Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Introduction to Machining and Machining Fluids

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dear students i am dr mamilla ravi sankar assistant professor in department of mechanical

engineering at iit guwahati it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to my course on introduction

to machining and machining fluids this course is about twenty hours lecture course let me

explain you briefly on this course before studying any course one should know why we

are studying this course and what is the motive of this course so in my first lecture i will

start these course with introduction and importance of this course

coming to the contents of this course first principles of metal cutting where you study

about the metal cutting shear zone chip formation in ductile and brittle materials chip thickness

measurements experimentally as well as mathematically as you all know the cutting tool plays a major

role in machining you should know about the cutting tool geometry tool signatures how

these cutting forces and velocities are generated during the machining and what is its relation

during the cutting process tribology and surface roughness plays a major role such as chip

tool tribology tool workpiece tribology sticking and sliding zone how the surface roughness

and material removal are depend on input parameters such as feed speed and depth of cut these

tribological issues are majorly due to thermal aspects of machining that is temperature generated

during the machining operation heat distribution during the machining operation by chip tool

and the workpiece because of the thermal aspects cutting tool wear starts and the tool reduces

its life so this course compels us to know about the

various types of tool wear and tool life criterias in order to improve the tool life new cutting

tool materials are introduced by many researchers not only tool materials tool coatings also

developed by many other researchers the other way to improve the tool life is application

of cutting fluids cutting fluids main function is cooling and lubrication however commercially

mineral oil based cutting fluids are not good for the operator and environment because of

its harmful emissions thus in this course i will explain various types of mineral oil

based cutting fluids and its emissions how these emissions affect the operator and

the environment how one can overcome these problems by developing the sustainable technologies

such as sustainable cutting fluid development and sustainable cutting fluid application

techniques this course also teaches you about a rheology of cutting fluids biodegradability

of the cutting fluid such as cod bod and a hrt these technologies helps the humankind

and reduces the pollution so when you become an engineer you can help your subordinates

such as the working step to take care of this cutting fluid emissions and it can improve

their life standards the other important part of this course is

practical machining process such as multi point machining process like milling drilling

broaching etcetera the abrasive process such as grinding horning lapping etcetera plays

a major role in machining arena so the grinding wheel specification classification thermal

aspects of grinding also covered in this course last part of this course deal with advances

in machining and machining of advanced materials in this advanced machining hard machining

high speed machining laser assisted machining will be discussed

in the machining of advanced materials machining of biomaterials smart materials and other

materials will be clearly discussed this is the overview of my course which will be completed

in twenty hours for the advanced studies you may follow the prescribed references that

are listed as i said this course is purely a introductory course on machining and machining

fluids which gives you good basics the new things in this course is we discuss more about

the machining fluids on outside its my great pleasure to welcome you once again to this

course i thank all of you who registered for this course and hope you enjoyed i will try

my level best to satisfy your interest in this course i will look forward to interact

with you thank you

The Description of Introduction to Machining and Machining Fluids