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Hey I'm grump!

I'm not so Grump!

And we're the Game Grumps!

Hi! (Hello). Welcome to special edition of game grumps! God, this is special! Yeah, it's super special so



I've been interested in doing so-some challenges. (Yeah!). you might have read from the thumbnail or to the description

This is the don't touch anything challenge. Because the green demon challenge in Mario 64 went so well!


We were like,we have to revisit this concept.(Yeah) So the idea is you don't touch anything.

You can't hit the bricks, that give you items,you can't get any items, you can't hit the enemies you can't hit coins.

Oh man. Yeah. And for how long?

For the whole game. What that's impossible. So yeah...

so this this is a challenge that was invented for new super mario brothers Wii U

Oh boy... (Uhm..)

So there were specific levels made for it, there's a couple levels in this game I believe...

That you're required to like get a coin or hit an enemy. (Seems that right?) Just because of the circumstances...

And I'll be sure to like call them out if they happen, but for the most part

So good

(Arin wins) well that was a first stage. I mean fucking so easier, and you won it.level 4

I think is one of them, but that one's kind of fun because it has this little challenge in it that I'll show you


I'll see I'll see you. I'll see what I can do let's see how far you can get yeah. Yeah, I mean this is

Well if I touch something anyway, I'll die yeah, so it's an easy way to Matt,Ryan get your fail button ready with


This long I guess is gonna require a lot of patience look. It's a little tricky I

Can't touch those notes either. Well. There's so there's levels in the desert stage that require you to use the notes to get up

Right higher, so I will have to hit them, but I'll try to avoid them when I don't need them cool

Everything's come on

Everything's good that guy is well rose Ellis. Yeah a level two complete, bitch

Easy as fucking pie dude cruising so far. Thanks, man

Okay, so three and four aren't necessary, but I'm gonna do them all right cuz three is tough, okay?

He's a tough one. I got a I got a vault over this fucking

dude, and then

So you can't avoid that one as far as I know that's okay. Nothing came out of that exactly

It's the same as just running it wasn't important

Okay, so one of these has a a mushroom in it, so I can't hit the side of it

Oh boy one of these little things


Got onto that coin

Dude this would have not gone as well

If I hadn't looked like I'd practiced this slightly ahead of time little pre play just to see if it was like impossible

Right cuz there have been circumstances on game grumps where we played a game, and it was like

Okay, maybe not

Yes, there have been okay, so this level it's it's a

Zero dollars good for you

Yeah, this is tricky

Alright we're good. We're good. We're good

Man what a weird new kind of stress, I know oh yeah, I love it. It's great

Ohhhh ,time to die,hit it with the fail matt and ryan

This someone will fuck that up, okay

There's the very end there's a spot where I think you have to get a coin seems that way I'm gonna try not to

But it's tricky. It's tricky Dicky

Matt Ryan get ready with the fail question mark

There we go instead of give it like a pfft

Yeah, okay, so this is the really tricky part. Oh my god

I've done it before I've done it before holy I can't get firm. It does work. That's absurd okay here we go

Here we go fuckin white ass sky in the background. Oh, I almost got a coin just out of

Instinct I know that's that's the hardest part like cuz you can't like

Especially these early Mario games is we're so used to like turning our brains off and just like going on autopilot

Huh you can't do it

No, no fuck. Maybe how did you do that? I don't remember honestly?

I just did it so I think I had to turn off. I think I just stopped running

That's what I have to do


always forget about these Cinnabon clouds oh

They're delicious. They're very they're very stylized. They look like a fish cake

Yeah, they do those are disgusting by the way listen Tommy

I know some people god damn it hit it with the veil fucking fuck

Fucking sucks. Love it. How did I pull that out?

I did it my first try when I did not know that I'm being filmed. I'm under so much stress. Yeah well

That's the excuse I'll use uh-huh

That's the excuse I used when I was 10 I do this at home no problem

It's weird now that I'm being filmed well myself your controllers broken

It's not my controllers totally fine. It's my mind. That's broken


I was so close

Its might not work out, so well all right. I'm gonna skip for right now because I have zero lives, and I need to

Unlock that thing okay, so that I can continue

This is really easy

All you have to do is just not die there's no coins or anything

And then I hit this guy


Yeah, this little fucking trash compactor ass motherfucker. Oh, man

See it doesn't actually hit the ground so it always made me upset that it goes like "GUHDOON" yeah

I know you're saying it was like oh no no no no that's like a mile away. Yeah, yeah

You just come up with like your own pretend reasoning, if the wall had a hitch it was

Okay, so this guy you have to

Use I mean yeah. He's this guy's fuckin pushover. Yeah

All right

so now the lock is unlocked so if I die cuz I'm not getting anyone up so obviously because I'm shit great I

Can just go straight to 4 & 5 cool. Yeah, let's try for it. Yes. Oh boy


Swear, I can do it

I mean I did it before I wasn't running the camera if I was I would post a clip

Did you really just catch the edge?

Right it didn't seem that hard. Honestly when I did it before so it's sort of that's why it's so frustrating

Oh, yeah



Nice nice

Boy, Oh God, Oh God?

Stay away stay away back back demon careful. Oh boy God

Okay, okay

Simple simple is shit. Oh. Yeah. Oh fuck fuck

You coins oh

My god my whole body is twisted up. So this is like an anti and pretzel

Specifically we are not sponsored by at the end we are not okay so fight oh

So I think that's impossible to avoid really yeah, I don't know

I jump the lowest height that I possibly could he got hit with the fail. Do you what?

How was I supposed to do you think I could run and jump over that I don't think I have enough

Babies, just get the sneaky jump up really I don't know you think so I don't know hold on

Yeah, do you think so yeah, I do I

Think that's the jump you gave it like if you get no distance between you and the pipe

I think really I do think so I

Mean, it's it's it's snug. I'll try it again. Okay

Yeah, one more shot. Yeah

This is interesting it is it's a it's a fun little challenge such a different game all of a sudden all right

I'll try it. Oh wait. I can't play it again because I beat it

This was funny because you get a stop

Oh man watch out for this buzzy beetle he's coming in and he's gonna get me just kidding ruff

Never registered that some of the plants are green and some of them are red oh

Yeah, well it means that they're like super plants. What is that?

What is that like the green plants are normal, but the red plants are super plants? What is the difference?

other than a catchy name

I was kind of fucking with you, but I think actually the red plants are one of the ones that you smartass

Ones don't except for these red ones. Yeah, just come straight down

They just want some color variety. I don't know yeah, sorry

Poof yeah

Boom great job. Fuck yeah. Thank you. Thank you appreciate it preesh much preesh alright stage six has a spot

That's completely on Utley you have to get a coin or kill the Koopa Reds this part. Oh

Yeah, how could you possibly I tried I tried?

Maybe I can

No, you can't get enough height

So I have to

Say I was I was thinking like when he's on the far right. There's like a tiny little window I could jump through

Arch but I don't think I think my hitbox is too big

But there is a Koopa down on the right after this that I have to avoid so

Am I gonna go at least damage as possible ah shit fucking fuck fail

Matt Ryan here with four consecutive fails. That's a lot of fails

Sorry, I'm asking you guys to do so much that doesn't feel so good

Well, I got clear Stage five and then get back to six well do that next time

That's the tricky dicky part of my decision challenge

See you then everybody bye. Bye

What a fun new adventure were on thanks man well, I mean yes, we're complementing the adventure yeah

Well, I'm I'm role-playing as the adventure

That's hot

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