Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE NEIGHBOR STOLE OUR FAN MAIL! | HELLO NEIGHBOR REAL LIFE | We Are The Davises

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- Maybe we should confuse him.

- [Girl] Hey. (growling)

- Oh no!

(light music)

She's totally confusing him.


(light music)


- Wait! - [Connie] Did he get him.


(upbeat music)

- Hey everyone, it's We Are The Davises.

- What's up everybody? - Hey.

- And today is not a very awesome day

because we just found out that

the neighbor stole or fan mail.

- So we gotta go get it back.

- We gotta get our fan mail, yes.


- Hello neighbor. - Exactly what Kayla said.

- I want my fan mail back.

- Can you believe that,

the neighbors stole our fan mail?

I think we're gonna go find it

and then show you guys what we find.

- This is hello neighbor, by the way.


- Turns out Kayla is the neighbor

and she stole our fan mail.

- Why'd you steal our fan mail?

- So Kayla is going inside

and then when she has been gone for about a minute,

we're gonna do inside and try to retrieve our fan mail

without her catching us.


- Okay fine (laughing) - Okay.

- 'Kay so apparently the neighbor

is wearing a set of head phones,

so that should help the neighbor to not hear us, right?

And we made the new rule

because the first time we did Hello Neighbor

I was peeking inside the shower curtain

apparently that was not good.

(car motor noise)


Yeah we just happen to have race cars every two seconds

driving down our street.

New rule for us this time around is

the neighbor can not open a door, like a closet,

or peep behind a curtain,

so we can have the ability to hide

if we get trapped upstairs or something, so.

- Yes.

- So, the only way the game, I don't know

I guess it's probably too late to discuss this now,

but if he actually saw you running into--

- Then you're still cut.

- Then you're still cut, but-- - Yes.

- You can't just open random things to like search for you

that was like-- - Wait how,

how are they suppose to find us?

- We're just gonna-- - Oh, hide and seek?

- It's just gonna be a tap thing

and the neighbor can't run, just us.

(laughing) (upbeat music)

- You're slow.

- I'm in the house, just waiting

for everybody to come looking for their fan mail.

I'm wearing headphones,

so that I can't hear where they're coming from.

- Everybody's got their cameras going?

- We're ready to catch you in the act.

Her, catch her, the neighbor person in the act.

- Let's go! - Without getting caught.

- [Shawn] Without getting caught.


'Kay, so let's do this.

(funny music)

- No!


- [Kayla] Where'd he go?

I saw a shadow.

(funny music)


- I'm gonna get you (laughing).

I thought he walked out.

(funny music)



- Okay, I'm outside, she can't get me now.

- Well everyone's outside now,

so I'm by myself again.

(funny music)

- [Connie] She's downstairs.

- [Tyler] Are you sure?

- Someone's inside again.

See if they're upstairs.

- [Connie] Do you see a present anywhere?

I hear her.

(silly music)

- [Kayla] I hear people.

And the gift is gone.

- Where it could be?

(silly music)

It's somewhere.

- [Connie] She's in here.

- Is there anybody?

- Are they under the bed?

No, they're probably in that closet.

Something is moving in there, but I can't open the door.

Okay, well I hear dad, so I'm gonna go get dad.

(upbeat music)


Does that mean I got you?


Guess that means I got you.

Okay, cool.

- I'm dead.

- [Kayla] Someone's dead.

(upbeat music)

(laughing) - No, no, no, no.

- [Kayla] Got you (laughing).


I got (laughing).

- My foot was in the door way, so it didn't count

that you touched me.


- [Kayla] No it wasn't. (laughing)

You were like over here.

- Oh no, no, I had my foot like right here.

- [Kayla] No, you didn't.

- No, yeah, yeah I saw, I saw.


- [Connie] Okay.

- You guys lose, dad's already dead.

- [Connie] Where's dad?

- [Kayla] Dad's dead. - [Tyler] Oh, he's dead.

- Ah, you got us all?

- [Kayla] Yeah.

- [Tyler] Dad. - [Kayla] You're dead, boy.

- And there's still a package left?

- [Tyler] Where? - [Kayla] Mm-hm.

- Well I'm keeping the package I got, I don't care.

- [Kayla] Okay, you can keep that package.

- (laughing) Alright so I guess--

- [Kayla] 'Cause you where so close.

- There's one more package, we're just leave it.

- [Kayla] Okay. - And then we'll get it

on the next round.

- [Kayla] Okay. - 'Kay--

- I was legitimately hunted down

and captured by the neighbor.


Tortured repeatedly by puppy licks to the face.

It was horrible.


Somehow I made it out alive.

- The neighbor won that round,

but we still managed to get one of the packages

even though we were being killed on the way out the door.


It looks like that.

- [Kayla] It's hollow.

- It looks really cool,

so I'm excited to open it and see what's inside.

- It says, we're the Davises,

Kayla, Tyler, Connie, Shawn.

- I like how I'm on top. - [Connie] Cool.


Leia. - [Connie] Nice.

- Yeah, yep, Leia.

- [Tyler] So-- - [Shawn] Like princess.

- [Tyler] Yeah. - [Shawn] Yeah.

- [Connie] I think it says Leia Cowen.

- Leia.

- [Connie] Oh. - There's candy.

- [Connie] Look down here.

- [Kayla] There's candy on this wrapper.

She got Tyler Swedish fish.

- [Connie] Aw, so cool.

- [Shawn] That is awesome.

- [Tyler] It's my favorite candy.

- [Connie] Aw, how sweet, thanks Leia.

- [Tyler] Haribo gummy bears.

- Those are mine. - [Shawn] Oh!

- [Kayla] She gave us-- - [Connie] Nice.

- [Kayla] Some life savers.

- [Connie] And then, looks like you got a bunch of slime.

- [Kayla] Slime, there like gift wrapped.

- [Connie] Oh, they're beautiful.

- [Kayla] Look at the little present bows on them.

- [Connie] Oh, thank you Leia.

- [Kayla] Weird slime (laughing) oh my gosh.

- [Connie] This one's got pretty glitter in it.

- What!

- [Unison] Oh!

- [Shawn] Look at that.

- [Tyler] It's like butter.

- It's the original slime.

- [Shawn] That's like Nickelodoen slime, right there--

- Yeah. - [Shawn] Baby.

- Thank you, Leia.

- [Tyler] This was the best gift.


- Tyler's the neighbor now, so one minute for you.

- One minute, be gone.

- Goodbye.

- One minute for you, goodbye.

- Bye. - I said, good day.

(upbeat music)

- [Tyler] Huh.

- I just saw him walking in circles, so--

- Let's go.

- Cameras rolling, ready to go.

- Let's go.

- Oh!

(upbeat music)

- [Connie] Where is he?

- [Tyler] Hmmm!

(upbeat music)

- [Connie] (laughing) I already lost somebody.


- (laughing) Oh no!

(dramatic music)

- [Shawn] Okay.

- [Kayla] Yea, yeah.


- [Shawn] You can't see us.

Yeah, maybe, maybe you can.


- [Kayla] He can.

- [Shawn] It's only clear glass, you can't see us ha ha.

- How come he can't open doors

in his own house in the game?

- Because that would be cheating.


(dramatic music)

- [Connie] I'm so scared.

Okay, I'm looking around from the outside.

I'm tryna peek in.

I see it.

I just saw the neighbor.

He's leaving; I see the package.

This will be the first time I get a package ever.

(dramatic music)


- [Shawn] I'm coming, open the door, open the door.


- [Kayla] Oh my gosh.

- [Shawn] That was so close.

You almost got us caught girl.

- [Kayla] Oh my goodness.

- How're we suppose to get our neighbor back

if you keep getting us caught?

- I got one.

(dramatic music)

- [Shawn] We should go the easy way.

- Yeah, right here.

- [Shawn] Right here?

- Oh, mom got one already.

- [Shawn] Oh it's good, it's good.

- Let's go. - [Shawn] You're clear,

you're clear.

(dramatic music)

- [Connie] (laughing) we're scared of each other.

(dramatic music)


- [Shawn] Oh, I'm going down the stairs backwards.


And the doggies.

- [Kayla] Oh my gosh. - 'Kay found another one.

- [Shawn] Run doggies run, run doggies run.


Safe zone.

We in the safe zone.

He can't go outside of his own house.

(upbeat music)

(screaming) (laughing)

- [Kayla] Did you get it mom?

- Yeah, I got it (laughing).

- Did you get it mom?

- I got two.

- [Shawn] You got two.

- So, we're missing one.

- [Shawn] I didn't even see one.

- [Kayla] There's three?

- [Shawn] Hi neighbor, how you doing?

Wanna barbecue?


You can't go outside.

- [Connie] Hellrr.

- [Kayla] He can't even touch this.

- [Shawn] Can't touch this.

Can't touch this.

- [Tyler] Can't touch this.

- Think there's one upstairs, ugh.

What are we gonna do?

- I don't know, I keep on running away in fear

for my life, I don't know what's gonna--

- I feel like such a winner right now.

I found two packages.

I'm gonna walk it around the side here.

- Okay, where do you think it might be?

- Upstairs.

- Where?

- I don't know (laughing).

I think you distract him downstairs and I'll go--

- [Shawn] You go, you go, go, go, you go.

(dramatic music)


- He's chasing me (laughing).

He's not suppose to run, but he's running (laughing).

- [Kayla] Where is he?

- [Connie] Ah, what is he doing?

- [Kayla] Mom there he is.


- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

- [Tyler] Got him.

- He tagged-- - Kayla stay over there.

- [Shawn] I got tagged.


- Dad's dead.

- I died.

- [Kayla] Where's mom? - I'm always dying.

Somebody's always getting me.

(laughing) Why?

- Mom, team?

- [Connie] He's gonna make it impossible

for us to get that last one.

- He's probably.

I can be distraction.

We can try this again.

I'll be distraction and you'll get the gift

and I'll run out, okay?


- He's watching.

(silly music)

- He's tryna get to me while I'm tryna find the gift.

(silly music)

- This is impossible.

- I'm gonna go upstairs.

(dramatic music)

- Oh my gosh!

- There he is, I gotta go (laughing).

Oh no, mom, mom, no (laughing).

(silly music)


- I can't get out of here.

- I'm part of the dead group now.

- It was horrifying, I watched Kayla get murdered

through the door.


There was nothing I could do-- - [Kayla] Get out

- [Shawn] 'Cause I was already dead.

(silly music)

- Run, run, run, run.


- I did it.

- I did it.

Mom got all the packages.



- [Connie] Good job, guys.

He almost got us all.

Kayla, she sacrificed herself for the greater good.

- Ha, ha.

- And I just stink (laughing).

- [Connie] And we saw it all in action.

She sat there and let herself be murdered,

so that I could live.


- It's a giant pencil pouch that says,

my BFF is a unicorn.

- [Connie] Ah! - [Shawn] Ah!

- [Kayla] And it's all--

- [Connie] That is super cute.

- Water marbley and it's got stars on it

and I feel something inside; it's nail polish.

- [Connie] Ah!

- She gave me nail polish.

- [Connie] Where's your phone?

- Thank you, Holly.

She also drew us pictures.

- [Connie] Ah, those are super cute.

- [Shawn] Oh, look at that.

- [Kayla] Slothes. - [Connie] Thank you, Holly.

- [Kayla] She drew you as a sloth.


- [Connie] 'Kay what else?

- [Tyler] Oh, legos.

- [Unison] Nice!

- [Kayla] Thank you, Holly.


- [Connie] Very cool.

- [Shawn] Is that what she looks like?

- [Kayla] This is what Holly looks like.

- [Connie] Hi, Holly.

- [Shawn] Ah, that's very awesome.

- Yeah! - [Connie] Love it.

- Thank you, Holly. - I'm just super excited

that she drew me as a sloth.


I think that's like the coolest thing in the world.

- [Connie] Sloths are awesome, everyone wants one of them.

- That's like my spirit animal.

- I got drawn as a unicorn

And you two got drawn as cats and dogs.

- [Connie] Ah!

- Mom is the dog and Tyler's the cat.

- Ah, I'm the cute little puppy.


Thank you, Holly.

- [Shawn] Yeah, whose it from? - [Connie] Whose

this from?

- From, uh, Skyler.

- [Connie] Skyler.

- [Both] Thank you, Skyler.

- [Tyler] She gave us these green--

- [Kayla] Construction paper.

- [Connie] Yeah, that's colored paper.

- Here, it's hard.

- She gave us squishies.

- [Connie] Oh, I love that.

- [Kayla] Squishy.

- [Connie] Oh, that looks like a brownie.

- There's another one. - [Tyler] Oh no!

- [Kayla] Oh no.

- [Tyler] The slime hardened

and now it's stuck to the bottom of the box.

- [Connie] Oh darn it.

- [Kayla] It heats and harden. - [Connie] It happens.

- [Tyler] It looks like a balloon

and it feels like a balloon.

- [Connie] Yeah, it looks cool.


Looks like a pretty color.

- There's some erasers.

- [Connie] Nice. - [Kayla] Looks like there's

a car one.

- [Connie] I see another squishy in there.

- We have a cupcake.

We've got like this ice cream sandwich.

- [Connie] Nice. - We got a brownie.

- [Connie] These are awesome

and then it looks like we got some colored,

glitter glue. - Glitter glue.

- [Connie] Thank you so much, Holly.

- [Shawn] Oh, we got one more.

- [Connie] And we got one more package from Jocelyn.

- [Kayla] Thank you, Jocelyn.

- Jocelyn is from New Zealand.

- [Unison] Wow!

- Thank you so much, Jocelyn, you are awesome.

- Oh looks like a present box.

- [Connie] She's so good at wrapping.

- Oh look at, what's this?

Colored glitter.

- [Connie] That's good, perfect for slime.

- Yes. - [Connie] She knows

you're a slime great maker.

- [Kayla] She knows.

- [Shawn] What'd you get there, Connie?

- This is totally a Tyler thing, I think, and Kayla.

It says Alien slingshots.

- [Kayla] Oh, that's so cool.

- Oh! - [Shawn] I want one.

- [Kayla] I call the green.

- [Shawn] I think that one was for Shawn, actually.

That's for sure. - Okay.

We'll share, Jocelyn we're gonna fight over your present.

(laughing) - [Tyler] We won't share.

- [Connie] What else, Tyler? - [Shawn] What'd you get, Ty?

- [Tyler] I got stickers.

- Let's see, oh these are awesome.

These remind me of scrapebooking.

- [Kayla] They do.

- Put 'em with our pictures.

- Yeah.

These are Orbeez.

- [Connie] Nice.

- Thank you.

- [Connie] Orbeez are awesome too.

- [Kayla] Orbeez.

- [Connie] Alright.

- And there's little creatures in them too

that I think will grow.

- Thank you, Jocelyn, these are awesome.



The dogs are upset that we're having fun without them,

so we gotta go back in.

'Kay, Shawn's the neighbor.

- Hello neighbor, oh that's me, yeah isn't it?

- Bye.


- [Tyler] Bye neighbor.

- [Shawn] Bye neighbor.


- Get it, it's the opposite of the game.


- Cameras ready?

- Yes.

- So we should--

Maybe we should confuse him.

- [Unison] Hey! - [Tyler] What?

- Oh no.


- She's totally confusing him.

- [Kayla] Hey y'all.


- Wait! - [Kayla] He's gonna get us.


- Oh, you got it.

Good job.

- (screaming) Alright, Tyler.

(upbeat music)

- He's after us.


(upbeat music)

- [Connie] I see him.

(upbeat music)

- I got one.

I got one.


- Oh, they went upstairs, he's after them.

They're gonna make it.

I'll try to sabotage.

(upbeat music)

- [Shawn] Hey!


- Here comes the neighbor.

He's coming (yelling).

- [Shawn] Hey.

- [Kayla] Go, go, go, go, go.

- Hey, look over here, look over here.


- [Kayla] I got it.

- [Connie] Oh my gosh, that's incredible.


- So did we win?

- Tyler, I'm like getting ready to reach for Kayla,

he like sacrificed himself.


It was so funny.

Good job, Tyler.

- [Tyler] I really was like.

- Where's the other gift?

- Way to take one for the team there buddy.

- [Tyler] It's outside.


Kiddo was like right here,

I was like getting ready to reach

and he kinda jumps in like this like--


Takes Kayla out the way.

- [Connie] Hi guys, did you want to see what we're up to?

- [Kayla] Hi Harley.

- It's-- - [Connie] So what'd you find?

- I found a gift.

- [Kayla] Lilly.

- [Tyler] Lilly.

- [Kayla] Thank you. - [Shawn] Lilly.

- Liquorice allsorts?

- [Kayla] Whoa! - [Connie] Candy.

- [Kayla] Thank you. - [Connie] Wow.

- [Kayla] Look at it, this is a picture she took

- [Connie] Wow.

- I love the Davises hashtag Kayla.

Thank you. - [Shawn] So where's she from?

Does it say where she's from?

- [Kayla] England.

- [Shawn] England, wow.

- What? - That makes sense.

- [Connie] I can't wait to try the candy.

Oh these are the best. - [Kayla] Oh, we got--

Cadbury cream eggs.

- [Connie] Yeah.

- [Shawn] I wonder if English ones taste different

than American ones.

- [Connie] How do they make it without getting crushed?

- [Kayla] That's awesome.

- [Connie] That's a crunchie.

- [Kayla] Is that the one dad likes?

- [Connie] I love that, we gotta split it.

I like it too.

- [Kayla] That's-- - I have to share?

- [Connie] Yes.

- She got us so much candy.

- [Connie] Thank you Lilly. - You're gonna make us fat.


- [Connie] No, she knows we like candy.

- She knows. - [Connie] We do candy videos

all the time.

- Yes. - That's her dad (laughing).

- [Kayla] Her dad's slime monster (laughing).

- [Connie] Let's see her dad.

- [Kayla] He's got slime on his face.

- [Connie] Nice.

That's an awesome dad.

- Speaking from personal experience,

any dad that let's there little girl

put slime on their face is awesome.

(laughing) Good job, dad.

- [Connie] Totally.

- Okay, let's see what's in this one.

This is from Lila, okay.

So she gave us all a note

and then she gave us a picture of Hershey and Harley.

- [Shawn] Which one's Hershey? - [Connie] Awesome.

- [Shawn] And which one's Harley?

- Hershey and Harley (laughing).

She got us a donut squishy. - Squishies.

- Thank you.

- Can I eat it?

- That sounds really good.

She gave us a unicorn stuffy.

- [Connie] Oh, the doggies are gonna like that too.


Are you gonna save it?

- I try to save them

and then usually the dogs end up finding them.

We still enjoy them, the dogs just enjoy them.

- [Connie] With you. - Yeah.

- [Connie] You guys play together.

- Shell bracelet.

- [Connie] Oh, that's pretty.

- [Kayla] Thank you.

- [Connie] You have good taste Lila.

- [Tyler] Can I eat it?

- [Connie] Food. - [Kayla] This is for Tyler.

- [Connie] I think that this, I'm pretty sure it's mine.

- (laughing) Okay.

- It's a yo-yo.

- [Kayla] She got Tyler a yo-yo.

- [Tyler] Yo-yo. - [Connie] Oh, more candy.

- Yeah (laughing).

- [Connie] Another stuffy, aw.

- [Kayla] Aw! - [Connie] Aw, it looks

just like Hershey and Harley.

More like Harley though, huh?

- [Kayla] Yeah. - [Connie] Hi, Harley, hi.

- [Kayla] Aw, Harley's in love.

- [Connie] He wants, they-- - [Kayla] Oh, Hershey--

- [Connie] Ah, it's a fight.

- [Kayla] Hershey wants it. - [Connie] Oh, no, no,

Hershey's taking him.


Hershey says-- - [Shawn] Ah it's Harley

I must bite him.

- [Connie] Yeah, looks like Harley, he's mine.

- [Kayla] This is Lila.

- [Connie] Hi Lila.

- Some seashell soap.

- [Connie] Thank you. - She got us slime too.

- [Connie] And a cute little dog eraser.

- [Tyler] She's awesome. - [Kayla] Yeah, thank you.

- [Connie] And some slime, perfect.

- [Kayla] Slime.

I'll try not to-- - [Connie] Alright guys--

- [Kayla] Get it on the cement this time.

- Thank you so much for all the gifts.

Last round, I'm the neighbor.

My turn to go in, I got the headphones.

Come on babies.

- [Shawn] Doggy, doggies.

- Doggies.


- It's been a minute.

- [Shawn] It's been a minute, let's go get that fan mail.

- Yeah.

- [Shawn] From the neighbor.

- Are you ready, Tyler?


- Hi mom, I mean neighbor.

- [Connie] Wow!

- Howdy neighbor, how you doing?


Hey (laughing).

- [Kayla] Do you see, do you see it?

(screaming) Go, go.

(screaming) Go, go, go.

- Gotta keep running.

We gotta box.

- I haven't even made it inside of the house yet.



Okay, hold on a second.

- Should we go to the side door?

- I think she went around the corner.

Go, go, go, go, go.

You go in the kitchen, dude.

- [Kayla] We'll just hide in the kitchen.


(silly music)

- We got it.

- [Tyler] Ha, ha.

- [Connie] What?


- That was why too fast.



- I was really going upstairs

and Kayla was like--

- [Kayla] Tyler. - I did my part.

I did distraction.

I grabbed this chair (laughing).

I threw it across the room.


Slowed her down.

- Whoa!

- Without me, there couldn't have been a victory,

so I just wanna say thank you.


To all the participants that allowed me to win

- [Tyler] Kayla's the only-- - Without anybody else's help.

- [Tyler] One who found anything.

- [Connie] My goodness. - I barely made it

inside the house.

- Don't trust me to guard your house

'cause I would let you-- - [Kayla] You put--

- lose everything.

- [Kayla] Both of them downstairs

in the most obvious spot. - [Connie] I thought--

it was great.

I thought I was pulling a fast one.

- [Kayla] Nope, you weren't.

- Hi, Harley you're being good.

- [Shawn] Nope, you weren't.

- [Kayla] We were, we were pulling (laughing).

- Alright, well we're on to the last two gifts.

Everybody won in that round except for me.


And I wanna see what's inside these.

- [Shawn] Yeah!

- This says it's from Elizabeth Lakely.

- [Shawn] Elizabeth Lakely, awesome.

Nice. - [Kayla] Is this for you?

- [Connie] Loved the letter.

Thank you, Elizabeth. - Is this for you?

Oh, the dogs love the ball.

- [Tyler] Oh, there's a football.

- [Connie] Oh, that's so cute.

- Ready, go get it.

- [Shawn] And a football, look at that.

- [Connie] That's perfect.

- [Tyler] This used to be Alex's.


- [Shawn] What happened to Alex, he turn into a football?

- [Connie] Slime.

- Melted butter.

- Sorry, dude. - [Connie] Oh, Elizabeth

gave all kinds of slime.

- Oh my goodness.

- I can smell it, it smells really good.

- Look how pretty. - Smell it.

- Mmm, look how pretty this one is.

- Oh, that's a pretty one. - It looks like

a jolly rancher.

- [Both] Thank you, Elizabeth.

- [Tyler] Thanks.

- This is a big one.

- There's wrapping inside.

- Oh my gosh, Kelly.

- Thank you, Kelly, Kelly family.

- Says Kelly family fun.

- I wonder, that must be a Youtube channel.

- Maybe.

- Oh, let's see, there's a picture of them.

Rebecca, Rachel, Joshua and Robert

and they are the Kelly family fun.

Look at 'em, they're so cute.

- [Shawn] Yea!

- Look at this unicorn, it's so beautiful, yeah.

And a bag full of candy.

- [Shawn] Candy.

- [Tyler] Toy cars.

- [Shawn] Tyler got some toy cars.

- Awesome sunglasses.

- Oh my god.

- [Shawn] Babe, weren't you shopping,

looking for a new pair?


- Rocker. - [Kayla] My goodness.

- [Shawn] Bam!

- [Kayla] Oh my goodness.

- [Shawn] Okay we can go to the store

and take those other one's who just got back then.

Alright, sweet.

- [Kayla] Oh, Tyler got one too.

- [Shawn] Alright! - [Conner] Nice.

We're chilin'.

- Bunny, Hershey look, it's a bunny.

- [Tyler] Thank you. - [Kayla] Remember when

we use to call you a bunny?

- And at the bottom-- - [Kayla] Oh she has the bunny

- Are several very awesome slimes.

- [Kayla] Blue beads.

- Blue beads and this one, blue glitter.

So there's glitter at the top of it, I can see it.

- Iridescent.

- [Tyler] Galaxy slime. - Iridescent blue.

- This one says fish bowl slime.

- Oh!

- [Tyler] This is the half Galaxy slime.

Even though it's called Galaxy slime.

- Whoa, that's pretty.

- Candy slime, oh that looks awesome.

- [Kayla] Hey that one.

- [Connie] Oh! - [Kayla] Oh.

- [Shawn] Galaxy slime right there?

- [Kayla] No, this one isn't.

This one is gold sparkle.

- [Connie] And this one's butter.

- Oh my gosh, there's so many slimes.

- [Connie] Look how interested Harley is.

Look at him.

What is that? - [Kayla] Say what is that?

- What is that?

It's awesome, slime.

- Oh my goodness, it's so stretchy.

- That one's very good.

Stretchy slime.

- [Kayla] Thank you so much.

- That was so much fun.

Thank you guys for all the gifts.

These are amazing.

- Yes! - Look at our door step.

- It's covered. - It look like Christmas time.

(laughing) - Yes.

- [Tyler] Amazing!

- Just wanted to throw one more thing

out there for you all too.

We are gonna be in Orlando, what's the date?

Do you know the date?

- I think that our meet and greet

is gonna be on April 28th,

but it hasn't been set in stone yet.

So, the playlist-- - At playlist live, right?

- Playlist live is going to be in Orlando, Florida

from the 27th to the 29th.

We'll give you more details as we find out

and it might even be on the website already.

- Yeah.

- I don't know, we'll have to check again.

- But we're gonna be there, it's gonna be awesome,

so you guys gotta go up, so we can meet you .

- Yes - Yeah..

- And like take pictures with you.

- So come out to Orlando. - And sign autographs

and do all kinds of cool stuff, it'll be fun.

- Yes.

- Last year was super fun. - You can make slime

with Kayla probably or something.

I don't know, it'll be so awesome.

- We wanna meet you guys.

- Yeah, give us a big like if you wanna

meet us at playlist.

- Yes. - That'll be super cool.

- Like, thumbs up this video and--

- Until next time.

- [Unison] Bye!

(upbeat music)