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See you later!

So I make that...

..two changes.

Two wing-back set-up, yeah.

How important is it that you don't think that, that you don't expect to win?

As I said, we know what we're capable of doing,

we know we are favourites for the win tonight,

but we need to show this on the pitch.

You don't win games with words, you win games with attitude.

How are you?

- I'm good, and you? - Yes, not bad.

Jürgen, you said finally losing was like going from sunshine to hardest rain,

so is tonight a little bit about recapturing that winning feeling?

Yeah, it's not a little bit, that's how it is, it's important,

from time to time we have to feel it.

We have a lot of defeats,

you have defeats during the week when you don't play against another team,

so it's not that we are constantly winning every day,

but this was a proper one and a game we didn't want to lose obviously.

We had the feeling and don't want to have it again, so let's make sure we don't.

How are you?

Virgil, you OK?

- Jürgen, you OK? - Yes, good.

No-one there!

- All the best. - Cheers.

Good luck.

See you after.

See you later.



How are you, mate?

KIDS: Virgil!


And for Liverpool!


How you doing, little man, you all right?

VIRGIL: Come on, eh!

Walk on, through the wind

Walk on, through the rain... ♫

Duh-duh, duh-duh-duh-duh, Gini Wijnaldum! ♫

Yes, boys, come on!

ROBBO: Let's go, come on!

FANS: Ohh!

Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool... ♫

Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool

Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool. ♫

We're gonna win the league, we're gonna win the league

And now you're gonna believe us, now you're gonna believe us

Now you're gonna believe us...

We're gonna win the league. ♫


Well done, lad, superb.

Well, Trent, congratulations, you really had to graft for that tonight though.

Yeah, obviously it's the Premier League so these things happen,

we're not happy we've conceded two goals,

we're not happy that it's two games in a row we've conceded from a corner,

so we need to look on that, and we've got things to learn, we're not the perfect team.

We understand that the perfect team doesn't exist, every team has weaknesses,

we need to try and be as good as we can be

and we know there's still room for improvement.

Today we've left it quite late, we've had a high-scoring game,

which hasn't really been us so far this season, but we're still happy with the win.

There's still things to work on, but a win is a win, so we can't complain too much.

Nice to see you.

All the best, big man.

Well, Jürgen, it can't always be perfect

but what your team was again tonight was relentless in putting it right.

Yeah. That's how it is, in life and in football

if you bring yourself into a difficult situation

you have to try your best to get out of it, and that's what the boys did again tonight.

18 games in a row is really strange and crazy,

but the boys did it, and in a different way again, but they still did it.

We should be in school!



Guys, stay there, let's get a picture.

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