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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: No Bake Lasagna Pinoy Style

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Hey guys, how are you?

I'm Vanjo Merano of

today we'll cook No Bake Lasagna. But before that I'm going to buy the ingredients, don't worry it's going to be a quick one

We're going to cook no bake lasagna but let's check the ingredients for this recipe

ground pork instead of ground beef. Usually in Pinoy style spaghetti or pasta dishes we use ground pork

lasagna, we'll boil this later

onion, 2 cans of tomato sauce

"evaporada" or evaporated milk

tomato paste

dried basil or "pinatuyong" basil leaves

butter or "mantikilya"

"harina" or all purpose flour

chopped parsley


and of course don't forget cheese in lasagnas! Here's sharp cheddar cheese. You may also use shredded quickmelt cheese

you can view the complete list of ingredients with measurements at the end of this video

so you're ready when you but in the supermarkets

pre heat a pan and directly cook there the ground pork. Do not add cooking oil

cook the ground pork until light brown

It's Pinoy style that's why it's ground pork. But do not limit yourself. You may also use either ground beef or ground chicken

while cooking, there's a tendency for the ground pork to adhere even though it's already grounded. So cook one side for 30 seconds then stir fry for 15-18 seconds to separate the ground pork. Then cook the other side for 30 seconds

repeat procedure until the ground pork is totally light brown

while doing that, you'll notice that there's liquid formed

that's ok, it's just the liquid and oil extracted from the pork

the liquid will evaporate soon and the oil will remain

we'll use that oil to saute the onion. There's no need to add cooking oil

we can use white or yellow onion, chopped into small pieces

this is manually chopped. You also use food processor if you want a finer chop

cook for 30 seconds. Then add the garlic

4-5 large cloves of garlic. Crushed then chopped into tiny pieces. You may also food processor

continue cooking for 1 more minute or until onion is soft

once onion is soft, add parsley

then add dried basil, crushed

about the parsley, it's a flat leaf parsley or Italian parsley

it's chopped into small pieces and it helps give flavor to our meat sauce

you may also use another type of parsley, called curly leaf parsley

it's the usual type of parsley used in garnishing

add the tomato sauce

I'm using 2 cans of tomato sauce (15 oz. each can)

you can also use canned diced tomatoes, canned tomato puree or you can make you own fresh tomato puree

you can use food processor or blender to make tomato puree from fresh ripe tomatoes

mix well

at this point, you may season it with salt and ground black pepper

cover then cook for 15 minutes at low heat

after 15 minutes, mix again

the sauce is still diluted, it's not yet thick as desired

to make this thick, we're going to use tomato paste

use 1 small can of tomato paste (6 oz)

here goes the tomato paste

it's so thick, see?

it's consistency is really a paste. That's why it's called tomato paste

once tomato paste is dissolved, continue cooking and you'll notice the meat sauce will thicken

mix well

then we'll cover the pan. Continue cooking under low heat for 12 minutes or until meat sauce is thick

once meat sauce is thick, it's ready but of course we can still adjust the flavor using salt and pepper

now that the meat sauce is done, let's set this aside and get ready for the white sauce

making white sauce is very easy

it's also known as Bechamel sauce but don't worry, let's just call it white sauce so it's easier

add butter and melt it

once melted, add the all purpose flour or "harina" right away

mix while cooking

make sure to mix continuously so it would blend well

notice that adding the flour makes it thicker

that's how we want it to be

continue mixing

and again, the complete list of ingredients can be found at the end of this video. You can refer to that

continue mixing until it totally thickens

then add "evaporada" or evaporated milk

if evaporated milk is not available, you can use fresh milk

after adding evaporated milk, mix right away

make sure the milk has blended well with the butter or "matikilya"

and all purs- bleh all purpose flour mixture. I stutter, sorry

make it all well blended

then after 2-3 minutes, you'll notice the texture is becoming thicker

so here's the white sauce for our lasagna. It makes our lasagna creamy, yummy and flavorful

then we'll add grated cheese to make more delicious

now that it's thick, let's add salt and cheese

I'm using a sharp cheddar cheese

this is a grated or shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Grated quickmelt cheese will also do

the ones that are ready-made in markets, usually for making pizza

mix well

make sure that the cheese melted in the white sauce

by the way, the simple sauce earlier is called Bechamel

this one with cheese is called Mornay sauce

ok, mix well guys

after mixing, set aside. We're almost done. Let's cook the lasagna

we need to boil water

let's boil water in a cooking pot and add salt

the salt will help add flavor to our lasagna

after adding salt, let's wait for it to boil again

once boiling, let's add the lasagna

lasagna is a type of pasta

but let's just call it lasagna instead of paste to make it clearer

so here goes the lasagna

then spread evenly around the cooking pot

you'll notice the lasagna is starting to soften so let's push it down to submerge

continue boiling for 10 minutes or depending on the packaging instructions

there are 2 types of lasagna in the market. First is the traditional lasagna, the usual one

the second type is the No-Boil lasagna. This type is for baking thus no need to boil in water. Use the traditional lasagna

our lasagna is cooked. Discard water

to cool down the lasagna, pour tap water in room temperature

next step is assembling the lasagna with the sauce we prepared earlier

we're going to do this maually by hands so make sure the lasagna is not too hot to handle

this is the best part in making the lasagna, assembling

first layer is the meat sauce (tomato sauce and pork) in our baking pan

meat sauce should be the first layer

spread the meat sauce evenly in the pan

then get the freshly cooked lasagna

place it here

if the lasagna is longer than the pan, cut it

manually cut the lasagna just make sure it's properly cut according to the size of the baking pan

repeat the step for the second lasagna. The aim here is to cover the meat sauce in our baking tray

I think we'll need 2 more lasagnas to cover the tray

once 1st layer is covered, let's repeat the step

put meat sauce on top of the lasagna

then spread evenly

so that's how you layer it, meat sauce under then lasagna on top

then meat sauce again then spread it.

because we're going to add another layer so it's better if the meat sauce is spread evenly

the only difference in this added layer is we're going to add white sauce

add white sauce on top of the meat sauce so we're going to have 2 sauces

here's our white sauce, see? It's thick

put it on top if the meat sauce

and spread it too like what we did in the meat sauce

after spreading the white sauce, we'll add another layer of lasagna

same procedure, after lasagna is meat sauce

then spread evenly. Then white sauce

after spreading the white sauce evenly

get ready with the last layer of lasagna

that means we'll repeat the steps

we'll add 4 pieces of lasagnas on top of the white sauce

it requires a bit of hard work but that's alright. It's just 3 layers anyway

so add the lasagna on top of the white sauce

and let's finish the layering

put it one by one

get a tool to cut the excess lasagna so it would fit in the pan. Continue until 2 pieces of lasagna is done

here goes the 4th pieces of lasagna

at this point, we're done layering the lasagna

a total of 12 pieces of lasagnas were used for this recipe

but we're not yet done

and of course the tastier the better

especially the top part because that's the first portion we'll going to taste

so we'll repeat what we did in the bottom

add meat sauce on top (tomato sauce mixture) then spread evenly then add white sauce on top of the meat sauce

and since this is the last layer, let's pour in here all the sauce we have

spread evenly

then let's add the white sauce

let's pour in here all the white we have since this is the last layer

make sure no sauce is put to waste. More sauce means it's going to be tastier

rich and creamy

and the last layer is the shredded sharp cheddar cheese

that's why it's going to be very delicious, rich and creamy

make sure the sharp cheddar cheese is spread evenly on top of our Pinoy lasagna

and we're going to cook this. As promised, it's no-bake

it's means we're not going to use conventional oven

so we're going to microwave our lasagna

we're going to microwave the lasgna instead of baking it

make sure the pan is microwave safe

set the microwave to 8 minutes

that's enough time for the cheese to melt

the bottom part is also cooking so you can see it's bubbling

after 8 minutes, it's done

it's still hot so be careful in handling it

wait for it to cool down first

it's now ready! Let's slice it and transfer to a plate for tasting

let's try to do a mukbang, so stay tuned

but before that,

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ok let's now transfer this on a plate to taste it

it looks so appetizing

what more if we taste it

what are we waiting for? Let's try out our Pinoy Lasagna

let's see how this tastes

as promised, here's the complete list of ingredients for our Pinoy Lasagna

with the respective measurements

at last the lasagna is done

it requires a bit of hard work but it's worth it

look at this


so fragrant

let's try it

looks appetizing

let's try it


talk you later, I want to eat first, delicious mmm~

this is a Pinoy Lasagna

it's easy as it is. You can easily find the ingredients

we did not use fancy ingredients like ricotta cheese etc.

this is an ordinary cheddar cheese

you can also use quickmelt cheese, the usual in the market

we just need to shred it



so tasty! You can really taste the white sauce, it's so rich, plus the cheese

plus the meat sauce with ground pork

Oh my so delicious!

I made this because a lot of our viewers were asking for suggestions

how can we make lasagna without oven, so here it is


Alright guys! See you next time!

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