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[chill ethereal music]

[Chad] -So, if you haven't played Apex yet, [music diminishes]

you should definitely start. Because, not only do we have this amazing gun play,

and motion controls, I would say, Respawn, um,

spends a lot of time making the feel of our games really great.

And, that's the case with Apex. So, it's a great-feeling shooter.

But in addition to that, the thing that really sets us apart,

i-is our, um, lore and our storytelling,

and how we're, we put some much time and effort

into telling the story of the Apex universe, um,

or the Titanfall universe, right.

Th-the, previously it was the Titanfall and Apex, all set in the same universe.

And, what we tell th-the entire team is,

everything is through the eyes of the characters.

So, anything that we're doing, whether it's a trailer,

whether it's, uh, original, uh, programming piece on, like, you know, online.

Or, it's something, an event, or a, a mode in the game.

It's through the eyes of the Legends.

Some of the inspirations for Mirage were taken from,

from a developer on the team,

who actually worked, pretty heavily,

in the Legends and narrative part of the game.

The, sort of, egotistical, wants to be recognized and famous,

and be seen by others, is sort of like,

exactly who this person is.

But the, the egotistical, "I'm the greatest", um,

and, "I want everyone to recognize me",

is definitely, like, one of the developers on the team, so.

There's, there's frequently times when we're, like,

"what would this character say?",

and we'd just go ask him, "what would you say?" [laughing]

[Mirage] -Where's all my stuff?

[Chad] -We created a fake Legend, named Forge,

and we purposefully, sprinkled some Forge into our game build.

And then, sure enough, o-our season update came out,

and people saw some files in the game,

that were for this new Legend called Forge,

and we had a fake picture in there,

and we even put Forge in, in a hint, in one of our trailers.

And, that whole thing, was just to throw people off,

because, we were just like, kind of, frustrated that people were, like,

trying to get information out of our game, before we released it.

So, the team definitely likes to have fun with things like that.

The great thing about having Apex on Switch,

is, for me, I think it's that ability to take the game on-the-go.

Previously, you were locked to your computer or your console.

And now, for the first time, Apex is on a mobile platform.

So, you can still play on your TV,

sit on your couch and do all that good stuff,

but you can take it with you.

So, I think that's really awesome.

Another cool thing is, the support for the gyroscopic aiming,

for the motion controls. But, I think just in general,

it feels really cool, to just, point your, your, move your wrist, and aim,

instead of using the thumb-stick.

It's a new way to play Apex.

Yeah, we're really excited about Valk.

We've been working on Valk for a long time.

Ah, a little bit of inside information,

we almost released Valk in Season 7,

and we held, we wanted to make her,

you know, make sure she's right, and everything is good.

So, we're releasing her now, with Legacy.

She has jetpacks, which is like, th-

you don't really need much explanation for why that's cool.

Um, you can fly around the map, and, and um,

so yeah, I think she increases the verticality a bit, of the game.

We have other Legends who can get vertical,

for instance, Octane has jump pads,

and Horizon has the, uh, Gravity Lift.

Um, but Valk, it's different. It's more free-flowing control over that verticality.

And, you can fly, you have a jetpack.

Battle Royale can be a bit punishing at times.

You have a long period of investment, uh, into a match,

when you're looting and finding weapons,

and you encou- before you encounter,

uh, an opponent, and you might die, and have to start over.

And, it really just focuses on the core combat of Apex,

without the looting, and the drop, and, and the,

and the wandering around the map, and things like that.

So, it's, it's the condensed, get into a fight very quickly,

over and over, with the same three opponents,

until a winner emerges. And it's, it's a lot of fun.

Yeah, we're just thrilled to have reached a hundred million players.

It's, it's crazy. When we, when we built this game,

we thought it could take us a very long time to even reach one million.

And, we did that in the first day,

and very quickly hit ten, and now a hundred.

The cool thing about releasing the game on Switch,

is it brought in all of these new players, that had never experienced the game before.

And we're able to experience that again,

through all those new players eyes,

with hearing them come in for the first time ever, and talking about things that,

players hadn't necessarily been talking about for a little while because

they'd been playing the game for a long time.

[music fades]

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