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- [Jennifer] From fluffy pink drinks

to an unusual way to make pizza,

in today's new video I'm going to be making

each one of my kids his or her own special lunch.

Now for these lunches, I'm also going to be testing out

as many food hacks as I can.

So come along with me today as I share

a bunch of fun lunch ideas, and definitely stay tuned

to see whether or not these food hacks actually work.

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Hey everybody, Jennifer here with The Family Fudge

and today I'm going to start

with my oldest daughter McKenzie's lunch first.

So for McKenzie's lunch I'm going to do something

a little unusual because I'm actually gonna start

by making her special treat first.

Now guys I'm super excited about this treat

because it's something that I've been wanting to make

for a long time, and it's based on the Dalgona coffee

drinks that you might've seen all over Instagram

and TikTok right now.

And it's basically whipped coffee on top of milk.

But for my daughter I'm definitely

not going to be making the coffee version.

She does not drink coffee.

Instead, I'm gonna try my best to make a strawberry version.

So what I'm going to use for this

is some strawberry Nesquik.

So to my bowl I'm going to add just one tablespoon

of the strawberry Nesquik powder,

followed by about four tablespoons of heavy whipping cream.

And now I'm gonna try to whip this up by hand

just using my whisk.

Okay, so now that this is nice and fluffy,

it's time to put this drink together.

Now traditionally when I see pictures of this drink,

it's in a nice, clear cup, so I've got one right here

that I've already added ice to.

Now I'm gonna go ahead and fill this up

about 3/4 of the way with milk.

You can use any kind of milk that you like.

And then I'm going to very carefully

add all of the whipped strawberry topping on top.

Now I'll just finish this off with a fun straw,

a reusable straw of course.

Save the turtles!


And that's all there is to it.

Now at this point I'm gonna go ahead

and stick this drink in the fridge

so it can stay nice and cold

while I quickly prepare the rest of her lunch.

So for McKenzie's main course I'm gonna go ahead

and make her a BLESS sandwich.

BLESS stands for bacon, lettuce, and egg salad sandwich.

So that brings me to my next hack,

which is actually a really simple idea.

And it's all about the texture of the bread.

Now you guys have to let me know in the comments down below,

when you make an egg salad, a chicken salad,

or a BLT, do you prefer your bread to be nice and soft,

or do you like to toast it first?

For this hack I'm actually going to be combining both

and how I'm going to do this is basically just put

two pieces of bread together

before I add it into the toaster.

That way the outside of the bread

is gonna get nice and crispy, but the inside

is going to stay nice and soft.

So if you've ever been munching on a crunchy sandwich

and it's, like, cut the roof of your mouth,

this half toasted sandwich

is supposed to save you from that.

So now that McKenzie's BLESS sandwich is done,

I can go ahead and add it into her lunchbox

and then move on to her fruit and veggie.

For her fruit I'm gonna add in some delicious mango chunks.

And then in this back section

I'll add in some cucumber slices.

And I'm definitely gonna add a little bit of ranch

here on the side for dipping.

For McKenzie's snack I'm gonna add in

some of these Poppables.

These are so fun.

They're nice and airy.

They're super crispy.

And these ones are the cheese-flavored ones

which are definitely our favorite.

And then of course to finish off her lunch,

here is that whipped strawberry milk drink.

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Okay Kenzie, what'd you think?

- [McKenzie] I really liked the BLESS sandwich.

And I also really liked the drink.

- [Jennifer] Okay guys.

Next up I'm going to be making Jackson's lunch.

Jackson is my oldest boy and for his lunch

I'm also gonna start with his sweet treat first.

Which brings me to food hack number three,

which is an ice cream sandwich.

Now let me know in the comments down below

if you've ever seen this hack before.

Now basically you just take the entire pint of ice cream

and you just slice through the entire package

so that you're left with sort of a disk of ice cream

that you can turn into an ice cream sandwich.

Now even though a big, gigantic ice cream sandwich

sounds really good, I'm gonna try to make the mini version.

So instead of a big pint of ice cream,

I have this little guy right here.

And instead of big old cookies I have smaller cookies.

I'm gonna try my best here to slice up

the container of ice cream.

Then I'll just go ahead and add it

onto my cookies just like that.

Now I definitely don't want these little sandwiches to melt

so while I prepare the rest of Jackson's lunch,

I'm just gonna stick these in the freezer.

So now that that's done I'm going to move on

to Jackson's main course.

I'm going to make some rolled up grilled cheese sandwiches.

Now I've seen this idea all over the internet

but I've never actually tried it.

And I think it's because I'm kind of skeptical

whether or not it's going to work.

I'm really wondering if this is gonna fall apart

or if the cheese is gonna end up oozing out

all over the place.

So as you can see, I already started

by cutting all of the crusts off of my bread.

Now I'm gonna go ahead and take my rolling pin

and flatten them out.

Now it's time for the cheese.

And of course for a classic grilled cheese

I'm going with this super melty American cheese.

And I'm just adding one slice of cheese per slice of bread.

Now I'm gonna go ahead and roll these up.

And I'm going to add these

to a pan of butter that's already melted.

And I'm going to make sure to put these

seam side down first.

So hopefully these will get nice and sealed

and they won't fall apart.

And now once I have these grilled on all sides,

they're ready to go.

Now I think these turned out pretty good,

not too bad for my first try.

But honestly, I think making just a regular

grilled cheese sandwich would probably be a lot easier.

So now that Jackson's main course is done,

I'm going to use another hack

on some grapes and some tomatoes.

Now honestly Jackson is old enough

that I don't usually worry about slicing his tomatoes

or slicing his grapes, but I wanted to try this hack anyway

and it's basically a way to easily cut

a bunch of grapes or tomatoes at once,

instead of just cutting them one at a time.

So basically I just put the grapes between two plates

and then I very carefully sawed between the two,

essentially cutting them all in half at one go.

I'm gonna do the same thing with the tomatoes

and then I'm going to add them into Jackson's lunchbox.

For Jackson's snack, I'm going to add in some veggie chips

and instead of the regular shaped ones

I went ahead and got the Mickey ones.

And now to finish off Jackson's lunch,

of course I have this cute little mini ice cream sandwich.

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Okay Jack, what was your favorite part?

- [Jackson] My favorite part was the grilled cheese rollup

and the ice cream sandwich.

- [Jennifer] Okay guys.

Now that brings me to my daughter Lily's lunch

and recently I have to say, she's become

my most pickiest eater.

So I definitely kept that in mind

when I was planning out her lunch.

For Lily's main course, I'm going to be making

an interesting type of pizza.

Pizza is definitely one of those things

that she will never turn down, well almost always never.

So for her pizza I'm going to start

with some store-bought flaky biscuit dough.

And I made sure to get the flaky kind

because I actually wanna take this one biscuit

and I wanna gently tear it

into two pieces, just like this.

So basically, I'm creating a little pocket.

In here, I'm going to add just a tiny bit of pizza sauce,

not too much or it's probably going to leak

all over the place.

Next I'm going to add in some mini pepperoni.

And I'm going to finish it off

with some shredded mozzarella cheese.

Now I'm just going to pinch the edges closed like this.

And now comes the unusual part.

Instead of just baking these in the oven,

I'm actually going to stick this in my waffle iron.

Now believe it or not, there's actually

a lot of things that you can cook

in a waffle iron besides waffles.

And I actually do have a very old video on this

from like, two years ago.

I'll go ahead and link that down below

if you wanna check it out.

Okay guys.

So now that Lily's pizza waffles are done,

I'm going to move on to my next hack,

which is basically supposed to be

an easier way to cut a kiwi.

For this hack, what you're supposed to do

is start by cutting off the ends, like this.

And now I'm going to hold the kiwi with one hand

and I'm going to run a spoon around the edges

of the kiwi with my other hand.

Now I think this worked okay,

but honestly I think that this hack

really depends on the ripeness of your kiwi.

If it's too firm or if it's too mushy

this hack probably won't work very well.

Next, over in this section of the lunchbox

I'm going to add in some cucumber and some carrot.

And then I know that Lily definitely

is going to appreciate some ranch to go along with these.

And then for Lily's snack I'm going to add in

some coconut probiotic yogurt,

I'll just go ahead and add that right in here,

add some sprinkles on the top.

And then you guys, it's time for my next food hack

which is going to be Lily's sweet treat.

I'm going to attempt making an Oreo mud cake.

Now I've actually made mud cakes a lot before

and usually they turn out well.

But I'm honestly a little bit skeptical about this one

because there's only two ingredients

and those ingredients are Oreo cookies and milk.

That's it.

There's no flour, there's no eggs in here.

So I'm not sure if it's gonna work.

So I'm going to start by taking my microwave-safe mug

and to this I'm adding just four Oreo cookies.

Now you can use any flavor that you like.

Next I'm going to add in about half a cup of milk.

And at this point I'm gonna go ahead and take a fork

and I'm going to crush up the cookies, just like this,

until I'm left with kind of a gooey mess.

Next I'm going to pop this into my microwave

for about 75 seconds, and this is what I'm left with.

It actually smells really good, I do have to say.

I'm gonna go ahead and turn this out into a little bowl

just so I can see what the texture is like.

Hmm, it's kinda like a chocolate lava cake.

Okay guys, that is everything in Lily's lunch

and of course, afterwards, she's gonna let us know

whether she liked it or not.

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- [Lily] My favorite was the waffle pizza,

the lava cake, and the yogurt.

- [Jennifer] All right guys.

Now last but not least, I'm gonna be making

my son Griffin's lunch.

So I'm gonna go ahead and start making his main course.

And for this I'm going to need a mug.

Now to this microwave-safe mug

I'm going to add 1/2 a cup of elbow macaroni.

Next I'm adding 1/2 a cup of water.

And then a couple shakes of salt.

Now I'm just gonna go ahead and mix this together.

Then I'm gonna pop it in the microwave

for about two to three minutes.

Now I'm going to carefully remove this from the microwave.

It is pretty hot, so definitely be careful if you try this.

And then I'm going to add in the milk.

This is about three tablespoons of milk.

I'm also adding in about 1/4 cup of shredded cheese.

I'm also adding a little salt and pepper.

Then I'm going to stir this all together.

Now I'm just gonna pop this back in the microwave

about 30 more seconds or so,

or until all the cheese is melted.

Now check it out, you guys.

This is super cheesy, it was super easy to make.

You should definitely give this hack a try.

Now normally when making lunches

I'll put mac and cheese in a thermos

so it can stay hot until lunchtime.

But since my kids are eating lunch at home these days,

I'm just going to add this directly to Griffin's lunchbox.

Next I'm going to add in some melon balls.

This is cantaloupe.

And then over in this front section

I'm going to add in some avocado.

Griffin actually loves avocado, but I'm actually

gonna cut this a little bit differently.

Now normally, after you've cut your avocado in half,

gonna wanna remove the little pit inside.

And then most of the time people will go ahead

and just scoop out the center with a spoon.

But what I like to do is actually remove the pit,

then I'll go ahead and slice all the way

through the avocado like this.

And then I'll very carefully peel off the peel.

Then I can go ahead and cut it

into nice chunks, just like this.

So I'm gonna go ahead and add these avocado chunks

into the lunchbox, and then for Griffin's snack,

I'm going to fill in this center section

with Goldfish crackers.

And then last but not least,

I'm also gonna add in Griffin's sweet treat,

which is another food hack.

Now I'm actually kind of surprised about this one

because this is one that I've been doing for years.

But since I'm not sure everyone knows about it,

I'm gonna go ahead and show it to you right now.

Basically you start with a cupcake.

This could be a regular size, or a mini cupcake.

And normally when you're eating a cupcake,

it's kind of hard to get the perfect bite

of cake and frosting all at once,

especially if there's a lot of frosting on top.

So what I like to do is very carefully

tear off the bottom of the cupcake,

and then I put it on the top, just like this.

So basically you're left with a little cupcake sandwich.

So this is actually a lot less messy,

especially for little kids.

And I also think you get a better cake-to-frosting ratio

in every bite when you do it like this.

(upbeat pop music)

- [Griffin] My favorite part of this lunch was the cupcake.

I liked the mac and cheese too.

- [Jennifer] Now don't forget to give this video

a big thumps up, subscribe if you're new.

Thank you guys so much for watching

and I'll see you in my next video.

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