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hi everyone welcome to my channel fashion and style edit and this addition winter trends 2020 and how to

style them well we're all slowly coming out of that

January lull I thought it'd be a good time to sit down have a chitchat and

take a look at all the big trends this winter and most importantly what we

should be investing in. So let's start with trench coat the big hitter from

last season that's sticking around for a good while yet now the new twist on this

season's trench coat is to look for ones with a bit of a statement collar or

maybe a color panel running through it in lots of different types of fabrics

I've been really interested to hear what your thoughts are on the trench coat

it's been around for so long I wondered if people are getting sick of

it now have we had enough of the trench coat do we really need to see it again

for winter but also for spring summer 2020 here everyone's different opinion

on that so here's my edit of the best ones I found both from the high street

and with the designers from the high street I'd say this contrast trench from

Mango gets the trend spot-on they also really like this level look at Norma

Kamali make a statement in this beautiful Gucci interpretation I also

really like this informal khaki version by ASOS and tailored effortless chic

at Amanda Wakeley

now an essential for your wardrobe this season particularly as we move into that

transitional period would be the simple oxford shirt, a favorite with the

Parisians and with good reason if you can find yourself a really good one it

will always look chic. Now I just bought this one from superdry and I sized up

from a UK 10 which is my normal size to a UK 12 and my reason being is part of

getting that perfect nonchalant slightly French aesthetic is to not have the

shirt fitting to tight, you want it a little slouchy but not too restrictive

on the arms but with that crispness of a hundred percent cotton shining through

the trend actually originally comes from the polo fields which might explain that

kind of preppy look that it definitely has going on but wherever it comes from

it's one of those easy everyday chic looks that pretty much everyone can pull

off so this one I bought from superdry is currently on sale down from $44.99 to

just 18 pounds it is made from 100% cotton and has a fine blue stripe

running through it bit of a bargain really on a classic staple now once you

start looking for oxford shirts you're very quickly realized that you've got

the pick of the bunch when it comes to colors there are so many different

colors that they come available in now if this one that I bought isn't quite

for you here's a few others that I found I thought were a really nice really good

value at the shops at the moment cos are brilliant for these sorts of

high-quality classic pieces and I really like this organic cotton beige version

if you prefer something more relaxed I'd say head to Sezane for that undeniable

Parisian cool. Arket have got a large selection of slim poplin shirts I really

like this blush one will just keep it crisp and white with this one I found

for 22 pounds at ASOS. Sustainable fashion has never been bigger than it is

right now and thankfully it's one movement that seems to have surpassed

being a trend and it's almost become now part of our everyday life which is a

great thing there are more brands than ever before making their mark in ethical

fashion and some of them are doing it incredibly uniquely the one thing I

think will really notice moving forward is there'll be less distinction between

summer and winter collections there will just be a collection of beautiful pieces

that are made to last but also made to be worn in summer or winter so for

instance looking at the summer 2020 runway shows there were some beautiful

slip dresses worn with a cardigan over the top it's all about focusing on

quality before you even think about the season and it does seem that fashion is

following suit and they're realizing that we might well need a big chunky

cardigan throughout summer there are so many beautiful ethical and sustainable

fashion brands out there at the moment creating really beautiful collections so

here's just a few of my favorites I'm ever so slightly obsessed with the

Doen collection it's soft and feminine with an edge of California cool just

love it. Mud Jeans have made great strides in the sustainable production of their

jeans since their launch in 2013 I really like their skinnies and of

course their Flares a firm favorite. Veja not only produce

some of the coolest trainers around but their dedication to sustainability

surpasses many of their competitors. Everlane motto is radical transparency and

they go to huge lengths to be as ethical and sustainable as possible I'm a big

fan of this brand one of New York's most influential designers Gabriella Hearst

focuses her collection on an honest luxury ethos Sezane has to be one of my

favorite brands period so the fact that they're making a massive effort to be

even more sustainable is really the icing on the cake tailoring is another

big hit of this season and we saw some beautiful masculine shapes on the

catwalk that are now filtering down to High Street now as you can see I don't

have to wear a suit for work but that doesn't mean the trend hasn't completely

captured my imagination so here's my edit of the best suits from the high

street and with the designers at the moment I love love love this label RAEY

available at matches fashion how gorgeous is this pair of trousers I'll

care have added a playful twist to their oversized blazer but I think it works

just as well with a pair of slim line trousers mango again really on point

this season and I love this double-breasted structured blazer

a little bit of sparkle from me and em which is currently on sale at Selfridges

at the minute I always really highly rate Reiss for the quality of their

suits and I thought these hardly wide leg trousers were gorgeous. The savvy

shopper will be picking up slip dresses at the moment it might still be cold but

those clean nineties lines will be knocking on your doorstep anytime soon

for winter I tend to do a lot of layering

I put maybe a long sleeve top underneath definitely a pair of tights maybe some

ankle boots and even a lovely cardigan draped over

the top of it I spotted quite a lot that I liked so let me show you the best ones

I found I love the simplicity of this black lace trim version by cami NYC I

found this washed silk satin slip and a beautiful shade of green now with 50%

off I found - I liked at under the story's one in blue and one in this

lovely shade of copper and more than anything I really like the color of this

one from Topshop

Raey again however is my absolute favorite with their dip hem

interpretation available at matches fashion on the knitwear front it's a

little bit of everything we said before buying the best quality knitwear you can

afford so that those items truly last you now depending on your preference

there's obviously cashmere but if you're on a bit more of a budget I personally

really like the feel of them you know against my skin and I really love the

look of items with an element of mohair in them I think they look so luxurious

in an outfit lots of brands are now creating beautiful knitwear from

recycled yarns and I also really like to have like a big chunky knit almost like

a boyfriend cardigan in my wardrobe at any given time color wise it doesn't

seem to matter too much it's all about the quality but from a personal point of

view I love white in winter I think that looks really really chic no matter what

you're wearing anywhere else I personally really really love baby blue

and also baby pink but again if you're looking forward to spring/summer 20 when

our weather is very unpredictable I would say go for a blue or maybe a baby

blue they're very flattering against most people's skin tone and you know

it's probably going to be one of those big color trends this season so I'll

stop waffling now and show you my favorite pieces of knitwear I found

recently beautiful soft grays and Pink's by Duffy New York a gorgeous pop of

color by Amanda Wakeley

this one I have by H&M premium collection in that soft blue tone

another soft blue but this one by Evelyn I've got a couple of their cashmere crew

necks of course I love the 1970 Bella Freud jumpers this one featured in navy

and that perfect laid-back chic with this shawl belted cardigan by Ray so

hopefully that's given you a bit of clarity about the trends of this season

it can get really confusing every magazine I pick up seems to say

something different but the trends that I've mentioned I will definitely be

incorporating them into my own wardrobe as I think they're a safe investment

don't forget to let me know in the comments section your thoughts on all

the trends for this winter and as we move forward to spring/summer 20 what

are you most looking forward to and what are you dreading it hazard a guess I

know what most people are dreading starting with Bermuda shorts it's always

really nice to hear from you if you're not already subscribed it would be

lovely if you could do so it actually really helps my channel if you can

because then I can make more content which hopefully you will enjoy you can

also find me over on Instagram freshener and style edit and I shall be back in a

couple of days with another fashion video for you take care and hopefully I

will see them