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Today is Vlogue.

It's 7:46pm.

I bought rice because I was hungry for 153,000 dong

I bought some rice because I was hungry.

It is a famous rice group in Vietnam.

I don't know if it will taste good.

( Rice Function Test)

Oh, 300 grams of bread. This one costs less than 1,000 won.

500 won bread is usually 500 won (four buns, 2,000 won).

I can buy these for 500 won.

You can't go to the mart when you're hungry.

Because I'm so hungry (three chocolate bars cost about 2,400 won).

vin Mart Vietnam

If you search for empty groups, you will find many things.

Empty name is Bean.

The contents are not empty.

It's an easy word with the 7-up lemon in question.

I didn't. I didn't peel it. I made a knife cut in here.

I still can't get it out.

How can I eat this?

E.T. E-C.-

(It was really hard.)


I kept turning,

Does your hand look red?

The white arm of mine was burnt black.

Today is the war.

It's a war!


Benefit (I've been struggling to get it real)

What's wrong with you?

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