Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fighting for Human Dignity

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Elias Moo: My name is Elias Moo, I am 22 years old, a native of Oxnard, California.  My

parents were both born in Mexico, my dad migrated to the United States when he was 17 years

old, my mom when she was 16 both seeking a better life.  They were hard workers, my

dad worked in the fields picking strawberries.  I've come to celebrate both cultures that

make who I am as a person.
Fr. Daniel Groody: I am Father Daniel Groody, I am an assistant

professor of Theology at the institute of latino studies at the University of Notre

Dame.   Immigration is a very complex and difficult issue.  One of the things at Notre

Dame that we try and keep alive is the notion of the fighting irish.  The Irish were immigrants

themselves, the issue of immigration is not a new issue.  The struggles that people go

through as immigrants is something that we need to continue to reflect on.  

It's a complex issue, people on both sides of the border looking at each other and yet

not quite understanding each other and not quite knowing whats happening with each other.

Narrator: The University of Notre Dame and the Institute of Latino Studies challenges

students and faculty to address issues in the world in which we live.  One of these

issues, immigration, has been at the core of our development as a society and nation.

Today, Notre Dame is committed to finding solutions to complex issues like immigration.

Coming to Notre Dame has given me the opportunity to give back to my family, give back to my

community, in ways that I never thought possible.
Narrator: The University of Notre Dame asks what would

you fight for?
Moo: Fighting for human dignity.
Groody: We are the Fighting Irish.

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