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Hi, I'm Eric Voss

And Captain Marvel ain't just an origin story for Captain Marvel,

the newest hero to join the Avengers,

it's also an origin story for Nick Fury and Phil Coulson!

Uncannily deep faked into children,

because this movie ties into the MCU in so many interesting ways.

Subtle nods to the Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Winter Soldier, even the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Maybe even saying where the MCU could go beyond Endgame!

So let's re-watch this movie scene-by-scene

break it all down for all the Easter eggs and film-making details that you might've missed

Spoiler warning, in case you haven't seen Captain Marvel yet

I will ruin your life. Let's get started.

OK. Before this movie even begins, there's a big Marvel shout-out

In the form of a tribute to the late, great Stan Lee

With this being the first Marvel Studios film release since his passing.

The studio's title sequence has replaced the various Avengers

with Stan from his many cameos. Including:

the FedEX driver in Civil War,

*Stan Lee impression* Package for Tony Stank

as Hugh Hefner in the first Iron Man,

the Sakaar barber in Ragnarok,

the World War II general in the first Captain America,

and the drunk vet. in Age of Ultron.

Also, the guy on the bus in Doctor Strange. Tons of others.

It's a touching memorial, but I just love how this reminds us

how Stan is an actual physical person!

Physically many people

throughout this whole movie universe

And despite his departure from our world, his presence still lives on in the cinematic world

The opening frame show us the cryptic dream of our hero, Carol Danvers (Brie Larsen),

as she tries to piece together her past

A mysterious accident that led to gaining super-natural abilities

It's fitting that this movie using this whole 'fractured memory' device,

because in the comics Captain Marvel's whole history is ridiculously complicated.

Originally, the character was male, a Kree warrior known as Mar-Vell.

I know, it's goofy, but there already was a Captain Marvel in comics;

the DC hero, who the young Billy Batson turns into when he says "SHAZAM!"

Over time Marvel was able to stick to the name 'Captain Marvel' for their hero

and DC just started calling their guy 'Shazam'

And it's not at all confusing that movies for Captain Marvel

and Shazam are released with a month of each other

Anyway Captain Marvel had a female counterpart named Ms. Marvel over the years.

With an interesting wardrobe

And a few decades later, Captain Marvel was relaunched

as a United States Air Force pilot, Carol Danvers

Who directly took on the Kree powers and the mantle of 'Captain Marvel'

Which had been a very popular series by comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick

Here Annet Bening plays the Kree scientist named Mar-Vell,

who brings Danvers into the fold; we'll get to her backstory later

Danvers, or as she's known here 'Vers'

from the second half of her last-name on her severed dog-tag,

Wakes up on the Kree planet of Hala.

The Kree are a race of genetically superior warriors

and they're locked in a perennial war with the Skrull,

a race of shapeshifters

The Kree have shown up in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy movies

like Ronan the Accuser and Korath are Kree who show up in both films.

In Captain marvel they're still part of the Kree military

Later on, in Guardians, they'll be extremists disavowed by the Kree leadership.

But still, the Kree race has never been cast in a positive light.

"He is slaughtering children. Families."

"*That* is your business."

"Now, I have other matters to attend to."


Actually, early drafts of the first Guardians of the Galaxy

and of this movie were written by the same screenwriter, Nicole Perlman.

So they do share a sort of DNA

For example, just as they do in the Guardians movies,

every time a new planet or location is introduced,

notice how navigation co-ordinates appear beneath the name of the place.

Vers spars with her mentor, Jude Laws' character

His name wasn't really spoken aloud much, but it is Yon-Rogg

And that's because Yon-Rogg is Captain Marvel's long-time Kree nemesis in the comics

and we later find out that this guy is a bad guy

As they spar Vers is prevented from powering up fully by this inhibitor ship in her neck

This is similar to the inhibitor that was used on Quake in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

A show where a lot of the gadgetry could have been base don Kree technology.

Vers meets with the Kree Supreme Intelligence;

it's an A.I. authority that, in the comics, takes the form of a Zordon-y disembodied face

But here, it takes on a different form to each Kree; whomever they most admire.

For Vers it's Annet Bening (Mar-Vell), as a way for her subconscious try to help her unlock the truth of her past

But this could also be a manipulation by the Supreme Intelligence

Perhaps as a way to further confuse Vers about Annet Bening showing up in her dreams

Like if you have sex dreams about your teacher

You would probably assume it's a weird coincidence

of someone you see all the time slipping into your subconscious.

And not that your teacher really was someone you slept with in the past that you just blocked out.

By the way, nice.

*South Park "Nice" montage*

In the comics, the Supreme Intelligence is cruelly manipulative, just like this

And actually turns out to have orchestrated a self-genocide on the Kree race

To force the survivors to evolve and break out of their genetic stagnation

Not very nice.

The Supreme Intelligence assigns Vers to the Star Force

Which is kind of like SEAL Team Six of the Kree military

They're led by Yon-Rogg. They also include:

Korath (Djimon Hounsou)

Minn-Erva, Gemma Chan's character, she's a Kree geneticist in the comics

Att-Lass, Captain Atlus from the comics played by Algenis Perez Soto

And Bron-Char! Played by Rune Temte

In the comics, Bron-Char wasn't really a member of the Star force,

but his claim to fame was he was a Kree soldier who broke one of Captain America's shields

Also notice how the production designers of this movie use the same sets and backdrops of Hala

that we saw behind the Kree delegate in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Great consistency.

And when the Star Force ships depart Hala, they pass through these hexagonal wormholes

This is also a production design detail from the Guardians movies

In Volume 2, Rocket, Groot, Yondu and Kraglin

used the same intergalactic travel technology

The mission is the extraction of a spy from the planet Torfa

It's a location also from the comics. Actually a Skrull refugee planet

Hinting that these Skrull that they find are actually refugees, not hostile invaders.

Also, Torfa is known for a toxic atmosphere caused by vibranium.

Suggesting that this planet could have been formed by the same astronomical event

that caused that vibranium meteorite that struck Wakanda on Earth.

During this mission we see how Vers' Kree suit projects a mask over her face.

This looks a lot like the same technology that Peter Quill uses for his mask.

And that whole spacesuit that they use in Volume 2.

They all got it from the Kree.

This mission of course ends up being a trap, for the Skrull to capture Vers and scrub her memories

The Skrull are led by Talos, not the pronunciation I thought it was gonna be,

played by Ben Mendelsohn.

Now, in the comics he's known as Talos the Untamed

He's got a fierce reputation, a Skrull warrior

But that changes when he gets captured by the Kree

and refuses to commit their whole ritualistic suicide where they shift into the face of their captor

And this all earns him the name 'Talos the Tamed'


Similarly in this movie, Talos does work with some of the Kree

But really the Skrull, as we see them in this movie,

have been changed drastically from what we know from comics.

Vers relives her memories as Carol Danvers, U.S. Air Force pilot

Alongside her friend maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch)

Notice how Maria's call sign is "Photon"

That's a nod to her daughter, Monica Rambeau

Who grows up to become the Marvel hero Photon; a.k.a. Pulsar

She also takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel at one point

She's a major figure in the New Avengers

and perhaps a hero in the future Avengers films

If you look closely, one of the memories features her stargazing with young Monica

as a shooting star zips across the night sky

And this brings up an interesting question about the whole timeline of this movie

The main events are set in 1995

6 years after Carol left Earth in 1989

If Carol and Monica are seeing this shooting star, say a year before she went missing

This could actually be Yondu's ship, when he kidnapped a young Peter Quill

That was in 1988

And that is in Missouri, which isn't that far from Louisiana where the Rambeau home is

Carol calls Monica "Lieutenant Trouble", which is also from the comics.

It's a nickname given to Kit Renner

Who's a huge fan of Captain Marvel, who like Monica in this movie

helps Carol recover her memories after amnesia

Now the target memory for Talos features Dr. Wendy Lawson, the Earth alias of Mar-Vell

The project she works on is Pegasus, which should sound familiar to you

Pegasus is the operation initiated by the World Security Council

tasked with researching and weaponising the Tesseract

We actually saw the end of the Pegasus project at the beginning of the Avengers movie

and Tony Stark mentioned it in Iron Man 2

"I need some stuff out of storage."

"Get me everything from projects Pegasus, Exodus and Goliath."

Lawson appears to work for an early incarnation of Pegasus

A joint operation between the U.S. Air Force and NASA

Before it became a S.H.I.E.L.D. operation

Where, in the comics at least, it was an acronym that stood for:

Potential Energy Group/Alternate Source/United States


Breaking free from her memory scrub, Vers takes an escape pod to the planet's surface

Which turns out to be C-53, a.k.a. Erf *derp face*

Now, the listed co-ordinates for Earth, like all of the co-ordinates in this movie,

appear to be just random numbers and letters

But as we learned during our Easter egg hunts in the Guardians movies

These co-ordinates might be code for something.

All I could find was that E.R.D.E., Erde is a German word for Earth

I dunno. Let me know if you find anything else

And now that she has returned to Erde, I'm just gonna call Vers "Carol"

Even though she doesn't yet remember that her name is Carol

It's just because I think "Vers" sounds really stupid.

CAROL crash lands in a Blockbuster Video

That's the first of many 90s references in Captain Marvel

And this didn't rebrand its name to just "Blockbuster" until 1996, which is the year after this movie takes place

The movie titles visible around this Blockbuster include:

Last Action Hero

and a standy for True Lies

The directors for this movie, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck

said that 90s action movies like these were big influences

Other influences included action movies like:

Total Recall

Independence Day

Men in Black

Now, the movie title that she picks up is The Right Stuff

And that is actually a book and a film about air force pilots who train to be the first NASA astronauts

Similar to Carol's function as an air force pilot, working on a joint mission with NASA

Outside Carol talks to this security guard in a parking-lot

She asks if he's in charge of security for this district

And says sort of, the movie theatre has its own guy

Now there's actually a great inside joke that goes along with this, but before I get to that

**Really long sponsor segment**

OK. Back to the security guard.

This is actually a cameo by Barry Curtis

The director of on-set security for all of the Marvel films

This guy's responsible for preventing leaks on Marvel's end

But as he says here, not responsible security in movie theatres themselves

By the way, this I think, is the Barry that Mark Ruffalo was worried about pissing off

When he spoiled the ending of Infinity War

"Wait 'til you see this next one. Everybody dies."


"Is Barry gonna be mad at me?"

Ah, I love that clip

Carol also mentions having a universal translator

Which is another nod to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies

In which James Gunn established that all the alien races in this universe communicate via universal translators

As Carol uses parts from a RadioShack GameBoy to rig up a way to communicate with the Star Force

The wall behind her is covered in posters

Including some 90s "Rock the Vote" signs

And a poster for The Smashing Pumpkins 1995 album "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness"

This could be a nod to Brie Larson's past role as Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Which was adapted from the comics

in which her character debuted in an issue titled "The Infinite Sadness"

Next arrives the other Marvel heroes who get their origins in this movie:

S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury and Phil Coulson

With Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg

Digitally de-aged for their roles

Marvel's using the same process that they used on

Robert Downy Jr in Civil War

Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer and Laurence Fishburne in the Ant-Man movies

And Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

But here the VFX artists had to keep this up for the whole movie

Not just limited parts of it

Jackson wore a wig and motion trackers on his face

But the guy was nearly 70 and they de-aged him so well

Ad for the more action heavy shots

The production actually swapped in stunt actor Kiante Elam

who actually played one of the extremist soldiers in Iron Man 3

This leads to a chase through the street and metro lines of L.A.

Which the directors based on the famous sequence in The French Connection

In which, Gene Hackman chased down a train car from the street level below

The moment where Carol searches through the train car for her target

Is a recreation of Hackman's search in that movie

Sitting in this car is, of course, Stan Lee

Making his traditional cameo

He's reading the script for the Kevin Smith movie "Mallrats"

Which he would make one of his first ever cameos in later in 1995

That's why he's actually credited as Stan Lee in the credits of this movie

And he rehearses the line *Stan impression* "Trust me true believer"

Which is actually what he tells Jason Lee in Mallrats

*Genuine Stan* "Trust me true believer"

Kevin Smith said that when he saw this while he was watching Captain Marvel it brought him to tears

Now, this fight between Carol and the old lady Skrull is one of the highlights of the movie

Carol knows that she's a Skrull because, of course, she passed by the real old lady earlier on the platform

And this fight is vicious!

I love how you can see the woman's glasses flying off her face when she gets punched

And the directors said they included a take where her dentures flew out when her head hit the pole

Actually, these flips and kicks are performed on an actual moving train car by stunt performers

They're sisters, Renae and Heidi Moneymaker

The directors also just did a really good job

Pacing this fight between quick paced action and pauses for character reactions

Resulting in this intense growl from the Skrull in the middle of the fight

And when the other passengers hold Carol back

Notice how the man behind her in a suit, kinda looks different between takes

That's because in the earlier shot this was an extra

But in the close up the guy who gets hit is a different actor

actually the movie's fight coordinator, Walter Garcia

He had to dress up like the original extra

when they reshot this scene so they could add this little moment

When Carol gets off the train, she passes this red-haired woman with glasses

This is a cameo by the Captain Marvel comic writer I mentioned earlier, Kelly Sue DeConnick

The one responsible for this whole incarnation of the character

As the Skrull who posed as Coulson undergoes the autopsy

The S.H.I.E.L.D. medical officer is played by actor Nelson Franklin

Who appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as agent Steve Wilson of the ATCU

An entity that deals with Inhumans, though I don't think it's the same character here

Carol steals a motorcycle and gets a new change of clothes from that mannequin

I actually think an earlier version of this scene had her steal the guy's clothes too

In what might have been a reference to The Terminator

Underneath the jacket she wears this Nine Inch Nails t-shirt. A nod to the 90s band

And the directors actually had to get special permission from Trent Reznor to feature this shirt

Carol meets Fury at the Poncho bar

And Poncho's is actually the name of a bar mentioned in The Right Stuff

Near Edwards Air Force Base in California where Air Force pilots would go hangout

The film's production put this Poncho's sign over a different restaurant

The Zebra Lounge, which is also located in this area

Poncho's has a bunch of photos of airplanes on the walls

And some of you asked in one of these is the Valkyrie, the Hydra bomber

That Captain America flew at the end of his movie

It's actually a Northrop YB-49 bomber that was commissioned after World War II

And, yeah, it would be a little weird for this Air Force bar to have Hydra bombers on the wall

Carol and Fury get to know each other

And he says that before working for S.H.I.E.L.D. he was a cold war era spy

Who worked in Belfast




He likes the Bs

And we actually learn another B-named Fury outpost in Winter Soldier

When Cap' meets secretary Pierce

"That photo was taken 5 years after Nick and I met"

"When I was at state department in Bogotá"

Also it's interesting that Fury brought up Budapest

Because Marvel fans know, this could be a nod to another famous mission in Budapest

Referenced by Hawkeye and Black Widow in The Avengers

"Just like Budapest all over again"

"You and I remember Budapest very differently"

Though, given the age difference here

Fury's Budapest mission was probably way earlier than whatever mission Clint and Natasha were a part of

Hopefully we'll see whole Budapest backstory in Black Widow's upcoming solo film

Which is rumoured to take place a few years before Iron Man in 2008

To prove he's not a Skrull, Fury tells Carol that he can't eat toast if it's cut diagonally

I love this detail, because if you look closely at a specific shot in Age of Ultron

When Fury's with the Avengers on the Barton farm

He's cutting bread and some of you said that it looked like it was being cut diagonally

But no! When he picks up the bread, it's definitely cut down the middle

Not diagonally.

Fury takes Carol to the Pegasus base in the desert

And he confirms that his full name is Nicholas Joseph Fury, which is the case in the comics.

Also, if you look closely at his badge, it lists them as level 03

Now, that's pretty low for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, last time Fury was a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. he was level 10

So putting him at level 03 here

means that Fury wouldn't have the same security clearance

to know everything what's going on with Pegasus and what Dr. Lawson's research was all about

Now, it's not clear if this Pegasus base is the exact same one that we saw at the beginning of The Avengers

But, both are located in the Mojave Desert in California

But if you look at the terrain surrounding the whole joint dark energy mission facility, it's a lot flatter

Whereas this is more rugged

Fury and Carol explore the records archives and they run into Goose the cat

In the earlier memory, it was established that he was a pet of Mar-Vell

And I guess he's still roaming this facility 6 years after she's gone

Now, in the comics, Carol Danvers' cat is named "Chewie"

Like the Wookie and brands of oatmeal bars

But here they named him Goose after the character in Top Gun

In both instances, this cat is actually a Flerken

An alien species that resembles and Earth cat

They have tentacles in their mouths

They're able to swallow large quantities

In the comics, it's Rocket who outs the Flerken and freaks out

Here, later on in this movie, it's Talos

Carol looks through Lawson's records and plans for a light-speed engine

And realises from her notes that she was a Kree

And the movie actually teases a final reveal here

If you look at the old photograph of Carol

You can almost make out that her call sign, on the side of her jet, says "Avenger"

Talos arrives

And the fact that he calls Fury "Nicholas" tips off Fury that he's a shapeshifter

Leading to this whole fight

Now, there's an odd detail during this

In the scuffle, Fury defensively unloads the clip from Talos' gun

But when he gets a hold of the gun later he pulls the trigger on it

Now, I was thinking maybe Fury thought one bullet could have been left in the chamber

But the directors acknowledge that Fury just did this in the heat of the moment

Which is also probably why Fury angrily throws the gun at him

Fury's saved when Carol hits Talos with her photon blasts

Now listen closely to the sound design here

*sound with deep, rumbling thunder*

You can kinda hear a rumble of thunder

and overall it sounds a lot more organic compared to the sound of Iron Man's repulsors

*high whining charge followed by a deep "pew"*

The directors wanted photon blasts to sound more organic, more natural

Coming from within Carol's body

As opposed to the precise, mechanical, defibrillator charge sound that Tony Stark's armour has

Carol and Fury escape in this jet

Which is a predecessor to the Quinjet that S.H.I.E.L.D. will use later on

This is a fourth generation called the Quadjet

I look forward to the sixth generation model The Sexjet

They arrive in Louisianna where Carol reunites with Maria and Monica Rambeau

Talos surprises them But if you look closely

The cup he's sipping from is the same design pattern on the Big Kahuna Burger cup

That Jackson sips in Pulp Fiction

Talos says he stands before them as his true self

Whereas in the scene before with Ben Mendelsohn's actual appearance, that was an imposter

Now, notice how Mendelsohn in his Skrull form speaks with his natural Australian accent

Whereas the human used his American accent

So now this is, in a way, his true form

Talos helps Carol understand the truth

With a black-box recording proving that Yon-Rogg

and the Kree Star Force were the ones who shot down Carol and Mar-Vell

They pull this up from an old-school desktop CD-ROM that takes forever to load

Part of the movie's running joke of 90s computer tech

Like earlier we saw the AltaVista internet search engine

Carol finally recalls the origin of her powers

An explosion from Kree tech; a light-speed engine built by Mar-Vell

Now, this is similar to Carol's origin in the comics

With the death of Mar-Vell and an explosion leading to her powers

But the twist here is that the Skrull aren't the evil empire that the Kree propaganda suggested

They're actually refugees whom Mar-Vell was trying to help find a new home world

away from the Kree. Using a light-speed engine

Carol was brainwashed by Yon-Rogg using Kree blood transfusin and memory wipes

Now this is actually the same process that Nick Fury will later use to revive Coulson in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After his death in Avengers

Kree blood

Memory wipe

Perhaps Fury learned this process was possible from what ahppened with Carol Danvers

Carol works with Monica to help decide on a new colour scheme for her suit

Now that she no longer aligns herself with the Kree

One of the options is red and yellow

Which Monica says "no" to

Perhaps because this is a colour scheme of the other "Captain Marvel", Shazam

Another option is green and white

Which is actually the colour scheme of the original Mar-Vell's Kree armour in the comics

And they head off to Mar-Vell's space lab cloaked in orbit around Earth

Here they find the energy core that powered Mar-Vell's original light-speed machine

TA-DA! The Tesseract

a.k.a. the Space Stone One of the Infinity Stones

It, of course, has the power to open rifts in space and transport you anywhere in the universe

Its existence here is interesting

Because in the Marvel timeline

The last known appearance of the Tesseract was when Howard Stark recovered it from the ocean floor

At the end of Captain America

He presumably studied it for years thereafter

But now this movie is suggesting that it ended up in the hands of Dr. Lawson, a.k.a. Mar-Vell

I'll actually dig deeper into this whole Tesseract timeline in another video I'm working on

One interesting thing to note here

is that if the Tesseract powered the light-speed engine

that exploded and gave Carol her powers

You could argue that carol's powers came from the Space Stone itself

In Infinity War, we learn that because Scarlet Witch's powers were derived from an Infinity Stone

She could destroy said Infinity Stone

So perhaps this means that Captain Marvel could also destroy Stones

Potentially giving her a unique advantage in Endgame

This lab is littered with 90s era toys

because it contains hidden Skrull refugees and children

One of these toys is a Happy Days "Fonz" lunch box

That's what they used to store the Tesseract

But you can also see these troll dolls

Now, in the past I've speculated over another possible link

between Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel

A throwaway line from Peter Quill about a Kree girl he hooked up with

"Right here a Kree girl tried to rip out my thorax"

Now, we don't know where Captain Marvel's heading off to in this ship at the end of the movie

Or where in the Galaxy she travelled

throughout the mid-90s and 2018 when she meets the Avengers in that post-credit scene

But we do know that Peter Quill hooked up with some very aggressive Kree girl

or a human Earth girl who he thinks is Kree

And we know that Quill had at least one troll doll, because he used one to troll Yondu

So maybe a Captain Marvel sequel or a Guardians of the Galaxy prequel

could show this whole fling

In this scene we can also see a Space Invaders pinball machine

but notice how the props department changed the art on the back of it

Perhaps because the original pinball machine of Space Invaders

essentially stole the design of the Alien Xenomorph

The Kree arrive and for Carol back into stasis with the Supreme Intelligence

But Carol breaks out by overpowering her inhibitor chip

And she gives off this golden glow

She's super charged

In the comics, this is called "going binary"

Because Captain Marvel gets her power from the energy of a white hole

The theoretical opposite of a black hole

In which infinite amounts of matter and energy beam out of it

Carol blows back the other Kree

She tells Fury to "Take the Tesseract. Leave the lunch box."

A nod to the Godfather quote "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."

Fury doesn't want to touch it, so Goose swallows it!


This actually echoes a joke by Bruce banner in The Avengers

"What does Fury want me to do? Swallow it?"

Uh-Oh, Ruffo spoiling future events again. Somebody call Barry

As Carol goes full binary

Wipes out the Kree warships

Including the bombing raid by Ronan

Fury and Maria return to Earth

And as Fury takes Goose he tells the Flerken "I'm trusting you not to eat me"

Now if you've been watching my videos in recent months

You'll know that I gave a loud "HA!" to that line

Specifically the word "trust"

Yeah, roll the clip

"Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye"

Fury trusted Goose who then scratched his eye out

One of the few predictions I made for a movie that, shockingly, came true

It also confirms why the wound over Fury's eye was in the shape of a scratch from a cat paw

Fury shouts "Mother Flerken!"

because it's Sam Jackson He's gotta work in a "Mother *beep*" in there

It's also a nod to the way "Flerken" is used as a profanity in the comics

Like when Carol says "no one steals my Flerken cat!"

After Carol destroys all of Ronan's bombs

She stares him down from space and he promises to return for her

So that explains why we don't see him become the whole rogue extremist

that he is in Guardians yet in this movie

Presumably there's more story to tell with him in a future Captain Marvel film

Back on Earth

Maria and Fury escape the pursuing Kree ship through a canyon

It's very evocative of the Captain Hiller dog fight in Independence Day

And when Carol confronts Yon-Rogg in the desert, she drags him back to his ship

Similar to how Hiller "welcome to Earth" 's the alien and drags him across the desert

As they wind down back at the Rambeau house

Fury tells Carol to go by a new name

And although the words "Captain Marvel" is never said out loud in this movie

Fury does give her the inspiration by singing the Marvelettes "Please Mr. Postman"

Now you may know this song from the Vine meme

*Memeing it up*

This would be the second time in recent memory a Marvel origin movie referenced a Vine meme

After Shuri's "What are those?" line in Black Panther

*Reference meme*

Also Carol returns Fury's pager

Which she confiscated earlier after he used it to call her into Talos

She spruced it up to boost its signal across galaxies

Setting up the post-credit scene in Infinity War and in this movie

Check out my other video for more details that you might have missed in the post-credit scene

And that brings us to the final scene in Nick Fury's office

Coulson brings Fury various options for a prosthetic eye to replace the one that Goose scratched out

But Fury prefers his eye patch

Most likely because he likes this whole bad ass myth narrative that he lost it during a Kree interrogation

But there could be another reason

Like Fury now knows that Skrull shapeshifters exist in this universe

The ones that he met were relatively friendly

But there may be others out there with more nefarious goals

This scratched eye is one unique marker on Nick Fury

If he keeps it covered with the patch

There's no way any Skrull could know, from sight alone, what his eye wound look like

So if S.H.I.E.L.D. were compromised in the future

And a Skrull tried to copy Nick Fury, all the real Nick Fury would have to do is lift his eye patch

As a way to prove that he is the real one

The final detail dovetails this movie directly into The Avengers saga

Fury's writing up his proposal for "The Protector Initiative"

His and Coulson's idea to find other heroes like Captain Marvel out there to protect Earth

But upon seeing her call sign in her old photo "Avenger"

He re-names this initiative

If you listen closely to the music, you can hear Alan Silvestri's iconic march of The Avengers' theme

But to be honest, we never do see what he writes

Could have been anything

The Flerken Initiative

Who knows

But I'm curious to know from you guys Which spinoff story would you like to see next?

Captain Marvel vs the whole Kree and the Supreme Intelligence and Hala?

Or maybe a prequel with Carol and the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Or a new Skrull secret invasion storyline?

With some other, more evil, terror cell

And if secret invasion

Which Marvel hero do you want to be established as a Skrull in disguise all this time?

And why is it Hawkeye? Let the guy live in peace.

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Thanks for watching mother Flerkens!

*roll credits*

Eric starts a lot of sentences with "Now" and "Actually".

*Thanks to IMDB, Wikipedia and the MCU Wikia for helping with spelling actors' names, place names*

*and weird comic stuff*

The Description of CAPTAIN MARVEL Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!