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I was born the same year than this

in 1930

I was born and also was CENEMESA

I entered here in 1947

I entered when I was seventeen.

I entered as an asssitant and then as specialist.

Well, I was

on the crane the longest,

almost always, except for ten years that I worked in security.

It was a very good party.

There it was

the bar the day of the celebration.

I didn't want to study so I entered here,

to the Apprentice School.

I was in the Apprentice School for three years, from 1969.

We had very hard times.

Well, like in every moment of life

We have changed our name many times.

The company, one would come, leave in ten years, we would change our name...

but everything we have is thanks to the company,

When I arrived here in 1969,

I met with people who were apprentices with my grandfather,

because my grandfather also worked here.

This makes it

a very familiar company. Familiar,

although you have to earn it every day.

We have all contributed here in different ranks.

From the manager to the one who cleaned the bathrooms

they were all important.

If the director made a mistake,

that affected the company,

but if the one who cleaned the bathrooms did not clean them,

he was also damaging you in a way.

My father,

after finishing his career, entered in that factory (Sidenor)

and from there,

began his professional career in this plant

from 1930 to 1970.

He was here for forty years

uninterrupted, with full dedication.

He became plant's deputy director until his retirement.

At that time,

with Westinghouse licence,

generators for hydroelectric plants were manufactured,

also submarine engines,

motors for railways and for industry in general.

I entered in the year 1960.

He was still active then, because he retired in 70,

and following his advice, I started in engineering,

which was my specialty,

because I studied electrical engineering.

And later on, I combined engineering with commercial.

So, for customer visits,

it was basic to know about the subject,

its development and also to know the price.

In 1971, I entered as an apprentice.

I was an apprentice in a classroom right there.

The classroom, the last one there.

The entrance was here, we entered through this area

and there was the door, which has already been removed.

And there, we had a learning workshop.

There were four...

we were nineteen in total.

I have the list of all my classmates and everything.

From second grade you had a salary.

They made you a contract and you already had your social number and everything.

You were already part of the staff.

My class year,

we keep celebrating it.

We still meet together

Eleven of us, we meet every year

for Saint John Bosco's day.

In one way or another,

we have always tried to improve safety.

In fact,

It has been improved,

especially since a safety technician was introduced in the plant.

That has been the best thing we have ever done.

I entered in 1973...

seems to me that it was.

I've been working for twenty-four and a half years,

so ...

I would come to work very happy.

The truth is it gave me joy to start working here.

We get along well with my colleagues

We made coils.

I was a wrapper

of all kinds of coils: bigger, smaller...

At first it was like a playpen.

Like a playpen.

We were like this,

there were two tables like this...

and it was many of us.

We had a great ambient.

We liked to sing the trend songs.

I entered when I was fourteen,

with shorts, to the Apprentice School.

So it would be around 1967

I was three years in the Apprentice School

Then I went to study in Santander for another three years, the military service,

and afterwards I came back here.

And I've been, except for the mechanical part,

by almost all the factory stalls. Quality circles came with Westinghouse

The chief of engineering brought them.

His name is Rafael García.

He was the one who made, let's say,

the first important technological transfer or Know-how

for the company.

It made the factory be very advanced

and allowed to get up to

up to the acquisition by Siemens.

Let's say.

Many of the things are inherited

from Westinghouse knowledge.

It was a very interesting time.

Let's say,

to make the best of the people that were in Reinosa.

Thanks the Apprentices School

there was always a good technical knowledge.

People came out very well prepared and well,

that's what allowed to keep the know-how.

Our people knowledge,

was what kept us alive.

Because otherwise,

we would had been closed a long time ago.

Since 1982,

with the industrial reconversion.


we would have been settled long ago.

I am Sixto Fernández.

I have worked for forty-six years in the

testing platform. I entered the training school when I was fifteen,

like most of us at that time.

I joined the works council in 1988,

being president from 1996 until my retirement

The whole motor was practically made,

not practically, everything was done inthe plant.

From a little rivet, to anything else,

the engine was made entirely in the plant.

Absolutely nothing was subcontracted.

Therefore there was so much staff.

There was also more work because it was a type of machine that gave more work.

It was a DC machine,

and the DC machine requires a lot more work than the machine being made nowadays

which is the AC machine.

The company groups come from far away.

The company groups were already in the dictatorship.

The company group already existed.

It was like an activity that was done,

I think to improve workers relationships

One way of hanging out.

For example,

there is a board games group.

You play mus one day,

you have a good time and

you are with some colleagues you didn't know.

There is the hunting group, the fishing group

the ski group.

There was a very very good relationship,

among the plant staff.

There has always been a good relationship,

good fellowship.


At the end, we have been lucky.

Working in a company for so many years and

having that atmosphere.

Because, at the end,

after so many years, you spend more time with your colleagues than with your own family.

I like to remember the people,

as I said before,

that have been part of this.

Those who still are, those who are not,

those who have had problems and could not be with us

because everyone has left a part

and from that part I think we have learned

that those of us who have stayed has helped us to continue counting

with the local people,

who are with we have lived with, more or less,

like a family.

To me,

for whatever reason,

They sent me to offices,

which was when there were as ordinances.

It is known that it would be because the ordinance took holidays.

And there was a square

with numbers and they played from one the office, and you had to go


In the period of Vocational Training studies I had to be in the

electrical part and mechanical part. I went from the mechanical part of

milling lathe, to the electrical part.

Assembly, electrical assemblies, mechanical assembly,

and I left as an official and I stayed.

I decided to stay in the electromechanical part.

It was when

we were manufacturing, or all our manufacturing was based

on the railway.

We are manufacturers of all the

Bilbao Metro,

Metro Madrid,

commuter rail.

You have a feeling,

to at least, want to contribute.

That, we lived with ABB.

Apart from a great technology transfer,

here came some people from ABB,

I repeat, exquisite.

Professors from the University of Finland would come

Yauri Letalati

I remember people, Jarmo Lind

I remember people,

to whom I will be infinitely grateful because they would explain everything to you.

They would learned a little from you but taught you a lot.

Unfortunately, ABB was over.

They made the decision, partly also because of another problem they had in the United States,

they bought a few factories, and had an asbestos problem

They had to face huge compensations

and were forced to get rid of many things,

including this.

By that time,

we had already worked with the wind.

ABB asked us before leaving

for a six meters diameter multi-pole generator

Six meters in diameter!

How can we do this?

And it would take six weeks to produce a unit in Holland.

We got to do,

I told you one every six weeks,

We did one and a half daily!

We did 360 in total

and we export them abroad.

The submarine,

a year hanging around there

Not a single problem.

Not one, thank God.

And it was successfully completed.

We set up a device that Gamesa sells for plants regulation.

A Statcom.


It was when Electric started

and they had no room in Madrid.

We had an important platform so we set it up there.

That's where it started.

Then we continued with Valencia, with Madrid.

We all got together

and I think and important block was made.

Very important.

Because there is a human team

that knows how to handle it very well.

This is, I think, the most important part of all companies.

As long as a human or family concept is not lived,

without piques and without pitfalls.

The only pique that can be, is if I do it before you.

This has allowed us to continue improving.

In fact.

today we have set up plants in Turkey,

in China.

Needless to say. India

In Russia

There is been talking about manufacturing in France.


I think the people who have come after have had a wonderful opportunity.

It has also been important,

within all the changes being made between companies,

knowing how to fit it in on everyone's part.

I speak of authorities.

I speak of company personnel,

just as I speak of social agents.

It's hard to understand,

because you always have to make strong sacrifices and live with them.

But that has allowed us to continue manufacturing technology here,

new machines ...

As I say,

the future of this company is not through manufacturing,

but through designing and developing new models to export.

Just like here

you would never go out,

to teach how to manufacture,

and now it is another way of working.

I think it's not just important but very important.

But I am convinced that,

there is also the important part

of loving this.

Because another better place,

local people, to work here,

you will never find.

As easy and simple as it is.

I am deeply grateful to all the staff,

the support

both at the level of operators, intermediate controls,

and management.

Both in my father's time and later.

And I am proud of having had colleagues and people.

This is all. Life is so. It's no more.

My wish is that the colleagues who are here

they can retire.


from one to the next one

from first to last.

Retire and go

healthy and nothing else.

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