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Welcome everybody to Zina's Kitchen

Today i have brought you something that is made daily

In Arabic countries and in European countries

Which is rice

Today we have two types of rice

The first rice is called Do Ghazal Basmati

The extra long

Then we have the second rice which is Do Ghazal Basmati

Which is the sella version

And we also have the Dutso ghee

This ghee is made out of cow milk Which is made in Holland

This is the highest quality ghee you can find

This ghee is 100% natural, pure and halal

It is very delicious, it fits very well with rice, desserts, biscuits or any meal

Special thanks to Hanna Foods for sponsering this video

The brand Do Ghazal for the rice and Dutso for the ghee

The first type of rice is the sella which is creamy coloured

And the more water you give it the better it becomes

This type of rice is the best for any Arabic dish

The other rice is the extra long white rice

Because this rice is steamed it doesnt need much water

And this rice that is Do Ghazal has been certified for European food safety quality

Today we will see how to cook both of these types of rice

Also i forgot to say that this rice is very healthy

Ofcourse this rice is free of pesticide which is compatible better than other rice

As i said today we will see how to cook these types of rice with our Dutso ghee

Which is very light for the body at the same time being very tastey

The smell is natural and is so appetizing

When you cook with this ghee in any food the smell will swarm the entire house with deliciousness

The first step to differentiate between these types of rice which both are basmati, Indian and a long grain

except one of them is extra long and that is the one i will be cooking with

And earlier today i soaked a cup of rice in some water

A cup of this rice right here

I soaked it for about half an hour

And now i will be cooking it

Ofcourse the way to cook it is very easy

it doesnt take more than 8 minutes

The normal way which is ghee salt water and rice

But the first 3 or 2 minutes you get the rice to boil

then you turn it down to a lower fire and let it cook for 6 minutes

I cook it as usually

and then I take it off the fire and put it aside.

And leave it aside for five minutes

so it settles down and steams.

first thing I want to do is

I will add one spoonful of Ghee from the brand Dutso

let it melt.

My God, the smell is amazing!

And now I have the previous cup of the extra long rice that we soaked

I will add it...

I'll toss them carefully around

and then, I'll add half a spoonfull of salt.

Plus, as previously said that

every portion of rice takes the sam portion and a half of water.

so I'll add the first portion and a half.

You'll recieve amazing results for the rice.

I'll cover it and leave it for a couple of minutes until it starts boiling

and then I will lower the heat of the fire.

The rice started boiling

and now I want to start mixing it slowly

and I'll cover them again

and I will lower the fire and leave it for five minutes.

It has been three minutes.

the rice has been cooking for five minutes in total.

and now,

I want to put this towel on top

youcan use any pieace of clean cloth

cover it with the lid and add pressure to it

and leave it on for 3 minutes

I put the fire out and I will leave it to settle down for five minutes

without the fire under.

The rice is complete

Lets see it together.

I will mix it slowly

and now, I will put it into the serving plate.

Look at the rice :D

it turned out amazing and really, it's the prettiest rice.

Of course, you can try it

you can find this rice in Holland, Belgium

Germany, in all Europe.

Plus in England.

Everyone has their own taste,

and now I will use some roasted almonds on top.

Maybe the video today is not an actual meal

but it is just to talk about this amazing rice that deseerves it's own video.

Because really, it's great rice

Try it, and share your work and have a nice meal

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