Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lena and Snowball

Difficulty: 0

[engine revving]

[man 1] I don't like the swamp! I don't like the swamp!

[man 2 shushing]

- Don't shush me! - I'm not shushing you.

I'm shushing that thing in there.

Can't wait till we can get rid of that thing inside there,

and then we're going to get paid!

- [clanking] - [groans]

What'd you do?! What'd you do?!

- Huh? - What'd you do?!

I don't know. We hit something.

I-- I bet there's a stick or something stuck in the propeller.

Hey, don't come back here! No, no, no! You just stay right there!

[both yelling]

Steve, you fool!

You were going to knock that thing in the water!

And then you decided that you were going to throw us in, too?!


Dude, my feet are sloshing wet!

This ain't even worth it for the money.

All right now, you listen to me, Steven.

Mr. Percy will not take no for an answer. He won't!

He's going to put us in cages and throw the cages out there.

I see the boat.

- Yeah, the boat! We found the boat! - Oh, no!

- Oh, no! - Oh, no.

- No! No! - No, no, no, no, no!

- No, no, no! - No, no, no!

- [crying] - That little fluffy lion,

he's probably gator bait by now.

Oh, no, no. We-we-we got to split up.

- We got to get the hell out of town. - Split up? Get out of town?

Where am I supposed to go? Where?

- Well, you go to your mother's, and you just... - My mother?!

...chill out there till everything cools down.

What are you talking about, my mother?

You got me into this, sir!




I think, Steve, soul brother, we are back in business.


Lena! Lena, breakfast is ready!

Come on, honey. I'm gonna be late.

[scoffs] He always says that, and he's never late.

Right, Smitty?


- Come on, buddy. - [whines]

- Good morning, kiddo. - Good morning, Dad.

Wh-- Where are you going?

Into the office. I got a client call.

- On a S-S-Saturday? - Sorry, kiddo.

The servers don't check with me before they break down.

Uh, I gotta get out there and give them a report in... now.

Now there's leftovers in the fridge,

and I'll be back in time for dinner.



- I'm gonna try to be, okay? - Okay.

- Okay, I'll see you later. Bye. - Bye.


Hey, Lena. What are you... [mock-stutters] doing?

N-- Nothing.

Looks like you found some cool stuff today, Lena.

What you making?

J-just some art.

[mock-stutters] Just some art?

Speak English, nerd.


Whoops! [mock-stutters] Sorry.


Come on, Jake, let her pick up her own trash.

Stupid jerks. I hate Georgia.

I hate Fitzgerald. I hate everyone in this town.


No, wait! Smitty, come back!



That's too small to be a gator.

Come on out. It's okay. I won't hurt you.


What are you doing out here all by yourself?

Are you by yourself?

[soft roar]

What a strong roar you have!

Do you like wagon rides?


[cub growls]

Where did you come from?

Who do you belong to?

[vehicle approaches]

Oh, no! Dad.

[crickets chirping]

You smell that right there? Huh?

- I see it. I see it. - All right, yeah.

- I see it. - Yeah. [groans]

Man, we've been doing this all day!

[both exhale]

All day we've been doing this thing!

You know, I don't know why-- What are you doing?

[coughs] Looking for a signal.

Hey, what is that? Right there?

[Vince] Oh, that's a bike track. It looks like a wagon,

or a trailer, or something behind it.

- Well, who rides-- - A bicycle track.

Who rides a bicycle with a wagon on it?

- Hey, I got a signal! Got a signal. - [beep]

I'm going to call-- I'm going to call Percy now. Hold on.

[line trilling]

You're late.

Oh, I know. Well, you know, we-we ran into some, uh,

unforeseen circumstances, sir.

My merchandise, is it ready? Yes or no?

Well, yes. We-we have it, but we, you know, got boat trouble.

You know, we gotta-- Once we patch that, we'll get it to you ASAP.

I'm paying you for discretion and speed, Vincent.

You got 20-- No, 40--

You know what? Be generous, Ben.

You got three days.

After that, things will get tense.

Oh, three days is enough. Mr. Percy, we're--

[line disconnects]

Maybe-- [stammers]

Steve, he hung up.

So, change in plans?

This is a business based on reputation, Mike.

[sniffs] And I, for one, am a man of my word.

Seventy-two hours or a statement must be made.

Steve, if we don't get that lion cub to Mr. Percy,

he's going to turn us into his new stuffed animals,

hang us on his wall over his fireplace!

Dude, don't worry. Look, look, look, look.

Wagon tracks, right?

We followed the paw tracks right up to there,

and all of a sudden, there's wagon tracks.

If we follow these wagon tracks,

we're going to be right back into business, okay?

Then we can get that thing, and we can get paid.

Follow me.

So I say to them,

"Of course hackers cracked your source code.

You decided against the server security upgrade to save money."

- [chuckles] - Mm-hmm.

So now I have to spend my entire weekend working

because they didn't listen to me in the first place.


[sighs] I'm sorry I'm not gonna be here tomorrow

to hang out with you, kiddo.

But I'm here now.

So what do you want to do?

Uh, nothing. I'm cool.

Come on. Let's, um--

How about we go for a nighttime bike ride?

I already rode today. I'm cool, Dad.

Oh, no! I know. Let's go find

some of those famous wild chickens of Fitzgerald.

- Dad-- - They're from Burma.

- I'm good. - Oh, I know!

No, we'll go to the garage, and you can show me what you're working on.

Uh, no-no. [stuttering] It's not quite, uh, ready yet.

- Oh, okay. - Okay?

Okay. No problem.

You just-just let me know

when the big grand opening is for your gallery,

- and I will be there. - [chuckles softly]

I know Mom was in charge of weekend activities,

but you're doing a great job.

[soft chuckle]

Have you... heard from Mom?


She's got her hands full, I'm sure, you know,

with her new baby and Mark and all.

- She'll call when she can. - Yeah.

It's amazing.


Um, your stutter always goes away whenever you talk about Mom.

[soft chuckle]

You want to call her?

No, it's okay.

Hey, how's it going with the "making friends" quest?

- Have you found a-- - [banging]

- [cub screeches] - [dog barks]

- What was that? - Uh... it's a piece I'm working on.

It's just not quite stable.

Two pieces that I'm working on. They're not quite there yet.

You know what? I'm-I'm gonna go, um...

I'm gonna go finish working on them, okay?


- Love you. - Love you, too. [nervous chuckle]

- [dog barks] - Smitty, hush!

[groans] You were supposed to keep an eye on things.

Where did he go?

Okay, come on out. I know you're in here.

The doors are still closed.

Okay, you want to play hardball?

I know what you want.

Come on.

Come on. I know you're hungry.

What should I call you?


- [barks] - Google it.

Okay, let's skip that one. Hm.

You are just like the cutest little snowball.

Hey, that's what I'll call you.



I bet I know what else you'd like.

[cub growls]

Come on, Snowball, show that string who's boss.


You go camping last night?

Same clothes.

Oh, uh, yeah.

I-I was-- I was really into a painting.

I guess I lost track of time and f-fell asleep.

Um... weren't you supposed to be at work?

Oh, yeah. And hopefully, I'll be back by dinner tonight, all right?

Here, kiddo.

Go into town, buy some groceries,

whatever you want, all right?

Uh... but...

You're 13 now.

Basically, a grown woman.

Um... [chuckles] And, uh...

since your mom's not here...

uh, I need to talk to you about boys.

- Uh... Dad, I'm fine. - No, no, no.

Part of growing up means a lot of change, mm?

And, uh, I don't know,

there's-there's something very important I need to tell you.

- Dad... - Milkshakes.

I need you to bring home milkshakes,

but watch out...

'cause if you're not careful...

- they'll bring all the boys to the yard! - Oh, my God! Stop!

Aren't you gonna be late to work?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm going. I'm going.

But seriously, milkshakes.

Espresso chip for me.

God help you if it's mint chip.

Do not disappoint me, child.

- Bye. - Love you, kid.

Love you, too.

- [laughing] - Hey!

- Hey! - Hey!

Are you guys okay?

Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lord!

We got lost fishing. Can you point us toward the town, please?

Yeah, sure. It's just 15 minutes back that way.

Terrific. You know, we lost a pet.

It's kind of an exotic pet.

Uh, have you seen anything, like, running around town

or anything that's kind of strange?

- What kind of pet? - A lion.


This guy, man, he's always making jokes!

You crazy guy!

Okay, then.

Uh, best of luck. Watch your hands.

- Best of luck. - Best of luck.

- What were you laughing at? - You said lion, man!

That's what it is. It's a lion.

Yeah, but you're not supposed to say it!

[train horn blows]

[Lena] Hi, I was wondering if the zoo had lost any animals recently.

[purring, growls]

A little white lion cub.

Okay. Okay. Thank you.

Hey, don't get mad at me.

I'm just trying to figure out where you came from to get you home.

Hi, uh, is this the animal sanctuary?

By any chance, did you guys lose a white lion cub?

Thank you.

Snowball! Smitty!

Snowball, no!


- [sighs] - [growls]

You guys are fast.

- [purring] - [sighs]

Oh, no. You ate all the deli meat?

Now I have to go grocery shopping again.

You need to stay in my room.

You too, Smitty.

[distant siren wailing]

- Hey, what are you doing? - I'm calling Mr. Percy.

- Why? - Because I'm stalling.

I'd rather him waiting to hear from us

than sending guys out looking for us.

[phone dialing]

[phone ringing]

You have my merchandise?

We're stuck in the swamp. We're having boat trouble.

[chuckles] I'm not interested in excuses, Vince.

You're wasting one of your three days.

Well, we're working on it. We're working on it.

I don't like repeating myself, Vince.

If you don't have delivery within the timeframe agreed upon,

our deal is off.

Well, with respect, sir, we don't give refunds, even with legitimate receipts.

I'm not interested in a refund, Vincent.

I am interested in my reputation.

So are we, sir.

I'm not a man of patience, Vince.

If I don't have delivery within 48 hours,

there's gonna be two new specimens for my collection!

Am I understood?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir, you're-- Yes, sir.


[replaces receiver]

[groans, yawns]

I'm so tired, I could sleep for a week.

No time for sleeping. If we don't deliver that cub,

we're gonna be sleeping forever.

[Steve] Why?

[Vince] Mr. Percy is the kind of guy

who hunts apex predators for fun.

Mm, he killed a bear with a bow and arrow,

a tiger with a spear.

- And you know why? - Why?

[Vince] To prove that he is the apex predator,

king of the jungle.

This is a tiny town.

If anyone sees a white lion, they're gonna tell.

- Oh, and Steve? - Yeah?

If I ever come to you with a job and say it's easy money,

promise that you'll punch me in the head,

over and over and over,

real, real hard.

All right, Smitty, you're the man of the house.

Thank you for keeping an eye on things.

I'm gonna bring you back an extra juicy bone. [chuckles]

Behave, Snowball.

[door opens, closes]



Espresso chip. Espresso chip. Espresso chip.


Hey, Lena.

M-- Move.

[mock-stutters] Make me, freak.

I said, move!

Are you nuts?

Look what you just did!

Th-those were for-for my dad!

Hey, man. I'm bored.

Let's go get a pizza or something.

Are you really gonna have a fight in the middle of the street with a girl?

You're lucky your boyfriend was here.

- Are you all right? - Yeah. Wh-whatever.

[train whistle blows]

Oh, no.


Oh, my God.

Snowball, what did you do?

Come on, Snowball, let's get you cleaned up.

I'm glad I found you, buddy.

What were you even doing out in that swamp?

Were you running away?

Oh, speaking of...

this, so you don't run away.

I'll tell you a secret.

I've been thinking about running away, too.

I love my dad, and he's been great since Mom left,

but I hate it here.

We moved to Fitzgerald for a fresh start,

but the kids, they're so m-- mean.

At least you don't think I'm weird.

- [door squeaks] - Dad!

We gotta get you to the studio.

Dad, I can explain.

What on earth happened in here?

Look at this pla--

Pee-- Is that pee on my floor?

I'm... sorry. It's my fault.


When I went into town, Smitty was asleep, and...

I guess he got stuck inside and got a little carried away.

- [whines] - [mouthing] Sorry.

Wait, wait. Smitty did this?

Because that doesn't seem like him at all,

or like you to forget about him.

Look, I said I'm sorry. It's been a rough day.


Look, Lena, I know.

All right, I know you didn't ask

for it to be just the two of us, but look, kid...

you got to put yourself out there

and start making some friends.


Let's just--

Let's just clean this up, okay?

Bad dog.

[doorbell rings]

Good evening, Mr. Bickle. Is Lena home?

Yeah, sure. Come on in.

[stutters] Jake.

Uh, I saw you dropped these earlier.

That was very thoughtful of you!

Are you gonna introduce us?

Uh, Dad, this is Jake.

We have class together. Jake, my dad.

Call me Rob.

You live right down the street, right?

Yes, sir. Me, my mom and little brother.

Sir, huh?

I, uh, bought you fresh milkshakes.

I didn't really know what flavor, so I just got chocolate mint.

You know, why don't you guys have them?

I'm-- Jake, I'm so sorry,

but it seems like our dog went a little nuts in here.

Ah... you know, Lena,

why don't you show him your studio while I clean up?

It-it's not ready yet.

We don't want to be rude to our guest.

I'm sorry.

Sorry for showing up like this.

Sorry about Ron and the guys.

I should've said something sooner.

Why do you hang out with those guys?

I've known them my entire life.

So that makes it okay to be a part of that?

No, but they're the baseball team,

the basketball team, and the football team,

so if you can't beat them--

Help them beat up someone else?

No, I would never let them hurt you.

They've been hurting me since we moved here!

You've been watching them do it!

You think you can just show up

and we're gonna be best friends?

[cub growling]

- What was that? - The dog.

The dog's right next to you.


- Jake? - Look, I get it.

You got no reason to trust me, but I am trying to be your friend.

Promise me you won't say anything.

- Promise! - Okay, I promise.


This is so cool.

Snowball. Snowball.

Come on out, buddy.

You're really a great artist.

Thanks. [chuckles]

I guess you're the only person other than my dad

to ever come in here.

Speaking of secrets, is that a baby lion?

Shh. Don't scare him.

I don't know if he likes people yet.

- Well, does he like you? - Well, yeah, of course.

I mean, other people.

He doesn't like your dad?

Dad doesn't know about him yet.

Okay, so you have a baby white lion in your garage,

and your dad doesn't know?

[chuckles] Awesome!


- I think he likes you. - I'm glad someone does.

Stop that.

You've been upgraded to a nice-leaning neutral.

So there's hope for me yet, huh?


Snowball, hey.

- Where's your phone? - In my room?

I don't know. Somewhere.

What kind of kid doesn't know where her phone is?

This one.

Nobody ever sends me anything important,

and I'd rather be working on my art

than typing away like a zombie.

Where'd you find him?

I found him in the swamp yesterday.

- There's no lions in the swamp. - There was at least one.

Well, what if he escaped from a zoo or something?

I'm sure someone's looking for him.

Yeah, I checked. No missing lions.

He's my secret.

I mean it.

If you tell anyone, they'll come and take him away.

- Who? - I don't know.

The cops? Animal control?

Look, someone brought him out to the swamp,

I'm sure they're worried sick.

Okay, okay. Tomorrow.

I'll check tomorrow, I promise.

All right, well, it's getting pretty late.

I think we stalled your dad long enough.

He probably left the peeps and poops for me.

Peeps and poos? What are you, 80?

- Let's go! - All right, I'm going.

I'm going, I'm going.

[Rob indistinct]

You can just get him to-- I don't know, just tell him--

- Bye, Mr. Bickle. - Oh, hold on a second.

Good night, Jake. It was a pleasure meeting you.

You too, sir.

Hey, uh, do you think I could come by again

and see you tomorrow?

You mean, see Snowball?

Yeah, obviously.


Good night, Jake.

[Rob] Yeah, I told him if he went with optical,

he-he wouldn't be having this problem.


[purring softly]

Apparently, I'm supposed to be feeding you whole milk...

from a bottle. [chuckles]

You're a long way from home, aren't you, buddy?

But nobody's gonna hurt you ever again.

You got this, Lena. You got this.

[indistinct chatter]

Hi... [stuttering] Mr. Van Norman.

Hello there, Lena.

Hey, Lena. Did you come for a mint chip?

Hi, J-Jake.

So what can I do for you today, young lady?

I was... [stuttering]

wondering if you had any old milk bottles I could have?

It's for her art. She makes amazing stuff.

Yeah, uh, I'm just trying to make some extra money.

I've got a growing furball at home I need to feed.

Is that so?

Well then, yes.

I'm sure I have some stuff in the back you can use.

On one condition.

- Yes, sir? - You make me something special.

I'll pay you for it, of course,

but I want something that I could put

right here on this counter.

Deal. Thanks, Mr. Van Norman.

How's the furball?

He's fine.

It was fun hanging out with you yesterday.

Yeah, it was.

I was going to text this, but I never got your number.

Well, I mean, I'm on the school portal,

but I'm kind of old school.

[chuckles] Uh, text me what?

[phone clicks]

Jake, don't show that to anyone.

Well, I just wanted to show you.

Here you are, Lena.

Hup... Create a masterpiece.

I will. Thank you, Mr. Van Norman.

Please delete it.

Can I get your number?

I'll delete it if you give me your number.

You're good.

Consider it deleted.

What is that thing she's feeding?

- No, give me that back! - It's so... fluffy.

- Is that a bear cub? - No, stop being dumb.

Dude, you're acting as weird as she is.

Maybe he bought it for his girlfriend.

Well, she couldn't be that far. I'll just go ask her.

No. No, you can't.

So she is your girlfriend?

I'm just over seeing you guys pick on her. It's not cool.

Well, either you're going to tell me or she is.

Fine. Fine, okay? But you can't tell anyone.

- It's a baby white lion cub. - [sighs]

- Bull. - Then what did she name it?



What's so funny?

This guy's got a girlfriend

- whose cat's name's Snowball. - Dude!

You're going to take us over there to meet Snowball.

I'm not.

You're going to take us over there...

or I'll tell everyone what she's hiding.

I don't think your girlfriend would like that.

Do you?

Personally, I don't care...

but I think she does.

It's up to you, buddy.

The school could use another loser on Romeo and Juliet.

[door bell chimes]

[door closes]

Oh, man. That sandwich smells good. Air smells good.

I really can get used to this town, bro.

Well, you can move here after this nightmare is over.

Oh, I just might.

- [mumbling] - Okay .

Hey, hey, hey, look. Look, look, look.

A wagon and bike tracks.

Oh! Hey, we're back in business!

- Come on, let's start the car! - [engine starts]

Hey, hey, hurry up! Hurry up!

- She won't start! - Wait, wait, wait. Relax.

Let's jump it. Got any cables?

[phone chimes]

- [whispers] I'm sorry. - What?

Hey, Lena. Where's Snowball?

[stutters] You guys can't be here.

My dad's not home.

[mock-stutters] Where is Snowball?

Oh, suck it up, buttercup.

Where is the... [mock-stutters] lion cub?

Hey, man. Back off!

You trying to act all tough for your girlfriend?


I'll take you to where Snowball is.

Lena, no.

You're lucky your girlfriend's smarter than you, dork.

Don't come inside. I-I don't want him to bite you guys.

Whatever. If it hasn't eaten you, it's not going to eat me.

[Lena] Snowball...


No way.


So you're telling me the white thing in the picture was just a little dog?

Real funny, Jake.

You wait until everybody at school hears about this.

You two losers deserve each other.

Dog treats?

I was gonna try and lure out Smitty, trick those guys.

- Why did you even bring them here? - I had to.

- They said if didn't, they would tell everyone-- - I trusted you!

You said you were my friend.

You promised not to show anyone!

I am, okay? I'm sorry, I-I had to.

You know what? Save it, I don't care.

Just get out and don't come back.


I said... [stutters] get out.




I'm home!


- Honey, you here? - I'm in here, Dad!

Get in, Snowball.

Get in, Snowball.



- Something wrong, honey? - No.

Come on downstairs. I'll make some cocoa, marshmallows.


Ah... come on, kiddo.

Look, I try to give you your space,

but I'm not just gonna let my baby girl sit here

and cry in her room all alone, okay?

So, we can either do cocoa, or I can come in,

and we can paint each other's toenails.

It was hot pink last time, wasn't it?

I got so many compliments at the gym.

[closet opens]


Okay, uh, marshmallows.

I'll take it with marshmallows.

All right. Whenever you're ready, kiddo.

I'll see you downstairs.

Behave, you two!

I'll be right downstairs.

- Thanks. - Mm.

I'm sorry, kiddo.

Sorry for what?

[sighs] All of it.

I know this isn't what you wanted.

If I'm being honest with you,

it's not what I expected either.

I already feel like I failed with your mom.

Now I feel like I'm failing you too.

I see you struggling, honey. I'd do anything to help.

I know.

How are things with Jake?

They're fine.

Well, they're not fine.

It's whatever.

I shouldn't have pushed you like that.

I was just so happy to think that you'd made a--

It's these guys.

They're jerks, and he hangs out with them,

which is why I didn't want him to come here.

I have some classes with Jake,

and when he's not around them, he's different.

He's so sweet.

He listens. He's so nice.

It's like... he's a different person.

He can't be himself.

Yeah. Yeah, well,

I can speak with some authority when I say...

boys are dumb.

- So dumb. - [chuckles]

Hey, I don't mean to be an old tired movie clich or anything,

but do you need my help?

Do you want me to say something to someone?

'Cause so help me, I will call their parents.

No, not really.

I mean, it's not against the law to be jerks.

I just--

I don't know what to do.

I fix things for a living.

I spent the last year not being able to fix what matters most.

Hey, just knowing you tried is all I care about.

- I love you. - [soft chuckle]

I love you too, kiddo.

You just got to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Just know I've always got your back.

Thanks, Dad.

Actually I have a piece I'm working on for Mr. Van Norman, so...

- Yeah. - ...I think I'm gonna go finish that.

Yeah, you know, you can make a pretty good career

out of being an artist commissioning work.

Just saying.

- Bye. - Bye.

- What are you doing? - Looking for stray cats.

For what?

- A lion cub is a cat, right? - Yeah. Right.

So if a little cat finds this kind of comfortable,

then a big cat's gonna find this comfortable.

Hey, that's not a bad idea.

- [phone vibrates] - Oh, hold on.

- There's Mr. Percy. - Answer it.

Ooh. Hi, Mr. Percy.

- Vincent. - We're closing in.

We're closing in.


Oh, the lion cub, you know,

we've got it and we-we're-- we're gonna--

we're gonna deliver it to you as promised.

Yes, you did promise delivery tomorrow, Vincent,

and you're being paid to keep that promise.

Well, you know, we might not quite be able

to get it to you by tomorrow, but it's possible.

You know, I'm not unreasonable, Vincent,

and I-I realize how you and Steven have done the best you can.

- Really? - No. Not really.

I need you to understand how important it is for your health

to fulfill your end of our deal.

Yeah, yes, sir. [clears throat]


[crickets chirping]

We got it, huh? We got...

[phone clatters]

We broke the phone.

All right.

No more games. No more games.

- Okay. - We're gonna get that girl.

This place looks nice.

What do you think?

[soft chuckle]

If we don't find where you came from,

maybe this can be where you're going.

I wish we could stay together forever.

But one day, you're gonna weigh, like, 400 pounds,

and you're gonna wanna stretch out.

It's like the perfect home for you.

I got your back, buddy.

[door bell chimes]

- Lena! - Good morning.

[Mr. Van Norman chuckles]

I have something for you.

That sure was fast!

I might be able to do more with what you gave me,

but this is what I saw first.

What do you mean, what you saw?

It's like that quote by Michelangelo:

"I saw the angel in the marble

and carved until I set him free."

Hm. The only Michelangelo I've ever quoted was a Ninja Turtle.

Wow! These are gorgeous.


Okay. How much do I owe you?

I-I don't know. I've never sold a piece before.

How about $20 each?

Oh, I couldn't. That's too m-much.

I insist. These are going to be very valuable one day.

[high-pitched] Yes, we are! [laughs]

[normal voice] A Lena Bickle original.


- [both laugh] - Have a good day.

What are you doing here?

[boy] Yeah, I thought you'd be off

practicing for the circus, lion tamer.

Yeah, you and your clown boyfriend.

Jake's not a clown.

But he is your boyfriend, right, lion tamer?

That's it. I've heard enough.

Back off, you three.

Because if you don't act like you've got some sense,

you're not gonna be welcome here.

You think you're the only ones who can ruin someone's day?

Do you feel like big men now?

[door bell chimes]


[door bell chimes]

[phone buzzing]

Hey! Why you running off so fast, darling?

What's up, kid? Somebody bothering you?

[Ronnie] Have fun making more of your ugly art!

And say hello to your clown boyfriend for us.

By the way, nice lion cub, freak!

Oh, so you're the tough guy in town, huh?

You like picking on little girls?

[clears throat]

Little helpless girls, you like that, huh?

Hey. How about picking on me?

You want to pick on somebody, pick on me.

Pick on me. You know what?

I've dealt with punks like you my whole life.

Want to be "king of the hill"? Want to be "top of the heap," huh?

You wanna-- You wanna take a shot at the crown? Come on. Come on.

- Give me one. Right here! Come on! - What?

Now I want you to tell me where that girl with the bike and the trailer lives.

- Tell me right now. - What's it to you? She's nuts.

She's a crazy artist chick.

She says she has a lion, but it's a lie.

Oh, is that so?

All right, boys!

We wanna know where she lives.

Someone's going to tell us. Who's going to tell us, huh?

Yeah, um, she's, like, two miles that way.

White house, artsy sign in the front.

You can't miss it.

Hey, you feel that heavy weight in your gut?

Like a heavy rock, hot and cold at the same time.

You know what that is?

That's fear, son.

Cold, hot fear.

What's your name?

What's your name?!

[stutters] Ronnie.

All right then, Ronnie.

I'm gonna be keeping an eye on you.

And if I ever hear about you picking on people again,

then we're gonna have a real problem.

A real problem.


Come on, kid. All right, come on up!


[engine rumbling]



[Lena] Dad, please don't be mad,

but I need to leave for a while.

I'm trying to fit in, but things are just too tough here.

But I did make a friend.


A friend who needs my help.


- [Lena] I'll be back. - Meow!

But I'm not sure when.

I love you.


[doorbell rings]

You again. Can-can I help you?

Well, I don't mean to alarm you, young lady,

but, well, actually, I'm in town from Animal Control,

and there's a-a dangerous beast on the loose.

Wh-what kind of dangerous animal?

[Vincent] Well, uh-uh-- Well, I don't mean to--

I don't mean to cause a panic, but I-I--

Just let me speak to your father.

No, he's sleeping.

He works nights. He's a... cop.

Oh, yeah?

He might be able to help.

[Snowball screeches]

Meow? Meow!


[laughs] Meow!

There's a lion been spotted in the area.

Unfortunately, the locals have been told to shoot it on sight,

but it's my plan to capture it safely

and return it home before anything bad happens.

I'm sure your father can confirm this.


My name's Vince. What's yours?

[stutters] Lena.

Lena. Pleasure to meet you.




Hold it, now.

There's brave, and then there's stupid, kid.

I'm trying to be nice here...

- Let go of me! - ...but you're trying my patience,

so, listen, just let me give you one warning.

Just behave, please. Behave!

[Lena grunting]



- Dude, dude, I saw it. - Saw what?

The lion! The lion cub!

That was just a rumor I made up to impress a boy!

- Oh, was it now? - Ooh.

Yeah, I-I photoshopped a picture of my dog.

- Oh. Artistic type, look at this. - Ooh!

Is that your tile work there?

- That is beautiful tile work. - That is nice.

- Did you do-- That is beautiful. - What is this? [laughs]

I don't wanna have to break this thing. I want to know, where is the lion cub?

Smash it, Steve.

- Oh! Oh! - [Vincent] Oh, ain't that too bad.

That was really beautiful. Hey, is there any other original work?

- Yes. Oh, look at that. - Anything for sale in here?

Look at that beautiful green expressionistic--


- [Lena grunts] - Oh, now.

You wanna say anything, kid? Huh?



Leave him alone!

Hey, shut up, kid.

He was our lion to begin with.

- Yeah, you should've stayed in school. - What?

Learn something. No lions in the swamp.

- Go ahead and call him. - My phone's broke, remember?

Go and use the phone in the house!

What do you want me to do, leave a note for the police

where we're going to be, dummy?

We'll use a phone along the way.


Go get him.

Go on, get him.

Come on, scaredy-cat. Go and get him.

I'm not a scaredy-cat.

[warning growl]

What are you gonna do with him?

What am I going to do with him? I don't know.

I'm going to give him back to his original owner.

Know what I mean? And, uh, you know,

maybe we're gonna make a nice furry coat out of it.

And then maybe we're going to go ahead

and teach it how to fight an alligator.

I don't know. Not my call.

- [groaning] - Help!

All right. If you're gonna make this difficult,

I guess we're gonna have to do it the hard way.

- [horn honking] - [Steven and Vincent singing indistinct]

[doorbell rings]


Lena, you in there?

Please, I-I just wanna talk.




[Smitty whines]

- Lena! - Jake! Jake!



[stutters] Thank you.

Wait. Wh-what are you doing here?

A peace offering.

Th-that's sweet, but these-these guys

kidnapped Snowball. I have to go get him.

Kidnapped? Lena, we need to call the cops.

There's no time for that. Because of your stupid photo!


It wasn't my picture, okay?

I mean, it was, but Ronnie took it off my phone.

The picture doesn't matter.

I'm not letting you go off alone after some guys.

Stay out of my way, Jake.

You don't want my help, fine.

Which way are you gonna go?

Make the wrong turn and Snowball's gone forever.

What did they look like?

There was-- there was two of them.

One of them, I think his-his name was Steve.

He was tall, he had a mullet. The other guy was bald.

They said they were going to take Snowball back to his owner,

and just do awful things to him.

I think they were driving an old pickup.

An old pickup? I think I saw those guys

when I was heading over here.

They went that way.

They could be anywhere by now.

They had to use a phone, but they wouldn't use my house phone.

They wanna call from a public place.

Let's go try and find them.

- Jake, you don't have to. - I know.



[coughs, sniffles]

- What? - Nothing.

Dude, are you sniveling, man?

I'm not sniveling.

You're sniveling. Don't snivel.

I'm not sniveling, but I just--

Don't you think we were a little too hard on that girl? I mean, come on.

All those-- all those jerk boys are already picking on her,

giving her-- giving her a hard time, making her life miserable,

and then we just bust in and steal her best friend.

- Her best friend? - Yeah.

Dude, we have a job to do.

[sighs] You saved her life.

You saved her face.

You know? That cat... [growling]

All over her face, would've ripped it out.

- I know. It's a kitten, and they do scratch, man. - Okay?

You don't think it was gonna just live in that garage all its life, do you?

- No, he'd get too big. You can't keep it-- - That's right!

I-I just know how it is, you know?

I got picked on, too.

And I... I thought this was going to be an easy,

easy as pie gig, and...

[sighs] How did we turn into bad guys?

I don't want-- I don't like being a bad guy.

I appreciate you opening up to me, okay?

Bro love, mano a mano.

I got that, but hey, you know what?

We got the cops behind us.

We got Mr. Percy out in front of us,

and we gotta finish this thing up, okay?

And when this is over,

you can go ahead and open up to me,

and get it off your chest, get it out of your boots.

But right now, I want to get paid!

You know, you're right, Steve. You're so right.

You know, you always bring me right back

to what really matters in life, and that's money.

- Call the boss. - Call the boss.

- Right, let's call the boss. - All right.

First things first. Come on, let's go.

- Come on. - And you gotta support me in this.

You gotta be right there with me.

[Steve] Don't ever snivel.

[Lena] There! That's the truck!

[Jake] Yep. That's the one I saw.

Let's go.

- Aprs vous, monsieur. - Merci beaucoup.

Merci. People are different.

Steve, I know they are, and remember that.


I think I hear him.

Snowball, it's me!

We're going to get you out of here.

It's locked.

Well, can we just move the entire thing?

Okay, we're gonna get you out of here, buddy.

Jake, can you find us a saw or something?

There's nothing.

Okay, all right, I'm going to go look over there,

and you stay here and hide in the bushes

- in case they come back. - No! I'm not leaving him.

[sighs] Okay.

Hey, buddy. We're gonna get you out of there, okay?

Hey, hi there, darling.

Can I-- Can I use your phone for a second?

Oh, thank you so very much.

- [dial tone] - All right.

[phone beeping]

[phone buzzing]

Uh, hi there, Mr. Percy. Uh, it's Vince.

We have your delivery ready, sir.


Intact and unharmed, I trust?

Oh, your delivery is "purr-fect," sir.


Like a snowball, white fluffy piece of cotton.

All right, get it here. Now.

Unless you don't care about the rest of your payment.

Oh. Oh, no. We're on our way, sir.

We're rolling in the truck now. See you soon.

We'll be ready when you get here.

Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.


- I missed you, buddy. - I found something!

[Mr. Percy] They're on the way.

Get the bags ready and prepare the weights, Mike.

Yes, sir, Mr. Percy.

"Be extremely subtle,

even to the point of formlessness.

Be extremely mysterious,

even to the point of soundlessness.

Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate."


It's Sun-Tzu.

Art of War?


You gotta read more, my friend.

There's a reason why it's a classic.


[upbeat music playing]

[Steve singing indistinct]

Let's get our money, son!

Cash money for us, let's go.

- Money? - Half for you, half for me.

Let's go.

It's too dull. It'll take forever.

Well, I don't really have cell service out here to call Home Depot.

We're on our own.

[Steve] I'm gona buy something. I'm gonna buy--

I was thinking about buying a new car.

Hey, listen to me. We got two hours, two hours...

- Oh, my God. They're coming. - We have to go.

You go. Tell my dad what happened.

I'm not leaving him here with those guys.

This is crazy!

Okay, you're not leaving him, but I'm not leaving you.

- Of course. - Gonna leave this life behind...

[both] the rearview mirror.


[Vincent] So whatcha gonna do with your money?

Oh, I don't know-- I think I might buy myself a nice El Camino.

- [Steve] It's hard to tell these days. - [Vincent] King of the jungle.

- All right, come on. Get that cash money. - All right, here we go!

Cash money, honey.

[engine starts]

Hey, what do you say to some pizza tonight?

Like, maybe a Hawaiian or something of the like?


- [line trilling] - [phone buzzing]

- [cell phone beeping] - [line ringing]

[man on phone] 911. What's the emergency, please?

Uh... it's-it's my daughter, I--

I think she might be missing.

- Jake, do you have your phone? - Yeah.


- [number dialing] - [line trilling]

- [woman on phone] 911. What's your emergency? - Hello, this is Lena Pickle.

We're in a car with criminals. We've been kidnapped.


[phone beeping rapidly]

I lost service.

How's it coming?

Almost there.

I say if we get the cage open, once they stop,

we grab Snowball and make a run for the woods.

We got the lion, baby, we got the lion!

- We're going to Mr. Percy's now! - We got the lion! Yeah!

We're going to get paid, man! We're going to get paid! [laughs]

Every mile behind us

is a mile closer to our new lives.

A mile closer is one less mile

that we got to go to get there. [laughs]

- I-I got it! - [padlock clinks]

Steve, stop!


[groans] Did you see that alligator?

Jumped right out in front of us, man. I could've hit it!

I could've hit it, and then...

[engine revs]

Man! I can't--

I can't get it, man. I can't get it!

We gotta get out and get us out of here.

We're stuck! Now get out. We gotta fix it.

Swamp? You want me to go-- go out there in the swamp?

Go in the swamp.

I can't do swamp anymore, man.

It's getting in my head. I can't do swamp anymore.

We got a job to do, and it means getting in the swamp,

so get in the swamp.

It's a new life. You get in the swamp,

you get us out of here, heads us right to our new life.

Golden sunrises, golden sunsets,

gold bullion at the end of the road.

Get in the swamp, please. Come on, man!

- Man, we are really stuck. - Get us out, man!


Hey, how you doing?

I'm gonna lay some board underneath the tire.


- You want me to help you? - I got it.

You got it? You ready?

You need a hand?

No, Mr. Swamp. Stay right there.


Put on the collar.

All right.

[engine starts]

Are you ready?

Okay, man. Punch it.

[engine revs]

Whoo-hoo! Yeah!



We are back in business!

[Steve] Yeah, baby! Get on the road, baby!

[Vincent] I put on the brake in this thing.

- [Steve] I got it. - [Vincent mumbles]

- I got it. I got it. I got it. - All right.

We got... [singing indistinct]

Jake, once they realize he's not on the back of the truck,

they're gonna come back.

That's why we gotta go faster. Get to a landline.

I'm saying, they're gonna be on the road.

We're on the road.

[sighs] This is not gonna be fun.

Look, if he can make it through the swamp, then so can we.

Yeah, well, you're the one who got him out of the swamp.

See? We're already ahead of the game.

[sheep bleating]

[Vincent] When we get our money, man.

We're gonna get our money. Yeah.


Welcome to my manor,

although I guess it's become a bit of a hunting lodge for me.

Mr. Percy, I'm Vince.

It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

No, it's Ben to my friends.

Okay, then, Ben.

No, that's Mr. Percy to you. Where is it?

Oh, Mr. Percy. The prize awaits you, sir.

How you doing?

Well... where is it?

Whoa, whoa, gun. Gun! Gun! [chuckles]

Forgive me. Wait, okay?

- [mumbling] - [clears throat]

There's gotta be an explanation for this.

Yes, there's an explanation for this

because I saw it was right there,

and that was the truth, and you locked it up.

Remember? You locked it up, and then--

It was-- It was that kid.

- Kid? - Kid?

Yeah, the-- the kid's the only one

that knew there was a lion in the back of the truck.

What kid?

Well, Mr. Percy, there was a kid who had the lion.

But we tracked her down and got it back.

Yeah, she must've got out somehow.

Somebody must've come home. She got it out of the truck.

- [Steve] How'd she get it out of the truck? - I don't know,

maybe she ran off with the lion when we stopped?


Well, there was an alligator,

and he didn't wanna hurt the alligator, and it was, like, well, you know--

Well, you know-- I didn't wanna hit the alligator,

we swerved, we ended up in a ditch,

and she must've gotten out with the lion and ran away.

It was only three miles back or so.

They couldn't have gone far.


You have done quite enough.

Mike will take it from here.

Whoa, wait, wait, wait. Michael's never been to the swamp, sir.

He's never been in the swamp. We are swamp people,

and we'll take care of it. Okay?

We gotta go. We gotta go. We gotta go.

- So sorry. We'll find it. - That's right, no problem!

Take the SUV and follow them.

If these amateurs can lead a kid to my doorstep,

who knows who else is on the way?

Go get my lion!

Make sure they don't come back.


- Shh. Don't move. - Why?


Oh, no.

We gotta find it, dude.

He had a gun. That guy had a gun.

Go slow! Go slow, Steve! I can't see anything.

- Ho! - There it is, right here.

It was right here. [mumbles]

Pull over. Pull over.

This is it.

Okay, all right. Quietly, go back to the road.

I'll distract it.

No. No, I'm not leaving you.



Got you.

- Snowball! Wait! - Snowball!

[branch snaps]



Which way did he go?

How you doing, kid?!


- Huh, how are you? - Let her go! Let her go!

- Hey, where's the cub, kid? - He's g-gone!

You'll never f-find him!

We don't hurt kids. Just give us the cub,

then you can go home to your mommies, okay?

Yeah, yeah, we're not gonna hurt you.

We just gotta have that lion cub

or we're dead.

There's just one problem.

You already are.


He's got a gun.

Hey, come on, now.

There's no need for that firearm.

No, we got the situation under control here.

Don't worry, sir. Don't worry.

- We can work this out with words. - Yeah.

- Where's the merchandise? - Well, you know, we had it--

But the girl, they let it go.

You know, it hadn't gone far. Just around here.

- It's just a little fluffy thing. - Yeah. Yeah, fluffy.

And with your help, we'll get it in no time.

Help us help you. You help us, we help you.

[Vincent] That's right.

Hey, why don't you get the lion out of--

- [overlapping dialogue] - Let's go!

Hey, now, we'll find that thing. I'm sure it's not gone far.

- What is that? - Where?

- Right over there. - Mike, I think I see it.

- Where? - [Steve] Over there, near the road!

Look, there it is, right there by the truck!

I think that's it! There! Right there! Look!

- Where?! - Look, look! Right there!

[both yelling]

Run, kids, run!

I got it! I got it!

I got it!


[all screaming]

Come on! Come on!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Over here!

[Vincent yells]

[sirens wailing]


Are you all right?


I'm so happy to see you, sir!

- Are you hurt? - Uh, no. We're not hurt.

Uh, they're in there, though.

Be careful, because one of them has a gun.


I'm sorry.

How did you find us, Dad?

They were able to track the location

of Jake's phone after your call.

I found your letter.

I had no idea you were so unhappy, Lena.

I'm sorry, Daddy.

We're going to figure this out, okay?

And, Jake, I know you needed my daughter's help,

but dragging her out here in the middle of nowhere was--

No, Dad, it wasn't Jake.

He actually helped me.

Well, who were you talking about in the letter, then?

I was trying to save Snowball.

Who's Snowball?

He's my friend.

A baby lion.

A-a what?

It looks like they didn't find Snowball, honey.

I'm sorry, kiddo, but we gotta go, okay?

Are you okay?

[crickets chirping]


Snowball! Come here!


[engine starts]

Hey. You want this?

[siren chirps]

Officer Ivy? I'm here for the baby lion.

[Rob] I know it's hard, Lena,

but it's the right thing for Snowball.

Dad, we can make it work keeping him in the house.

He can play and run around outside

and I'll walk him every day.

I know you would, honey.


Remember that sanctuary we saw?

He's going to take you there.

You're gonna be able to play all day,

and you're going to get so big.

They know how to take care of you.

I'm so happy we met.

Lena, you'll be able to come visit Snowball anytime you like.

You hear that, buddy?


I love you, Snowball.


This is for him.

[soft chuckle] Okay.

Bye, Snowball.

[clicks tongue]


No cages, okay? He hates cages.

No cages. Promise.

I'll be fine.

I have new friends now. Well, at least one.

[Lena] If you had told me four days ago

that life in this town would become that adventurous,

I would never have believed you.

My life in Fitzgerald used to be quiet and reclusive,

but when Snowball came into my world,

he turned it upside down.

Mike was sentenced to several years in prison.

He's become a model prisoner and is teaching a class on The Art of War.

Steve and Vince were sentenced to several months in prison.

They were released for good behavior,

deciding to leave the smuggling business for good,

and they started a new ventur.

They're now producing moonshine in the swamps.

Ben Percy, the guy behind the entire animal trafficking ring,

thought he got away.

[sirens wailing]

But he didn't.

Mr. Percy's collection of animals was seized,

and is now on display in several museums around the world.

My social problems cleared up.

Thank you.

Apparently, owning a lion cub

and fighting poachers and smugglers

does wonders for street cred.

Fitzgerald's a great place to live now.

Do you want mine? [laughing]

Yeah. That's new.

[laughs] But good.


And, of course, Snowball.

He loves the sanctuary, and he's found other lions to play with.

I go visit my friend all the time.

Well, three times a week to be exact.

We play, and he's as happy as can be.

So am I.

The Description of Lena and Snowball