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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 小漁海珠上無人島趕海,這裡的海膽,狗爪螺撿到手軟,太幸福了【漁小仙】

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Hey, I am Xiao yuI came to the uninhabited island with Haizhu

to see if there was any seafood today

I find one

Where? It's hidden here

It doesn't seem very big

Haha,I know how to catch them now, look!


In here

You've found it, right?

It's hard to walk around the stone

Is there one in this hole?

Did it go inside?

Paw conch

This one is big

Look, it has turned black

Get out!

There's another one in there

This one?

Best food in the world


Oh, it's ran away

Use your hand

By hands?

It'll grab my hand

Put on your gloves and catch it, then you can get it. Really?

No! This is big!

Here! Up here!

Look, so many delicious

We don't need the small one

This conch is big

We didn't get much today because of the typhoon

Sea urchins

Not so big

Release it

Wow, this one is big enough

This is the "son" of this sea urchin, so it's smaller

It's "sisiter"?

We finally got its "mother"

There is a big one

There are a lot of sea urchins here


So many!

Let me move this stone away

It's about 5 or 6

All the black are sea urchins

Let's count how many



The waves are too big




How many sea urchins here?

There are one, two, three, four, five, six...

Totally including seven. Seven? They are too small

Here's another sea urchin

Here's one too.

three, four, five, six, seven, eight, totally eight!

We pick the big one

Release "brother" , "sister"...

This is big enough!

It got stuck in the stone

It ran away

It's too small, we don't need it

This is big

Move the stone away, there are sea urchins underneath


It's running now

It's running towards the stones

Release it, we only keep the big one

Wow, there are two sea urchins here

And there is a conch here

It's too small

This one is bigger, keep it

So many in your trouser pocket

It's not trouser pocket, it's called a treasure chest

How to cook crab?


We don't cook sea urchins, right?


Fresh enough

Add a bit salt

Have a taste


It's cooked


First put some water

Spring water?


Cover and simmer for 5 or 6 minutes

Let crab cooked more flavor


The crab is ready

Aping has something left, I'll bring him some food.

All right, that's all for today's video, see you!

Hello everyone, I'm Luba, we are going to the sea again

Do not know today harvest

Let's close the net

There are red beard shrimp, hemp shrimp, big head shrimp

There are many kinds

A lot of fish and shrimp here

No crabs


There is a crab here!

What kind is it?

It's green crab

This kind of crab is very rare

This is a purebred green crab

100% purebred green crab

Green crab is not so strong in the hand

Because it's so fat

It is like human,

too fat and does not like exercise

Say hello to everyone

Just say I'm crab, green crab

Go on

There is a one in the middle

It's ran away

Do you know what kind is it?

The mother crab.

This one called silver crab, and what's silver crab?

It just like a girl of seventeen or eighteen and unmarried

We don't know if it's ever been in love

There seems to be a crab down there

This is bigger than that green crab

What kind is it?

So fat

Look, is this meat crab fat?

It's male. Meat crabs are usually male, Fried it with ginger and scallion is very delicious

Cantonese like steamed crab, and mainlanders like braised crab

As for meat crab, it's usually braised

Its meat quality is markedly different from that of winter

Crabs in this season is more tender and smooth

It's comfortable today

Not hot

Look at this

A couple of crabs

The big one is male, small one is female

They fell in love there

A male and a female don't fight,

Two males are bound to fight

The cage is broken

The crab didn't run away when the cage broke

There is another two

They are brothers

They really had a fight

look! this is Double skin crab

It's almost molting

It exploded already

Can you hear the fish sing?

This is lion head fish, they are all wild

We can't keep this fish alive

The biggest lion head fish is not exceeding 2 or 3 liang

Let it go. Catch till it grows

Either a lot or nothing

That's what we got today

Fish and shrimps

And a soft crab

How much do they weigh?

Three and a half pounds

1 catty over

4 catty?

Not much today

We only got 3.5 catty of shrimps

Only 4 or 5 catty of fish

There are few fish and shrimps nowadays, and more crabs

That's all for today's video

If you like me , please follow me, byebye

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