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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Weird NHL Vol. 30: Blast off into the Second Round!

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the most shocking playoffs in memory continue into the second round yes these

are the playoffs gone absolutely crazy like two straight weeks of games there

is no telling how often this bad boy will go on tonight but I can tell you

one thing I will be ready well Mike said before the game that he would be ready

for the cannon that doesn't look like you're ready nor

tops Mike you were scared to death right correct me if I'm wrong

silence is golden earlier this afternoon David's apart and set the tone playfully

imitating the coaching staff even acting out what a coach's challenge might look

like if we have one here tonight but it was moments after that when we saw what

a real head coach looks like prior to a game John Tortorella calm composed and

focused at least for now Shane 3 ready for takeoff that's good

there look at what John Tortorella as he arrived in all of the haze in darkness

not every entry can be perfect and with a sense of humor he approaches the start

of game number four we know Abuna is Wella the guys showed

and looked like he might and its prior

the brass key hero

you should hear him down here he's talking to the players she's talking all

the time he's in heat yeah he's into it he's just talking to me right now he's

raving alone and the playoffs things change so quickly expect the unexpected

oh my god like that right there Kentucky Hamill they cried the final

curtis back when t is that not any credit and expect the unexpected I'm

telling you he lays this hard on the net look at the 50 something but get on if

you get me beat the breakout to Center and dump the puck in most of malfunction

for Bob oh boy and maybe cut look at that look at those eyes

my heart stopped watching this you see this bucket lands on edge and look at it

just go oh man to the left that's a nightmare but good recovery there by Bob

Roth ski he argued the whole way to the Box didn't wake up another power play

for the Avalanche coming up and obviously the big man doesn't like being

in the penalty box wants to not let us see him that's him behind his stick the

live look in the pitch for bread birds Draco saying it went off the Sagan way

that's straight up and over

the ice there's at least two have to be brother and sister folks and Asus just

like the to plot upon the ice looks like me when I'm on the airplane fighting for

that elbow kept it away from Spezza Gutterson up the middle looking for

Swartz puck deflected out of play Ezekiel Elliott helping the young man I

got it with a partner yeah it's a selfie it's good I don't make him feel better

oh yeah that's awesome he'll dig into the corner Spencer trying

to pull it off for Tuesday drops Lyndell down Lyndell dives Lyndell dice again

close the box for being Greg Louganis and then he dives again Esalen down just

old three times what an absolute first or two so fired up off the call hits him

again you see his head snap back I mean it's robber for to the arena's lip from

up here he says dive dive dive three dies inexcusable


if the unthinkable happens in either goalie gets injured tonight as it

happened in Game two the Hurricanes have an emergency backup police ready to jump

in he's 29 year old computer engineer Spencer Williams the NC State grad even

suited up earlier this season when Roberto Luongo went down although he

didn't actually end up going in the game Williams plays in a local men's league

that's him actually last night playing getting all ready his gear is in the

locker room right now ready to go but for now he's just an interested

spectator now plays it for Filppula back to the blue line a full circle

no bill he has a power-play goal but did it hit the output of the mentor the

inside all the horn went off it looked like it went in the net it looked like

Ryan pullin and put the islanders in the lead you can see that area right there

you see where the plastic is lifted that that's where it went

right into that little area

now the fans will sit back down there the collective brujon from the crowd as

they watch the replay or excited at all the SWAT handers lay it back down so far

angles one but stick Marcelle looking for Bailey

backdoor look at the spec position of slaving tried intercept

all the way over for burns that shot clock by Kerfoot who lost his skate

played his blood stars watch Kirkland he's gonna get in the lane on burns the

plates gonna pop weight out of escape Victor Club the neutrals almost fly

to get up and get back into play but no chance without a blade on the skates

Riley beside the Pietrangelo by Fischer and they weren't kidding about stick

besides look out another score this thing is going to knock the stick right

out of Ben Bishop ten

little push-off by Vince done and then Robert Gamez posted in touch my book

bullshit fish that it on

start the star is tied at 1 as Billington

didn't know where the putt bugs and it bounced erecting super low and that went

off the referee and back out in front and on a very odd play Binnington lost

his stick and the star stuck it in the back of the net a three quarter sheet

shot on vision no prob but then he turned it over and it's maroon he shoots

and that discombobulation went their way unbelievable they had a great big soggy

bag of nothing going on and this is a different game now on a nothing way

that shot clock Jones again and in close it is no goal there were some sticks

raised by Foligno but held by rats that put in this very close I think yeah

maybe in guys tulino was out near the blue line and he raised his arms and

said hey and look at the conversation Trask is having with her alley right

there if I know a pup went in I might say oh boy let's see if we get away with

it with 927 to go in the third attendee Panera's Jones with a shot that

was went up into the knitting nobody's side

buckner still up for grabs at the net

Kelly from Erin gets the goal but that pump goes out of play and hit the netic

it did and that's what Bergeron stopped

right there you can see the white food just behind but nobody saw and nothing

can be done about it Wow what a break I didn't know what

happened I didn't see a hit from that if I saw it then I would have probably time

to stick some chasing the Rex but probably better that I did see Nico

Ratna may just have missed on his best scoring chance of the night the

teammates and opposing players marvel at his puck handling skills where's that

come from well try the Scandinavian game of four bolts played with short sticks

that have ripple blades to premium on handling the bouncing ball with the

skill rentman played the sport four or five times a week and an organized

league from 5 to 15 years of age so this is where his soft hands come from but

they just were not soft enough on that last chance date pretty cool you know

it's a game and Zuccarello has been great like that too I keep turning

around told me his coach world for one we're having fun relax at one point in

the second period did you relax after Matt said that I do

he has it like such a like a pleasant smile on that mic yeah you're right

after yesterday when Martin looked left practice was that a setback necessarily

I don't expect him to not play but you know what I'm more practice right he's

what we talking about practice man what are we talking about practice so that

you'll be back here for Game seven what we will what gives you the confidence

that because we will

the Boston Bruins 3 the Columbus Blue Jackets nothing and in the series four

games to two this is as far as this franchise has ever been is there a sense

of accomplishment for you don't even go there does it no don't even go there

with me I'm not gonna listen to that about an accomplished man you get to the

second I don't you want to listen to her

reaches over the boards to pick it up Lovejoy loses his glove over the boards

it negates enticing did you imagine if that had an effect on an icing ball

faceoff in a game seven man oh man

whose have the puck Thomas off the wall shoots

put the city on his shoulders any sense under the

what can you say about the way your group handle the next three games and

ultimately advancing to the conference final pretty good job what do you make

of the opportunity to lies ahead of you it's been fun so I see where this is

going here I'll ask you one more about your line

what kind of zone are you three in we're good thanks

well that was worth the gym Foucault now a chance for Bailey his shot Josh Bailey

when you come in you just score a big goal and tied up and you've passed the

goalie on the top of his mouth yeah they're not gonna appreciate it I'm sure

Macklin he didn't appreciate it either she want to rattle the pots and pans a

little bit huh

five to win in a four-game sweep of the New York Islanders

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