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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Penny Ur - The Future of Professional Development

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yeah I read two books which made a big

impression on me and which influenced my

thinking on the future of teacher

development in ELT the first connect

with medicine semana 1 is book by Henry

Marsh called do no harm at Minerva's

read this anecdote of a brain surgeon

and one statement from that book stuck

in my mind he wrote there are no

miracles things happen because of facts

and processes there are no miracle cures

or miracles crepitus and the other book

which made an impression was a more

recent one by Ben Goldacre I think

you'll find it's a bit more complicated

than that talking about evidence-based

medicine and pleading for let's make

decisions not based on what the experts

think or what current thinking is or

what feels nice or sounds and is always

good in correct but on evidence let's

look and see what works what doesn't

work to make decisions on that and

picking these two together what I want

to plead for like like Silvan I don't

expect you to vote for me because I'm

not talking about what I think will

happen but what I hope wanted us to

happen what I want to happen then is is

teacher development is based not on

miracle slogans like task based

instruction or or use digital technology

so in a given or statistically or even

the communicative approach but rather on

asking teachers to look at what they've

seen in their own classrooms what they'd

experienced as learners or teachers what

they've read in the research evidence

and take decisions based on that one of

the reasons why I don't like this sort

of this sort of slogans and telling

teachers you ought to be teaching human

Xavier ought to be teaching in this way

or that way is partly because it was no

particular evidence for that class based

learning is any better than any other

kind of methodology but also those of it

preempts the decision it means that the

teacher does not make her own or his own

decisions in here and I'm

joining forces with Silvana Phillips our

plea for teachers to make localized

decisions based on their own situations

based on what they see and hear and know

so I'm hoping that teacher development

and teacher training courses are going

to be based on teachers learning as much

as they can about the evidence and all

the models and theories that are there

not because they're the right ones or

the wrong ones

but Sir they should know about them so

that they can make informed choices with

a right to their own classrooms and I

think that's what teacher development is

all about thank you


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