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Ahoy there cruises.

We put together 7 things that you must pack on your cruise

and three things that you certainly should not.

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So tip number 1 is medication and toiletries.

These are one of the most important things aren't they.

They can be super expensive to buy on the ship or at the port if you do forget them.

So it's best to buy them at home and take them all with you.


So things like your medications and your prescription medications.

First of all, make sure you have enough for your vacation.

Because you don't want any extra charges whilst you're away.

And make sure you put all of your medication in your hand luggage as well.

It's super important.

Just in case that your case was lost by an airline or by the cruise or whatever.

You don't want that medication going missing.

And things like sunscreen and after-sun lotion are so super expensive whilst you're on vacation.

It's much cheaper to get it at home in a supermarket like "Walmart" or "Asda".

Also don't forget to plan for any situation.

So we like to take some painkillers. seasickness tablets, indigestion tablets or anti sickness.

Because you don't want to let indigestion or some silly like that ruin your cruise do you.

So tip number 2.

You definitely need to pack all your documents and especially your ID or passport.

Because if you don't have this you will not get on the ship.

Also yet again make sure you have that all with you when you arrive at the port.

So keep that in your hand luggage and not in your checked bag

that you hand to the servers or stewards?

The people who check you in.

Bell people?

You don't hand your passport to bell people?

Who's a bell person?


Porters yea.

So keep it in your hand luggage

and not in the luggage that you'll hand to the porters

when you get onto the ship - get to the ship sorry!

We like to make copies of everything.

So photocopies just in case a passport was lost or something.

While we where away.

Also, some ports allow you to take a copy of your passport or ID off as well.

So you just make a couple of photocopies and place that somewhere else.

Just in case they are separated.

Also don't forget you need a credit card to put on file when you arrive at the port.

Tip number 3 is to have clothes that fit the dress code.

You don't want to miss a night out because you didn't look at the dress code.

For example formal night.

Meaning that you got a stay in your cabin

or you don't have to but people will look at you like: "You didn't read the dress code"

It's so easy to forget.

Some cruise lines have formal nights or elegant nights.

Eleganza extravaganza nights.

Where you just wear something a little bit more formal.

So get involved, wear it.

Don't be worried about wearing the same formal outfit twice.

Nobody's gonna notice.

We do recommend looking up things like the parties that go on onboard.

There's usually themed parties on some cruise lines.

Things like white parties, glow parties or fancy dress parties.

Make sure you've got everything you need.

So you can get involved and have fun.

Number 4 - keeping on the theme of clothing - don't forget to layer!

We like to use mix-and-match clothing.

So bring a few different things that match that you can take off it's a little bit too warm

or put back on if it's too cold.

Especially inside you might even be in the Caribbean where it's roasting hot.

But whilst you're inside the aircon can get a little bit chilly so it's great to bring a sweater or a jumper.

Just in case.

Also mix and matching means that you can mix and match your outfits.

So you're packing less.

Especially if you are on a two-week cruise and you've got a fly to the port.

That's a lot of luggage.

Taking things that match in color or style so you can mix it up a little bit -

Wear different outfits but using the same clothes again.

Tip number five is all about your embarkation day carry-on bag.

This one is super important.

What we mean by this is packing a bag especially to carry on your cruise on the first day.

Because sometimes your suitcase is taken off you at the port

and it takes a good few hours until it arrives into your room.

So we definitely recommend packing things like swimwear, so you can swim during the day

and an extra pair of clothes for the night.

Just in case your case doesn't come in time.

And as we've already mentioned.

Don't forget to keep your documents, ID and your card and any medication with you.

We've had it where we haven't had bags arrive till 10:00 p.m. at night or quite late into the evening.

So it was nice to have a change of clothes for the night time with us and a few toiletries.

A few essential toiletries I wanted to keep with.

Well tip number six is remembering your chargers for your phones and especially plug adapters.

You probably know already that cabins don't have many plug outlet.

So we recommend checking with the cruise line that you're traveling with

to see what outlets there is in the room.

And bringing enough adapters.

These are usually European or U.S.

So if you are from the US we recommend you take a few European adapters.

Just so that you're able to plug in all of your things at the same time.

We love to bring USB plugs that have several different adapters on it.

So it will go straight from the plug to two or three USB socket.

It means you can charge two or three phones and cameras at the same time.

Make sure you look out for the fast charging USB adapters.

So that your phone or your equipment does charge a lot quicker.

Tip number seven is to bring a coffee mug and a reusable water bottle.

So not only are helping save the environment by using less plastic.

It's a lot cheaper on your wallet as well.

You can refill coffee and water bottles usually in the refill stations in the buffet

and it's completely free.

Tap water on a cruise is completely safe to drink as well.

You can save an absolute fortune on those espressos and those waters.

I'll just ask at the bar as well and they will refill you water bottle for you.

We have asked a few times on a different cruise lines and they've always been happy to do it.

We also like to take a coffee mug.

If we've got a drinks package especially, we can get a coffee on the go.

Take it off the ship with you.

It's great for taking water off.

So you don't buy water in port.

Especially in hot cruisers.

It's nice to have water with you at all time so you can cool down.

I particularly my "Chilly's Bottles".

It keeps really really cold all the time.

Let's take a look at some other things you definitely must not bring.

Number one is an iron or anything that can get really hot

and caused a fire.

Things like candles or a kettle.

Anything essentially that produces heat is not allowed on the ship.

Except curling irons or hair straighteners.

They are allowed on the ship.

So anything that creates it heat. Candles anything like that.

Definitely do not bring on because you will have them confiscated from you.

Number 2 is alcohol over the allowed limit that the cruise line let you bring on.

This usually includes things like

Spirits and beer are usually a big no no.

Several cruise lines allow you to bring on a bottle of wine per person.

Anything over this, again, will be confiscated from you.

Taken off you and given back to you at the end of the cruise.

Some of the cruise lines like "Carnival"

Allow you to take on a box of sodas as well.

Make sure you check non-alcoholic drinks

Because, as Ben said, some allow you to bring on as much as you like.

While others restrict it to a big nothing.

Or you can bring only a set amount.

So just check with the cruise line before you sail.

To double-check what you can and can't bring.

Number three that you definitely shouldn't take on anymore our power strip adapters .

These are plugs with several power outlets.

These are generally not allowed anymore.

They used to be allowed.

Especially ones with surge protectors are definitely not allowed anymore.

Definitely do our advice and get the little USB plugs where you can plug all your things in.

Because more cruise lines at banning power strips.

Obviously things like firearms, weapons

that goes without saying you're not allowed to take any of that on.

So we hope that you enjoyed our video of our packing tips.

Please leave us a comment below with some advice from you

And we might include it in our next show.

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Big thanks to our cruise captains.

Amy, Tris and Melanie.

Thank you so much.

That's it till next time.

Happy cruising!


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