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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to talk about SEXUAL HARASSMENT? Learn English Vocabulary

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Hi friends and welcome to the new lesson. Well today's lesson is a little different,

it's informative and basically creating awareness about a universal issue that happens all over

the world and it's called, 'Sexual Harassment', okay? So in today's lesson we are going to

take a look at various forms of sexual harassment. Now what is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment

is unwanted behaviour, okay? IT's unwanted behaviour that is offensive and of course

it is sexual in nature, okay? okay, it is sexual in nature. Now when do we say that

someone is subject to sexual harassment or someone is sexually harassing you, okay. There

are certain thins that we need to observe and keep in mind and remember-when you encounter

these situations, you need to be alert, you need to be careful and ensure you are safe,

okay? So the first type is 'Grope'. Now when people commonly say that someone is groping

himself, okay? Now grope means it's a very informal word used to say someone is touching

a body part to get sexual pleasure, okay? okay, now I have an image here for you, now

supposing this lady is in a public place or she is walking down a crowded road and theres

this man who tries to touch her parts like her bust, her gyanical area, gyanital area

or gyanical organs are your reproductive organs okay? Now imagine someone tries to completely

brush her or tries to feel her, okay, it is offensive and obviously when someone does

that to you. It is kind of groping, okay? When someone is touching you. Now sometimes

when you are in a crowded place, there are people who would like to just brush across

like this and you kind of jerk and feel you kind of you just jerk and it like you have

a jerk reaction and fell Oh my God something is not right, alright? Now this is an unpleasant

touch because someone is touching you on one of your private parts, right? So when you

come across this situation, be careful. Make sure you are safe, make sure you are around

people, okay? So gropping is when someone touches you. Now it is not necessary gropping

only means touching another person, it could be a man who is feeling his gentle organs

and pressing it just to indicate that he has a sexual desire, okay? So he could grope himself

to and when you see a person like that who is trying to indicate that means he is feeling

himself and trying to gesture you, remember, stay away from such people and make sure you

are safe, okay? So gropping, well you can have even touching or brushing, okay? So you

can say, so brushing one's private part or another person's you kind of you know move

your hand through, it is a form of sexual harassment, alright?

The next one is 'Facial expressions', now say for example you are travelling by train,

okay and theres this guy who is who finds you very sexually attractive or he wants to

convey something to you, he does it through his facial expressions. Now when I say facial

expressions, I do not mean, someone who just smiles cordially at you of course not, I am

talking about you know, having suggestive expressions for example, he will lick his

lips like this, you know, he'll try to tell you that um you know-he has sexual desires

or he gives you this unpleasant look or he just stares at you or probably he is opposite

you and he stares at your bust he makes you feel very uneasy, so this is a form of sexual

harassment when people make this expressions please be very careful, okay? They are not

friendly or pleasant expressions like a normal smile would be, this is something serious.

The person's intension is not correct, okay? He has wrong intensions, be aware when someone

again bites their lips, or licks their lips or stares at you or probably stares at your

private parts. Be very careful.

Okay, so the next one is 'Inappropriate looks' alright? Now inappropriate looks mean someone

who, well someone who just admires you will always give you a pleasant look to appreciate

the kind of probably figure that you have but someone looks at you up to down and kind

of checks you out and cannot ge this eyes off you and he has suggestive looks or tries

to make you feel my God you are someone that I desire and fancy and obviously the intensions

are not correct, this is when you say someone has inappropriate looks or sometimes they

catch your attention even kind of winking at you, like this alright? And of course that's

not friendly, that's now a kind gesture to make, please be aware and be careful, because

he's giving you inappropriate looks that means incorrect unacceptable looks, okay?

The next one is 'Sexual drawings' Now it could be sexual drawings, pictures, images, now

again supposing you are in a public place and this guy has his magazine and he sees

a picture of this lady and he tries to indicate you by showing it to you to get your attention

or he tries to point out like for example this is a picture he tries to point out uh

inappropriately, by probably he will just touch this part of the picture or he will

touch this part or he will just do something like that to you, that means he is expressing

his sexual desire through an image or a drawing, okay? So when someone is trying to do this

or trying to indicate something like this to you, ignore and stay away. Do not respond

to this people, alright? So this is also a form of sexual harassment, when they sow you

drawing or a picture and try to tell you about their sexual desire. Okay friends, the next

one is 'sexual favour' now this is something very upfront and bold, their could people

you know they could be your friends they could be your colleagues they could be anyone even

a acquaintance it could be just anyone who comes up and tells you probably they wants

to have intercourse with you or they just want to feel you for fun and they get intimate

with you and of course there is no love there is no relationship of bond there is not attachment

and basically they just want to have some fun and have a good time with you and they

tell you how nice it would be and they give you a great time or you could both of you

could have a great time and this is when you very directly ask someone for sexual favour

and well do not give in and say no and make sure you report this to someone senior may

be a family member or a senior colleague in your office but make sure this is reported

because if you don't do it, a lot of other ladies would be a victim to this, okay? So

sexual favours means that they are very clear about their intensions they just wanna have

a good time, they just wanna feel you, okay? And friend be aware of be careful and be aware

of such people and do take some action but make sure you have senior people who will

help you in such situation, okay? Well and the next one is 'physical intimidation' now

uh there are people who will not be very direct like this who will ask for sexual favours,

now what they will do supposing you are standing here, they will come and stand close to you,

okay? I mean so close that you will just not feel comfortable okay? And they come right

close to you nor they will kind of try to stroke your back and try to make you very

comfortable or may be again try to brush against you or when you are standing at you desk,

may be just pass-by just touching your shoulders or probably just taking the hand across your

butt and that is called physical intimidation, they intimidate you by coming too close to

you and that's when we say that too close for comfort okay? they get into, they don't

let you feel comfortable and remember when people try to behave a little funny, stay

away and stay away from these people and keep yourself safe. So you are standing close to

someone, brushing or stroking someone or stroking someone's butt across like that okay, that

is called physical intimidation. Remember nobody is suppose to enter into that personal

space of yours, okay? The next one is 'Cyberbullying' well this is one of the most common forms

of sexual harassment, um you could have people doing this you know, form a different country

all together, now cyberbullying means when they use the internet, your WhatsApp, social

media to express their sexual desire, so you could have someone who probably don't even

know, but has your number and sends you nude picture on WhatsApp or kind of emails you

certain dirty jokes or it could be images or a porn video and they use cyber as a medium

to express their social desire. So when you receive such um, pictures or videos or you

know there could be chain letter about sexual activities, remember you could take action

and they would get into cybercrime. We call this cyberbullying because it is done via

internet and like I said this the most common form of sexual harassment because it is really

easy to do it, right? And you are not the only person subject to it they could be just

sending it to masses across, so remember, take action, do not give in by replying to

them, or anything do something about it to stop this kind of sexual harassment which

is very common. Okay friends, so these are few common forms of sexual harassment which

is universal, be aware of them and well now you know when people use these expressions,

and when they speak, you know exactly what they mean, right friends? So well this brings

me to the end of this lesson I hope this was informative, I hope this could help and your

friends. So remember stay safe always, I'll be back with a new lesson, till then take

care and bye

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