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I'm Julianna McKannis sitting in for Clifford Bains

who is regaling the interns with tails of his days at sea.

Reality shows like "Flavor of Love" and "Rock of Love"

are more popular than ever.

But a new study by the American Media Institute

suggests that these shows may be setting unrealistic levels

of skankiness for our nation's skanks.

Yes, every night skanks across America are watching reality TV skanks

hanging off of stripper poles, and vomiting into hot tubs.

Oh, look. The average skank can't keep up with that.

And statistics show that only 2% of skanks will ever even ride

in a stretch Hummer limo, let alone pass out in one.

These shows are not negative, they are empowering.

Oh, come on! - Absolutely.

They are. They teach young skanks that if they really try,

someday they can take a crap on the floor of a beautiful mansion.

Marley, these shows are basically teaching a skank to believe,

I have to drink Jägermeister shots out of another skank's

infected double pierced belly button,

or I'm not good enough. - Well, if these show-

If these shows make skanks feel bad,

then skanks can change the channel.

Now Lesly, you've written about your own experiences as a skank,

isn't that right? - Yes.

You used to be a skank? - Yes.

When I would turn on the TV and see a skank on a dirt bike

in a tube top, mini skirt, no underwear,

trying to win an exclusive date with a C-list celebrity

who wouldn't even remember her name, it hurt,

because I knew that I could never reach that level of skankiness myself.

Some say one of the more damaging aspects of these shows

is that they teach skanks to talk shit about other skanks.

To call each other fake, to steal each other's leather boots.

Spit in each other's faces like Punkin did when New York called her a

motherf#*king whore. - Yeah, skanks need to learn

to support each other.

Because they baby daddies ain't gonna stick around after the baby's been born.

Well, then it shows that the FCC should cut off all shows that

pit skank against skank. All contests gone.

Look, Lesly, I know she had a bad experience, but come on.

What? What? You don't know me. Don't act like you do.

Step off, Lesly. - What?

Step off, bitch.

What did you call me? - Hold on, she called you a hoe.

What are you gonna do about it? Step up. - She just called you out.

You don't disrespect me. - You hoe.

You a hoe. - You a hoe.

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