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>>Crazy Nate: You thought I forgot about Toy Story 4 are you kidding me?

So here's the thing just the Second Chance Antique shop alone has over 10,000 individual items

and a lot those are obviously Easter eggs


so far I found over a hundred and fifty Easter eggs, and that's so far

so after date night and weeks of searching

I'm going to show you everything I found so far and since there are so many Easter eggs

This is gonna be a multi-part series

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Alright, alright, you don't have to wait any longer. It's time for everything you missed in Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4

(Intro music plays)

If you haven't seen Toy Story 4 yet I have to tell you showing off this many Easter eggs in a single movie

There's no way around it. That's right. There's going to be spoilers ahead

Spoiler ahead don't complain

or you'll end up dead

*wilhelm scream*

We start off the movie with a call to the first Toy Story by wiping the Toy Story 4 logo with Woody in the clouds

That's just how they opened the first one.

You can probably throw a dart anywhere in the movie and probably hit an Easter Egg

>>Bonnie: I finished kindergarten!

>>Crazy Nate: And Bonnie just finished orientation for kindergarten. So let's start off on the open road

The first stop on the trip is a gas station, now this would be very exciting first

stop except for the fact that it's a Dinoco gas station

just like in Toy Story and C ars and all the other Pixar movies

and the RV their driving is a

Tri-county RV

tri-county is notorious for being in Pixar films

Al's Toy Barn

is located in the tri-county area

and Riley plays hockey in tri-county

And that's just a few

the next stop is somewhere on the open road that serves food that requires little tartar sauce packets

that somewhere is none other than the Poultry Palace

This is the same franchise where Buzz became a lost toy in picture short Small Fry

And if you look closely in the window, you'll see they also sell the sword in the scone there

This is not to be confused with the sword in the stone of course

Actually, I think the marketing here is trying to juxtapose the two.

>>Forky: I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili

>>Crazy Nate: Chili?

This is a reference we already spoke about if you subscribed you already knew this

Chili is probably a reference because it was one of Walt Disney's favorite meals

he often made

Even while he was in the theme park

At the rest stop if you look closely we see a cup from the Poultry Palace because even virtual humans litter

>>Forky: I'm litter


Crazy Nate: And now Forky's lost forever

Okay, let's take a breather and go back to Happy Valley elementary school

There's a few things worth pointing out here

like Bonnies lunchbox

for example that has Reptilius Maximus

from Pixar short Toy Story That Time Forgot

even though neither her or her mom are ever seen carrying a lunchbox of any kind

Into the school

and it's clearly not in the backpack, right woody?

>>Woody: Sorry. You're right, you're right.

>>Crazy Nate: Now I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that's Al's Toy Barn lunchbox

of course she has one in her closet as well

And there's one in the second chance antiques

then if you look at the numbers high on the wall

you're gonna see they only go up to 20 and there have been exactly 20 feature films that Pixar has made making Toy Story 4

The 21st just luck though, right?

>>Obi Wan Kenobi: in my experience theres no such thing as luck

>>Crazy Nate: The carpeted classroom is also the same exact carpet that they use in the offices over at Pixar

and we have to pay close attention

here because a few moments happen in the background on the classroom though

and they probably hoped that you would have seen it

the kid tried to sharpen his brand-new pencil only to have the pencil sharpener eat the entire thing

Meanwhile, watch the bully that takes a craft supplies for Bonnie

if you rewind and watch just the bully the entire time you will see

The apple he is smacking on is an apple he stole from another girl in the classroom.

Then he didn't even eat the whole thing

Too bad we can't fit the bully in the pencil sharpener

Ok, I'm sorry, that was too dark of a joke. No worries

we can glue him back together again with glitter glue that was made in Emeryville, California

For those of us who are new in class Emeryville is the city where Pixar's located in real life

One thing that Pixar might have overlooked themselves in the classroom is the fact that there are 12 kids in the class including Bonnie

Yes, I double-checked but only 9 cubbies

so three kids are just fart out of luck

maybe if we had enough cubbies for all the students then this poor little girl here would have a place to store her stuff and

the bully wouldn't have an opportunity to steal her Apple

and I bet you his name is not Caleb because

Caleb is one of the production babies

It's possible that that's a book over here with Arlo on it

These board games that are on top of the cubbies are also the same games that were in Toy Story 3 in Sunnyside daycare

Playing & Spell, Grow and Go and even Number of Fun

Now let's skip school and go right back to Bonnie's room because it's more fun going out of order

Did you see any Easter eggs in the bedroom?

If you look at the Hatrack

you'll see it looks like a pencil drawing of the pixar ball in it

the cards at woodys playing in the closet also have a

Pixar ball as a logo on the back of them

also in the closet

We see old timer and someone here suggest a name for Woody's first dust bunny to be named Karen

>>Chair lady: What you gonna name it?

>>Old Timer: What about Dusty

>all suggesting: Francis, Harry Karren

>>Crazy Nate: Karen is the name of Josh Cooley's sister and he is the director

But the first time that we saw the old timer is in Toy Story of Terror

And if you watched in the end, he does escape the hotel but Bonnie doesn't take him with her

You'll see he escapes in the shipit' truck.

So is this a plot hole that Pixar made showing that Barney has old timer?


These are actually two totally different Old Timer Toys. It's not like they only made one in the whole world

These are actually pretty popular toys.

Remember they even their own commercial about them.

>>Commercial: Batteries sold separately

Another reason that we know they are two totally different old-timer toys

is in Toy Story 4 he is voiced by Alan. Oppenheimer

But in Toy Story of terror Christian Roman was the voice behind the old-timer

two totally different people for two totally different toys

Bonnie's pool floatie also has a Nemo theme on it. Now.

Now lets rewind even more and go to good old Andy

we see the Luxor lamp and the bug's life calender that we first saw advertised in Toy Story 2

and the Mickey Mouse wall clock makes another appearance

and over in his sister's room we see a drawing of rainbow unicorn from Inside Out

Now you may be thinking that one was a stretch and I can totally understand that

It's a drawing but I should also point out the color in the rainbow unicorns mane

It's the same exact order red purple blue green and then yellow

another moment we see here is the guy that showed up to pick up Bo Peep and her sheep

If you look at the license plate, it is RMRF97

Which is called back to the hot key an employee accidentally

hit deleting the entire movie of Toy Story 2

>> Thumb Wars: Luckily they included a button right here that'll blow the entire thing up.

>>Crazy Nate: Thankfully a different employee had a copy of the movie at home

So they rushed over to their house took the computer and saved Toy Story 2

quite literally

my question though Is this:

>>Thumb Wars Princess: Why would they include a button that could destroy their entire station?

>>Thumb Wars: You got me. if I was designing it. I would have left that out.

>>President: What idiot designed this thing?

>>Crazy Nate: There's nothing I found that was so secret on the long walk with Forky and Woody catching him up on life

So let's jump ahead to the town of Grand Basin.

The town is established in 1886

And even though Grand Basin isn't really a town. There is a Great Basin National Park and it was established in

1986 not exactly 1886 but Pixar was also founded in

1986 not 1886 so Easter egg?

Now I'm personally gonna say yes so I can count it as an easter egg

Another easter egg though that supports the idea of 86 in

1886 being Pixar is second-chance antiques

when Woody is walking up to the shop because he spotted Bo Peep's lamp

We have a moment to see the address hidden in the dark

if we turn the lights up just a bit

You can see clearly the street number is one two zero zero

Which is the same number of the Pixar building

1200 Park Avenue

On the wall of the building is PJs pop, which is the same refreshment company in Bug's Life

There's a ton of Easter eggs in the Second Chance antique shop

But you're gonna have to wait for part two to see them because we have a lot more to cover

Remember the Ship It truck from Toy Story of Terror?

Well, it made its way into the movie as well. And we see it parked in front of the Second Chance antiques

And yes, it's the same exact truck. We know this because the license plate matches up perfectly

So keep your eyes peeled in the movie for these toys that escaped Toy Story of Terror

But one detail at Pixar seemed to overlook is the sign.

Grandma puts it out in front of the store to the left of the door

But later on in the movie, we see it made its way to the right side of the door.

Ok bye for now antique shop.


let's hop on over to the RV park in Grand Basin because Bonnies family parked over there

and if you look at the RV parked

next to them it's made by Boundin

Which is the Pixar short about a lamb with a wise Jackalope

The park has its own Easter eggs as well and some of them stink

well not literally

Bo-peep skunk is battery-powered and it should come as no surprise that the battery is made by none

other than BnL now if you watch toy story of Terror, you probably recognize combat Carl

but he's not the full-sized combat Carl

He's combat Carl jr.

Now It is possible that it's the same combat Carl

We saw from Toy Story of Terror but if that's the case

He has new scuff marks on the back of his head because they were clearly not there in the other movie

One thing that's Carl's is the grape soda cap

that is obviously a reference to Up

One tiny story within a story that almost took place was officer McGiggles

>>McGiggles: Be right down!

But that's a subject for another day because we have way more Easter eggs to find

ok enough fun at the park

Let's go back to the show

the road show that is.

Remember Riley was scared of Jangles the clown and Inside Out

Well if you look closely you will see the carnival is using Jangles as a mascot

on all their products.

One of the best Easter eggs to find in Pixar movies is the famous Pizza Planet truck

Well, this guy isn't very excited about his job

Or maybe this is just because it's a second job and he works nights delivering pizza for the Pizza Planet

>>Pizza Planet Guy: Ride

>>Crazy Nate: That's right. This guy is crazy enough to get a tattoo of the pizza planet on the back of his leg

I'd say you'd have to be pretty crazy to get a Disney tattoo

>>Gaston: Crazy old Maurice

>>Crazy Nate: We end the shows woody following his heart and choosing to be a lost toy

betraying his loyalty to Bonnie because this fits Woody's personality


But before he does Ducky things he's going back to Bonnie because that would make the most sense for Woody's character,

I think.

So ducky says Happy Trails

>>Ducky: Happy Trails.

This is of course is a reference to Avengers

>>Iron Man: Happy trails kid:

>>Crazy Nate: I'm kidding the original reference was actually Roy Rogers in his radio and TV shows where he sings?

Happy Trails to you until we meet again

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