Practice English Speaking&Listening with: American & Japanese People Swap School Lunches

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- I'm not gonna like

I think that it's time for American to step its game up.

What's going on?

(upbeat music)

- Hi, I'm David and I'm representing America.

- Hi, I'm Hinano and I'm representing Japan.

- Hi, I'm Blake and I'm American.

- Hi, I'm Miho, I'm from Japan.

- And today we're gonna swap school lunches.

- My school lunches in Japan, they're called Kyushoku.

- I loved it.

It was pretty good.

- School lunches as I remember

I mean I probably wouldn't like them as much now

as I did back then.

- I would just eat like four burgers everyday,

or like eight slices of pizza.

- We had this thing when I was really young

called a cheese zombie, which was just like

two giants pieces of bread

and a bunch of like melted American cheese.

- Oh yeah, I mean I liked it.

I liked it.

- We had this thing called UFO

which was literally a giant gyoza

that was shaped like a UFO

and it had meat and vegetables inside.

- That sounds way better.

- My favorite was agepa, we say, it's a bread

it's fried, tons of sugar, it's good.

- Our food has a lot of sugar in it too.

- Well maybe it's less sugar.

- Less sugar?

- I believe so.

It's probably healthier.

- I would like to see the stats on this.

- Ready to swap lunches?

- Let's do it.

- All right, let's do it.

- Oh this is the American lunch.

- What?

No, we gotta swap now.

This is crazy.

- Oh yours looks way better.

Is that salmon?

That looks fantastic.

- Is that miso soup?

Oh that's crazy.

In a school lunch?

I would be excited to go to school.

- So we have carrots and ranch,

which I think that's pretty standard.

The green beans is also pretty standard.

- Apple slices, we don't necessarily

get healthcare in the US but we got apples.

- This is like a Manwich sloppy Joe.

- We got this from the freezer

probably was cooked four days ago cheeseburger.

We got the tater tots.

You usually can't mess up tater tots.

- I'm excited about the tater tots,

but I don't know what's going on with this bun situation.

- I mean it's not brioche.

- And then you got a Nesquik

because you gotta have your chocolate milk.

That's if your mom didn't give you money

to go to the vending machine and get a coke,

you know what I mean?

- So I would really like to know

what you have on that tray though.

- Rice, miso soup.

- Corn soup, it is definitely a thing in Japan.

And you can even buy it in vending machines

during the winter.

- That's crazy.

I have never seen a soup vending machine before.

- Pineapple, salmon.

- Salmon in their school lunch,

what is going on?

- Kanage, which is Japanese fried chicken.

Some hijiki, there is usually a vegetable.

- And we got milk.

- I don't know about her but I'm ready to swap,

she could take this.

- Yeah, I wanna swap.

- I didn't want to swap. (laughing)

(speaking Japanese)

(imitating Japanese)

- Salmon.

Not bad.

- Gonna go for the tater tots first.

It's still frozen.


- All right, I'm gonna just go burger.

- That is not a burger,

that's what's called a sloppy Joe.

The hamburger's deadbeat brother.

- Do you wanna try a bite of this space burger?

- I'm all right on the space burger.

I don't wanna take it from you,

that's you main part, I want you to be able to finish that.

- It's pretty good.

- I could eat this everyday, this is great.

- I wanted to find out what kind of meat it was.

I took a bite, I still don't know.

- It's probably beef?

I don't think we could get a turkey burger

in like the US school lunch.

- It could be a Beyond Burger.

- No, definitely not.

- You know the salad is not that bad.

It tastes better than it looks.

- Okay, it's probably the dressing.

Probably the dressing.

- So what's all in this?

So that doesn't look like a vegetable.

- This on is made by yam.

- What is this thing?

- Konnyaku.

Have you had like a boba?

- So this is gonna be like gelatin or something?

- Sort of, yeah.

- It's actually really good, they are delicious.

- It's kind of sweet, saucy.

- I'm just gonna say Japanese lunch

is kicking America's ass right now.

- What does it taste like?

- I was thinking it would be like seaweed or something.

But it tastes more like a sauteed vegetable

that I just haven't had before.

- I really haven't had these in a while.

It's so good.

- This is good hijiki, I don't even know what good is.

So now I know I got the good one

it's gonna make it taste better.

- So what you do is you dip the carrots in the ranch.

- I'm not gonna lie,

this Japanese fried chicken

might give Kentucky a run for its money.

- So see also, see how she went in with the fork.

An American's not going in with the fork.

We're going in fingers, just get in there.

- Kind of interested to see

what this corn soup is talking about.

That's good.

- Yeah, the miso soup is amazing.

It just seems like they take a lot more care.

- Right, it takes more time.

- This is like a nice light but filling lunch.

- I'm gonna have to say

I guess I was just ignorant to the fact

that Japan had amazing school lunches.

- Out of everything that I sampled

I'd say the corn soup, the hijiki

and the Japanese fried chicken was amazing.

- That was a good lunch that I would make for myself

on like a Saturday.

If I had kids I would rather them be eating that lunch.

- I still love Japanese lunch,

that was like so much dedication.

It made me so happy when I was a kid.

- I am all about the Japanese lunch.

Definitely feels like home,

although I do like tater tots.

- There you have it.

Japanese lunch with a side of tater tots,

everybody's happy.

(bright music)

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