have been fun, had to pitch outside, which is

still just have a wedge that to that narrow portion of

the green, expect the ball to be dancing around the cup.


One of the many rules officials,

the minister called from the PGA of America. We

have seen a little mud on the ball,

but playing the ball down.

The some discussion DiMarco had was he

didn't really like Tiger's reaction

bashing the tee into the ground

after the shot.

You have to wonder.

Its not the best reaction in the world but

that's not the worst either.

I mean I don't know whether that says going to qualify

as a conduct unbecoming to a professional. And

someone needs to talk to I guess

I don't think there's any problem with that one. If you're

not at all no I mean, that's

a second minor forTiger. These days.

We saw the reaction on the

first hole when his pitch shot.

Monster drive pitch shot crashed

into one driven by the letter of the

law. The flap of the bag that time. And

perhaps understandable should

not have players do that very focused driven

professional getting off to a poor result from a great shot

in that case.

a little further to go than we. And we don't want

to go with the third shot.

He needs to have calmed down by now.

Yeah, I think Tiger's okay. I. Think Chris DiMarco's

upset more with the mud to pick up on his golf ball.

else that gets frustrating

because it as tight and as tough

as the greens are if you've got mud on it

you've lost control? Yeah. I would be surprised if iDiMarco.

was making official complaint about Tigers

performance on the tee this behavior on the tee.

He needs to be very sure of what

the wind is doing. It's a very narrow from portion of me

ten yards wide. If you missed left, it will kick to the left

and leave a very difficult chip. And much the same on the

such a severe slope.


Its not over the ridge it makes a difference he's okay.

See if he can get enough spin

out of the second cut

It has a bit of a backward run

also it might come back to the hole.


Chris DiMarco. I wonder what they were talking about. Lanny

I think it still has to be the mud

Peter. They're not in a position slow play-wise. There's

going on there. And the way he was gesturing with his hands

you know, makes me feel it was mud

and I think that that's the thing that

really upsets players more than anything else. Sometimes

don't wanna the I think he's just venting at the official

over the mud. But there's nothing the official can do about

as you well know. So it's just something that

you probably need to get out of the system. And-and-and you

know what? It's-it's a smart thing to get out of the system.


A little more than the bowl.

Well, that's bad luck. Yeah, this is what it is. I mean.

the same for everyone. Peter is not

like the group in front has any

better deal than these guys did. So,

you know, sometimes you just

have to accept the hand you're dealt and

you'll learn to live with it. Fortunately,

for Chris he was hitting a layup shot.

It wasn't that big a deal.

That's right. If it would have been a longer shot over

It'd be a whole different question. To number ten. Mike

This from one ninety-eight. The flag all the way in the back

Another fine Masters. He won it

Two years ago. Now he's in a tie for third.

Still six back. At the number eight.

It's going to be a challenge downhill left to right.

True birdie but I think he'd be

very happy with a par.

Clear his mind and make a good swing with the driver off the

next tee.

Had this front hole location the last

couple of years. Just a little more excitement on day

four. Better opportunity for eagles here than maybe

twenty-five yards further back on the green.

He's struggling to reach the green. If he does reach the

Very good. Downhill putt

at the fifth led to a three putt

and lets see if they can like this one in

tap in range.

DiMarco is always a feisty competitor. He just

voiced his opinion to the official up the hill.

Now he should clear his mind and

get down to business. Tiger's birdie try.

Expecting this to be.

What misjudgment of the line?

from the left hand, from the right. And that hole, from

his angle, taken from the left

as he was putting was significant and he seemed to

miss it completely. Number nine.

Phil Mickelson. He's got

another good look at birdie.

This needs to go in at this point in time and we need that

shoot about thirty on the

second nine and you never know,

but they're not going in right.

He shot that last year on the second nine, and you don't

a couple short. The.

double figures. Tiger certainly has work to do to save par

on here.

Right back down the fairway.

It was going to go to the left or right.

I think he knows there's an opportunity to definitely close

and maybe set some pressure.

These are some weak efforts Chris is making with the putter.

This is not the same man we sell putting yesterday

He had that brilliant stretch of birdies and

pars, just

everything under control.

Came back this morning to

finish the last nine holes of round three

and struggled.

Even had an unplayable line and struggled from there.

Knows he missed an opportunity. He know's

Tiger's already had a three putt

earlier in this round. Missed the shortest one.

But even after made a birdie

Chris is going to hang in there.

But he hasn't won.


That's when you swing on the tee

Three behind.


To the tenth, and Mike Weir for birdie.

To the ninth.

Here is DiMarco at carolina cherry.

You want to keep that to the right side of the fairway.

Just to the right of the large oak you see on the

coming into this green, downhill second shot to an uphill

second shot to an uphill green with a bunker on the left.

Today's hole location: over in the left center,

left front center.

Got a shelf behind it

so you can get aggressive. Go right at the flag and you got

box stop.

Nicholson is carrying the club.

Well, that raises the posture right off the bat that he has

too many clubs in his bag. Or my goodness, or that he had

,with what he's doing,

a club come loose. Very, very easy to his driver has

come loose. His proxy has come loose. They

sent him to the courthouse to get a spare, which you are

to do if your club is damaged and is not functional

in the normal course of playing, you can replace that club.

And that's obviously what has happened. Now. This is a tough

situation standing wide open on the ninth tee with a brand

We can toss aside any that speculation about mud on the ball

or anger issues with Tiger back on the eighth tee,

all of those were unfounded,

and here you go. He shows it to Will Nicholson. And he

twisted the club. Jimmy he

twisted in the head and a poxy will come loose if-

you know, these clubs sit in the heat long enough. And


For just a split with second I know you were thinking

that perhaps with one too many clubs in the bag


With the maximal force he couldn't be penalized one.and four

There you go.

wo-thousand and one, and he

thought he made birdie on the

first hole. I was impressed with the number of drivers he

Most guys come out with maybe one driver, maybe two.

He came out with three or four, a handful.

It's like a tennis player with

a half a dozen rackets. Yeah, now a big shot for Tiger

Let's get some confidence back.

Yesterday he pulled it and carried those trees in the left.

Looking to cut it back into center. A little bit more of a

He did not have the confidence to go ahead

and just let it go as he did here yesterday. That was a cut

to make sure he put it in the fairway.

Really not a whole lot has happened

since the first two holes since

Tiger went birdie, birdie. He's one over

since that time and DiMarco's made -

Well, he's rattled down six straight pars. Mickelson

at the tenth, and well back this from two hundred

and two yards.

This breaking putt very difficult.

He had that flag covered. Woods, the lead of


There's the young, the veteran guys, and then there's the

that place more than anybody.

The Jack's and Tom Watson's and Reynolds. That's the great

about being a champion.

Struck it nicely.

Fore, please. Tiger Woods.

DiMarco has hit some solid shots but the putts aren't

Tiger added a little comfort birdies at one and two. Nothing

Only a bogey - a three-putt bogey at the fifth.

Continues to motor along with a comfortable margin.

Although around here, only three shots

I don't care who it is

can certainly disappear quickly.

Three shots is absolutely nothing on this golf course.


like we saw this one that can disappear in a matter of one


Even to Tiger Woods.

I think over the years, and again, it's not Tiger in this

Ernie had a

a pretty big margin until things started going crazy

on the second nine, even with Ernie's attempts to knock

in birdies or eagles, and had couple of those

The competitor made up a lot of ground.


three holes to play.


It'll be interesting to watch Chris DiMarco the rest of the

When you've got two or three drivers like

he had. Three more drivers coming out. There's a reason you

not playing with the one they brought out

it's not your favorite. This one he's put in his bag

is second team.

That means he's either not gonna hit it as far, as hard, as

solid. There's something that's different

No two are just alike so

there's gonna be a a slight discomfort factor now

knowing that he's got to make up

for the driver, he doesn't think he can hit as

as well as the one in his bag.

That's an excellent point. Back over to ten.

We'll get jump started right here

for birdie.

Just powered it right to the break. It was a beautiful

read speed just a little off.

It's one of those middle hurdles. Kind of feel like you're

Just get one to get going.

And from what I see from Phil right here

it looks like he's trying to force the issue. He

wants it so bad, he wants to go shoot thirty.

And when your speed starts getting strong and you're hitting

to the break. You're really trying to force them in and

Distracted by his shadow off in the distance so we'll

send it to the ninth.

The second of DiMarco