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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fire Pro Wrestling World: World's Greatest Fighting Game - PART 1 - Game Grumps

Difficulty: 0

Dan: [mimics the drums in music]

Dan: Fire Pro Wrestling World Arin: [drumming with mouth]

A: Yeah, it's um -

It's the - uh - Fire Pro Wrestling World

D: the game where they borrowed three fonts from different games and mashed them into one thing and gave it THE WINGS OF AN EAGLE

A: this one's from

Fire Fighters Go Wild

This one's from Pro . . . [frustrated sound] D: dammit

A: Just don't give it away. Don't give away the goods before we even start playing the game, you game

D: It's too late. A: Did it just like freeze on me. D: Oh! A: No no, don- I don't wanna see it.

D: [more hype]

Fire Pro Wrestling World-

A: This one's from Digimon World. D: Uh-huh. A: And this one's from Pro-Wrestling: A dating simulator. D: [Wheezing]

A: So here we go

Offline play

You know what, fuck it, let's play online

D: I wanna date that luchador

A: You want to find an online game? D: He seems mysterious

A: Player CPU, player playe- we can play together?! D: Whoa, do we have enough uhh

Controllers? A: Yeah you probably-... [arin moves away from mic] Which I have, right here. D: Oh my god What? A: Right at your feet. D: What? A: There's the controller

D: Put it in my hands

A: It's gonna' be in your hands D: Oh my gooood A: shit, I just unplugged it! D: you fucking idiot A: it's okay I'll plug it right back in!

D: Okay! A: There we go! D: Yaaaaay! [fart noise]

A: Can you move around the menu and shit?

D: I-I can't! A: No? D: Nope! A: let's do this.

D: [giggle]

A: And if you're not there then it'll be hilarious cuz we'll have, we'll have a dead egg. D: George Wilson?!! A: come wrassle

We got to select the character for you

How about Bobby Red Dragon?

D: George will - uuh

A: What about blood angle?

D: Angel A: I'm George Wilson. D: Oh you are- no you're Canadian Alex. A: No. I'm George Wilson.

D: Oh, you're player two? A: are we fi- am i fighting Canadian Alex? D: I don't know what the fuck is happening Arin

A: Oh God - no we're gonna get our asses kicked. D: Oh no. A: I think it might just be me

D: Really? A: Yeah, I think I think I don't think we're playing together. D: You son of a bitch. A: I'm sorry. D: Boy, this looks really good.

A: Uh oh, uh oh. Are you controlling it? D: Nope. A: Uh oh.

A: Oh! D: Oh god A: oh god, I don't know what's happening!

I'm- I'm'na get him with my moves

Okay okay okay D: do it, alright

Use your moves, George Wilson!

You kind of look like Owen Wilson A: YES! Did you see that move??? that was so dope! [Dan in the bg: [Owen Wilson voice] wow]

A: All right, all right. Yeah. These are the tacks. Oh my god. Did you see that?

He is way - He - he's giving me a moment dude. He's like he's like "Ah yea, I can see you're figuring it out."

D: oh oh oh okay A: Yas! D: yes A: yes!

D: You punched him A: I am very greasy. D: Look at the referee just breathing super heavy.

A: I can go after the referee if you want, I'll just go after the referee

D: Oh he gets out of the way quick

A: He's just he just having a good time right now

D: He's having a good - you cannot penetrate his wall of attack. A: come on okay Canadian -

D: Ohh! Damn George Wilson

A: kick him right in the dick, kick him in the dick D: kick him, dick kicking

D: On the back of your trunks it says "ouuuu" A: I don't if I want to deal with this guy anymore, dude

D: What do you mean you don't know if you want it, you have to deal with him. Oh, he's kicking your ass

A: Oh, did you see that you see that I did some kind of move or something?

D: Whoa the DDT! A: I'm fucking wrecking - D: he's fine. He's fine. He re- he really walked off that broken neck

A: That's a sohbat due to rolling sohbat

D: Mmm, is that what that is?

A: Yeah, right there. D: You're dropping the moonsault on him. Oh, oh oh A: I'm just banging on buttons, dude. D: It's a test of strength okay

A: He gave me a conk on the head, and he patted me on the butt. D: Yeah well

He sort of gave you the people's elbow to your calf muscle. I don't know why he did that. A: Oh he's grabbing me, dude

D: Oh, man A: how come my sohbats not doing anything? D: I don't know. There's a lot of like kicking

A: I got him in the face dude D: oh my - good job

A: Did he give that to me?

D: Yeah

D&A: [laughter]

D: What is happening right now? A: Need some help there, buddy? Need some help?

D: I can't stress enough that Arin is the blond guy

So the computer is doing whatever - A: It's not a computer it's a player! D: Really? A: it's another dude online

D: Oh

A: I'm fighting a real person right now. D: That's even better. Slap. I can't believe there are two people playing this at once

(Arin uncontrollably giggles)

A: This game is fucking killing me dude

Wait wait wait

How did I -? oh shit look at that D: Oh, man

I wonder who your amazing opponent is? I'd love it for the camera to cut to him and it's like a five-year-old child

Like actu- just tapping buttons

Covering the- A: Oh I almost got him!

Oh, shit! D: Yeah A: That was so close D: almost

A: Don't pick me up. Oh you are rude

That was rude. D: Oh, whoa whoa that's a pin!

A: pinned my dick, dude

D: Yeah

You told that five-year-old. Wait what it, like why did the ref just come over and put his hands up

and then leave? A: I don't know I, I really don't know

D: Ross just walked into the window and looked at this and was just like "mmhmm okay," and then he left

A: I mean look at it. It's OHHH!

That's a headache waitin to happen. D: Damn, son. A: Where's my Tylenol? D: I love it. A: Where's the 'sprin? D: Ohhhh shizz

A: Oh, dude!

D: Hey! Hey! A: Hey are you okay? Hey! Are you okay? Hey

D: Dude, oh my god. Oh my god

A: Got ee! D: What is happening right now? A: I'm slapping him. D: You certainly are. A: Slapping 'im

[Arin and Dan making punching noises]

A: Dude I got him! D: Yeah! A: Pin him down, pin him down!

D: And sleepy times.


A: Is he leaving?

D: oh the refs counting him out

don't let him back into the ring and you'll win

A: I think he's doing it on purpose because he just wants it to end

D:He doesn't realize that this is being watched by hundreds of thousands of people right now

He's going to feel sooo stupid.

Oh he's got the steel chair. He's got the steel chair. A: Oh he's comin back in with the chair- OHHH!

D: Aaaand he dropped the chair.

*neck chop spamming* D: oh oh oh-uh neck chop neck chop A: right in the throat, right in the throat

D: Ohh okay uh oh

He's too tired to lift the chair. Nope. He hit you with the chair. A: wait why is he- why is he counting?

D: I don't -

A: You like that? You like that? D: oh -

My fucking god. A: What, you don't like it? D: I - no, it's really good. Pick up the chair dude. A: I don't know how! D: oh

A: I have no idea how to do this

I don't, I don't know anything. D: Are you sure about that? As your character prances wildly around

A: There's six buttons

There's six buttons one of them is the run button - D: oh, that's too many uh oh

A: did we just turn into each other for a second D: yeah, this isn't good. Oh A: oh he's getting me

D: slap

I'm gonna slap your chest

A: Yes! I rolled out of it because I'm awesome!

D: Yeah... Tha- that's whats happening right now.

Oh my god, nothing connects

This is so brutal. A: I got him! I got him! No

Both: Noooooooo


A: I'm winded, dude. D: Yeah, you really are tired. Goodbye

He's rolling away. A: What are the controls man?

D: Oh damn A: did I get him? Is that, was that a get?

D: Jeez who fucking knows at this point


He's running outta stea- A: OH! OH MY GOD. That was a cheap shot. D: Oh, you're kicking right in the tailbone, dude

That can't feel good. A: Oh he's pulling my hair. I wouldn't be able to do that because he has none D: yeah

You're too gorgeous for that move. A: I'm too gore- Here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

D: Wow. Wow, this is this is quite a battle for the ages- oh damn

A: I'm just hittin buttons. D: You guys are fucking exhausted

A: Is there an exhaustion meter?

I don't know how to pin him dude, D: I'm certainly exhausted watching this- A: Oh! Oh! Hold on I gotta get up, I gotta get up

We're really killing it right now. D: Yup A: here we go. D: Oh yeah A: pin him! Pin him! Stop rolling and pin him!

D: drop the pin

oh damn A: Pin him for fuck's sake! D: okay

Okay, he's outside. A: I'm gonna - I'm gonna fight him out here. Fuck it. D: Yeah A: I don't care

D: Oh, you don't want the double disqualification though. A: Double disqualification?

D: Yeah, you you'll both be disqualified if you don't- awh he's got the second steel chair

A: I don't know how to get back in - D: that's not good.


That's not good. Oh he dropped the chair

A: Look I'm standing on the chair. D: Yeah you sure are Arin. A: look at him go!

D: Oh man. he's just getting in and out of the ring with ease okay, well, maybe not ease

A: Look I win stay out. I win fuck. I don't know how to get back in

D: Oh boy A: I don't know how to get back in

D: You said there were only six buttons! A: There's only six buttons

But none of them are getting me back in- oh I did it D: there you go

Do you remember which button that was? A: Yes, It was X. D: Sweeet, that'll serve you well later - okay dude

I swear to fucking god

Wow, this is uh

This is uh

WCW level fight right here

Ohh goodness - A: OH! We're hugging each other!

Oh he got me back in the ring! D: oh he got you back in! A: He got me back in the ring!

D: Is he gonna pin you? No, he's just gonna

do that tailbone kick. Oh boy. That is a brutal brutal move

A: I've got, there's got to be a pin button,there has to be a way to pin somebody. D: okay here it comes

oh, that is -

A: oh, he's pinning me! I'm not gonna fight D: Yay! A: he deserves, he deserves D: you did it, you did it

A: He deserves it

D: Congratulations A: oh my god D: that was a real loving end. A: That was so awesome! D: That was amazing. A: I'm so happy with that round

D: It was evaluated at a 76% match

A: Tomohiro Ishii won . . . in spirit. D: Sorry to hear about your loss Blood Angle

A: I could be your blood angle, or your blood devil. D: Or you are blood devil

Wow alright, I guess that's uh next time on Game Grumps huh? A: Yes. D; You did great Arin

A: Thanks man, big move run 3d walk pinfall.

so pin is the right trigger D: Yeah, what a shame right you mastered this game just as it was coming to an end

Just as the episode was drawing to a close

A: F

Oh I wasn't pressing F

D: Well it's only it's only the button you need to win the match A: that's okay D: so A: so I could have beat him a million times

I just didn't D: cool. Well. We'll go with that A: mhm

D: Goodbye, everyone! A: Bye

You wanna play again?

D: That is entirely your call buddy. You know you're the one you're the one who's - A: you want you want to play? D: - who's mastered this

oh boy

Yes, but let me run to the bathroom very quickly

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