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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The 40-Year-Old Virgin!

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Since Trainwreck is out this week, we thought we might as well pick something

from Judd Apatow's older stuff for this week's Things You Didn't Know.

Then being surrounded by middle-aged virgins at Comic Con this past weekend

gave us that final hit of inspiration we needed.

So here are seven things that you did

not know about the 40-Year-Old Virgin Probably.

(Sound) >> Hey everybody, who wants penis cake?

>> I do!

>> Let's start off with one of the most memorable parts of the movie

when Andy goes home with Nikki.

See, Leslie Mann was very committed to playing a drunk girl in a completely

original way.

So committed in fact that she went out and got plastered with Seth Rogan and

her friend Denise.

That's Denise right there by the way.

And they taped the whole thing, as research.

Seth Rogen came along on the practice drinking session because he was the film's


It's called being a professional.

And evidently Leslie Mann got so wasted that night that she wound up eating bacon

wrapped hot dogs and singing We Are the Champions.

>> That tasted good.

>> That tasted like shellfish.

>> In the end, her research definitely paid off.

But it is worth mentioning that the idea of her to fall

asleep at the wheel while she was drunk driving came courtesy of her and

Judd Apatow's daughter Maude, who was seven at the time.

Clearly she got her parent's sense of humor.

(Sound) While Leslie Mann's research

consisted of getting blackout drunk, Seth Rogen's research for

playing Cal meant going on speed dating.

>> I am ugly as (Bleep) by traditional standards but I get with women.

>> Back then he wasn't as famous as he is now,

but he still felt it was necessary to use a fake name, which was Seth Roven.

Seth Roven, who worked at Nextel.

Even with this foolproof alias and backstory,

one woman still recognized him from Freaks and Geeks.

And felt really bad for him that he gone from being on a big TV show to speed

dating, which honestly would be super depressing.

>> I have a question, what is the difference between Hi8 and

digital video tapes?

>> I'm not a salesman so- >> Welcome to Smart Tech,

how can I be of service to you?

>> We spent a lot of time in the Smart Tech store in the 40 Year-Old Virgin.

But you probably didn't know that Smart Tech is actually Staples.

Or at least it was a Staples until it closed,

and became a fake electronic store in a movie.

It totally looks like they rented a pre-existing Circuit City and

just branded it for the movie as Smart Tech, but

it's actually just really well done production design.

(Laugh) Circuit City, you remember those?

Next thing.

(Sound) Even though Smart Tech is 100% fake,

Trish's We Sell Your Stuff on Ebay store is totally real.

>> Can I help you?

>> Yeah, these are wonderful, I'll take these.

>> Judd Apatow and the production team spotted the store in an Encino mini mall

when they were scouting locations for Smart Tech.

Once they sealed the deal to shoot at the old Staples upstairs,

Apatow rewrote the script to work the eBay store into it.

Which is either really lazy or really efficient, maybe a bit of both.

(Sound) Remember this part where Paula is blatantly trying to seduce Andy?

Well nearly all of the dialogue from the scene is what Steve Carell and

Jane Lynch improvised together during her audition.

>> I heard this thing that you're still a virgin.

Is that true?

>> Yeah. >> Judd Apatow loved it so

much that he basically just transcribed the tape from the audition and

put it into the script.

And by the way, that Guatemalan love song is actually just some

entry level Spanish dialogue that Jane Lynch had learned in high school.

She's singing about cleaning her room and hurrying off to a football game.


>> Super romantic.

(Sound) Did you know that Universal

thought Paul Rudd was considered too fat for the movie?


Sure, he has abs now but this was way, way before Ant Man.

After the first couple of days of shooting the studio shut down production because

they had some notes.

One of which was that Paul Rudd needed to lose some LBs, which he did.

Still, kind of a dick note if you ask me.

>> Smoke my pole!

>> Speaking of dick, Boner Jams 03 is a Paul Rudd original.

He came up with the name for the porn mix tape and

just wrote it on the prop himself.

Which is a bonus boner thing you didn't know.

After shooting Rudd was sort of bummed out that he picked 03 for

his Boner Jams years.

Since he then noticed that he was also wearing a shirt that said 03 in the scene,

which just makes it seem like he really, really loved the year 2003.

(Sound) Bet you didn't know that Seth Rogen and

Romany Malco are both drunk right here.

And it's all because this scene was shot on the day that the 40-Year-Old

Virgin shot its 1 millionth foot of film.

>> All you're trying to do right now is bust off this first night.

You got a whole lot of semen back up in you.

>> See, most movies shoot somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 feet of film,

and no one in the crew had ever shot 1 million feet before.

They wound up shooting so many feet because of all the different versions and

improvising Apatow had them do to every scene.

>> No, Kelly Clarkson.

>> Anyway, Judd Apatow had given the guys bottles of Scotch to celebrate

the milestone and production had also gotten a bunch of champagne.

And when you're on day 52 of what's supposed to be a 47 day shoot,

I guess you can officially start drinking before you wrap.

Sounds like my kind of gig.

That's it for today's Things, but let us know in the comments what other comedies

you'd like us to do here on the show.

You never know, we might actually do yours.

Unless you're a total dick about it.

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