Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jeep Cherokee extreme testing

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It's driven warm now anyway.

So, we are there.

Arrived on the Mastermilo test terrain. With serious material this time.

The forest is looking good for this vehicle.

That's true, lets see what it can do.

Well its in start position.

What we are going to do,

drive in that deep hole there.

Like that yes.

You aren't stuck are you?

I thought this car could do that.

But it is waterproof!


It's drowning

I think it took in some water -Let it dry for a bit, then we can continue

It's a green car

Better than a Prius

Let's see it it can jump this

Big machine and it's wet of course.. but we'll see

Yes, loose

Not bad, and its still in one piece

I can try again

That's good

That's how its done

There was still an airbag in this

That's a sign that it's going well.

Normally after a jump like this you tax the damage on the car, but in this case..

we tax the damage on the terrain

It's running better -should of done that sooner

We actually came here to break it, because it didn't function well


It's gotten better

Tip of the week

Never be to careful with your car.

Local fogs -It started as a sissy, but its become a true hero.

Above expectations

For the final judgment

Our test pilot Thijs is going for a round

over our special test terrain -Im putting the airbag back maybe I will need it.


thats wise, precautionary measures

Annoying, always driving in the fog

His fog lamp is not on.

You should see the windshield

Let's go there.. somewhere..

Are you a little bit careful with the windshield?

Can't damage this glass can I?

I'm happy with it

It still works, I think dont give too much throttle. Keep it in one piece.

We should get it back on the road.


Put a mirror on it

new flasher

one more time, so we dont forget

Are the wheels in the back spinning?

I think the driveshaft is broken -I did this or what?

Yes you did! I am very careful with things

It still drives, but well.

It's not worth much like this.

prop shaft is gone..

where did the prop shaft go?

Are we finally happy with our good running Cherokee, is the prop shaft lost.

What am I hearing


But we have got it back

That's the most important -sorry

Yes you, I kept it in one piece the whole time. I was careful.

Walk on that slope, I hope you fall in.

Yes, but then you can get the prop shaft out of the water.

Yes you don't have anything.

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