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- Hello everyone.

It's Barry here.

Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen.

I hope you are well and I sincerely mean that.

A lot of you go, "Do you actually care if I'm well?"

I do, alright.

You might remember recently,

I did a trip to good ole' Portugal.

It was glorious,

the sun was shining,

all that stuff.

I discovered as you'll see,

my Instagram post right here.

Something called, a Pastel de nata

and I apologise to Portuguese people listening

or watching.

Hopefully you're doing both?

Good times.

That it may not be a hundred percent authentic.

But I'm gonna do my best today

to replicate it, okay?

If hopefully, you're inside the website, right now.

So all the method and ingredients should be on the screen.

But if you're not, head over there.

There's a link down below

and shall we jolly on, get on in how we do this?

Let's do it.

Alright, so first I wanna show you

is I have got a cupcake tray.

I'm only gonna use these six, okay?

These ones get the day off.

I've lightly greased it with a little bit of butter.

If you wanted to, you could line it with other cupcake cases

as well to make it easy to pop out

but hopefully, by lubricating it,

it should be fine.

Stonkin' indeed.

So I've got some plain flour right here

and we're using a different colour rolling pin today

just because we can folks, alright?

We'll get a rolling pin floured up.

This is some ready made puff pastry.

If you want to make your own puff pastry,

in my cookbook right here,

I'll show you how to do that

but today, I'm being lazy.

But there are different varieties of the puff pastry.

This is a super high quality all-butter one,

so this is good.

We're liking it.

I'm just gonna roll it out.

The flour is gonna hopefully help it

stop sticking to the board.

Now, this might just be complete guess work,

but within the puff pastry that you got this nice,

crispy outer layers.

Kind of like custard tart basically.

It taste a little sweet

so I'm gonna put

some icing sugar in here,

aka powdered sugar.

So I'm just gonna scatter it all in there.

And work it in.

And then I'm just gonna fold it back

in on itself.

So this is quite similar

to the technique when you actually make

puff pastry properly, okay?

So we'll bring it back into like a parcel shape,

like so and I'm gonna just roll it out again.

There, flour underneath just to make sure that

it doesn't stick down.


I am happy with that.

It gets a little messy, but as you can see,

you wanna embrace the mess.

I can't find our cookie cutters, right?

So I'm gonna use a glass, okay?

'Cause we want it to be big enough

to be able to do the sides and the base.

It will stretch a teeny bit as well.

So let's see if this fits in our pan.

That fits in quite nicely.

I'm not gonna play with it too much right now

because it will just fall in.

We wanna fill it up first

then we can nip in.

We do all the good stuff to it.


So all I'm gonna do

is repeat those steps six more times

and look, there's the pugs in the background.

Give me motivation.

They're just sleeping.

I'd love to be lying down there with them right now.

Love to.

Alright, let's jump to it.

Alright we're done,

but that was actually pretty intense, let me tell you.

One thing you could do is line it with cupcake cases

because what I found is that pastry kept sliding down.

That did actually take me about 20 minutes to do.

So, cupcake cases will be fine, I think.

Get a bit more support.

Eh, eh.

I don't know what that was.

Next up, we need a sauce pan to make our filling.



It's cooking time.

Alright, pan on the hob.


We're gonna pour in some milk.


I'm gonna bring you closer.

We're gonna add in some corn flour.

Thicken me up, baby.

Thicken me up.

Vanilla extract.

Teaspoon it up.

And sugar, oh yeah.

Cast the sugar.

Last but not least for the moment,

this is a whole nutmeg.

We're gonna grate that on.


I used to like using the phrase nutmeg.

It's quite common in football,

aka soccer.

When you kick the ball between someone's legs

and go, "Nutmeg".

Megs, all that stuff.


There you go.

All we're gonna do is stir this together

over that heat

and that corn flour is gonna thicken it up, baby.

Like a charm.

Make sure that you keep it stirring for this step

otherwise the corn flour have a protest

at the bottom of your sauce pan.

As you mix it, the heat will work together

with it and it will thicken up a charm.

So that what I'm doing folks.

And I'm very excited.

If you don't follow me on Snapchat or Instagram

@MYVIRGINKITCHEN or even the vlog,

behind the scenes channel with the berries,

you'll know that our studio that we're moving into

is very close to being finished already.

So this is gonna be really cool.

The lighting in here,

in this kitchen can sometimes really play things up

and the ability to use kitchen 24-7

and do live stream cook alongs with you guys

and take the pugs along,

is gonna be awesome.

Anyhow, back to thickening milk, episode three.

The stir.

It's a new series on Netflix.

Alright folks.

Hopefully you can see now,

it's just coming up to just a low simmer.

You don't wanna really boil it

but look and see.

Look at the difference in that consistency.

Make sure it's smooth,

wa, wa, wa, wa, wa.

I've literally just turned on to the lowest heat possible

using the residual heat in the pan

but scraping the bottom.

Make sure there's, yeah nothing hiding there.

You don't wanna good ole' clump of corn flour

going, "Hey, hell yeah.

"I'm Mr. Tasty."

'Cause corn flour's not tasty on it's own,

let me tell you.

There we go.

Kind of like a gluey texture like that.

Thick, smooth, glue.

Love it.

So off the heat it goes.

If I do this, hold on a second.


Does that sound like I'm a DJ scratching?

I'm doing some (mumbles) speaking up.



Waka, waka, wak.

Alright, let's put them to one side.

This is a mixing bowl with three egg yokes in it.

Can't count.

It's actually six, isn't it?



Just gonna whisk them up.



I could always if you the vanilla in that

instead of the saucy mixture.

And we'll gradually gonna pour,

we're just gonna do this in thirds, okay?

A little bit in at a time,

so you don't wanna sort of blitz the eggs

and cook them.

So just whisk this mixture through.



Wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa.


Love it.

And then the last bit just going in,

oh my gosh.

I steamed you up.

Sorry guys.

Clear for me.

Come on.

You can do it.

That's better.



We'll whisk it through.

Make sure we get every little lump

off of this whisk.

It should just fall like that.

You can really smell the vanilla

and the little hint of nutmeg in here as well.

So I'm trying to warf that smell

through the whisk up to your nose.

Put your nose against the screen right now

and send me a picture

@MYVIRGINKITCHEN and I'll re-tweet it, alright?

Hashtag it smell my recipe.


I know some of you are gonna do it.

Now of course, this step is optional.

But I'm a bit clumsy

so I am gonna pour the smooth,

yellowy mixture into a measuring jug

and that is actually still quite hot.

I nearly burnt my fingers.

I did for you guys, alright?

It's the kind of guy I am.


So now we can add this into out cupcake casey things.

Despite Homer's constant look

of disapproval, I feel this recipe's doing alright.

We're gonna get there.

Preheat your oven to 170 C or equivalent.

It's on the website.

Alright, I don't know if you can hear that.

You probably can 'cause microphone's pretty good.

But we've been joined by the sounds of



Well, Amy's having a scratch.


I was gonna say the sweet sounds of a lama,

but it actually stopped already.

Is 170 C fan, so 190 C, alright folks?

Don't worry.

We'll get there.

So we're just gonna pour in.


Oh my, God.

That looks awesome.

Pour in our icky mixture.

When I first discovered these in Portugal

they were phenomenal.

They were on a Portuguese taste testing video.

It's almost as if I've discovered a new religion.

It's like what Madonna did a few years ago

with like a red blazer or something.

I think she stopped now.

Well, it's a good ole job that I owe you six cases

in the end 'cause I think,

we're only just gonna have enough

gonna air bubble down.

Get down.

To fill up these cases.

So the ingredients on the website

will be for six of these.

Not sure if you have to do that but I'm giving a little tap

to try and level it a little bit.

They go in the oven for 20 minutes.

I'm gonna see what they come out like.


In they go and we'll see it in 20 minutes.

Oh, dear folks.

I'm just taking them out the oven.

I'm like, "Whoa".

Tob fair, it's been out there for about a minute

and they were like right up here,

like souffles but what's happening is,

I've got them nice and brown there on top.

And they're starting to sort of shrink and sag

like an old person's bum.

I know that's probably not the reference you're hoping for

in a cooking video,

but what else happening is this is going down, okay?

As the airs coming out of it

and hopefully it also,

go saggy and have a skin on top

which is exactly what I'm hoping for.

Fingers crossed, I've never made it before.

I was right.

A couple more minutes and it's just kind of like,

sagged, right in like that.

I'm really sorry for the terminology.

I just don't know what else to say.


There we go.

That's much more neutral.

Quite happy with the sort of golden brown finish.

Could've probably pushed it a little more

to get a little darker,

but what I'm gonna do is transfer these

to a wire rack.


It's still a teeny bottom warm

but I'm loving that.

The smell is incredible.

This is just optional but I'm just

gonna put a little extra nutmeg on top

just to give it a little bit more psis.

The smell in here is grate of that nutmeg anyway

and the vanilla.

And I can't wait to have a taste of these.

I'm not gonna go into it too much.

But if you watch this week's vlog channel

on the Berries,

it's called a little messy

in between the last short there.

But anyhow, here it is,

nice and cooled down.

I'm absolutely loving the colour contrast on this.

Smells phenomenal.

I know this is probably is not a hundred percent

authentic Portuguese

to any Portuguese watching.

I've done my best.

That's okay.

Nothing like sitting by the pool

having one of these but here we go.

Let's have a taste.



Oh, my God.



I've got to be honest.

That taste is not far

from the one I actually tasted in Portugal.

We've got lovely vanilla custard

running through it

and the nutmeg spice,



Just to ramp it up.

Ahh, stonker.

Yeah, proper stonking indeed.

So, there we have it folks.

Now it's your turn

to have a go.

If you do, try it.

Don't forget, send me a picture

@MYVIRGINKITCHEN on all social media.

I'll have another look.

I might share it.

I might like it.

All that stuff.

Subscribe to the rest of the other videos

and food fun.

Don't forget, let me know down below

what you want to see next

and I will see you again next time.

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