Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Gators and Ghost Towns

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In the battle to protect the Everglades

from invasive pythons...

Look at this. Alligator nest.

Them big snakes are waiting for them little alligators to hatch

so they can eat up the whole damn nest.

Unforeseen obstacles put swampers to the test...

This look like the end of the line to me.

This thing is stuck.

Well, we might be camping out.

and lead to unexpected opportunity...

Looking for a snake.

Local landowners got a bounty on its head. $1,000.

Holy smokes.

in the ongoing fight...


-Ah, did he get you? -Yeah, he bit me, man.

between man and monster.

What is that?

That's an alligator!

Aah! Run! Go! Go!

On a remote dock in the southern Everglades,

Bill's got a new toy the crew's eager to take out on the water.

Big Bill!

What's up?

Hey, buddy!

You found us a boat?

Yeah, you wanted an airboat, we got one.

Ho-ho, nice airboat, huh?

You ran it lately? It's running good?

-Yeah, yeah. -Don't wanna get way out there,

and then something gonna break on us.

We know. We been out there stranded before.

What's the game plan?

I'm thinking at this time of the year,

alligators are making nests.


I think if we can get in here and ride around

and find some nests, we can catch pythons.


A baby alligator to a python is an easy meal.

And when they find one,

there's usually dozens of them right there.

-Yep. -That's a good idea.

Troy wants to go look for alligator nests

because of the hatchlings there.

He thinks the pythons are gonna go after the hatchlings.

I think his theory is pretty legit.

The hatchlings are five, six inches long.

A python can eat a dozen of them in one sitting,

and they're usually grouped together.

I think it makes sense.

Yeah, well, we're wasting time sitting here. Let's go get 'em.

Let's go, baby, let's go.

-Ready, brother? -Mm-hmm.

Bill says he knows where they got a lot of nests,

but they more in the marsh.

You can't drive a truck or a buggy to 'em.

So he's got a friend that got a airboat,

and we gonna go out there and find alligator nests.

Let's do it, baby!


Bruce and Zak are on their way

to a very unusual hunting ground.

What you said,

they got an abandoned city back here

they was gonna build or something?

You're not gonna believe it when you see it.

They built all roads all through there, all through the swamp.

They had the whole town planned out

before they stopped building.

-Really? -Yeah.

They just didn't build no houses.

No. They just completely halted everything.

Building completely stopped.

Bruce and I are gonna go check out an unusual spot today.

It's an abandoned city.

They were gonna build a big subdivision community,

but before they could build the houses,

they found out it was a sacred Native American burial ground,

and the whole project got canceled.

Now it's just a really strange place

where you have all these roads, but leading to nowhere.

They're just out here in the middle of the swamp.

You think they gonna have snakes back here?

Gonna be a good place?

There's a couple of lakes back there

that they just dug out and built,

try and make some flatter land for the housing.

All the little critters go back there all the time.

It's 'cause it's guaranteed water.

And then all the snakes

are obviously gonna just follow them.

It's a pretty good spot.

I don't know.

This don't look like no city.

Don't look like it ever gonna be no city.

Well, it's all abandoned, you know?

Like people haven't been out here for years now.

All right, Brucey, here we are.

Crap. This looks like the end of the line to me.


This is it? That's as far as we go?

As far as we can go with the buggy, anyway.

Come on, let's get walking.

Let's get out of here.

Man, man, man.

Well, we pulled up and the first thing I see is a blocked road.

We cannot cross. This buggy will not go through that.

No way. So we just got to walk.

We finally got a good smooth road and we can't drive on it.

I know.

80 miles to the south...

Bill, Troy, and Chase are looking for alligator nests

where they believe pythons are feasting on hatchlings.

Although adult males can grow to over 14 feet long,

alligator hatchlings average only nine and a half inches

and an eighth of a pound at birth,

making them easy prey

for opportunistic predators like the Burmese python.

I think it opens up out here.

Yeah, look right in there.

Mama alligators like to get in shallow areas

to make their nests, to protect her babies from a big male.

Because a big male alligator will eat little ones.

So we making our way to more sawgrass and cattails

where we have a better chance to catch something.

Looks like a trail right here.

Hey, I think we might be where we need to be.

It opens up in front of us.

Alligators will usually nest in cattails.

And they take all the cattails and mound them up

and put their eggs in there and let 'em incubate.

We gotta look for the higher ground

where the nests are gonna be.

Oh-ho! Lookie here, boys.

Look at this. Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho.

Alligator nest. Lookie here.

That's what we been looking for right there.

Oh, yeah, buddy.

-Yeah. -And look.


Lookie here, Chase. Hell, yeah. Hey.

That's what those snakes are after, I bet you, huh?

Oh, Bill, one big snake can eat half of the nest,

maybe almost all of it.

And look, they had at least 20, 30 eggs in this nest.

And what we find, two alligators?

Two, yeah.

It could be that some snakes got 'em.

And maybe the mama can protect 'em and save 'em.

But I promise you, them damn snakes

are gonna wind up eating almost the whole nest.


-Son of a... -Yeah.

I don't even hear...

Oh, snake, snake! Over here!

-Where? -Snake!

Oh, yeah!

Damn, look at this!

Right by that nest. There he goes, there he goes!

Watch him. Watch him, Bill, watch him!

-There he goes! -Get him, brother, get him!

-Oh, yeah! -Whoa-ho-ho-ho!

Whoo, that's a big one!

Ooh, watch him, Chase! Watch him!

Don't let him get away.

Y'all get his attention.

Get him, Troy Landry!

Ooh. [laughs]

-Ooh. -Aah!

Ooh. Watch him, Bill, watch him!

Look at him, he's watching me. That guy wants me.

Now he's looking at me. He know I got his tail.

Oh, Lordy. Grab the tail, Bill.

-Got it. -Grab the tail.

I got it.

Ooh, he went after himself.

He don't know. He's just striking.

He don't know what the hell he striking at.

Yeah, he's some kinda pissed off.

Okay, watch him, Chase.

Get to your right, Chase.

Make him follow you.

Make him look at you.

There you go.

-Oh, God, now he's down. -Yeah.

He's in that strike mode, so...

Lord Jesus, help me.

You got him. Catch him, Troy.

Now's your chance right there.

You got him! Good catch!


Oh, I'm getting too old for this.

God sakes. [laughs] Who got the sack? Chase?

Capturing this massive Burmese python confirms Troy's hunch.

We ready? One, two, three. God, watch it, Bill.


Good eagle eye, Chase Michael.

Good catch, good grab.

I guarantee you, by every nest,

they most probably got a snake waiting

for the chance when the mama lets her guard down,

they gonna go in there and eat them little hatchlings.


It was a python, at least 11- or 12-foot python

10 feet from the nest.

And she knew

they had two little baby alligators left on that nest,

and she wasn't leaving till she got 'em.

It's terrible. Them pythons don't belong out here.

They putting everything out of whack.

Where we gonna hunt, Bill?

We gonna keep going this, try to find a couple more?

Yeah. Yeah, where do you wanna go?

Maybe we should split up to cover more ground.

Yeah, good idea.

So I think Imma go back to the airboat

and just go a little further down.

All right, well, we'll hit this

where that rainbow's coming down.

That's where the pot of gold is.

At the end of the rainbow. All right.

Imma go to the beginning of the rainbow.

Okay, let's spread out.

Yeah, let's just go do that

and meet back in a couple hours.

We wanna cover some more ground,

so we sent Troy in one direction,

and Chase and I, we're gonna stay in this area

and see if we can find a nest and more pythons.

Across the Everglades,

veteran swamper Bruce and his partner Zak

explore an abandoned housing development.

This is just like a big checkerboard out here then, huh,

with the roads?

Yeah. One road after the other after the other.

I say we go through the middle of it.

I mean, if we keep going that way,

we're gonna find the road that takes us to the watering hole,

and that's where we need to get to.

Well, let's go out through here then.

I say go through the swamp.

You got a better chance of catching a snake anyway.

There's not much high ground out here.

Almost as soon as we turn off this road, it's under water.

But with all the fresh water surrounded by these roads,

it attracts a lot of animals,

and that means the snakes are gonna be there, too.

Look like it's starting to get thicker over here.

Dude, dude, snake, snake! Hurry, hurry!

Get an eye on his head.

I see his head. I got his head!

I got the tail, hold on. Got him.

-Got him? -I got him.

-He's mad. -He's pulling me.

I can't hold onto the tail very long.

Just hold it, hold it!

I got him, though.

-You got it? -Yeah, I got him.

Look. Oh, crap, he's going up the tree.


Watch it, he's going up, he's going up!

He's going up the tree. Let him go.

-Let him go. -You sure?

Yeah,let him go. He's going up this tree.


get you?

-Yeah, he bit me, ma

-Dang. -Where's his head?

Watch it. He coming around the tree.

He's going up the tree!

-He's mine! -Go get him, then.

-I got him. -[laughs]

-Dude, you seen that? -Are you bleeding bad?

Nah, he barely got me. He barely, but he's a biter.

My adrenaline's pumping.

This snake, I mean, he bit the fire outta me.

After that, I was just really excited.

We had a personal thing going then, and I wanted this snake.

He doesn't like you.

I know. I don't like him either no more.

Dude, you see that? Look at my hand.

That's a tooth.

That tooth, it broke off in my skin. Look.

-Dude, that sucks. -Imma hold steady.

You grab it and pull that tooth out.

All right, hold his head away from me. Ready?

Okay, yeah.


-You got it? -Yeah.

They're like fish hooks almost.

You see that, how they curve?


Burmese pythons have four rows of teeth in their upper jaw

and two in their lower jaw.

Their sharp curving teeth

help them grab and hold onto their prey.

Let's get him in the sack, dude.

-You got the sack? -Yeah.

Ready? One, two, three.

It's yours.

Dude, he got me pretty good, didn't he?

Bruce's hand may be worse for wear,

but removing the invasive serpent

will protect the native species.

Farther south...

Damn, it's hot, isn't it, Chase?

Warm, buddy.

While Troy's scoping out other alligator nests in the area,

Bill and Chase focus their attention

on bagging more pythons.

Troy had a great idea--

hunt around these alligator nests,

and it's working.

We caught a python right within 10 feet of an alligator nest.

Ooh, snake! Snake!

-Ooh, right here. -Oh, yeah!

You got him?

Oh, yeah, look at this.

Ooh, watch him, Big Bill!

Well, he's pissed off, isn't he?


He's trying to get away quick.

He's going under.

Where is he?

He don't want to come up.

Oh, oh, right there. Yeah.

All right. I'm gonna try and get him now.

Come on. Ooh!

See how quick he turned?

Oh, what? He's not playing.

Ooh. [laughs]

Boy, he tried to get my face.

Don't worry about him striking, get him.

Good job, Big Bill.

-Good job. -I got him.

-Atta baby. -I got him.

Man, he was feisty as hell.

Watch him, buddy.


Good God.

Hey, what is that?

It's an alligator!

-Hurry. You got him? -Yeah, Oh, go, go, go!

Go, Bill! Go, go, go!

An alligator! Holy [bleep]! Good God!

Before I could even tie the dang bag,

something out the corner of my eye caught my attention,

and thank God it did.

It was the mama alligator, and she was coming in hot.

Big Bill and I were both high-steppin' it out of there.

My God.

That had to be a female guarding a nest over there.

It gotta be she got a nest in here.

My hands are shaking. Gol.

Man, we lucky.

Let's leave her be.

Back in the northern Glades,

Bruce and Zak continue hunting

the deserted town deep in the swamp.

Yeah, Imma go up through here, I guess.


You're not gonna get lost out here.

Long as you walk a straight line,

sooner or later you gonna hit a road.

It's like a big checkerboard.

We can search this square, move on to the next block, search it.

That way we not covering stuff three and four times, you know?

So I think we gonna do good out here.

Bruce, what's that moving in the water?

-I don't know. -Dude! It's a snake, right here.

Head right here, tail's right there.

Got his tail. I got his tail.

I got it. Ooh.

-All right. -Oh, golly.

Ooh, aah! Come on, man.

That was close, dude.

Come on, come on.

[snake hisses] Ooh, that thing is loud.

-Whoa! -Whoa!

Watch him, watch it, man!

-Whoa! -Man!

-Come on. -This thing's crazy.

Get him going your way, I'll grab his tail. Whoa!

-You got him? -I got him. I got his attention.

You got him? There you go. Sweet.

All right, I'll distract him. You ready?


I got it!

That was sweet, Bruce!


Fast hands, buddy. Come on!

Not a giant, but...

Although the hunters have removed

another invasive python from the Everglades,

Bruce isn't completely satisfied.

Any snake we catch is a good catch,

but we need bigger snakes.

The bigger they are, the more money we gonna make.

So I'm hoping we get into some big snakes back there.

All right, that's good.

-Let's ride, man. -Not bad.


Troy's closing in on another alligator nest.

All right.

We split up to cover a little more ground.

The chances of finding something if you split up

are a lot better,

but if you catch a big one, you need help.

I mean, I can catch

an eight- or nine-foot, 10-foot snake by myself.

But if I come across a 15-foot snake

that might weigh between 200 and 300 pounds,

you need help.

Oh, I see the grass moving!

Snake, snake, snake, baby!

Gol, thank God it's not a real, real big one.

Ha! Aah!

Dude, I was lucky to see this thing.

Look how he hides in that grass.

Oh, [bleep]! Aah! Hey! Hey!

Aah! Hey!

Come on, big boy, come on.

Aah! Whew!

I gotta get to that tail.


Oh, he's mad.




Ey! [laughs]

Oh, thank you, Jesus.

Where's my help when I need it?

This thing is wearing me out.

He's not a giant, but, man, that thing was fast.

He's young, just the opposite of me.

Them young snakes are the fastest

and I think the most aggressive.

It just--It takes a while to wear them down.

That's what we catching the most of around these alligator nests,

because a hatchling is easy for them to eat.

Although Troy's capture gave him a run for his money,

it allows the gators in the area

to breathe a little easier.

These things get your blood pumping, buddy.

And if this don't get you nervous, nothing will.

I'd rather face off a 12-foot alligator

instead of a seven- or eight-foot one of these things.

Farther north...

hunting in the abandoned city

isn't living up to Bruce and Zak's expectations.

See anything?


Bruce and I have caught a few average-sized snakes,

but it's not gonna put that much money in our pockets.

I'm starting to have doubts.

We're just not finding snakes like I thought we would.

Holler if you see something, man.

Oh, oh, up here, man. Look! Look!

Over here.

Wait, this one's fast. Hold on, hold on.

He's moving. I can't even see him. Where's he at?


God, these things look...

Where'd he go? Where'd he go? Where'd he go?

He's in here.

-He is fast. -He's just slippery.

The glare on the water, I can't see his tail.

Where's his tail? You see him?

-Here he is. -There he is.

-You got him? -Yeah.

Dude, don't let him go.

-I won't. -Dude.

That's a fast one. Be careful.

Whoa! You had him!

-He got me, man. -Did he get you?

-Did he get you? -He barely got me.

-Hold on. -Don't let him get you.

Hold on, I have an idea.

-Oh, you have it! -[laughs]

-How about that one? -Wow.

He's a little one. Wasn't quite as heavy duty.

-Fighting, ain't he? -Yeah.

-Golly. -All right.

I like this, man, but we need something a little bigger.

Yeah, this is definitely not what we're after.

This snake is so fast, it about wore us out.

So I just don't know

if it's worth it catching these little ones.

I mean, for the amount of work we doing

to catch these little ones, it's just tough.

We need to find some high ground

if we're gonna find some bigger snakes.

Let's go drop these snakes off at the buggy

and maybe hit the other side and see what's over there.

Okay, yeah. Let's go.

Let's do it.

All right.

You hear that?

Yeah, what is that?

It sounds like a car or something.

A car?

It's a buggy. Listen.


What's going on, fellas?

Not much. What's up?

What y'all doing out here?

Snake hunting.

How'd y'all get back here?

-We walked. -It's a long walk, huh?

-A hell of a long walk. -We walked.

I bet.

How'd you get your buggy in here?

Hey, when you been down here as long as I have,

you find your ways in.

I mean, we had to walk like three miles to get back here,

and this, dude comes driving up on his machine.

You could just tell he's used to being in these swamps and stuff.

Looking like y'all did pretty good.

We caught a couple, but we're not doing too, too good.

Nothing real big. A couple's better than none.

Well, back there, Black Marsh,

there's been a rock python reported.

-A rock python? -Really?

Local landowner's got a bounty on its head. $1,000.


Supposedly, it got one of his dogs or cat or something.

I'm not too sure the details.

Dude, that's cash right there.

Growing up to 20 feet long, the African rock python

is Africa's largest snake and a notorious man-killer.

Like Burmese pythons,

these monsters were exotic pets released into the wild.

This dude's telling us

about this place called the Black Marsh.

And he got a $1,000 reward for this snake out here.

So I'm thinking, man, we come back here,

we gonna make some money if we can catch that snake.

How far back is it?

It's a good little ways.

Is that y'all's big buggy back there?

Big green one? Yeah.

It's a little bit past there.

Keep going and then you'll come up to this big cypress head

-with a bunch of air plants. -Okay.

Just behind there is where it was last seen.

-Really? -Yes, sir.

-All right, man. -So that's not too far.

-Absolutely. -Appreciate it.

Let's go, Bruce.

Dude, I'd love to catch me a big snake like that.


Let's go try it, dude. That's all we can do.


Damn, it's thick.

After a frightening run-in with a mama gator,

Bill and Chase continue hunting cautiously.

Chase! Right there!

Snake! Snake! Right there. Right here.

Oh, oh, gol...

I lost him. I lost him.

I lost him.

Where'd he go?

There he is. Right here, right here.

Whoa. Watch out.

Whoa-oh! Watch him!

He was right under me and I couldn't see him!

God, he's fast, isn't he?

Want me to get him?

Yeah. I'll grab him and you catch him.

Boy, he's got his eye on you.

There's your chance right there.

There's your shot.

There's your chance.

Come on, you got him.

Oh, yeah.

God, that thing about got away from us.

-Got your bag? -Yeah, I got one right here.

Thought we lost him, running out here.


Well, he's trying to come up outta there.

Good job, bro.

-Making money, baby. -Yeah.


Trying to make my way back to the boat.

After catching pythons on his own,

Troy's ready to pick up Bill and Chase.

Oh, boy, here we go.

Man, this don't look good.

I think I might have went a little too far up on the hill.

Bill and Chase are gonna be waiting

a freaking half a mile from here for me.

Let's see if I can get this thing outta here.

Aw, [bleep].


I screwed up big time.

I didn't have nothing to tie the boat to,

so I pulled up on the bank.

I wanted to make sure the wind wouldn't blow the boat away,

but I pulled up too far.

Pulled up too far, think I got the boat stuck.

Let's see if I can get this thing outta here.

Aw, son of a bitch.


This thing is stuck.


This is where we left the boat, right here.

Yeah, it was right up here.

Where the hell's Troy?

Troy Landry!


for Troy and the airboat.

Chase, I'm coming!


I got the boat freaking stuck.

Good job, Troy Landry. Atta baby.

I think I pulled it a little too far.

I can't get it off the bank. Maybe you can.

How far back is it?

Half a mile to the north of here.

-Let's go, let's go, come on. -Yeah.

Enough talking about it. Let's go.

I couldn't get it off.

I tried for about 10 minutes and I gave up.

I just-- I come a little bit too far.

I didn't know they had a hump here.

You picked the highest ground out here to try and go over it.

I do what I did.

Ray Charles could have seen not to pass right here.

Chase, oh, my God, he let me have it.

It was like the end of the world.

His daddy messed up.

I'll never hear the end of it with Chase Michael.


Try it, Bill.

Nope, this thing's stuck.

-Oh, God. -I hope one of y'all

got a pack of matches or something in here,

'cause we might be camping out tonight.

Mm-hmm. We can't walk out 'cause we airboated in,

so our option is to get the boat out or to camp out.

And he got this boat so stuck, we're gonna have to camp out.

Yeah, my buddy, you know,

he knows we were supposed to be back tonight.

If we don't show up tonight,

then maybe in the morning he'll come look for us.

With no way to move the airboat

until the tides rise or help arrives,

they're stranded.

75 miles to the north...

It's pretty back here.

Bruce and Zak are in Black Marsh

hoping to capture an aggressive rock python

with a pricey bounty on its head.

Look at all the cypress. This is it.

Well, this bounty snake here,

it's got a bounty on it for $1,000.

And I think what it is,

it ate one of his pets or something like that.

It don't matter to me.

The dude's gonna give us $1,000 for it, I'll take it.

Dang, man. This is getting pretty thick back here.


I don't know how we gonna see a snake in this mess.

Oh, ho! Bruce! Right here! Curled up.

He's leaving, he's leaving. I got him! Wow!

I got him, I got him, I got him!

Dude, that's a big snake.

That's not a rock python.

Yeah, it's a big one, though.

Hold on a second.

-Look at his eyes. -I know.

They're all glazed over. He's watching me, man.

He can still see me. His eyes are a little--oh!

Dude, he was fast. He almost got you.

-Yeah, hold onto him! -I can't, I can't.

He's slipping, he's slipping!

He's just grabbing onto these--

I'm losing him!

I lost him, I lost him!

-Whoa, dude! -He's up here! He's up here.

He's holding on hard.

Wait, wait. Hold on. Hold on.

His eyes are glazed over. He doesn't see where my hand is.

Whoa, he sees me. Yeah, he does.

Just grab him. You got him, man.

-I'm not grabbing him like that. -Why?

He's gonna hit my neck before I can get around his head.

He's stretching out.

Grab him. I got him.

He's wrapped up in the trees. Oh, he's gonna strike!

Grab him, man. Come on!

-I can get-- -Whoa!

Grab him, grab him, grab him!

You got it, you got it!

Aah! Ooh, he almost got my hand.

Dude, you almost got you some teeth.

Dude, this a good snake.

-Yeah, it's not bad. -I mean, he's nine, 10-foot.

Yeah, for sure that's not the bounty snake.

This is a pretty big snake. It's about 11 feet.

But it's not that rock python

that we're looking for to get that $1,000 bounty.

A rock python, it's a lot more aggressive.

Although they haven't found the rock python yet,

this big snake is welcome cash in their pockets.

We're gonna have to hang it and bag it and keep looking.

Let's go, dude.


Further south,

since Bill, Troy, and Chase are stranded

after getting the airboat stuck,

they refuse to sit idly by.

Lead the way, Bill.

We're sitting at the boat getting ate up by mosquitoes,

so I told the boys, hey, we're here to hunt, let's hunt.

Instead of boo-hooing at the boat that we was stuck,

make the best out of a bad situation.


Hey, Dad! Whoa, a snake!

-Oh, hey, I got two of 'em. -What?

-I got two of 'em right here. -Oh, my God.

Two? Together?


against double trouble.

Ooh, I got this one, Bill.

Yeah, I got his tail.

Dude, look at this, Chase. Two!

Okay, watch 'em, watch 'em. Let's get 'em one at a time.

Okay, y'all get that one, and then Imma hold this one.

Then y'all can come catch this one.

Gotta burn 'em out, though.


Watch him, Bill.


-[hissing] -Aah! Yi-yi-yi!

This one don't want to cooperate.

Aah! Aah!

Go, Bill, that's your shot.

There you go! There you go!

-Got that one. -Good job.


You got that other one, Troy?

Oh, yeah, I'm holding him, I'm holding him.

I ain't letting him get away.

We got one in the bag.

This one keeps trying to get away from me.

Gimme the tail. Let Big Bill distract him.

-Let him-- -Aah!

Good God, he about got your jewels right there.

There you go, Troy, there's your shot.

Yeah, right. I'll get a shot all right, by about 99 fangs.

Hold him right there. Hold him right there.

-Hold him right there. -You got him. Catch him, Troy.

Oh, God. Aah!

-[laughs] -Damn.

Ooh, that was scary.

I don't know if they were mating

or fighting over something that they had caught.

You know, like alligators, if one catch something

and there's another one close, they'll fight for it.

All I know is we caught both snakes,

so that was an awesome catch.

All right, here we go.

The hunters have found the valuable silver lining

in their unfortunate situation.

That's about $500.

-500 bucks for them two? -Yeah.

Good job, Chase Michael.

You and Bill can get each a 50 and I get 400.

'Cause not anybody can get an airboat stuck like I did, dude.

And you did it good, too.

I think your penance

is gonna be you gotta push it out by yourself.

Oh, no. I'm tired, though. I'm ready to go in.

-Y'all lead the way, boys. -Right over here.

I need to go and try to take a nap at the boat.

Back in Black Marsh,

Bruce and Zak have captured another Burmese python

but are still on the lookout for the wanted rock python.

Let's walk on this way.

Dude, dude, a snake!

-It's a big one. -Another one?

Yeah! Come on. It's a big one.

I seen him going through here.

It's right here somewhere. This is the big one.

I seen a big snake moving. This is a huge snake.

It's got to be the bounty snake, it's just got to.

I'm telling you, the snake's right here somewhere.

Bruce! Bruce, it's right here. Come on.

Tail! Right here! Tail right here, Bruce!

Where'd he go now?

His tail went around this tree.

He's right here. He's in here for sure.

There ain't nothin' moving in here.

That's $1,000. Right here.

Within 100 yards, there's $1,000 sitting in the weeds.

But 100 yards

is like a itty bitty needle in a big haystack.

Let's just walk around here in circles.

-All right. -Hope we can kick him up.

Go that way. Imma go around here.



You got no trails?

I don't even have dirty water.

I ain't seeing nothin'.

I don't know why we can't find it,

but I don't care.

I'll go all night long,

whatever it takes to catch this snake.

I want this money.

Dude! Dude!

-Huh? You find one? -Come here!

This thing is huge, dude.

That's a rock python!

Grab it, grab it!

Oh, my God, this guy is strong.

Dude, how long is this snake?

-I don't know, but he's strong. -This got to be the snake.

I can't hold onto this, Bruce. Bruce!

I don't know what to do, dude.

You got his head!

Oh! Watch him!

Man, he's taking off through here. Grab him!

God dang it!

Here we go, Bruce. Here we go, Bruce.

-Aah! -Aah!

-He's coming your way. -Grab his tail.

-Grab his tail! You got him? -Yeah.

Hold it. Hold what you got. Hold what you got.

Dude, that's your-- that's your chance.

-Oh! -Whoa! Be careful, Bruce.

Dang it, man.

That son of a gun ain't nothin' but mean.

Oh, my God.

I can't hold onto him.

I know. He's nothin' but power.

Aah! I can't hold him on.

-I can't hold onto him. -I'm pulling him out of here.


Dang it, come on.

Grab his tail. Imma grab his head over here.

Okay, okay. Be careful, careful.

Wind him back some.

Foaming at the mouth. He's fixing to strike.

Dude, I got to catch this snake. I want him bad.

Grab him, Bruce, right now!

-I got him, dude! -There you go.

-Dude. -Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Do not let go of that head.

I'm not. Dude, this son of a gun is huge.

Oh, my God.

This is definitely a rock python, right?

-Yes. -Dude.

-Dude, hurry! -I got you.

-Dude, get him off of me! -I'm trying.

Get him off!

This rock python was wrapped around my arm

and I could feel my hand getting numb.

That's how tight he was squeezing.

It's like we had 10 snakes in one.

-He's nothing but muscle. -You ready?

Although their hunt started off slow,

Bruce and Zak finish the day strong

by eliminating a dangerous and invasive predator

from this part of the Everglades.

Dude! Dude, this is the money snake.

This is him. It gotta be.

Wow, dude, I'm pumped.

-I'm a little tired to boot. -Yeah.


It feels really good to come home with a snake.

Got that invasive species out of Florida's waters,

and we caught a big old bounty.

A $1,000 check, that's some big money.

You ready to go home? Let's hit it.

God, you got some meat in that bag.

After a long but rewarding day,

Bruce and Zak head back

to collect their bounty and get some rest.

80 miles to the south,

Bill, Troy, and Chase are still stuck in the swamp

waiting for help to arrive.

[engine revs]

You hear that?

There's our rescue.

-That's your buddy? -Yeah.

About freaking time.

We spend the night out there, morning comes,

you can hear Carl's airboat coming to get us.

And it's a big relief when you know you got help coming.

Well, I figured you'd be here first thing this morning

when we didn't show up last night, but--

You know how the wife is, man.

I can get here when I can get here.

Aw, man.

I done got ate up. I'm dehydrated.

You're still alive. That's all that matters.

If you don't get the boat stuck, then we don't have this problem.

I guess y'all don't have airboats in Louisiana?

You think you can pull us off of here if we--

We're gonna give it a heck of a try,

and we'll see what happens.

To make us sleep out here,

deal with these mosquitoes all night,

I could sure feed Troy Landry to 'em.

I could offer him up as bait sometimes when I think about it.

We'll tie one here and one there and we'll just make a bridle.

-Okay. -With Carl's help,

the hunters improvise an Everglades tow rope

to free the airboat.

-Prop is clear. -Prop's clear?

-Yeah. -Chase, you clear?


-Whoo! -Whoo!

You can't drive no more.

Your driving privileges have been suspended.

No more driving for me? [laughs]

All right, we got everything?

We got our snakes? Let's get the hell outta here.

Want me to drive, Bill?

No, I got it, Troy buddy. I got you.

With the airboat finally freed, the swampers can head home,

although Troy may have lost

his airboat driving privileges forever.

The Description of Gators and Ghost Towns