Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Home made Hovercraft 1st test

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It's weather to sail not?

Yes that's why I have a special folding car, with a turbine.

Sailing, and If we can't choose we can... it's not driving is it?



It's a hoovercraft

But it's in a trailer.

You did that fast.

I thing I work hard for a while, that's why there weren't any videos.

Quickly build a hoovercraft.

You did well

Does it work?

Don't know, but there are spiders in the exhaust.

This is a project from a long time ago. You can see that from the dust that's on it.

But it should be tested some time soon.

It hasn't worked so far.

If we don't test we'll never know it will work.

Here we have a Kawasaki engine 600cc. I think.

And a big fan.

That speaks for it self. It blows air in there, that goes down there..

Then it should lift it's self.

I do have serious doubts.

Now it only has been on the trailer.

It has lift already, look...

This is better than a Prius. It is loose from the ground even though the engine isn't on.

I am curious if it can lift this.

what are you doing?

The carburetor is overflowing. When we hook up the fuel it leaks.

That's not very economical with our expensive gasoline.

Nice the carburetor is off lets look.

That will never be alright.

Let's just set it on fire.. then it's done.

Do that outside..

Just wait for Bertus

The carburetor is back on, it has been cleaned.

No fuel is coming out any more now.

See if it works.

And i am the new fuel tank support.

Nice we all have our jobs. I'll film.. and we'll see.

And that will almost be alright.

See what it does

How much throttle are you giving?

A lot

I also have a choke valve

No throttle now

it's off now

airtightness won't be a problem.

We used enough tape.

We are using a smaller battery.

We modified the fuel tank.

without a fuel pump.

And we modified the throttle, we think this is better.

It's a little lower now.

In the trailer it looked bigger.

and now?

THat works

Now use the gears

In what gear should it be?

No idea I am just doing something

Just try, can always change gears


That was the clutch

That was a new clutch

To much power

Or a alignment problem

But at least something is broken again

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