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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vowel Sound / ə / (Schwa) as in "ago" - American English Pronunciation

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Hello there!

This is theSounds Americanchannel.

In this video were going to talk about the American vowel sound /ə/,

as in the wordago”.

You can also hear this sound in words like





Please, note that well be using a special phonetic symbol - /ə/ - for this sound.

The /ə/ sound is one of the two most frequently used vowel sounds in American English.

In fact, one in every five words has the /ə/ sound.

If you want to pronounce it like an American, keep watching.


To pronounce the /ə/ sound, you should focus on relaxing your tongue and lips.

Slightly open your mouth, relax your lips, and leave them in a neutral position.

Place your tongue in the middle of your mouth and relax it.

Remember, the /ə/ sound is very relaxed, so your tongue and lips should be relaxed when you pronounce it.

Lets try saying it:




Now, lets practice this sound in some words.

Youll see a word on a screen and hear its pronunciation.

Like this:

Youll have a few seconds to pronounce the word, if you want to.

[sound prompt to start speaking]

Lets begin!

Youre done!


By the way, did you know that the /ə/ sound is written as the letterain one-third of all cases?

More on the spelling:

Most often, the /ə/ sound is written as the lettera,” as in the wordabove,”

then by the lettero,” as in the wordtoday,”

and the lettere,” as in the wordeven.”

Less often its represented by a combination of the lettersio,” as in the wordnation”;

the letteri,” as in the wordpencil”,

and the letteru,” as in the wordproduct.”

Thanks for watching!

Hope you find it useful.

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The Description of Vowel Sound / ə / (Schwa) as in "ago" - American English Pronunciation