Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Super Mario Maker: Wall of Fire - PART 16 - Game Grumps

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Hey, I'm grump.

I'm not so Grump.

And we're the Game Grumps!

A: Alright D: Oooookaay

D: Here we go again A: yes

D: It's Jirard's A: I-I think I-


Level...A: I think I got the rythym of the rhyme

D: Absolutely, A: FuCK....Shhhit!

D: There you go. A: Check that shit, Check that shit!

But they're all alive still... :( D: MMmmmm

D: They ARE all-

*ded* A: Aug (save me) D: Super Healthy and happy

A: Mmm

D: Living lives of religious fufillment *siiigh*

A: Why the fuck is there a random brick right there? What tHE- AAaaaaah D:




A: I'm Literally doing the same thing over and over again

and uh- SEE SEE!

You know, sometimes they spit the FIYA D: *laughs*

A: Sometimes they don't spit the FWIYA!

D: The FWOOooyYAaaa



A: Come Ooon with the fire breath

D: It's amazing how in the original mario

D: One of those three things stacked up, at the beginning was the ultimate bad guy

And now here we are,

A: they just go BEH And then there is fuckin fire in front of them D: yep

*questioning sounds*

A: My name is bowser and I'm the ultimate bad guy *barfs*

D: There you go...

A: oh one of them [D: watch it] one of them died

A: HA!

HA HO! oH no! NO!



D: *laughs* Lord in Penis,

A: In my- Yes

A: He resides there D: you JUST have to take my word for it

A: hA HA HA Ha!!

D: Ok A: you have been foiled!

D: At least one of you has

A: That goomba just fucked me D: *snorty snorts*

A: The goomba just got me fucked D: goomba

You gonna- you tryin to fuck me goomba?

You tryin to fuck me? A: you tryin' to give me some fukin sass

Tryin' give me fukin' sass fukin' goomba?

do you fuking want that shit? D: Wow


D: May I give it a little Trizzle try after this next one? A: hold on hold on ONE MORE TRY D: you got it

D: After this one when it doesn't work out

A: here you go *slowly dying on the inside* D: okay *laughing at despair*

A: Go ahead, give it a shot, I don't care, i dOn't fuCkINg carE anYm0RE

A:I don't even give a shit [D: Okay, okay,]

A: Jirard you can you suck my NADS [D: Okay, *trying to tame wild arin*]

A: fucking... with your smug little face on the icon

D: *laughing* with your smug little face. With you smug lil' Mi-EE (wtf was that)

A: Your fucking beard- beard ass face. D: with your little Go-tee beardy things

D: Wow!

A: You just gotta... you just gotta fucking trigger the thwomp as fast as possible D: You got it baby bear

A: to kill those Bosers

A: If you could fucking do it low? Get low get low?

A: Yeah you see, you got one of them D: Yeah,

A: Now you just gotta jump over these mother fuckers.

D: Feels great.

D: Okay

A: if the top one jumps independent of the large one

A: yeah fuking-

A: OOOOOOOH My god...

D: I couldn't have made it anyway

A: You made- no you would've!

D: I would have hit the side of the note I think

A: I dunno man,

A: That stride looked pretty strong bro (hey creator of subtitles here! just putting this out that this is all of the video im doing so if any other people want to change the rest that's cool!)

D: Doo do do do doo do do do [A: oh fuck!]

A: oh fuck you got two of them dude!

D: That's good. That's more than uhhh

*strained * It's more than one. [A: Oh my God oh my god.] I think i have to--

I don't think I can do it from here I think I gotta run underneath--

A: No you can do it you can totally do it dude [D: Really?]

D: Okay.

A: You just gotta jump with confidence--

NOt when the fucking things are flying up in the air!

D: I really think it's drop-- I-I think it's gonna drop me short.

I mean granted that doesn't excuse the fact that I

super jumped into the-- God damn these guys

A: They are tricky dickies.

D: They- they're just like *gross nerdy voice* "hey howre you doing"

A: *fart noise*

D: *more gross nerd* "Look, I just wanna be near you!"

A: *gross nerd voice* "I wanna to touch you"

[A: "all three of us--"] D: Aww why the fuuh aww

A: *nerd continuing* "grou--we teamed up together."

D: How do those fireballs come through tHe bRicKs?

A: That's how it happens, bro

D: Apparently, yes it is

A: They've been doing it this whole time you just haven't noticed--

D: If my job was to find fire, and connect with it;

I'd be do- like I'd cRUSH this level.

A: hehehe hahaha

D: Because man, I-I am [A:should be like a discovery channel reality show] like laser-guided towards that fiRE!

A: Woah Go go go!

D: I can't! theres- I gotta wait for-- [A: oh now go, now go!]

D: Hueh! [A: yeah, see? You fuckin' made it] Huh? Oh no




D: Are you fucking seri--?


D: This--

A: They're exactly where you need to [D: --is the most insane bullshit

A: *Cackling*

D: *sarcastically* ha ha ha ha ha ha [A: *still laughing*]

A: Oh dude, go! Oh my God you're fuckin' out. I don't know if you can do this bro

D: Whoa that was fun at least--

A: it's fucking--that's it.

D: *Tiredly* Yes, that is it.

D: That is it

A: Oh my god that was so funny

Dan: Ha ha ha ha ha.

A: *As the Bowsers* is this where you need to be? is this where you need to be?

D: *As the Bowsers* cool cool cool cool cool cool-- [A: Let's keep it warm for you.]

A: Let's keep it warm for you with my hot fire breath.

D: Oh, man oh, Manischewitz

D: Okay, here we go.

A: *As bowsers* Is that too warm? Is that a little too hot?

A: We'll cool down for you--

D: Jesus Christ!

D: Alright. It's really where you are at a certain- like when you cross a certain threshold

D: So, got to keep- nope, never mind!

A: *little laugh*

A: *louder laugh*

D: This actually like simultaneously blows both of my nuts.

A: heheheheheheheh

D: Oh man, this is some hot shit right here!

D: Boy, the hottest, how could this shit be any hotteERR! [A: woah!]

A: Oh damn, oh, oh fuck--!

D: No Bowsers!

A:Ohhhmy God! Ohhh MIGOD

D: OoooahhhhhH!!!! A: WOAH you hit one with your helmet!!

A: Ohmygod Ohmygod. Ohmygod. ohmygod. Oh my God. Yo dude don't fuckin move dude don't fuckin move

Both: oh woah woah WOAHWOAH

D: Where am I, where am I?! oh fuck! A: AUGHHHH

D: God damn it. I couldn't keep a fucking eye on where I was!

A: oh dude if you kept that fucking turtle there and like--

D: Yeah, I know. Believe me. I'm thinking all about it right now

A: Holy fuck. Oh my God you almost fucking had it!!

D: *heavy sigh*

A: Dude, Dan.

D: I know, I know.

A: you're the champion right now.

D: Oh i'm feeling very, very good about myself, Thank you, Arin

D: *sharp inhale*

A: Good, you should, you're fuckin doing it. You got farther than I did at least conceptually

D: *helpless laugh*

D: In theory.

A: I mean, I just got that far

A: I didn't have a fucking plan as to what I was gonna do next.

D: Ohp ohp

A: Oh you fucking formulated a plan on the way and

A: ooooh hah

A: hhooo hhaa

D: Dah! dang it

A: shit.

D: Dang it

A: Whoa woah nice! Oh my God? Oh my goodness!

D: [aah],

A: oh my goody gracious.

D: I don't know-- A: just run and jump, run and jump runandjump.



A: Oh NOO!

D: It's so hard dude, It's so hard [A: ahahahaha]

A: *Laughing*

D: Ugh

D: My mind knew exactly what to do and my fingers could not respond in kind.

A: Oh my God. That was so close though--

D: I know, I know. Alright, so okay, okay

D: So what you got to do is take a running jump and then immediately, when you land,

D: then, fucking die die die, okay good, good

A: nice nice nice oh shit

A: oh fuck

D: Okay

D: No

A: oh oh oh oh oh

D: No, NO!!

A: OH NO!!!

A: OH, NO, you have been doomed.

D: I Don't even want to do this.

A: Yeah, this is uhh

D: oh fuck me. [A: oh geez]

D: all right-- i'll just--

A: Might as well have fun while it lasts--

D: Let's just have a blast with you assholes.

A: Heh heh woohoo!

D: yay!

[*farting noise*] A: I love spittin out little goomba friends

A: It's like when you squish up uh a spider, and the spider was like carrying a baby sack [D: Ew]

A: and then a thousand tiny little spiders [D: EeeeEwwww] like spread out from it.

D: I have never done that.

A: really?

D: I don't-I don't squish bugs.

A: Oh not even spiders?

D: No, I like spiders.

A: ughhhh

A: spiders do eat bugs.


A: but they also bite. And they crawl really fast and then stop. [D: they do]

A: which I feel like we're

A: We are totally like evolutionarily developed to be adverse to spiders; a hundred percent

D: I yeah, I kind of see where you're go--

D: UGh, Oh, no

A: like everything about the movement of a spider is completely unsettling to us.

D: *Sigh* That is true. That is true

D: I've never-

D: I've had opportunities to like hold a tarantula, and I just can't fucking bring myself to do it--

A: Tarantulas are cool

A: Those are the only ones I will hold.

D: Really?

A: yeah.

D: What about their big nasty hhhairy fangs? Ugh the fact that they're hairy...

A: but they're not poisonous... [D: no?] No.

A: Like a tiny spider is like. Oh shit. I don't know what that is and I'm scared, but a tarantula is like

A: That's a tarantula. It's not gonna hurt you you're like, oh okay.

D: Shit

A: But like you know, I can't keep track of all the different fucking spiders in the world

A: Theres like a million different poison--

D: *pffffffft*

D: No, I don't want to give it up yet

A: I know. I know-I know the feeling Its like well no- one more- one more.

D: Its-because it's so--- ugh

[A: It's so tantalizingly close.] I know I know cuz you know

[ D: Mmm.] A: You know the steps you just got to do it. [D: Yeah]

A: It's a it's a play on your manhood.

D: it's also because a lot of it is randomized

[A: yeah] D: like so you feel like: let me just get a fair shake at it [A: right right, right]

[Both: Mmm.] D: He did not give me time. [A: that one went up a little bit] To react.

D: *Sigh* baby

A: blublublub

A: how much, like fine-tuning did this take?

D: Uh, I don't know. [A: the perfect setup] about as much fine-tuning as it's going to take for me to line up

D: All my knuckles and punch Jirard in the side of the head

A: Youuuu are getting increasingly violent. [D: oh]

D: N-not nearly as violent as I could be right now.

A: I just scream and get it all out right now

[D: *sigh*] A: And later, I- I smile, and I go, "Hey Jirard, what's up?"

D: oh, I'll do that, too.

A: "Thanks for the fun level."

[D: Ohkay] A: oh they're all dead. They're all dead.

D: They are all fucking dead.

A: Just don't fuck this up.

D: Okay thank you Arin.

A: Yeah, no problem.

D: HaAH!

A: oooohhhh hehehehoehoe

D: Okay [A: nice nice, nice. OhGod ohgod ohgod.] D: No!!! Okay, oh, that's good

A: You got to get it underneath it.

D: Okay there we go.

D: ohkayyy

[A: shit] D: Well, that didn't work.

A: Oh my god, oh my fuckin--

D: Dang it. Okay here we go, here we go.

D: Fuuuuuuckkk

A: You got to do it earlier man.

D: *through gritted teeth* Yes, I realize that now

A: I love how it's like a tiny hammer brother than like a big hammer brother and its like.

A: Oh, they're brothers. [D: Yeah, oh that's so nice]

D: It's so good to see you guys hanging out

[D: Um] A: That was just a straight-up wall of fire, bro.

D: [*strained*] I fell into a burning wall of fire

A: [*deep voiced*] I fell into burning well of fire,

D: FuCKIN but you can-- i'm slipping, i'm slipping

A: hhehehe hahaha [D: deep angry breathing]

A: *whispering* I'm slipping

D: *whisper* ohmigod

A: You can fucking do it bro.

D: Can I Arin? [A: yeah]

A: You know how much I believe in you

D: oh like all the- like all the way?

A: I believe in you since the beginning [D: fuckin--]

D: *quietly* I knew it was gonna happen

D: *still quiet* I knew it was gonna happen. [A: *dog noises*]

D: *quieter* And yet I could do nothing to stop it. [A: *more dog noises*]

A: *whispers* speet out fiyah.

D: heugh

D: No, oh that was helpful.

A: Yeah, well if you can get over the bowser

A: there's no big deal but that means you just gotta deal with them, but...

[A: hooahahohoho] D: Oh my God

D: *slow mo voice* Three browsers is too much!

A: Three Bowsers is too much, one percent of the time [D: ughh]

D: That's not good.

A: ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck [D: *Exhales loudly]

D: Alright i'm gonna give it one more shot Arin. [A: Yeah] One more shot. And this is the one.

D: Either this is the one--

A: I thought we'd have it like the first two minutes!

D: Did you really?

A: yeah, I was like, "we figured it out, we got it!"

D: Here you go, im gonna...[A: yep] hand this off to you right now [A: yeah]

A: don't don't uh [D: doo do dooo do do do do do do do] don't hurt yourself.

D: no, I'm not gonna hurt myself,


[A: oop] D: I care

D: They're they're-- my. my family cares about me a lot, and I wouldn't do that to them. Gerard's family on the other hand

A: pffffttt

[A: hahahaha] D: They might have some things to worry about. okay. Good job

D: Whoa nice, that's awesome.

A: Thats, the fuckin way to do it yo

D: Okay

A: fuck! [D: well]

A: Apparently not the way to do it

A: No nO!

No no no no no!



D: You had the right idea though.

A: I know, ugh I just kicked it too early.

D: mm-Hmm.

A: Yo I'm kicking it old


D: heeeeeh!

D: oh my god...

A: *gasp*

A: *whisper* I cant believe it

D: *whisper* I can't believe it

A: No fucking thwhomp. dammit. [D: Yess] You kill the Bowsers alright?! you do your job!!!

D: Thwomp you had one job

D: Thwomp you and I have had our differences throughout the years--

A: Yeah, fuck off [D: nice] fucking Bowzer motherfuckers

[D: That's awesome.] A: That's the way to do it then. [D: Yep.] oh nope, nope NoPE NOPE NOPE AH oh no no

A: Okay, watch this--

-ah fuck [D: ahahahhahahaha]

D: You're wearing two helmets! [A: i have two helmets]

A: Nope, just one

D: Ookay [A: Aw fuck]

A: Okay, here we go. here we go herewego herewego.

A: Ahha ha ha ha ha




D: *whisper* oh boy

A: Go go go go go go go AWwwww

D: Yeah, there's nothing more disheartening than getting right to the end and then immediately dying on your very next try.

A: Here we go here we go. Ha!! Ho ha ha ha ha

A: Fuck you Bowsers!

D: I saw them. okay, now just do the thing right and good

D: okay cool, nice and careful

D: Yep, [A: and then--fuck you!] There you go!

A: Yeahhh [D: yes.] Ah ha,

D: Please god-- [A: You're all fUCKED!] Oh, please god.


A: HA! OH shit, [D: n--!] OH FUCK!!




D: god-Yes! [A:Yeah!] Yeah Arin!

A: you got fuckin served.

D: Oh, god. I'm proud of you.

A: *sigh of relief* [D: Oh]

D: Bowser should fix his damn castle. Ouchies!.

A: I'm gonna comment.

D: Yeah, I've-i've got some shit to say too.

A: uhmmmm

A: *further away* Here let me get the stylus

D: What's-what's your name on this?

A: Arin grump.

D: Okay, cool.

A: I...-- [D: Why?]

A: *laughs*

D: Heheahahaahahaha-I hate you

A: pfft

D: Can everyone see that?

A: I hope so when it pops up right?

D: I don't know, let's see

A: Get let's see it. Come on. Show it to me.

D: Give it to me baby, give it to me righttt.

D: Yeaaahhhh! [A: hehehe there it is!] There you go!

A: *sweetly* I hate you. [D:Yeheheheh]

Both: *hearts* *hearts*

D: That was actually much easier than it seemed. [A: *incredulous laughter*]

D: Was it Michael? [A: *laughs*] I could kill you right now.

A: *big inhale* Oh boy...

D: I'll slap that smug smile off your face *starts to laugh*

A: All right next time on game grumps we'll play another horrible Jirard level

D: Ohkay, whoa look at Mako trying to hit on Clever girl

A: *saucy tone* Clever girl [D: damn] Mmm

D: hey, how are ya?

A: Very fun.

D: mm.

A: *Burps*

A: heh

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