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>>Randy: Hello, I'm Randy Ritzenthaler with R squared renovations. I'm a general contractor

in Dallas Texas. Today what I'm going to show you is how to install a few different kinds

of sheet rock anchors to hang pictures art work, anything like that you want to hang

on the wall. 9 times out of 10 you can't find a stud where you want one.

What I'm gonna show you is a few different anchors that all have low grading on them

for just about anything you want to hang. We'll start with the most light weight, which

is for light weight pictures or something up to 30 pounds.

It's essentially a hook with a nail at an angle and it doesn't get any easier then that.

Hold it up to wherever you want. The nail will go down at about a 45 degree angle. And

you just tap it in like that. That's for very lightweight pictures or artwork.

Going up in weight, they also make that same anchor but this one is good for up to 50 pounds,

same concept just a larger nail and hook. After that we have a screw in they call them

zip in anchors or a trade name would be easy anchors. You can find them in any home improvement

or hardware store. The plastic part screws into the sheet rock then you put another screw

inside it. You can put them in with a screw driver. I'm going to use a battery operated

drill. Wherever you want to put the anchor you just

put it up there. Screw it in until thats flush with the sheet rock. If you're hanging pictures

you can put that in until it's about an 1/8th or a quarter inch from being driven all the

way home and then that will hold your picture. Same context but a little bit larger. These

here say they are rated for a straight download of 300 pounds, I'm not quite sure if I believe

that but 300 pounds straight down means a sheer load. It also says it's good for 180

pounds pulling straight away from the sheet rock. All this is written on the package when

you buy them Same concept a screw in anchor what i'll do

is put this in then I will do is turn the display around and show you what I'm doing.

Just drive that in so it's flush. This actually comes with a machine screw. Put that in the

hole and start to thread it in. This has a toggle built into the back of it. What that's

doing as we drive that in is turning that toggle, I'll back this up so you can see what

it's doing. As that screw comes inside the anchor, it

actually turns this thing sideways. We'll pull that up and and tighten it against the

back of the sheet rock. So what it's doing is giving you a much bigger surface on the

back of the sheet rock to hold more weight. Once that's set there you have a lot more

surface area on the backside of the sheet rock to hold more weight.

The last thing I have is toggle bolt works on the same concept we just put in. It will

go through the hole and on the back side of the sheet rock it expands and we tighten it

up to where we want it to be. We recommend using these of ra heavier mirror, light fixtures

or any other heavier hanging you might have. We'll drill through the sheet rock. And you'll

start this toggle on about that far. You'll poke it into that hole and the toggle wings

will open up on the backside. And again with a screwdriver is the recommend way to tighten

this all the way up until eh washer is flatten with the sheet-rock. The reason I put this

washer on here is because I want to hang something on this , we don't want the head of the bolt

tight against the sheet rock. So what we do is get it to where we want it. Again if this

is inside the wall after you tighten it just pull a little on there and it will put pressure

on the back of that toggle. So we get that up close to where we want it.

Tighten it up. Let me move the display again, it leaves the head of that bolt sticking out

that way you can hang something on there. Or if you're going to bolt something flat

to the drywall, you can just tighten that up. On the backside of this, you can see that

toggle bolt has a large amount of surface area, holds quite a bit of weight.

That was a quarter inch bolt. They come in all range of sizes from 3/16 to 3/4's a pretty

wide range of loads a toggle bolt can hold. Thats about all the sheet rock fasteners I

have to show you today. If you have any questions you can always get any information from me

at our website unique mirrors online and I'd be happy to help with any project

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