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[laughing] Skipper: Are you ready Barbie?

I'm a little nervous.

Is there something alive in this box?

Hey hey hey, no peeking. You'll ruin the challenge!

Ah, so it's a challenge.

Oh, and we're rolling by the way.

Wait, what? Thanks for telling me.

Hey everyone.

As you may have noticed,

my sister Skipper is filming today.

And she has a challenge for me.

Okay. Open the box.

[sings fanfare]

Apparently, I'll be baking.

[laughs] Yeah, you are.

Okay, I challenge you to remake this epic layer cake

you made for Mom and Dad's 20th anniversary.


No problem.

I got this.

Skipper: In two hours.


Well that's a little tight.

Skipper: And you can't use a recipe!


Too hard?

Bring it.

Ooh. Too salty. Not the right recipe.

Um, it needs more sugar.

Oof. Too much sugar.


Wait, what was the challenge again?

[laughs] Not pizza.

But that does look like really good.

Can I have a slice?

Of course.


Skipper: Do over!

Okay. I think I got it.

[sad trombone music]

I don't think you got it.


Not yet, not yet.

But learning from every wrong step

is one step closer to getting it right.

One teaspoon of salt.

One cup of sugar.



Okay, fingers crossed.

[yells] Ten minutes left!

[nervously] Okay!

Okay, that's it. Put down the piping bag.


Um, well, that looks even better than the last time you made it.

I can't believe it!


I guess messing up a bunch can lead to some really cool things.

And make some great pizza.

Can I have another slice?

Hey! Not until we're done.

Well aren't we done?

You tell me. You're the director.

Yeah, we're done.


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