Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GoShare Driver of the Month - April 2017

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Hi my name is Brent. I've been working for

GoShare for a couple of months now

and I'm having a really good experience.

In my free time what I like to do is

I like to spend some time at the beach,

take a camping trip with my family.

Or maybe do a little bit of hiking,

some sightseeing.

I don't surf as much as I used to but

I still go out on the good days.

I drive a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab.

This is my 4th now, I've had a

Nissan since I was old enough to drive.

We often get jobs working with companies

such as Ace Hardware with their

barbecues or Costco with their

mattresses and their large televisions

and it's so nice because those are

always local jobs around those locations

and so you get to get out into

your community and deliver something

that someone is buying, you know, brand

new for the first time and they're

excited to get their item home and it's

you know feels good to take that item

off the truck and help them move it

into their house.

I think customers should use GoShare

when they need an extra hand moving something.

They can not just get the

satisfaction that it will be insured in

moving, but they'll have a couple people

with some experience in moving things

to help them.

GoShare has probably the

best customer service I've ever experienced.

When customers need

assistance on changing a time or

scheduling a job or working out the

coordination of the job the customer

service has always been there. If there's

any difficulty anywhere down the line

the customer service has always been good.

If they are looking for some part-time work

and you know, they have their phone

and a truck or a cargo van as

resource, to make use of those.

It's a simple and efficient process for signing

on and becoming a driver and you can

quickly, you know get on the road to

earning some money and you're

a private contractor so you're sort of

working when you need to work.

You will get jobs and you will, you know

start generating some income

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