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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Trying PLAGUE WATER! (Traditional British Drinks??)

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Hi, Ollie.

I'm Josh.


Threw me off.

I thought you were gonna goHi, Im Josh.” Everyone knows.

And he's Ollie.

Thats kind of undermining the intro here!

Hi, Im Josh!

Im Ollie

This is JOLLY!

That wasnt a very JOLLY intro but

Yeah, I feel quite Jolly!

What we thought wed do today, is review some traditional English drinks.

Traditional English drinks?

Josh: How far back are we going? How traditional?

Ollie: The first one is from the 1820s.

Josh: Oh, thats pretty traditional! Okay!

Chris: This seems like Robinsons

Thats the first one!

Chris: Is it? Josh: Wait, what?

Ollie: Thats the first one! Josh: Robinsons?!

Yeah thats a traditional

Robinsons barley water.

There you go! Thats classic Englsih.

Barley water is something they have in Korea!

Yeah but

Ollie: This isnt anything like that. Josh: No one knows that in England

This is particularly English, I would say.

Also, thats not water! That says orange on it!

Its bright orange!

Basically, back in the day, in the 1830s,

They realised that if you boil barley with lemon peel,

It like stopped really sick people vomiting.

Chris: WOW! I love that. Josh: WHAT?

So we pour a bit in, like squash, pour water in on top.

So I dont think I ever had this growing up.

And thats why when I first went to Korea, and you were like lets have some barley water,

I was like, sweet! Love it!

And you drank it and youre like, What the HECK is this?!

Chris: Cheers, everyone. Ollie: Lets do it!

That's Classic! Thats childhood memories right there.

You know like different senses have different abilities of conjuring up memory.

Ollie: The taste is quite good. Josh: Oh! A bit strong for me.

Ollie: Thats Good.

Josh: Weird!

That feels like Ive been playing in the garden.

Chris: Yeah, right? Ollie: Ive got a bit of mud on my knees.

This is like drinking memories.

Oh, Its so good.

Drinking memories

That should be the ad campaign.

Fruit Barley from RobinsonsIts like drinking good memories.

Funnily enough, now that I know what it is, and Im drinking it, I can kind of taste the wheat!

The Barley! The grain!

Its just like whiff. Its like walking through a field of wheat.

Josh: Alright, Ollie: Next Up,

Its been around in the UK since the Middle Ages.

The Middle Ages?!


Dandelion and Burdock.

Oh my gosh.

Chris: Dandelion and Burdock?! Josh: Wow! Okay!

This is that old!

This is old!

The thing is, Ive seen this in pubs and stuff,

Josh: So you can buy it around in England! Chris: Yeah, I have actually seen it.

Its just so traditional, that we didnt even know its traditional.

Oh wow, I've never had that, and that smells freaking weird.

Its fizzy as well!

Quite interested in this one.

I thought I had this before but that's so weird!

Its like half way between root-beer and tooth paste!

And Dr. Pepper?

Maybe! Ooh

So this is like the original soft drink!

The original Dr. Pepper!

Cheers! Dandelion and Burdock.

Lets do it!

Thats... That's quite pleasant!

That isn't as strong as I thought it was gonna be.

The smell is definitely stronger than the taste.

Chris: Which is weird! Ollie: Although

It tastes a lot like anesthetic.

Chris: You dont like it. Ollie: Joshs tongue has already gone numb.

If this was like a medicinal drink from the Middle Ages,

I reckon they stole the recipe for this, made it taste good,

And then released it as Dr. Pepper.

Ollie: Thats a bold claim, thats also liable...

Chris: Liable. Isn't that liable?

Ollie: I'm gonna distance myself from that statement. Chris: Im not supporting Josh in this

Ollie: Alright, so, Josh: Okay. Come on.

Next up.


Okay. Everyone knows cider.

Cider is not really an English drink, it was actually invented in the Mediterranean region,

Josh: REALLY?! Ollie: But the reason I included it is because

The cider that we have in England is slightly different from cider anywhere else,

And its certainly different from cider that they have in Korea and the US.

Coz American cider is not alcoholic.

Really? Is that not just apple juice?

No, well its like a kind of... I think its fizzy?

I mean cider in Korea is basically Sprite.

Its not alcoholic?!

Oh no, its, itslemonade.

Cider is literally just like Sprite.


Cider in the UK is always alcoholic.


It can be like beer percentage? But it often is a bit stronger.

So this is 6% so thats a strong

Thats 7.4?! Oh my days!

Josh: This is traditional cider. Ollie: Yeah.

And this is like the classic, west-country kind of cider container.

Which may look little bit like maple syrup container.

So what have we got? Weve got vintage dry cider and

...Scrumpy Cider which I think is probably sweeter.

Scrumpy cider! That sounds...

Josh: That's a good name. Ollie: Another thing, this isnt fizzy.

Josh: Yeah, this is traditional cider.

Chris: Oh REALLY?!

Ollie: This is flat. Josh: Yeah! It's dry! Yeah!

Chris: No... Ollie: Have you not had flat cider before?


Josh: Are you serious? Chris: Yeah! No!

Here, try some dry cider first. This is a strong one.


Josh: See? Christ: That looks like whiskey!

Almost no bubbles.


Chris: OH MY GOODNESS! Josh: What does it smell like? X2

STRONG cider!

Ollie: Oh wow. Josh: This is traditional cider!

Ollie: That smells like a pub toilet. Josh: This is traditional cider!

Josh: No it doesnt…. Ollie: It does.

Chris: Okay, shall we go? Josh: Cheers guys!


Cider! Traditional British cider.

Thats made the little bits here go ZING!

Why are traditional drinks so strong?!

I dont usually like cider,

And I would say that has reinforced my opinion.

It needs to be summer. I feel like it needs to have hay bales around us.

And then that would be awesome. You know environment makes a difference.

Ollie: It does. Josh: Its almost... it's almost sour!

There's like, a real twang to it!

Josh: Its like sharp. Ollie & Chris: Yeah. It is sharp.

Do we wanna try the Scrumpy one?


Smells almost like syrup by comparison.

Alright! Cheers!

I dont know about that.

Thats kind of got a cheesy hint to it!

It tastessomehow tastes more like fart.

I think its better than the vintage dry one.

Chris: Tastes like warm urine. Ollie: Yeah. It does.

OKAY! Thats

Alright. So that was cider, we have one more drink, Chris.

Chris: Okay. Josh: One more! Alright!

Well, you always crack out the weird one last so Im kind of interestedwhat youre gonna do.

Have you heard of plague water?

Josh: Oh noOh no! Chris: PLAGUE water?!

Josh: Thats not a thing! Chris: Surely thats not a thing

Well, not any more, but we made some.

Josh: What do you mean we made some?! Christ: What do you mean?!

Let me just read.

Plague water is the name given to a variety of medicinal waters of supposed potency against the Plague.

Most commonly, it was distillation of various herbs and roots which were believed to be affectatious.

Typically recipes contained no less than 22 herbal products, both leaves and roots...

Josh: TWENTY TWO?! Ollie: steeped in white wine or brandy and then distilled.

Many of ingredients sound very strange to us indeed, But on further investigation,

A lot of herbs grow wild locally, or can be grown in herb garden or can be bought from online herb stockists.

Oh my gosh Ollie.


Oh my gosh

This looks like death in a bucket!

That looks like it would give you the plague.

Weve been fermenting this for the last week.

Chris: No you haventJosh: NO!

Can you just consume all the stuff inside?

What is that?!

We need to strain it because theres lots of herbs and stuff.

We had to go to an online stockist

Buy 22 herbs and spiciess

22 herbs and spicies?!

Chris: Oh... My... DaysOllie: So... Here are some of the...

Chris: You bought A LOT!

So weve got lemon balmdried sage

Chris: Mugwort?! That isnt real?!

Josh: NO! Chris: Thats not real!

Its used to stimulate and ease menstruation, Assist digestion and liver function, expel parasites

Chris: Expel parasitesOllie: And relax the nervous system!

Im not sure, Ollie.

This hasnt given me great confidence.

Okay, but it's medicinal.

I would say your chances of getting the Plague are massively reduced if we consume this.

Oh my goodness.

Give it a smell.


I can smell it from here!

Here, let me smell it.

That is unbelievable!

Ollie: Oh wowChris: You dont need to go that close.

Smells like compost.

Alright, lets pour it and strain.

Careful, Chris.

This is amazing.

Doesnt this feel a little odd? It feels like were conjuring up something.

It does. A little like a spell.


In Jesus name, no.

Okay. Lets do this.

I wanna ladle it out.

Why are you ladling it?!

Here we are my potion

Oh my Lord have mercy.

This is quite impressive!

Ollie: Thanks man! Josh: Plague water! I mean...

You can not find buy this ANYWHERE....

Im quite interested in what its gonna taste like.

Is this alcoholic?

Yeah. Its fermented in white wine.

Wow, this is an interesting drinking experience. Lets hope we dont all get ill.

I feel like there is a good chance we won't get the plague,

But we might get some other form of sickness.


Alright. Cheers.

Are you ready to relax your nervous system?

Were gonna get mugworts everywhere

How are you guys a straight faced...?! That is

Its so sour!


I dont know if I like it or hate it!

It smells like herbs but taste like strained vomit.

Josh: Like acid! Chris: I dont know!

Such a wimp!

I just wanna gagits horrible!

Chris: I dont know! I feel likeOllie: Yeah! I could keep going!

Chris: Its kind of... it's intriguing!

Chris: Ive never tasted anything like it! Ollie: It is. It is.

You know what? It kind of tastes like freshly cut grass. You know?


That is better than I thought it was gonna be.

Definitely. Our expectations were rock bottom.

Yeah. Mine was like, if I projectile this over the camera, will it break it?!

Its fine! If theres a choice between drinking that and getting the plague,

I would choose that any day.

I think its kind of nice.

Ive been taking big gulps. If you a take big gulp of that, it freakin' hits in the back of your throat.

Chris: I don't know! Josh: One shot it. Do it. X2 I dare you x2.

Thats gonna be harder to down... That's gonna be hard to handle.

No problem!

Its definitely harderdefinitely harder if Im honest.

Hes right. That is a lot harder.

You quivered...The lip quiver!

Im covered in sweat.

Wow! Thats just.. sweat has literally just gone

You know when you're just about to vomit?

Your bodys gone, AAHHHH!

Ollie! What are you doing!

Feel me! Im so clammy! x2


Alright, so thats been traditional British drinks. Have you enjoyed that, Chris?


It was fun.

I mean Robinsons... Let's drink more memories. I liked that.

Let's do it. Agreed.

But the plague, less so.

Thankfully we abolished the plague a while ago.

Yes. It was good news that has gone.

Mainly so that we dont have to drink this anymore.

Bubble bubble boil and trouble

No! In Jesus name.

Well see you JOLLY soon guys.

See you later!

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